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 Post subject: Bike recall
PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, '15, 5:37 pm 
Trek is issuing a Bike recall after several people have been injured: ... ailsignout

 Post subject: Re: Bike recall
PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, '15, 2:57 pm 
I got an email about this yesterday, as my bike does indeed fall under the recalled part, which is the front wheel quick release lever. Fortunately, the shop down the street from my apartment is a registered Trek dealer, so no major trouble for me to go there, show him the email, and get it looked at for free.

The one problem I have with this is that this won't happen if you properly adjust and tighten your quick release lever, and put it on the side where it won't interfere with the disc brake. I don't think that Trek should be held liable for this at all, but I guess it's good they stepped up regardless if the design can be improved. The point of a quick release is to easily remove the tire, but you have to close and lock it before riding. It's on the consumer to not leave it open and to check them frequently. Injury is a risk you take if you ride a bike, and I'm skeptical of how much liability the company really has - 3 (known) cases out of a million sounds a lot more like user error than a defective part. I feel it would be analogous to blaming a car manufacturer for your injury in an accident if you don't put on your seat belt.

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 Post subject: Re: Bike recall
PostPosted: Thu May 7, '15, 6:29 pm 
Heard about another bike recall the other day. This recall is for some Felt Bicycles: ... -Bicycles/

 Post subject: Re: Bike recall
PostPosted: Thu May 7, '15, 7:14 pm 
This seems to be a different part and a different company from the last recall. I did actually get my quick release lever switched out last week and it seems the only real difference is that it's shorter and doesn't swing down as far. Funnily enough, the model of QR lever used on Trek bikes is pretty widespread in the industry, so there may be more recalls of QR levers if other companies follow Trek's lead.

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