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 Post subject: Arcade Games
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, '16, 7:17 pm 
Found an interesting interview with Nolan Bushnell and he had a lot of interesting things to say, I think, regarding Arcade games and the video game industry as a whole. ... cid=AARDHP

I still remember playing Arcade Games and they were great fun.

Anyone else remember the Arcade Games? What was your favorites to play?

 Post subject: Re: Arcade Games
PostPosted: Fri Apr 8, '16, 4:05 pm 
Ah, the arcade, where many of my parents' hard-earned quarters were ill-spent in my youth. ^_^

Way back when I was younger and the local indoor flea market was on its first of four owners before turning into a strip mall, there was an arcade on the second floor (and like four stores). I spent a lot of money losing at The Simpsons.

Point Pleasant still has a bunch of arcades on its boardwalk, and while most of them have become those damned "put your money in, here's your tickets" games I hate, Jenkinson's South used to have Time Crisis 4 and Star Wars Arcade (the 1998 one.) It's still got Skee-Ball, and those ain't going anywhere.

These days, though, I'm more into emulation (to the point where I got two of the Midway Arcade Treasures releases for the PS2). Some of my favorite ancient classics of yesteryear are Joust, Klax, Marble Madness, Root Beer Tapper (Midway couldn't clear the rights with Anheuser-Busch and the Budweiser-branded version of Tapper would have upped the rating on MAT2, even if Mortal Kombat II and 3 hadn't), Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest, Gauntlet (you know you just heard that cheesy electronic voice saying "Blue Wizard needs food badly"), Paperboy, and Smash TV (along with its Desert Storm-inspired sequel that somehow manages to be even gorier, Total Carnage.)

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