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Autumn Erra (December 2011)

Autumn Erra (December 2011)

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 1, '11, 7:43 am 
Okay my last drawing of her for the year. Went by quickly didn’t it? I still remember the first drawing of her I did this year in January, so I went back and looked at it (I then laughed at it, it’s terrible :rofl:). I wanted my final piece to bring out the exact essence of Autumn as a character I personally think this drawing did just that.

I’d also like to thank all the awesome members of this community for their feedback on all my original Phantasy Star characters. You all know who you are and I appreciate all of the opinions and thoughts I’ve received.

I’m also quite happy with the positive feedback I’ve received for DG as well who I created at the beginning of the year to take my fan-fiction series in a new direction. So thanks everyone. :)

If all goes well we may see Autumn again early next year. :wink:

PostPosted: Thu Dec 1, '11, 10:37 am 
Very fun drawing for a fun character like Autumn. I'd like to see how would her hair be after she returned to the standing position :p

Your characters are very good. I hope to see/read about them more in 2012.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 2, '11, 11:38 pm 
I also think you really captured the essence of this character perfectly, Lucas, and I find that you always do. I love your style, and I think your costume design and color work are awesome. I also think JooJoo is simply awesome, and the whole composition with the two characters is very well done. I never even think about art theory stuff, but the two figures basically seem to form a circle, so everything looks very balanced and well-constructed. I think the motion lines really emphasize that.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 4, '11, 3:33 am 
Cheers guys! :)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, '12, 7:05 am 
Okay, so I'm super late and behind on artwork commenting. I'm gonna do it anyway! :lol:

I have to say, I agree with Bragatyr that you're continuing to capture Autumn's personality well. She always looks upbeat and enthusiastic. In pieces like this, there's a sense of action rather than people just standing around. I like that. Static poses are nice at times too, but something that leaves you a feel for a character's energy is better in my opinion.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, '12, 10:05 am 
Ah THOUL, you too you are late ? Me I'm late for PLENTY of things on the site but one day(maybe) I'll catch with it !!
LUCAS : nice one as always, a bit different and that's a good one.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, '12, 11:12 am 
Thanks Thoul and Myau. I must agree that out of a lot of my drawings, this one comes across as a rather energetic piece.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, '12, 1:07 pm 
You're welcome :)

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