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 Post subject: Best Boss Battle
PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, '08, 8:20 am 
Out of all the video games you can remember, what was the best boss battle? What made it the best? The challenge, the enemy, the atmosphere?

One I really enjoyed was the Balrog in Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. That game did an excellent job of capturing the feel of the movie scene, while also making the battle really reflect the ferocity and power of the monster.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, '08, 5:09 pm 
i think all the zelda games had great boss battle songs, the music, the settings, the enemies they were all good for each game. mainly playin twilight princess right now and just defeated the Twilight Fossil-Stallord in the Arbiter's Ground's, you have to ride on a disc at crazy speeds up the tower chasing after it, jumping from side to side to block its attacks and other bladed discs on the walls, its real great.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, '08, 5:47 pm 
Not wanting to sound corny, but the best boss I fought was PSI DarkFalz. He had everything. He came unexpectedly and without explanation. Your quest was to kill Lassic. You did that. I figured I was only supposed to find the Governor under his mansion. I certainly didn't expect a final boss monster.

The atmosphere was great. The screen was black, with this huge scary monster filling the entire screen. The music was creepy, you couldn't see how many hitpoints he had and he attacked twice. He just had it all and the first couple of times I tried I died, even though my characters were all level 30 and the second time I came to him fully healed and stocked. I remember I was so happy when I finally defeated him and completed the game (probably the first video game on any kind of platform I fully completed without cheating or help from others).

Nowadays defeating him usually isn't difficult, even with characters that aren't fully leveled, I even beat him with Alis at level 23 or 24 once, but the first time he was a real challenge, came unexpected and simply had a creepy atmosphere.

Fun to know, he was even selected in GameSpot's Top Ten Boss Fights:

Next to my favourite boss he also remains the best PS DF in my eyes. PSII Dark Force was frustrating at points when the bloody Nei sword just refused to decurse me for countless of minutes, while in other battles flashing in the first three rounds constantly while no one was cursed yet. The PSIV Dark Forces were too easy in my eyes (as was the entire game).

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, '08, 4:57 am 
Lets see. I'd have to say, in Champions of Norrath, building up my character the way I want it to be, outfit and all, and fighting some force that is 20 times your size and has the best outfit in the game, and after a grueling fight come out victorious. That was most satisfying, especially saving it afterward, then reloading the character back before the fight and build on my experience before moving on to the next level up, which is basically the same but with better stuff, and much harder enemies. Then at the end I beat him again! And one more time in an even harder mode. And at last, when I've one each of these battles, and all the world is saved, the next game comes out, and we start back on square one, but with new outfits, new weapons, new spells, new everything. And this one, much harder getting to the end. And the boss, LOTS of time spent killing him. And before we move on and say this game is done....a new even harder level is unlocked, and we go through it one last time with the best of weapons and spells and the most supreme armor with the latest fashion, and we defeat our enemy once and for all....That is until we reload our character to find out what kind of weapons we were missing out on. Gotta be that one. Not to mention all the sidequests with previous bosses in them. And the entertainment of our characters. Which reminds me of this character, this warrior, who battled through countless enemies, and fought her way to the second best, GWYN!!!?? Yes, we created her, and she became second best. The best was Tyra, who was pretty much Sari's twin sister. With more clothes.

And thats just the boss him/her/itself! The music, though sometimes glitchy, is intense, and makes you jump when the boss come around the corner to swing at you. It builds suspense, and guides you through the game. And the scenery is one of the best things. You fight in all sorts of places from the highest cloud paradises, to the deepest layers of the underworld, to calm beaches, and cryptic vampire vaults, to gnomes cities, to the castles of sky giants, and even inside a giant anthill. Yeah, I loved that game. But it got old and now, everything has been discovered. We have nothing left, except to wait until we forget about it. Then try to play it again.
Overall, the whole game is pretty much a boss, unless you get your friends to play and gain experience with you allong the way. Its loads of fun.

PS: I read one of my best storys to my english class today, on a subject my teacher was worried about, so I'm in a good mood. If you couldn't tell.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, '08, 5:00 am 
Kaloes wrote:mainly playin twilight princess right now and just defeated the Twilight Fossil-Stallord in the Arbiter's Ground's, you have to ride on a disc at crazy speeds up the tower chasing after it, jumping from side to side to block its attacks and other bladed discs on the walls, its real great.

