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Autumn Erra (Looking a little mature)

Autumn Erra (Looking a little mature)

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, '12, 7:17 am 
Well the year is finally coming to a close once again. As a result this will be the last drawing you get from me this year. Something different with a character of mine most of you should know-all too well. I decided to go with something easy that still gives out some expression this time around.

I wanted to do a side-on type of drawing which I’ve done here but with a twist, I wanted to convey Autumn as being more mature and grown up this was the tricky part, but I think I pulled it off nicely in the end. Something as simple as adding in colouring to the bottom-lip I found brings out more a womanly-vibe in her. She’s not too much older in this drawing than what she usually is, perhaps nineteen or twenty.

Although she seems a little more grown up, don’t think even for a moment she’s left all her hype behind no way. Also I’ve always envisioned her as a having a fit and active build as a result you can she has a small amount of muscle in her upper arms, she is a “Hunter” after all.

I’m honestly pretty happy with this piece it’s not going to be a staple change, future drawings of her probably won’t have her older unless you want to see more of that. To me Autumn will always be that energetic teenage numan I created her as. :) And I’ll never forget her origins, I created her for a story of mine, that started out on this forum here, two-years ago: The Fringes of Algo. :wink:

Anyway Merry Christmas everyone (yes I know I'm like three weeks early :p ) !!! :santa:

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, '12, 3:46 pm 
Very cool to see Autumn in profile. Although it gets me thinking that poor JooJoo must feel kind of left out, because if he turned for a profile shot he would practically disappear!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, '12, 10:35 pm 
Better early than never ! You're sure not to forget it ! ;)
Nice drawing indeed !

PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, '12, 2:53 am 
Very nice drawing of Autumn. It is different than we've seen her before but this looks wonderful. She seems more mature and more calmer in her face and even in her hair. Interesting about the color on the lip and I would have to agree with you there. Terrific way to end the year!!! :clap:

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, '12, 5:53 am 
Excellent work, Lucas! Having a side profile like this is something different for your work, but I like it a lot. I agree, she does have an air of maturity about her in this drawing. I was thinking something along those lines before even reading the comments you added, so I believe you did achieve that goal very well. :)

And Merry Christmas to you, as well!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, '12, 11:30 am 
I’d just like to thank you all for your kind comments. I really love sharing my art with this place when I get the chance. Thanks everyone your support means a lot to me. :)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, '12, 12:00 pm 
No problem about the kind comments, as the drawing is worth ! Congratulations again :)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, '12, 12:53 am 
Oh, man, her face is so pretty. What you have done here is amazing. I hope you have the intention of using this new style more often because with it you managed to make a manga-like drawing that hints at some realism. It is not difficult to imagine a real human face out of the Autumn you have drawn.

I'm very happy to see your progression in drawing without ever losing the passion for your drawings. It is quite common to see people lose the creativity when using new techniques so that the drawings become all the same, and I'm glad that is not your case. Keep up the good work and soon you will be drawing whatever comes to your mind.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, '12, 2:44 am 
I actually very much have to agree, and I think that was very well said. I really like the new style, and I think it's a perfect progression of everything that's come before. It's really interesting to see both the character's life and the artist's style evolve. I would love to see more drawings in this style.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, '12, 8:03 am 
I’d like to thank you kindly for those words Tili they have made my day. I’m glad you’ve taken to the style I’ve used in this particular drawing of her. I’m actually quite excited about what next year will bring, I’ve got a head full of ideas just not enough time to put them all to paper. Cheers mate. :)

Bragatyr, thank for all your support to mate. I will continue experiment with this style of mine in the future. Thanks. :)

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