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 Post subject: Most Innovative Features?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, '07, 10:07 pm 
We all know that the Phantasy Star games were among the most innovative video games around at the time of their releases. But, what do you think was the newest, most fresh feature introduced in each game?

Here are my picks:
PSI - Got to be the dungeons. No matter how difficult they may have been to navigate, there's something cool about seeing dungeon as you would if you were walking through it yourself.

PSII - This is kind of hard to pick for me; I'm not sure what else was around at this time. So given that, I'll say the story. It had some pretty deep layers if you think about it enough.

PSIII - The multiple generations concept. "Choose your adventure" isn't something that was all that new, but it was the first video game like that IIRC.

PSIV - Combo attacks. There were a lot of new and interesting features in this game, but it's the first I ever recall playing where four characters could combine their powers to strike with a devastating attack.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, '07, 11:51 pm 
PSI - I agree that the dungeons were a revolutionary idea, even if I'm not that fond of them. It puts you right in the driver's seat!

PSII - Length of quest. Before this game, I never spent more than a few hours playing through a game. This was the first title I ever played that wasn't over when you put the controller down.

PSIII - I also have to go with the Generations concept. I'd never heard of it being used outside of Japan.

PSIV - Again, ditto. The Combos. I feel like this method of turn-based combat combines enough elements of real-time combat to keep it fresh. I've got to give second place to Macros though! They saved all sorts of time and agony.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, '07, 2:30 am 
Since I agree with everything concerning the other games except for PSII, I'll only post my thoughts on that. :p

PSII - The way the battle system was set up. The way they had your party showing on the screen was pretty cool. I've also yet to see any battle background that was a plain grid -- simple, yet effective.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, '07, 10:53 am 
PSII was the first jRPG released on Sega Genesis =)
And PS III was the first unlinear jRPG in the world with four different endings.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, '07, 3:23 pm 
For PSI, I say it was Alis. She was the first strong female lead in games. Using her was a big risk, even if they didn't know it, and paved the way for every great game gal that followed.

On PSII, I have to say the story. Everyone's listed some great features already, but without the story PSII is just another RPG. It's got to be one of the most multi-layered stories in a 16-bit game.

PSIII... I don't know. I guess the generations thing and having different game events based on player choices.

PSIV, I go with macros. The combos are great, but they're really hard to pull off without the macros! Macros made the battle menus a lot less tedious, too.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, '07, 12:10 am 
Ah, Alis is a great point! It was a great twist to have a female lead, and no one really tackled that even in the years after, (as far as I remember.) I'd really like to see how Sega developed her character in the Generations remake.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, '07, 7:45 am 
PS1 - Agreed. The "3D" dungeons were a remarkable feet.
PS2 - Obviously, this is the one that launched PS4 off it's feet. The storyline is unforgettable.
PS3 - The generation feature was generations ahead of its time.
PS4 - Combination moves, the storyline. the attacking sprites, the background, I think I'll stop there.

Overall, I think the most intresting concept was "Technique". The rarity of Magic really set the PS apart from every other game I've every played.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, '07, 6:25 pm 
I don't know, I haven't played many games of the PS series era or whatever ya call it. I would agree though with the PS3 and 4 being Generation, and combos.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, '07, 8:53 pm 
Quote:Overall, I think the most intresting concept was "Technique". The rarity of Magic really set the PS apart from every other game I've every played.

That's a good pick. PS4 really did a wonderful job of highlighting the difference between techniques and other standard magics, by making magic a part of Skills.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, '07, 12:16 am 
Mmm. I always did love the mystery involved with "Magic". Another thing that I found intresting was the tie-in between Medusa and Zio. Turning professor Holt into stone was somthing that caught me off-gaurd.
I often wondered if Alys was the decendant of Alis. :hmm:

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