Hm, yes, that's easily the best boss in that game. The others were all somewhat familiar to some degree, but Stallord was very original with great use of the dungeon item.

Fogeltje wrote:Not wanting to sound corny, but the best boss I fought was PSI DarkFalz. He had everything. He came unexpectedly and without explanation.

He was a great one. :yes: The surprise factor is really stunning the first time you play, especially when he pops up so mysterious like.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, '08, 8:17 am 
The Dragonlord from the very first Dragon Wariror. It's one of the first RPGs I know of where the final boss appears in one form, then a more powerful boss is revealed after defeating the lesser enemy.

The atmosphere was good, leading up to it with the lowest pitch for the dungeon theme and the long walk through the bottom-most level of the castle's dungeon. Even in the beginning you can see him sitting in his throne, so close, and yet he's out of reach. And when you do approach him, he offers you half the world! And, well, if you refuse you get to fight him. Fun stuff. :mrgreen:

The first time I fought him, I had some trouble and didn't know what to expect. When you defeat him, the screen goes black and he reveals a dragon form. And, again, the setting's suiting as the battle theme changes. All in all, I think the atmosphere's what did it for me. The difficulty's there if you're under-levelled, but it's a good fight.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 8, '08, 9:27 pm 
It wasn't the best boss battle but when I was a kid on Final Fantasy 1 Lich always gave me a hard time. They downgraded the bosses on the remakes but on the original this one will give you a hard time, basically since axes seem to hit more times than swords and your mages have a hard time keeping alive unless you know how to strategize.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 8, '08, 10:58 pm 
One of my favorite boss battles is Orochi in Okami (and you fight him three times during the game!) I have only one reason for this...beating him involves getting him drunk, and this amuses me to absolutely no end. :D

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, '08, 12:41 am 
General William Kinkaid/Master Mold (X-Men: Legends)

Throughout the entire game, you have to fight the Sentinels (huge robots that seek and destroy anybody manifesting mutant powers) as well as the eeeeeeeeeeeevil Magneto's goon squad. No harm, no foul (aside from one of our friends constantly dying as Wolverine). As our team of Cyclops (me), Storm, Beast, and Iceman beat the crap out of every non-X-Man on Avalon (Magneto's eeeeeeeeeevil asteroid fortress. See, Magneto's so eeeeeeeeeevil that, um, his asteroid is also eeeeeeeeeeeevil.) and quickly realize that Magneto's powers over magnetism aren't gonna save him from Beast repeatedly punching him in the face. Iceman's frost balls, Storm electrocuting him, Cyclops shooting eye lasers, and Beast getting a NORAD satellite to carpet bomb Magneto probably didn't help him much, either.

Magneto's downed, we press on. And then, our "old friend" William Kinkaid busts through the walls of Avalon, sitting in the chest-mounted controls of Master Mold, the biggest Sentinel I've ever seen. (Four. Screens. Tall!) I actually set the controller down and said, "Jesus Christ! What the #### is THAT!?"

And then, Kinkaid's plan! He hates mutants, so he's going to somehow crash Avalon into New York City, the US government blames mutants for killing everyone in the Five Boroughs, they go and hunt down mutants. X-Men have to stop him. We do, Magneto gets away as usual, and we decide we don't want to be on an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. X-Jet awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~!

Kinkaid somehow managed to survive Master Mold exploding right on top of him, as well as the resultant pressure wave/shrapnel cloud. But like a good final boss, he pays for his crimes, and according to the endgame cutscene, is in prison.

METALLIX (Knuckles Chaotix)

No dissertation like Master Mold got. Just suffice it to say that METALLIX had the best Genesis-era final boss fight song ever (If you own the game, the song's called "Oriental Legend". Hell, try to find the whole Chaotix soundtrack online.)

Oh, and Chaotix was the first Sonic the Hedgehog game I've ever beaten. Hey, it was an epic final boss fight when I was twelve.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, '08, 1:06 am 
*points to self* What'd you expect me to say?

The final battle of Final Fantasy VII was absolutely spectacular. Don't get me wrong, the original Phantasy Stars are my favourite classic RPGs, but as far as the 3D-era is concerned, FF7 was/is my game. The battle against Sephiroth was amazing! The music, the 3D-ness, the emotion, everything was conveyed so well to me, I was completely and totally hooked...

So thats why I recently dropped £75 on the PC version and modded it till it looked like a different game, to make for the ultimate PC experience! :up:

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