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<Trey> <Celeith>

The Eidolon's continued their rampage, one by one esper warrior fell into the snow covered field of Dezolis.. Now stained with blood. "Support units! Cast Warla! Ranged Units! Keep them at their position by casting Flaeli and Hewn.. Everyone else! Cha-" He commanded, only to have his words cut off by a Eidolon's attack. Quickly dodging the blow, he gripped his knife and jumped. The blade split the beast in half, its body falling to the ground.

"So this is what you meant Luna.." He mumbled to himself. Wiping the blood off his blade he commanded the espers once again to charge, while keeping support from the back lines. It seemed like a bloodbath on this day, one by one Esper and Eidolon would fall, pointless killing for pointless reasons. "Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six." The number were counted, Celeith had slain that many with her whip.

"Celeith! Look out!" Trey yelled, noticing his friend being attacked from behind. The espers behind couldn't fire fast enough at the beast, their sights set on the hordes coming from the hill. Sheathing his daggers he pulled out two slashers, the blades shining. "Luna, Gaia, don't miss!" He said, hurling the slashers with great strength. The beast rose its weapon, stopping as the two slashers gashed its back.

"What!?" Celeith thought, quickly reacting she took the beast down in its stunned state. "Thanks! Alright everyone, move forward!" Celeith yelled.. The front lines charged into the frey once again, a small group was seen on the other side of the Eidolon's giving support to the mansion. "Who could that be?" Trey thought to himself, placing the slashers back in their supports and re-drawing the daggers.

<Mint> <Misty>

The group was giving a small support from behind to the Esper's of the mansion. Misty flew inside the crystal on Mint's chest, helping her cast techniques. "Zan!" She yelled, large piercing winds surrounded the beasts.. "IF anyone knows a fire tech or something similar now would be a good time to create a Fire-Storm!" Misty's voice echoed through the minds of the group.


A large golden building stood before Sani, the doors destroyed, the halls shattered. Sani made her way into the building, a voice speaking to her.

"Select location for transport." The voice spoke to her. She looked around, not knowing where the voice came from. "What kind of game is this?" She yelled out. "Location not found... Please select location for transport." The voice repeated. "I don't understand?" She thought to herself.

"Think of it like a large Ryuka, but instead can transport you anywhere in the universe." A voice spoke to her.. She looked around, drawing the Nei-Sword, a ghostly figure appeared out of the wall. "Who are you!?" She asked.. The figure walked towards her.. "I am Rela, the creator of this device. When the galaxy was first created there was a battle between the Great Light and Profound Darkness. A seal was made after the darkness was defeated, three planets were created. This device would allow travel for special people to those three planets."

"Just think of a place.. Thats all you need to do." Rela said to Sani. Sani thought for a moment.. "So if I was to say I wanted to go to Esper Mansion on Dezolis then I..."

"Esper Mansion.... Locked... Comencing Transport Now.." The device said. The designs on the ground glowed, a bright yellow light surrounded Sani, her body began feeling light as she disappeared.

The ghostly figure stood there, another appeared behind her. "So Vahn, it seems we've changed over the centuries huh." Rela asked.. The other figure didn't speak a word.. Only nod his head as the two disappeared.

"Oh, God, please..." Sara knelt down besides Chris, raising her sword defensively as she reached towards him with her free hand. "Please... be all right. Gi Res!"

Healing energy rushed from her hand and started to surge through Chris. Just at that moment, one of the Eidolons jumped towards Sara, grinning malevolently as it slashed.

Sara screamed. She could feel her clothing and skin being cut, and blood rushing from a fresh cut on her stomach. Through her pain, she nearly dropped her sword as she collapsed beside Chris.


Nara still carried the gravely wounded Esper across her shoulders, trying to find a sanctuary so he could be healed.

(Kyle and Dorn)

"So how the hell do you know so much about these!?" Kyle shouted as Dorn dragged him towards Trey's dwindling group of Espers. The Fuu-type Eidolon was still chasing them, despite its massive wounds.

