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 Post subject: Re: Best Music?
PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, '09, 8:18 pm 
I particularly am fond of the music from Phantasy Star I, and IV, respectively.

That said, the repetitive cave music from Phantasy Star III makes my ears bleed. :blank:

 Post subject: Re: Best Music?
PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, '09, 1:25 pm 
newsblade wrote:
Divine Dragon wrote:PSIV, definitely..

Laughter, Ooze and the Title theme, all 10 fps slower..

Here, compare NTSC and PAL with Phantasy Star music:

I think the "Pal version" gives a lot more style to Rune and we can appreciate more the good melody!

 Post subject: Re: Best Music?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 1, '10, 5:31 pm 
PSIII - Practically the whole soundtrack, but more especially the battle themes and the title themes/Laya's Dome.

PSIV - Laughter, Ooze, Her Last Breath, and the 6-minute remix of the title theme.

 Post subject: Re: Best Music?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 1, '10, 5:36 pm 
PS2 - Step Up (shop/save tune), Bracky News, Advanced, Pressure and Never Dream. Oh, and Death Place.
PS3 - Nearly the whole soundtrack.
PS4 - Only 3. Shame. Field Motavia, Her Last Breath and Motavia Town.

 Post subject: Re: Best Music?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 1, '10, 5:58 pm 
I'll just name two from each, my VERY favorites... there are many more tracks I like a lot.

Phantasy Star 1: Tower, Dark Falz
Phantasy Star 2: Death Place, Phantasy.
Phantasy Star 3: Title, Searren
Phantasy Star 4: Motavia Town, Laughter

 Post subject: Re: Best Music?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 1, '10, 6:26 pm 
PS III. I don't like the battle themes, but aside from that the soundtrack is fantastic. The opening theme is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think about Phantasy Star, and the dungeon music is very good.

I like to listen to game music, but I usually don't listen to PSII and IV soundtracks. I think they fit the action in the games perfectly, I wouldn't dare to change a single note, but alone they don't appeal to my ears.

 Post subject: Re: Best Music?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 1, '10, 6:44 pm 
It's funny how PSIII is considered the black sheep of the series, and yet, on this forum, it always come back as our favorite in one field many times (this time being the music).

So you can guess it, my vote also goes for the whole PSIII soundtrack (battle theme, once again excluded). The music is so wonderful to my ear, that alone make the whole game a more pleasant experience

 Post subject: Re: Best Music?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 1, '10, 7:04 pm 
Xellos, I think the thing with PS III is that it takes time for people to get to like it. I know it had me hooked by the time the second generation was drawing to a close. It just grows on you. :p The game itself is equal with the others in my opinion. It would be so much better had it been completed as intended though. :(

While I think the soundtracks for all four games are good, I only have a few tracks that I do loathe, the ones that stand out for me in particular are as follows:

Phantasy Star

Title - It was kind of catchy when I first heard it. It also serves to stir up nostalgia of 1991/2. :D
Dungeon 1 - The remixed version on the saturn was pretty awesome too.
Dungeon 2
Land Master
Dark Force

Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Sprite - Quite long for a title screen theme I think.
Pleasure Stream
My Home
The Place of Death
Rise or Fall

Phantasy Star III

Let's save some time here. This is where the ones I actually do not like exist so I will list those ones here.

All 3 battle themes
Oath of Love
Fortune Telling

Phantasy Star 4

Motavia Town
Field Motavia
In the Cave
PS1 Dungeon Arrange 1 - Probably what makes the Bio-Plant my favourite area is the fact it uses an awesome track. :D
The Black Blood
Machine Centre
Requiem for Lutz
Rykros Field
Promising Future 1
Promising Future 2

All done. :D

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