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PostPosted: Tue Jun 2, '15, 12:26 am 
A woman in the San Francisco Bay area dumped an original Apple I computer at a recycling center, where it was promptly sold for $200K USD. The owner of the recycling center is now trying to track down the woman and share the profits with her. Seems like the right and decent thing to do. The computer was buried in a box with a bunch of other electronics, which is why it went unnoticed for a couple of weeks at the center, and I hope why the woman didn't know her husband owned such a rare piece of computing history. ... nk-mystery

PostPosted: Tue Jun 2, '15, 4:37 am 
Quite honorable of the recycling center owner to track her.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 2, '15, 6:23 pm 
Yeah, It is good to hear that the Lady will receive some of the money from the sale. Very commendable of the person to think of her. Although, it makes you wonder that now the news is out about the find if she may not have come forward hoping to reclaim the item (or the whole money amount of the sale) saying she made a mistake and gave the wrong thing away or something. You never know. I also wonder why she didn't take the thing somewhere and try and get it appraised or try and figure out what it was or something. Hope it all works out well for everyone concerned.

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