"I actually paid attention to my teachings!" Dorn continued towards Trey with Kyle, adding, "Basically, these Eidolons... they're something that the Third Lutz tried to use in an effort to protect Algo. Basically, Biomonsters."

"Just like a thousand years ago," Kyle realized.

"Yeah. Only, uh... it didn't exactly work out. They're a lot bigger and meaner than normal Biomonsters, and the Third Lutz did his best to get rid of them all. Problem is, something- probably Sha-Vare- brought them back to life." Dorn sighed. "This is part of the 'We Don't Talk About This' file."

"I see. So, how do we kill them?"

"There's usually a trick to it."

His eyes opened slightly, he saw a shadow fall beside him. He looked. He saw Sara. He looked at the creature that struck her down, it was still coming towards. He grabbed his daggers and dropped his backpack. He threw a knife into the neck of th creature. It laughed at him.

His head hurt and it was hard to concentrate. "What the hell is this thing?" He managed to say out loud. A voice in his head said to him, Use the Shot of Fate. Concentrate. Keep calm. And keep all concentration on your target.

"That voice." Chris said thinking a moment. The Eidolon came charging at Chris. He jumped and kicked the creature in the head causing it to shift balance. Without thinking, Chris stood back and aimed his knife at the creature's head. Arm extended point faced to the target. The target was all Chris concentrated on.His breathing slowed, all the noises around Chris came to a minimum. Everything was blacking out except the target, which seemed to grow to the point where it seemed to magnify.

Chris began whispering, "Lend me your power Shayne, goddess of fate."The knife began to glow " Show me the Shot of Fate. Only then will victory come to pass. Release!" A beam of light came streaming from the end of the dagger. It continued on growing brightter and brighter. Then it turned into a single beam which went through the head of the Eidolon. It continued on and touched a wall. It stopped and Chris was aware of everything again, including the headache.

He fell to his knees, he looked up at the creature who screamed in pain, before exploding into oblivion. The wall behind exploded. The voice came back, You are only allowed to use this skill, 3 times a day, that was the first. Chris slipped into darkness as the headache took over.

Jakob/ Skylar
Skylar drew his second messenger dagger. "Just like old times Jake." Skylar said to his comrade. "You can't be Skylar," Was all Jakob replied before charging towards the mother Eildolon.

He awoke in a dark room. A voice whispered in his ear. "Find your brother Vahn. You will know who he is. Remind him of his roots, my son." The darkness faded into white as Raysomi stood up. He looked beside himself, there was a new axe. It was black with a crimson red trim. In blood red on the handle were letters. They spelt, Blood Axe. Picking it up Raysomi could feel the power. He walked out of the room.

Where had he ended up? He looked around, a creature came running towards him. "An Eidolon eh?" Raysomi swung his axe with brute force, slicing the creature in two, "cutting paper with scissors." Raysomi smiled a demonic smile. He liked the new power, "Shadow, Rain, let's clean up this mess." The three charged into the massacre.

He had climbed a few too many floors in this tower. He was surprised when the monsters weren't attacking him, if anything, they were showing him the way to Sha-Vare. "Has to be a trap," he would say to himself many times on the way there. He reached the final floor, the creature showed him the door to Sha-Vare, then it walked away.

Sane rested his sword on his shoulder before walking in. He heard a familiar voice. "Sane my boy," Sha-Vare said. "Would you like a drink?"

Sane just stared at the man. Then he said, "Tonight, one of us is to die. Tonight I take back Soma, Algo, and peace."

<Trey> <Celeith>

One by one the Eidolon's continued to fall. Trey's plan to defend the mansion was working.. But all was not safe yet.. "Wren.. Wren can you hear me?" Saying into the tiny communicator he had brought through the void with him. The only sound that came through was the loud screeching noise of static. The front lines were holding off the oncoming hordes.. Blasts of Flaeli were coming from behind burning each of the Eidolon's.

