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PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, '14, 2:53 pm 
Incredble ! I've seen a lot of articles about this "discovery" ! Was hard to believe at the beginning but now that this fact is confirmed...It isn't a legend anymore :)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, '14, 1:11 am 
I just read that some of this stuff sold for thousands of dollars on Ebay. Kind of awesome how legends and video game novelty can make dreams come true!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, '14, 1:26 pm 
Thos whole thing is basically the crux of The Angry Video Game Nerd movie. Which is well worth a watch.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, '14, 3:47 pm 
A little of both really. It's AVGN, so yeah. I can understand not being a fan of his work. His kind of humor definitely isn't for everyone.

(Coming from someone whose favorite online reviewer is Zero Punctuation.)

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, '14, 3:10 am 
I was rather disgusted to watch those auctions go so ridiculously high. The copies of E.T. sold for more than anything else, fetching greater than $800 each copy. And what did that insane bid get the winning bidder? A partly crushed factory sealed E.T. that has been burried in a landfill for almost thirty years and a certificate of authenticity as proof of where it came from. From a collector's standpoint, this was a slap in the face to all of the sellers that have a factory sealed copy of E.T. listed on Ebay in mint to near mint condition, at $9.99 or so with no bids. And did I mention that the shipping being charged for a landfill scented badly damaged copy of E.T. was a fixed insane overcharge of $12.99 for USPS Parcel Post? Well it was. And of course, the number of copies being offered was limited to just a few copies of each title found as the state of New Mexico put restrictions on how many articles of garbage the expedition team was allowed to remove from the landfill site. I mean, this is all just terribly stupid. And car to guess who was selling the Atari games on Ebay? It was the local government of the town in which the landfill resides, the expedition team wasn't allowed to keep anything nor profit from the items found as all items pulled from the landfill are owned by the State of New Mexico with local government having first right to claim any revenue, crazy!

No you see, I'm old enough that I knew factually that the Atari games in a landfill story was true as it had been testimonied by so many former Atari employee's over the course of time that there was no way for it to not be true. It's not the sort of story one can easily make up, and even in the 90's when I'd first read about it the recount read was that the facility cleared out had been part warehouse, containing mostly E.T. game carts, and partly an Atari Home Computer Division R&D facility, the latter of which having been shuttered with the discontinuation of the Atari XL computer lineage when then Warner Communications (Now, AOL Time Warner Corp.) sold off Atari to another company that eagerly dumped the 8-bit XL computer line and rapidly developed and deployed the 16-bit Atari XE and ST series computer lines.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 1, '15, 6:39 am 
Another update on this story about the old Atari games found in the landfill. It seems that the auctions may be about over with for most of these old found games and wow, they fetched quite a lot of money!! Some of those games that were not auctioned off went to museums and other places. And, there still may be some games put back for a possible later day auction sometime in the future! Pretty good haul for items dug up from a trash dump. :clap: ... 13287.html

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