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 Post subject: The Dark Knight curse ?
PostPosted: Tue Aug 5, '08, 10:10 pm 
Many people are talking about the movie " The Dark Knight " and that it seems it may have a curse on it, or something. There are some weird occurances which have happened, and seem to keep happening, to people affliated with this movie, such as:

A. Heath Ledger's recent death

B. Christian Bale's recent arrest

C. Morgan Freeman's recent Car accident (just this week) where he suffered serious injuries, etc.

And, there may be other things, but this is all I can remember offhand.

So, what's your opinion - curse or just accidental happenings??

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 6, '08, 6:34 am 
yeah I heard some talk about that on the radio
kinda what happended with the filming of the crow too

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 6, '08, 7:33 am 
There was also a stuntman that died during production. The movie was dedicated to him, along with Ledger. I wouldn't call it a curse, but that is an awfully odd string of bad luck. I hope no one else from the film has a problem like this.

While waiting in line at Walmart this past weekend, I noticed one of the tabloid papers had a headline: "The Batman Curse!" This was even before Morgan Freeman's accident. I'm sure they're eating this one up.

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