"They can't keep this up Trey!" Ceieth yelled, slaying another one of the beasts with her whip. Slightly nodding his head he tried to get in contact with Wren once again. "Trey.. can you hear me.. This is Demi, Wren's assistant.. Wren is currently patrolling the space around Parma.. Can I be of assistance." The voice of a young sounding girl spoke through the communicator.

Side-swiping the beast Trey stayed low to the ground, blasts of Flaeli passing over his head. "Demi, Demi can you hear me? Esper Mansion is under attack.. We need some help.. Is there anything you can do?" He spoke. One of the beasts managed to get close to Trey, looking up his eyes widened as the beast slammed him into the ground.

The beast howled into the air, only to have itself silence by a strong wind from behind.. Mint and the rest of the group was coming quickly up the hill. "Trey, there is not much I can do from here, I'm patching into the climcontrol on Dezolis.. Master Wren's new creations, the Orak type androids are stationed there.. They should be arriving in less then ten minutes.." The android's words spoke through the communicator.

Picking himself up one of the espers from the back lines ran towards Trey. "Medice!" The young man said.. Trey's wounds slowly healed, a large beast fell from the sky. Looking up Trey jumped out of the way.. But the young man wasn't fast enough.. The snow flew into the sky, when it cleared the beast stood there devouring the young man that helped Trey.

"Damn.. These beasts are merciless." Picking himself up he said silently.. With anger in his eyes his hand began glowing a bright light.. He lunged the ball into the air towards the wave of enemies.. "LEGEON!!" He yelled out.. Swiping his hand he squeezed his fist tightly.. The ball of light scattered into thousands of explosions across the oncoming enemy.

"You ok Trey?" Celeith asked, as she ran to his side.. They faced back to back, waiting for anymore enemies to approach them.. "I'm fine.. Just a little tired.. Haven't had any rest in the last few days is all.. Nothing big Celeith." Panting he said.. Always keeping a smile on his face he held his daggers tightly waiting for the next attack.

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He had arrived with his two "friends". The scene was gruesome as he had arrived. The snow had been melted with the blood of those lost and stained. He got out of the vehicle and drew his sword. Running into the scene he slashed at Eidolon's as he ran past. He saw a young female collapse beside a male who got up and used and strange attack. He soon fell onto the ground as well. He ran towards a group of Eidolons that ran towards the two bodies hoping to fiest.

"AIRSLASH!" He yelled cutting down the group of Eidolons. This was going to take awhile.

Even through her pain, Sara forced herself to stand up, her legs wobbling noticably as she used her sword as a crutch. The gash across her stomach was still bleeding, but she didn't care- Sara was mentally telling herself to fight on, despite the overwhelming odds the Espers were up against.

Bravely, she hefted the Laconia sword in both her hands, her stance unsteady. Blood was running down her dress, starting to pool in the snow as she rushed one of the Eidolons. Three steps into her charge, she stumbled and fell, crying out as her sword scattered from her grasp.

Sara was helpless. In her weakened state, she thought she heard a familiar voice shout, "Air Slash!"

(Kyle and Dorn)

With a scream, Kyle leapt into the battle, swinging both of his swords wildly, while Dorn carefully aimed and fired arrows from his bow. Seperating in the fray, Kyle saw an Esper standing back to back with a whip-wielding woman, as an Eidolon bellowed and rushed towards them. He didn't waste any time- he stabbed the beast with one of his swords, then used his other blade to start climbing up the Eidolon.

About halfway up, Kyle realized: Hey, that Esper... that's Master Lutz!


"Of course. Peace in Algo, and Soma," Sha-Vare said. "That's what you want, is it. But, how rude of me..." He snapped his fingers. A small dining table appeared between himself and Sane, and two chairs appeared. Sitting in one, Sha-Vare continued, "Come, Sane, sit down, rest, eat. You must be tired after all that training you went through."

