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PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, '10, 5:04 pm 
If you select to import a character from the main title screen there are some major starting advantages in PSP2.

And before anyone asks. You will not loose you're PSP characters save file data by choosing to import. PSP2 Will simply import a copy of your PSP characters race and gender data.

It's like starting off anew. You get to complete change the appearance of your imported character, the name of your character, and reselect and choose a new name for your partner machine.

Bonuses for importing!
These bonuses are received regardless of what class you choose at the beginning:

- Title Received: Veteran Guardian - (Title Reward: G. Colony Collectible)
- Exam - (A sword-class weapon with more than double the ATK of the starting Saber)
- Illuminus Coat - (One-Piece Costume)

Now, there is one additional item you'll also receive, but it varies dependant upon which class you've selected to initially play as. I only have the data for the following two character selections at present:

- Flower Art C - (Visual Module adds +5 STA)

- Brightness Circle C - (Visual Module adds +5 STA)

8/23/2010 8:10 P.M. EDT
Edit: corrected some mistakes that xellos667 pointed out.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, '10, 7:01 pm 
I only want to correct some things

Vanguard can be used by anyone, not only those who imported. Basically, there's now only 4 types in PS:P2. Hunter, Ranger, Force and Vanguard (called Braver in the Japanese version) who is kinda of an hybrid. You can custom those 4 types any way you want.

Also you don't really get the "illuminus coat". You just get what you were wearing on your PS:P character. Since I was wearing the three pieces of the HUnewearl in PS:P, this is what I get in PS:P2.

As for the visual module you get, the only thing that affect what you'll get is the starting class you chose in PS:P2. Gender and Race does not affect anything. You can abuse that and get all 4 visual module easily. Just create your character after importing it, chose a type, send the item in the shared storage, save, and then recreate your imported character with a different type. Rinse and repeat. This can also be abused to get many costumes. Just equip a different costume in PS:P, and do the same process to get as many hard to get costumes right at the beginning of PS:P2

Finally, as for the two other items, Hunter get "something (I dont remember)" Particle C, who make a trail of blue-withish points behind you, and Vanguard get the Whitill Wing C, who are, like the name said, a pair of wing, and is really the best visual module amongst the four IMHO

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, '10, 1:07 am 
Thanks for clearing up the costume/clothing and Vanguard issue xellos, I'd likely not have caught onto those for some time. :P

And good point on the items exploit... >_>
<_< A non-cheating method to acquire more goodies, I'm all for that, lol. But do I reallyneed to import the swimsuit my PSP character has? Probably not.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, '10, 1:24 pm 
No problem...anyway as for me, I'm officially done with the demo and PS:P2 until the full release (I managed to get 15 hours of gameplay on it, really something for a simple demo), so I guess I should post some info before leaving for a few week

PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, '10, 7:21 am 
I was so bored I made several Exam sabers for friends... :P

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