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PostPosted: Fri Feb 8, '08, 9:39 pm 
I messed with this for like 3 days and then gave up. It started driving me crazy after awhile.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 9, '08, 4:45 pm 
Tsunami wrote:Last night I tinkered with editing the font -- it turned out great and was easy to do. :) I checked out the project roadmap, and, if it's possible, I think portrait editing would also be very nice (I would have a blast with that). :yes:

Thanks! I tried to make the tile editing interface as simple as possible. I thought the portraits were stored as tiles but they're apparently compressed like the sprites and enemies. I can probably crack how they're stored but it'll take a while.

Tsunami wrote:I think that event editing sounds interesting, but I can only imagine how hard it would be to figure it out. Still, simply being able to modify the stats would give somewhat worthless items more importance when it comes to who's holding what.

Actually I'm pretty close to deciphering how the events work. Figured out how they're stored in RAM but not in the ROM yet. I'll be able to say "yes it's possible" or "no it's not" really soon.

I will be adding the ability to change gem stats in the next release (whenever/whatever it is).

Tsunami wrote:
Kaloes wrote:i like messing with this program.. how did you make it? and is there one for PSIV and where / how can i obtain it ^_^
I knew of someone who wanted to make a PSIV editor, but apparently it didn't happen. :(

Yeah, I have a couple scrapped projects like this too. I've also seen several thousand posts declaring "I'm going to build a XXXX editor!" that never translated to anything. Before I started this program I charted out what it would take and whether it was something I could reasonably do in my free time.

One of the reasons I made Aridia open source was to make it a lot easier for others to develop Genesis ROM editors. I'd say it's at least 50% of what you need to edit any Genesis ROM. I'd be more open to creating a PSIV editor if someone else did all the grunt work. Stuff that doesn't require knowing C# like creating the address lookup files. If that's all done it's not a ton of work to update the UI code.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, '08, 10:40 pm 
So hughes, you made any progress on anymore of these editors?

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, '08, 2:18 am 
Kaloes wrote:So hughes, you made any progress on anymore of these editors?

Yeah, I started an editor for another game but took a break to work on a different project. I think I'll finish it in May. After that I'm not sure if I'll start another one.

Like I said, I wouldn't rule out creating a PSIV (or even PSII) editor if others did the work of getting all the hex addresses and lookup values. That's more work than the actual coding and something I don't really have time for. I could explain in greater detail what I'd need done if there were any volunteers.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, '08, 7:30 am 
Hrrrm. I think there were charts for everything PSII-related on Lemme go check after work tomorrow.

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