Sane started to protest, but was cut short when the other chair scooted into place, knocking Sane into it. Ignoring Sane's confusion, Sha-Vare continued, "That's what I want, too, you know, Sane. Peace in Algo. And the only way there can be peace, is if a strong ruler such as myself guided it towards peace. And... well, let us have a drink, after all."

Again, he snapped his fingers. A brown-haired maid in a skimpy uniform approached the table, asking, "Sirs, would you like something to drink?"

"A bottle of the house wine, please," Sha-Vare told her.

She nodded, then turned to Sane, her blue eyes sparkling. "And yourself, Sir?" she asked, her voice soft and angelic.

"Ah, go on, Sane, order something- wine, juice, lemonade, anything. It's your last chance, anyway, you know!"

Sane simply ignored the maid and locked eyes with Sha-Vare. "I'm NOT thirsty." he told him.

"A pity, then," Sha-Vare replied. The maid sauntered off, tickling Sane's chin as she departed. "Now, as for Soma, well... I can monitor your thoughts, you know that. Would you be willing to kill someone you love so dearly, Sane Terrace? Would you be perfectly willing to murder her unborn child, just because of who his or her father was?"

"Don't you argue semantics with me, you sack of-"

"Now, Sane!" Sha-Vare interrupted. "If you ask me, this willingness to destroy everything you hold dear, all for the sake of peace... an honest question of you: Will it be worth it? For the good of Motavia and Dezolis, Ryukross and Edagura?"

A voice called out into the battle field, the wind howling, the echoes of the fallen espers in the breeze. Blasts of fiery explosions came from the back lines, one by one the Eidolons fell. But that was not enough to halt them, the largest beast continued to send more and more towards the mansion. Atop the Esper Mansion stood a scarlet-haired woman. The long brown cloak wrapped around her torso blowing in the wind.

<Sani> <Trey>

"Heh, I find myself in the Silence Zone, then on a strange planet, and back here and you've gotten yourselves into trouble." Landing on the snow field below she said to her allies. Unsheathing the Nei-Sword its aura glowed brightly as the sun's ray beamed down on it. With one quick swing the Eidolon that had made its way to the back lines was split in half.

"What the?" The explosion died down, Trey thinking to himself where it came from. From behind he heard a voice. Turning his head back towards the mansion he noticed the woman standing in front of the support unit. The flat end of her blade propped on her shoulders.

Reinforcements were beginning to arrive from the valley behind. The Orak Androids Demi had sent from the Climcontrol were arriving by the dozens. Each one looking exactly alike. Their raven like armor flashing in the suns light. They looked almost human.Many carrying a large gun in one hand, the others carrying large swords.

Back to back Trey and Celeith stood, Sani ran to their side. "Where did you come from? And who are you?" He asked Sani.. Launching more techniques and magiks the three continued staying in a triangle formation. "Its been to long big brother. Don't you remember me?" She asked.

The three ducked, dodging an attack, each destroying a Eidolon that approached them. "Big... Brother..? Wait.. Sani?" He confusingly replied. "How.. I mean.. Wait how did you get so big?" He tried asking. Launching one more attack she looked at her brother and replied. "I'll explain to you after this is all over.. For now concentrate!" And with that said the three scattered in 3 seperate directions, slaying more Eidolons.

Sane pondered the question a moment. He had not expected it. He looked at Sha-Vare. The mn he had been wanting to kill for a long time. He felt his sword being taken away as he sat. He looked at Sha-Vare. "Enough of your mind games. I came here to finish the deed and thats what I'm here to do." Sane stod up but was soon his seat was shoved back under him. "Why the hurry Sane?" Sha-Vare said. Sane scowled as he looked at the waitress. "I'm just trying to be humble my good friend."

"I am not your friend Sha-Vare. I am just a thief here to take control of what you shouldn't possess." Sane said. "How ironic," Sha-Vare said. "A thief working on the right side of the law. And yet he is trying to stop all piece."

Sane had enough. He jumped onto the table and yelled out, "Sauna!" Rage seemed to engulf him. He didn't need his sword. His glare had a look of hunger. A hunger for blood. He ran towards Sha-Vare.


