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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, '14, 9:32 pm 
Ah, interesting question ! I never was a big poetry fan BUT lastly, I must "confess" that I like it much ! As I'm teaching many subjects, and so french littérature, I am more interested in poetry than before ! Arthur Raimbaud is a great poet, and as is Charles Baudelaire ! I'm surprised that you know this name but it's great ! :clap:
But all those poets were victims of what they called themselves "Spleen" (yes ! in English !) and they were very depressed and have suicidal tendencies, or on the brink of Madness for some of them but french poetry has many great poets ! I'll try to speak more about them later ok ? :)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, '14, 1:06 am 
Awesome, man, two great names there, I've heard a lot about both poets. Unfortunately I can't really read any French, I only briefly read Baudelaire in translation in World Lit class but it seemed like some really good, dark stuff. I very much want to read Baudelaire one day in the original, I just have to work on reading French.

Yeah, I had read that Baudelaire didn't have the happiest life, not too familiar with Rimbaud, though, I think pretty much all poets and most artists in general have a touch or two of depression (I can relate, ha ha). I think the only other French poet I really know of is Moliere (a playwright, of course, but like Shakespeare still known as a fine poet), but I've definitely read that French poetry is a fine art. Very different from English poetry, too, it's syllabic instead of stress-based like most English poetry, if I'm not mistaken (which would be very hard for me to understand!).

PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, '24, 7:47 pm 
Poetry Day is March 21, 2024:

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