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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, '14, 1:37 am 
What 3rd person games have the best and worst in-game cameras in your opinion?

Best in-game camera:

I would have to say the Splinter Cell games really have great cameras, well the older Splinter Cell games anyway. I have not played any of the newer Splinter Cell games yet.
Anyway, the right analog stick gives you complete freedom to move the camera where ever you want to, and it feels just perfect for a game based on stealth.

In fact, the camera in the Splinter Cell games was so good, that Konami re-made Metal Gear Solid 3 with a similar camera in the Subsistence version.

Worst in-game camera

This one is a little tougher to decide, but I'd have to say it's a tie between the top down camera from the earlier Metal Gear games, and the camera in the 3D Zelda games.

For some reason it always takes me a while to get used to the cameras in the Zelda games, like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I'm usually okay with them after a dungeon or two, but they seem really spastic at first.

The cameras in the older Metal Gear games just goes without saying. Being spotted and detected by enemies that you can't even see is just dumb.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, '14, 1:34 pm 
This is an interesting question. Hard to choose…

So for best…well…I might actually have to go with Shadow of the Colossus. It seems a strange choice, because there are definitely times where the camera is your enemy. But the reason I say best is because you have to consider what kind of game SOTC is. When you consider what you spend that game actually doing, it is surprising how infrequently the camera is your enemy. Given what they were working with in that game, they did a really good job programming the camera.

Worst - well, I'm going to leave out N64/PSX games for this, because for that era of gaming, I excuse bad cameras. 3D was pretty new, designers were still figuring this out, so I give them a bit of a pass on bad cameras. So my pick for worst camera…I have to go with Legend of Spyro: the Eternel Night. That game (at least the PS2 version) had so many problems, and the camera was only one of many.

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