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 Post subject: Beta Status
PostPosted: Mon Jun 9, '08, 8:20 am 
This is a status screen from the unreleased beta version of Generation 1. It is really not that different from the final version. It has an alternate picture of Alis and the placement of her name is different (not to mention "Arisa").


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 9, '08, 12:17 pm 
Just in case anyone was wondering what everything said in the screenshot, in order:

(Leftmost box)
Level, HP, MP, Max HP, Max MP, a few other stats I can't translate (damn kanji!)

(top box- Equipment)
Laconian Sword
*Tandle Crystal
*Brose Crystal
Illusion Cape
Leather Shield

(middle box- Collabo)
Tandle Crystal
Brose Crystal
Flash Frozen

(bottom box- Magic)
Column 1: Flaeli, Gi Flaeli, Hewn, Gi Hewn, Tandle, Gi Tandle
Column 2: Gi Brose, Do Heal, Gi Heal, Ra Heal, Cure, Rever
Column 3: Hypnosis, Silence, Harm, Bindwa, Terror, Power
Column 4: Magic Shield, Telepathy, Open, Emergency Exit (Hinas), Teleport (Ryuka/Bye)

On another note, according to playthroughs of PSGen1, Flaeli is still a fire-elemental spell, Tandle is still lightning-elemental, and Hewn is still wind-elemental, but Brose became a water-elemental spell.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 9, '08, 4:19 pm 
I don't know why but I prefer this beta version rather than the final Alis' image....

I wonder if Alis was ever official Romanized as "Alisa" in Japan. I know that in overseas she was "Alis" and "Alisa" (based on "Alisa III" perhaps in homage of the third Palma's Queen with the same name), but in the original/Japanese version they only Romanized her "Alicer" (in some official artwork) and now "Arisa".

 Post subject: Re: Beta Status
PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, '17, 3:43 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Nice image, and thanks Snorb for the info above!

 Post subject: Re: Beta Status
PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, '17, 12:43 pm 
Snorb, thank you very much for the translation ! :) It's great !

And I agree with Newsblade : I tend to prefer this version of Alisa much better! The pic is a nice one :)

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