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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, '07, 4:59 am 
Anyone hear about The Atlanta Falcons football team head coach just up and quitting the team? Then joining a College football team as coach, I think it was? Say what????? The Atlanta Falcons owner really gave it to this guy in a news conference from what I heard.

I think they have lost a lot of games this season, but have been plagued with bad things since losing Michael Vick as their head quarterback (due to his trial and conviction on dog fighting charges, etc.). They still had a few games left to play this season, though, and it just seems like very, very bad sportsmanship for a coach to leave a team stranded at a time like this, with little or no warning too. Seems like this would tarnish his reputation as a coach in some way.

Opinions or comments?

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, '07, 7:30 am 
I heard about it, but I don't want to comment without knowing the coach's motivations. It's unfortunate that he left the team during the season, but he might have had his reasons. It could just be an attempt to get the Vick problem off of people's minds when thinking of the team.

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