With a sigh, Sha-Vare grumbled, "So, you just wish to skip to the main course, then. Very well!"

With a snap of his fingers, the table that separated himself and Sane started growing massively. Sane found Sha-Vare receding into the distance as the table grew and grew, becoming a massive black and white checkerboarded landscape beneath him.

"Life's nothing but a cruel, sick game, Sane Terrace..." Sha-Vare's voice boomed from the far side of the table. "So rack 'em up! Let's play!"

Before Sane could move from his square, a massive black chess piece zoomed towards him, stopping short in the square next to his. The hellish-looking knight glared at Sane, as did his demonic horse.

The brown-haired maid from before appeared, shoulder guards on her maid uniform and carrying a cardboard shortsword. "I'm your pawn, Sane," she said, her voice still quiet.

This is getting too weird, Sane thought.

"And of course, Sane, if I'm king, why..."

From all the way across the board, Sane could see Soma appear next to Sha-Vare, her body clad in a very revealing black silk gown.

"Go on, Sane," she cooed, smirking at him. "Make your move."
The sounds of pounding were heard coming from the distance. Kyra and the rest hiding in the garden, a small barrier placed at the entrance. The children continued to cry and scream, Kyra, Anise, and the few other woman tried to calm them down.

<Trey> <Celeith> <Sani> <Mint>

"Flaeli!" Trey screamed out. A beast had made its way to the mansion, many of the back lines had been slain by it. It was pounding on the wall, trying to get inside, looking, seeking something. The blast flew from Trey's hand, the fiery inferno struck the beast in its back, sending it to its knee's as it fell to its death.

"These things sure die easily." Celeith said, slaying another beast in one swipe. With a quick cut of her Nei-Sword Sani spun the sword around and launched a powerful NaZan tech, blasting a group of beasts in front of her. "You're right.. Its like.. Its like they're only a distraction." Sani replied, trying desperately to keep her breath.

The group was using to much energy holding off the Eidolon's, their bodies weakened with exhaust. With a swift jump Trey's daggers pierced through the beast in front of him, the back lines had been completely destroyed, the support lines almost wiped out. "What is it.. How is it that when we slay them they go down in one blow, but when they do it..... Wait!" A idea came to him as he thought to himself.

Dorn and the rest had finally pushed their way through, gathering with Trey and the others. The Orak androids were holding off the Eidolon's, just long enough to give the group time to think. "What is the deal with all this?" A voice spoke inside everyones mind. The little sylph appeared before them, landing on top of Mint's head.

"What in the name of Alis?" Trey and Celieth both spoke out. The tiny sylph had caught the two off guard, but there was no time to explain. "Where do they all keep coming from?" Mint asked. The group was caught in the eye of the storm so to speak. The calmness surrounding them was unpleasant. "Jakob, Dorn, its been awhile." Trey said. Skylar had his back placed towards the horizon, the wind blowing in his hair.

"Skylar.. Do you think I hate you?" Trey asked. Skylars motion stood still as he continued gazing at the beasts in the distance. "Whatever, I freed you from Sha-Vares grasp. Theres no need for us to be enemies anymore." He replied. The sylph flew from atop of Mint's head and straight into Trey's face. "So you're Lutz, the leader of the Espers. The most knowledgable person in the world. And yet your just a kid." The sylph asked.

Trey sweatdropped as the sylph hovered in front of him, her eyes focusing only on him. "So you're the one who's been leading the people here against the Eidolon's? Well then Mr. Leader. Whats the plan? Lead us!" She replied with a smart attitude. Sani was still trying to catch her breath, Celeith casting a slight Res tech on her as the group gathered around Trey.

"I'm not sure what to do actually. You see for some reason the Esper's behind us cannot defeat them easily. While we're able to slay them in one blow. I'm not sure how its possible but it must have something to do with our weapons." drawing the two daggers as well as the two slashers he replied. A tiny aura glowed around his weapons, the same thing could be seen around Celeith's whip and Sani's sword.


