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 Post subject: Beatles music on iTunes
PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, '10, 5:52 pm 
After a long wait, the music of "The Beatles" is now on iTunes: ... tml?hpt=T1

Interesting that "The Beatles" have held out this long, and there are still others holding out on having their music there.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, '10, 4:44 am 
Like it or not, digital is going to be the wave of the future for music distribution. Those last few hold outs are only losing money but refusing to sell their music digitally. They don't necessarily have to use Apple to do it, but they'll fall behind if they don't get online in the next few years.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 9, '10, 4:03 am 
Not that I care, but I can't believe it took them this long!

P.S. Just checked out iTunes:They don't have the albums in Mono. :P

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