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PostPosted: Mon Feb 2, '09, 11:39 pm 
Do you place bets with friends / family, etc., on various sporting events?

I rarely do, but it can be fun sometimes.

However, losing is not always fun.

Yesterday I lost five bucks on the Super Bowl! :lol: :rofl:

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 2, '09, 11:59 pm 
I don't gamble on sporting events since I don't know much about them, but I do gamble a small bit when I take my yearly vacation trips to Las Vegas. I don't play for too long, and I only play blackjack. I just do it for fun and that's all. I quickly get sidetracked by all of the other cool stuff there is to do there. I've been there 8 times now and I want to go back again in the summer. Unfortunately I didn't get to go this year since my vacation time went towards my surgery recovery, but I should have enough PTO in the summer to head out for a few days.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 3, '09, 12:15 am 
Nope, because I don't care about professional sports. In fact, I don't even care about college sports, not even the teams for the school I attend.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 3, '09, 7:30 pm 
I think a friendly bet on a footbal game or some other event (not necessarily a sporting event but other events also) can be fun sometimes, if it doesn't get out of hand. As with everything else, it can be taken to extremes also if one doesn't watch what they are doing.

Still, it can be fun and adds a little bit of enjoyment to the event. The "bet" doesn't even have to be for money, as it can be for "time spent together", "doing chores", and stuff like that. And, if the stakes aren't too high, then you don't lose much. :wink:

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