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Skylar looked at Trey. "I know," he said softly. He averted his eyes again. Trey continued then Skylar turned his head to the weapons. "I have something to show you." He showed the group his weapons, there was the same glow but stronger. "These are messenger daggers, I'm afraid that is all I know but they are a key to something. I just haven't figured out what yet. Plus, for some reason," Skylar hesitated before saying, "nevermind, that isn't important, besides we have something more to do."

"Skylar," Jakob said in a voice preparing his weapon," There she is." He pointed towards a shadow in the sky. Skylar looked to the sky then at Jakob giving a slight nod. "Please excuse us, we have some unfinished business with the mother Eidolon." The two ran slicing at the different Eidolons along the way, Jakob struggling more than Skylar but not by too much, using brute strength.

"...ash!" Chris heard a voice. His headache was slowly going away. He struggled to get up. When he looked there was a Eidolon over top him. As if second nature to him. Chris kicked the Eidolon sending it back. He stood up, a dagger in his right hand, his other hand was rubbing his temple. He posture suggested pain and fatigue. He saw Sara fall. He wanted to protect her yet he could barely move.

The Eidolon recovered coming at him, laughing histerically. Chris began feeling anger. Before he knew it, his knife were glowing a white aura as he charged the creature slashing at it. Continuing towards Sara. He destroyied a whole line. he made it in front of Sara. Standing his ground with one knife in hand. Other hand still on his head. He moved his left hand using two fingers to push his glasses up.

Typhus looked at this kid. "Interesting," He said before resuming his attack.

Raysomi was having a blast as he and his two rappies pressed on. His weapons weren't made for killing Eidolons but he was using them that way. By using brute force he managed to defeat a great number of the creatures. He saw Trey and the others. Only thing he said was in a low voice, so low he could barely hear it, "Vahn, my brother. Soon you shall remember everything." He hacked an Eidolon apart.

"A game?" Sane yelled, "Is this all this means to you Sha-Vare? Is this all a game to you?" Sane was mainly talking to himself, Sha-Vare knew it too but seemed to react to the question as if all of it were directed at him. Sane tried took a step into the next square but couldn't move into any othersquare after that. "What the...?" Sane questioned to himself.

Sara's vision was starting to blur, and her breathing became heavy as she endured the pain of her wound. I lost a lot of blood, she thought, as she weakly raised her arm. I... I don't think I can use Gi Res...


Her voice was a faint whisper.

"Help... me..."

(Kyle and Dorn)

Kyle continued climbing up the massive Eidolon with his swords, noticing the faint slash of red appear near Trey. As he neared a place to rest on the massive creature's body, he leaned down and squinted.

Hrrm. Red hair, nice body. Big sword.... why that can only be...

"Sani! <3" he shouted to her. "My battling beauty has returned in our hour of need! ^_^"

Further from the battle, Dorn sweatdropped. "Hundreds of monsters to fight, and all he can think of is Sani," he mumbled as he readied his bow.


"A game?" Sha-Vare asked, while Soma chuckled derisively. "It's not a game, Sane. It's war. Survival. One shall stand, one must fall. That sort of thing. And you... have made your move. Now, then..."

Soma moved three squares towards Sane, then stopped. "Check, Saney dearest," she whispered, blowing Sane a kiss.
Skylar looked at his friend and then the mother Eidolon. He didn't like this situation that much. Jakob just raised his sword and ran.

The two made an excellent team. Finally Typhus heard very fainlty "Help..." He turned to the bleeding Sara. "Protect us while I heal her." Chris nodded and continued his attack. Typhus reached ionto his bag annd pulled out a small vile. He said to Sara, "This is going to burn your throat and will feel like someone is ripping it out after it being lit on fire. However, it will recover you 108% plus all energy will be restored." Typhus held the opening up to Sara's lips. Maybe this time around it will teach her a new skill. Though that's a big hope, considering there os a 1 in 8348 chance of that happening.

