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 Post subject: Baldwin quits acting
PostPosted: Tue Dec 1, '09, 4:32 pm 
Actor Alec Baldwin says he will quit acting in 2012:

Evidently, he says he considers his movie career is a failure or something along those lines.

Personally, I don't think anyone who has won all the awards he has won (2 Emmy Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards, A Oscar Nomination, etc.) could be viewed as a failure. Even if he had never won an award, his movie career is a highly respected and honored body of work, I believe from having seen many of his films, etc. And, many other gifted and talented actors who have done even more and better things than Mr. Baldwin have NEVER won any award or recognition for their careers. But that is just my opinion.

Ironically, I can also understand why he says he feels this way regarding the type of film that he mentions he never had. Every actor probably desires a film like that. But you never know, the next film may be just the one that will be it.

I also understand his desire to do other things. I'm wondering if a career in politics may be next for him????

What do you think, should he stay with acting or try a new career in politics or something else?

And, if I remember correctly, didn't he also say that he would leave the US if Pres. Bush won during the election of Pres. Bush's last term, but when Bush won, he didn't carry out that threat or suggestion? So, I wonder if he will actually quit acting or is this just more talk. :yaknow:

 Post subject: Re: Baldwin quits acting
PostPosted: Tue Dec 1, '09, 7:52 pm 
2012 is a long time from now. It'll go by pretty quickly, but there's plenty of time for him to change his mind. I'll believe his retirement from acting when I see it. Still, there's nothing wrong with wanting to do something else.

I can understand the frustration of not excelling as one desires in a chosen field, but I think he did rather well for himself. He triumphed in a lot of areas where others did not. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go into politics, as he has made a bit of noise in that area before. I'm not sure how well he would do in that field, though.

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