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PostPosted: Sun May 4, '14, 3:52 pm 
Hello, everyone, this thread thingy right here is just a simple thingy for the biggest amounts or numbers you have seen a character in Phantasy Star IV/4/Four take.

I might as well get started...

I've seen Gryz take 327 damage from the Monsen and/or Termi Sandworms... yes, that there just proves how very powerful them Monsen and Termi Sandworms can be, and their super over-charged phsyical attacks are not 110 percent the worst of their powerful attack(s), their Earthquake can determine to wipe out the entire party of Chaz and Gryz and Rika and Demi and Rune within one shot of that attack, yeah, so you have to be very careful when fighting them, their attack called Earthquake is a factor one attack/physical attack, according to Fresh Feelings Phantasy Star IV:The End of the Millennium Dump, the link for the site/place/dump (by the word "dump" I am not saying the place is a dump), oh an also it is "Fresh Feeling's" not "Fresh Feelings", so anyways, what I am saying is, Barrier is not useful during that fight, also, for some reason, I like listening to Katy Perrys (not sure whether or not I should say "Perry's" or "Perrys", I think I should be saying "Perry's", because when I say "Perrys" a red-under lining line, not sure what the green coloured ones are for, or the difference between the two of them are, so yeah, I think it is "Perry's") anyway, listening to her song called "Dark Horse" is fun while playing Phantasy Star IV:The End of the Millennium, here is the song, and here are lyrics for the song, anyways, yeah, Sandworm's around Termi and Monsen are very, very, very, dangerously powerful once you are at a lower level, but, if you're leveled up high enough, they are basically just boring, anyways, we might aswell move on...

The Lightning Shower from Dark Force encounter two can be dangerous to Wren when Barrier is not up, it can vary from 300-340 damage for him, and Shadow Breath is very powerful also for both, non androids and androids when Barrier is not up, it can vary from 200-240 for non androids and for androids it can do about 300 damage.Just proves how very powerful and dangerous Dark Force 2 can be...

Thunderhalbert from Lashiec can be powerful to Wren when Barrier is not up also.

Sa-Lews when Barrier is not up... his Flaeli can vary from 140-170 damage, his Hewn can vary from 160-170 damage, his Tandle can vary from 160-190 and his Legeon can vary from 190-220

but that is for humans mostly...

For Androids ? Flaeli is not a problem, maybe about 90 damage, Hewn can vary from about 190-200 damage, Legeon can vary from about 200-250 and Tandle ? Now you're talking! It can do about 370-380 damage! If you get unlucky, it could vary from 370 to ... dun dun dun! 400!

Prophallus' physical attack can vary from about 200-230 when Defence is not up, I seen A level 89 Rika take 206 damage, but a big level like 89 and that much damage ?

For Profound Darkness 1 ? For non humans, Fire Breath can vary from a about 100-120, for Raja maybe about 200, for Ray Breath, it could vary from about 170-200, and for Shadow Breath, it can vary from a about 200-270 damage!

For androids ? Fire Breath is not a big threat, but Ray Breath ? It can do about 220-240 damage! And Shadow Breath ? About 300-320 damage.

Profound Darkness 2 ? Normal attack can do about 200 when Barrier is down, Another Gate maybe about 200, Distortion ? Again, maybe 200, Lightning Shower maybe about 200 also, Lightning Shower for Androids maybe about 340.

Profound Darkness 3 ? When Buffs are down, its basic attack can vary from 200-270, Megid maybe about 200-230 damage, Megid for Androids when Barrier is down maybe about 270-280.

So, what are the biggest amounts of damage you've seen a character take in Phantasy Star IV:The End of the Millennium ?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, '17, 10:56 am 
Unfortunately, I'm not able to remember what was the maximum amounts my characters had taken in PS IV (and same for the other ones) :(
But this article was very interesting, as you can see that there is sometimes large amount that cn be given to our poor lovely characters ! :(

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