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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, '21, 7:35 pm 
I was watching "The Virginian" tv show this afternoon and was surprised to see actor Harrison Ford ("Indiana Jones", "Star Wars", etc.) on the show playing a cowboy. He was playing a bad guy and got shot and killed at the end of the tv show.

It is interesting seeing these "stars" of today in old tv shows when they were relatively unknown, so to speak, and just starting out.

Has anyone else seen any other tv shows or movies with actors before they became huge name stars???

PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, '21, 7:06 pm 
Dylan McDermott is one of those actors that you've seen everywhere, but can't quite place him. He played Jackson Latcherie in Steel Magnolia's and it's wild to see him there when compared to his recent role in Law and Order: Organized Crime

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