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 Post subject: Are the series connected?
PostPosted: Sun Sep 2, '07, 9:43 pm 
Phantasy Star Online and Universe have a lot of small connections to the classic series - techniques, reused names, the cake shop, and so on. Do you believe there are any larger connections, or story tie-ins, with the original games? Or, do you think each of these three series are completely separate with no real connection other than easter eggs for classic fans?

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 3, '07, 2:25 am 
I go with the final option. Separate, with easter eggs. :)

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 5, '07, 8:37 pm 
I have to agree, from what I've seen so far. They may try to tie all these games together one day, but I don't see how they will manage to work it all out.

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