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 Post subject: AW 1263, AD 2013
PostPosted: Mon Oct 7, '13, 1:25 am 
Not much different than today, isnt it?
We havent banned air travel, yet, but planes are crashing among other convenient disasters. But I dont put it past our world governments. A generation of people built on lethargy and the lack of tangible survival skills and trades. Cryonics (not cryogenics as the misnomer) are a real thing, and we have revived animals from preservation. Turns out we are indeed monitored by our governments. Last August 2012 was one of the dryest yet on this planet. There are plenty of "Darum's" in existence, just look on TV as they are glorified in television programmes and the ever depressing news. Government employees who expose the evils of the free world's government are made into Public Enemy No. 1.

I'm sure I can go on, but you get the idea. I'd say that Socioeconomically, we are there. A culture of fear, propaganda, and learned helplessness. Technologically, not yet. No Clone-Lab Grandma's nor cloning, no teleportation, no terraforming or climatrol. Give the Sexy 1-year old cat-girl biomonsters 20 years.

 Post subject: Re: AW 1263, AD 2013
PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, '17, 12:09 pm 
Not too much different that today ? That is true indeed, even if it's not the same techology and there is no such entity as Mother Brain (fortunately !).

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