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 Post subject: Anthrax shipments
PostPosted: Thu May 28, '15, 6:27 am 
Well, it sounds as if the military made a huge blunder in the recent shipping of live anthrax to several places across the USA: ... itics.html

I heard this on the tv news tonight and was absolutely shocked to hear it. Hopefully no one will become ill (or worse) because of this big mistake. I know that no one is perfect but with all the "mistakes" that our government keeps making, it makes one wonder who is the biggest threat to our country? Is it really some other overseas terrorist group - or is it our own selves? How could something like this happen? Makes you wonder if these people in charge of our national security really know what they are doing? Anthrax is scary stuff from all I have heard.

 Post subject: Re: Anthrax shipments
PostPosted: Thu May 28, '15, 6:17 pm 
I don't think it's any person or group of people who threatens this country the most. What really threatens us far more than foreign powers or terrorists now and into the future are things like climate change and associated effects in terms of weather and health, and diseases caused by poor choices like smoking.

This was incredibly irresponsible and a big mistake, but I don't worry about it much as anthrax doesn't spread very easily, even if it is a nasty disease if you're unlucky enough to contract it. What I worry about far more are things like mosquitoes carrying dengue fever spreading into the Florida Keys and becoming endemic there.

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