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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '15, 4:06 am 
For fun, and because I'm just a music junkie, I thought I'd create a thread to list our best of new music from 2014, and any potential releases we're looking forward to for 2015. So here's my top 3 for 2014...

1. Shadows of the Dying Sun by Insomnium. This one took 0 thought for me. Total melodeath brilliance from beginning to end that only gets better each time I listen to it. Atmospheric, dark, everything I expect from this band at their best.

2. Pariah's Child by Sonata Arctica. This one took a little more thought, as it was tough to decide between this and #3 (see below). But I finally decided on this, because Sonata Arctica, a long time one of my favorite bands, has returned to form. Around 2007 they started to experiment with more progressive elements. In of itself not an issue for me, but they spent 3 albums not quite sure of the best way to incorporate it into their style. Those 3 albums are, IMO, their weakest, but I stayed with them as there were flashes of brilliance and I could see the potential. But then this year, they returned with a huge bang with this album, finally finding the right way to mix progressive elements while still keeping what made Sonata Arctica great in the first place.

3. Distant Satellites by Anathema. Wonderful progressive rock album doesn't do it justice. Their previous album, Weather Systems, was quite good, but suffered from "incredible first song" syndrome, AKA the increfirsongles. That first song on that album was so good the rest of the album felt dull and weak by comparison, bringing the whole thing down. This year, the album started strong and stayed that way, climaxing with the 9th title track, a beautiful, haunting atmospheric piece of ambient rock.

For this year, I'm expecting to see new releases from Amon Amarth, Skeletonwitch and Amorphis, at least, as they usually release albums every two years. Enslaved also announced an album to be released in March, and after their last album, RIITIIR, I look forward to more from them. Steven Wilson is also releasing his next solo album next month. But more than that...*deep breath*...while touring with Mastodon and Kvelertak last year, Gojira confirmed they were writing a new album, and the rumor is it will be released this year. I have no idea how in the world these guys will top their 2012 masterpiece L'enfant sauvage, but I will be getting that album immediately, not a single question asked.

What new music from last year did you love, and what are you looking forward to for this year?

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