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PostPosted: Thu Jul 8, '10, 7:46 am 
Approx. June 22 - July 22

Key traits: loyal, caring, protective, sensitive, moody, manipulative, shrewd, tenacious

Cancerians are all about home and family. They are most comfortable surrounded by the ones they love, and will do whatever it takes to protect and nurture their kin. Though Cancerians appear stoic in nature, they are really very emotional and feel things deeply. Their mood swings can cause them to retreat into their shell or suddenly lash out with their claws. They can be shrewd and manipulative, or compassionate and caring. They care deeply and often put such emotional investment into things that they have a tendency towards oversensitivity.

Cancerians have wonderful memories and intuitions. While this can lead to some wonderful insight and story-telling, it can also cause them to live in the past and hold grudges for very long periods of time. Cancerians want nothing more than to be given the opportunity to love and nurture. A Cancerian friend will be a loyal, caring, sympathetic and passionate friend for life.

Phantasy Star Cancerian: Rudolf Steiner, 1 July AW1249

Take a look at this picture of Rudo. Does he look crabby? Maybe it's because he's a Cancer! As such, it would have affected Rudo deeply, possibly more than most other signs, to lose his family. His loss prompted a career change for him, from a military officer to a hunter. His Cancerian tenacity and sense of protection made him well-suited to his new job as a hunter, as he seeks to protect others from suffering the same fate as his wife and daughter. Cancerians tend to retreat into themselves when things don't go their way, but they also have a vindictive streak. One wonders if Rudo initially sought revenge on the biomonsters that killed his family. However, perhaps his loyalty to his family was his motivation for joining with Rolf in the quest to find the cause of the biomonsters.

Because Cancerians are easily adaptable and fit in well with large groups, much like their preference for large families, Rudo most likely adjusted very well to being a member of a very diverse team of individuals. True to his Cancerian traits, Rudo's final words to the earthmen mention the loss of his loved ones and exacting revenge on those who took his family away from him, all in the same sentence. The earthmen are in for a world of hurt!

Other Phantasy Star Cancerian: Maia le Cille, 1 July

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Alis is a gemini! W00t!

Er, anyway... ^^

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