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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, '17, 2:21 am 
Been watching some episodes of this classic show recently. Very interesting stuff. I also have been watching episodes of the animated spin off version they did called Tales From The Cryptkeeper, which was more lighthearted being that it was geared towards kids, but that version was also very good despite things being toned down. One episode of the HBO series I found interesting was this one that starred Roger Daltrey (yes, THAT Roger Daltrey) as a has been photographer who is losing is spark and is jealous that his friend (Steve Buscemi) has been more successful than him and has a lovely girlfriend (Lysette Anthony of Dracula: Dead And Loving It fame) and plots to lure him into a trap to get him out of the picture while they are traveling with a group of mercenaries in Central America in order to get back into the spotlight. I was rather impressed with Daltrey's performance in this episode being that he isn't really known for his acting. But the ending was really gross. It also featured an appearance by Marshall Bell, who played that jerk of a high school coach in Nightmare On Elm Street 2, and the episode was directed by Gary Fleder, who later directed Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, and Kiss The Girls.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, '17, 12:24 pm 
I was a huge fan of Tales From The Crypt ! ("Les Contes de le Crypte" in french : it's the litteral translation !) but I haven't seen any episode for avery long time now ! Big fan of the Crypt keeper ! :)

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