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PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, '10, 2:05 pm 
This here is the background music that plays in PS0 when you fight Dark Force (or Dark Falz :roll: ) the final boss of the game. I actually like it, it has a nice start up too sounding pretty epic and it fits the whole image of Dark Force quite well in my opinion. I just wish Dark Force himself never turned out looking like a manta ray in this one. Enjoy the tune anyway. :wink:

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, '10, 6:20 pm 
Mmm, now that's how boss music should be done! That would really make a great soundtrack for any Dark Force battle.

PostPosted: Sun May 2, '10, 6:12 am 
Idola - The Strange Fruits from PSO Episode 3 is better!

Much much better.

Other Great Episode 3 music:

Ravum Aedes Sacrum (Plays when you fight Leukon Knight at the temple with the PD symbol all over the place. PD symbol is the symbol on the chest of all the Xe-A-thoul like enemies in PS 2, 3, 4. At 2:35 you can see a fuzzy picture of Leukon Knight.)

Tower of Caelum (Plays in Tower of Caelum! it's so beautiful.. when the music picks up is when you get to the part of the tower that overlooks the forest. It's so.. awesome)

Morgue part 2

PostPosted: Tue May 4, '10, 5:42 pm 
Those are all great, too. I'm not sure which I prefer. I'll say one thing for the modern PS games: they have some great tunes in them.

PostPosted: Thu May 6, '10, 5:28 am 
Rick wrote:Idola - The Strange Fruits from PSO Episode 3 is better!

I really like that IDOLA: The Strange Fruits music. :wink: Also looking at the image on youtube is that Pollux? And if it is what in the world is going on with her belly? It looks like it’s trying to escape out of her own body :blank: . I never played PSO so I don’t have much knowledge of the storyline but I know a fair few of the characters.

PostPosted: Thu May 6, '10, 10:44 pm 
The story of Castor and Pollux in PSo Episode 3.

Quote:astor And Pollux
Twin cloned human females, light tan skin, face markings, one with red hair, the other blue
Relations: Father- Chief Red
Occupation: Military experimental weapons
Special Powers: Blade for arm, Gun for arm

Commander Red's twin daughters. They were presumably killed in some kind of horrible accident, which devastated Red. Red heard about Dol Grisens' cloning project, and decided to have his daughters copied, to bring them back to be with him. However, Dol Grisen made multiple copies of the children and kept some of the copies for himself, and twisted them into horrible weapons. When the first clones of Red's daughters saw what they were being used to create, they held hands and killed themselves to stop Dol Grisen's scientists. Their double deaths lead Red to begin his uprising against the Hunters, Grisen, and the P2 government. Red later goes to see what happened to his daughters' clones in the abandoned lab where Dol Grisen dumped all the failures. He finds a horror there.
Castor is the blue twin. She has a huge gun biologically affixed to her right arm. Her hair forms two rounded tentacles, which she can move at will. The gun is too heavy for her small form, so she walks around half-bent over. She stands much like an ape, wobbling on her legs and weaving about with the weight of the weapon. She must kneel to fire it. This clone is imperfect. She has a gash in her side where her green blood boils away into the air in a shower of sparkles. She loses her HP with a yelp as she drains away.
Pollux is the red twin. She has a huge sword biologically grown from her right arm. Her hair forms two flat spiky tentacles, which she can move at will. Her sword is not so heavy that it pulls her down, so she walks upright. It is twice as long as she is tall, and has a red bio-photon blade. This clone is imperfect. She has red glowing guts that hang out of her stomach area and convulse. She does not lose her HP.

Yes. Dol Grisen used his daughters to create weaponry using d-cells from clones. Castor and Pollux are the last 2 sets of clones.

That same cloning center was used to create cloned hunewearl soldiers (who were tortured, abused, raped, modified, etc) and Rufina was rescued at the same time.

In fact, Pollux could be the PSO version of a blader/hakenleft. If she mutated, she might have become that.

Castor and Pollux were other attempts to create weapons like Flowen.

It's tragic.

PostPosted: Fri May 7, '10, 1:21 am 
Thanks for the background info Rick. Man, I never knew Phantasy Star games could be so dark…

Those poor girls. That’s very sad :(

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PostPosted: Fri May 7, '10, 4:45 am 
PSO Episode 3 gets much worse.

Sometime between Blue Star memories and Episode 3, the OPSS incident happened.

Quote:Dol Grisen then turns his attention back to his infamous Clone Army. He realizes there will need to be space and resources available for his new army, so he has the military kill off hundreds of androids to free up what he requires. This terrible massacre is called the OPSS incident.

The Androids fought back and so did other people and afterwards, androids were renamed humanoids and given basic human rights.

More Opss info from Reiz:

Quote:Reiz was originally built and programmed to kill other androids. Her sole purpose for existing was to carry out orders during the O.P.S.S. operation. All she had ever known was killing hundreds of innocent androids to make room on the ships for the military's Clone Soldier project. While hunting for androids on Ragol, she encountered Ohgun, the RAcast. He was damaged, but crying over the broken pieces of his dead friends. Seeing this scene jarred her from her directives and Reiz discovered herself. She claims that this was the point where she was 'born' and became really self aware. She immedeatly dismissed her programming directives and helped Ohgun. She carried him in for repairs, and later asked a scientist Jean, to erase her horrible memories of the incident, and her previous actions. Reiz really likes Ohgun, and wants to be happy for him. It is rumored that Jean is actually Jean Carlo Montague, one of the few people on Ragol to be able to preform such an operation.

Episode 3 is VERY DARK. It's.. depressing.

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