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 Post subject: Atlantis rescues Hubble
PostPosted: Thu May 14, '09, 8:36 pm 
NASA Astronauts are currently in space aboard the Atlantis space shuttle on a rescue, recover, and repair mission to help the Hubble telescope: ... _article=1

Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?

I only hope they don't get hurt by any space debris up there as it sounds like there is a lot of it.

I can only imagine what the Hubble must look like as they say it is the size of a school bus...........Wow!!!!!!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 15, '09, 5:32 pm 
You know, I thought the telescope would have been bigger than that. I hope they can get it fixed up. It's taken some really great pictures over the years. There's no telling what else it might find.

PostPosted: Fri May 15, '09, 11:41 pm 
Yeah, I hope they get it fixed up too. :yes:

I read this will be their last visit to the Hubble. I wonder what will happen to it now. Will they find another way to fix it if something goes wrong or just let it be forever.

I've heard they are phasing out the space shuttles over a period of time, and also wonder what this will mean for the space exploration. I haven't heard of anything they have ready to take the place of the space shuttles. If space exploration is to continue, they will have to come up with something, though, or build new shuttles, or something.

Speaking of the shuttles, here's a pic I found today online which shows the Atlantis currently in space against the background of the sun .... wow .... awesome!!!! ... 431157.ece

PostPosted: Sat May 16, '09, 6:47 pm 
When Hubble stops working, I imagine they'll just leave it up there with all the other space junk. Eventually it will probably fall out of orbit and mostly burn up in the atmosphere.

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