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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 9:55 am 
With Ep1&4, I managed to find the names for staple class characters like Ash or Kireek, but there are 2 characters which I've never found in the storyline, FOmar and HUcaseal...

Have they appeared in the storyline? If they did, in which Quests? What were their names? What was their point in the overall story?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, '10, 10:03 pm 
I never heard of those two being part of the storyline, either. But then, I don't know all the details of every quest, so maybe I just missed it.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 9:37 pm 
Thoul.. Seat of the Heart has a FOMAR and a Hucaseal in it. But unfortunately, that was a online quest only. You can see a Hucaseal in Blue Star memories too.

I ran into Shino in that online quest one time. I didn't get to replicate it again before the server went down. has the script for it.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, '10, 1:21 pm 
Should be playable online through Schtack's, either via BB or GC PSO. Also, if it was an Episode I & II quest then the GC PSO Plus may have it as an offline quest.

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