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 Post subject: Bear walks upright
PostPosted: Sat Aug 9, '14, 9:16 pm 
I saw a story on the TV news yesterday about this bear that was walking upright on his hind feet making him look like he was walking just like a human. Here's a video I found online. This is amazing to see. ... s_say.html

Of course I've seen bears in a standing position before, especially when they are about to attack something, but I've never seen one walking like this for such a long period of time. Quite understandable if the poor thing has been hurt. It would scare me half to death to see this happening in my neighborhood or back yeard though. :blank:

 Post subject: Re: Bear walks upright
PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, '14, 12:53 am 
I saw this online the other day and it definitely made me do a double take. Very sad to think the animal is hurt, but this bear is simply awesome. I can definitely see why people report sightings of Big Foot and things like that in forested areas, if they've ever seen anything like this; that thing looks like a freaking giant man.

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