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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, '15, 3:01 pm 
Both from the Lufia 2 game:

*Bunch of monsters close on Dekar as he makes his awesome return*
"I've forgotten how to miss. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to get whoever wants to go first!"
*Monsters back up*

Dungeon Boss: "I work for... a certain someone.
Dekar: "Certain someone? You work for someone with no name?"

Dekar is awesome. So are both Lufia games which I will love forever.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 6, '15, 1:41 am 
The final battle in the James Bond game NightFire, where 007 confronts the villain in space. (Seriously, this game's like a much less crappy version of Moonraker)

Raphael Drake: You're on a fool's errand, Mister Bond! I've locked the launch sequence. Nothing can stop Operation NightFire now... not even my own death!
James Bond: That's a theory I mean to test.

PostPosted: Fri May 15, '15, 5:04 am 
M: Diavolo used to be in the KGB before they were disbanded. His control... his teacher... was Max Zorin.
James Bond: (remembering when he threw Zorin off the Golden Gate Bridge in A View to a Kill) Ah, Zorin! I remember him. We played bridge together once. He lost.

~007: Everything or Nothing

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, '15, 4:28 am 
Reviving this topic, because here's a line in Spec Ops: The Line, which I just finished, that hits like you a brick.

"Do you feel like a hero yet?" - Konrad, in the last chapter, as you go to meet him.

And yes, it's now my description line above my avatar.

And you answer to that question will probably be a resounding "NO!", shouted from the mountaintops with a megaphone hooked up to a huge music festival grade speaker system.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, '15, 6:38 pm 
You: Mother of Go--

~Fallout 2, when you really screw up a Science check to disarm an unexploded thermonuclear bomb and accidentally set it to explode in two seconds.

Weapon Proficiency: Fists (Don't Ask.)

~Planescape: Torment, examining Morte the floating skull to see what weapons he can use.

Let me show you the totality of your curse, Chakan. Look above you. See the countless stars above, each surrounded by worlds like yours, worlds thick with supernatural evils. They are so many and so far away, and you are stuck on this mote of dust, waiting to reach them, waiting such a long, long time... waiting forever.

~Death, Chakan: The Forever Man, explaining to Chakan in the ending just WHAT "If all the beasts of the dark are slain, then you may find rest" actually means

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