Chris slashed down another.

He was getting tired of this. They were easily no match for him. If anything, they were a mere annoyance.

Badly wounded, Sara could barely say anything as she felt traces of liquid slick down her throat. Involuntarily, she coughed and gagged at the sensation.

It's just like wine, back at the farm, she thought. Much stronger, yes, but... think of it like that, Sara.

As she drank the liquid Typhus offered her, Sara felt her wound starting to heal over. At the same time, she could feel her psionic focus maintaining itself.

In short, she felt great as she leapt to her feet, grabbing her sword in her hand. "Wow, I feel wonderful!" she said. "Now then... I think I can do something else now..."

Sara closed her eyes, shifting her sword into both of her hands. It feels like something's in the back of my mind... it wasn't there a few seconds ago...

Her eyes opened, and began glowing green. Staring down the Eidolon Chris was fighting, Sara spun her sword in one hand. "Critical Hit!" she called out, throwing the Laconia blade straight at the monster. It roared with pain as the blade impaled it directly between the eyes, then roared again as Sara's sword transported back to her hands.

(Kyle and Dorn)

"Sanisanisanisanisani gotta impress Sani gotta make her like me" was all Kyle could think as he scaled the Eidolon, finally reaching the top of the massive beast, four hundred feet above the ground.

Only problem is, he thought, Now what the hell do I do since I'm up here!?

That problem was soon answered when Kyle saw a massive crystalline growth in the Eidolon's hollowed skull. With a scream, he slashed it with both his swords. The Eidolon's pained roars echoed throughout the mansion in response.

Almost immediately, every Eidolon stopped what it was doing, and rushed towards the massive Eidolon, as if defending its master.
Chris felt a trickle of sweat race down his head. He killed another and stopped. He was breathing heavily. He brought his daggers up into a defensive position. The sky turned black from the Eidolons swarming about. He felt more sweat drip from his face.

Typhus finished with the potion. He picked up his sword and swung just in time to kill an Eidolon who charged at him. He looked at the sky and gripped his sword. It was going to be a long night.

Jakob/ Skylar
The two fought hard but soon were panting hard. They managed to do a huge amount of damage. Yet it wasn't enough. They both panted. Jakob used his sword to keep up right. They looked at each other. A huge shadow took the sky. Skylar sighed heavily and said, "Aw C'mon!" Jakob looked at the shadows, his teeth clenched tight. "I am going to have to use it Sky. Ultimate Destruction." His friend looked at him, "You can't. If you do you can only use it three more times before-" "I know. But I have to. Goddess of-" Skylar tackles Jakob to the ground.

"Not today my friend."

Raysomi pushed his way towards Trey and the others. He was killing a great number, but this was starting to take a tole on him. He dared not show it either, fighting even more fierce than before. Looking to the sky, he saw Eidolon litter the sky. He made his way towards Trey.

"My move," Sane declared, "Fine then." He spread his legs apart and raised his sword, holding it in front of his eyes. "I call upon she who lays within me. I call upon She who follows me. I call upon he who guards me. I call upon the countless souls this man has murdered. I call upon the souls of the lost to aid me. Help me defeat my enemy, and get your vengeance." Sane turned his blade so it was beside his head, holding it as a spear. "SOUL BREAKER!"

Sane stabbed the playing board.Light illuminated among the cracks leading all over. Ghastly voices could be heard. The light diminished. "Is that all? Sane? Is that how you waste your turn?" Sha-Vare questioned in an awefully cool manner.

Sane grinned. "Any last words Sane dear before I slice your throat?" Soma said. Sane grinned at her and said, "Kaboom." As if on queue the board shattered into a billion pieces in an explosion that not only stunned Soma, but Sha-VAre as well. There was smoke in the air and it seemed to rain shards of the playing field.

Sha-Vare could see nothing, all he heard was sane yell out, "Ying Yang Rage!" A burst of power sent Sha-vare flying. Soon he found himself on the defensive side as Sane came bursting through the smoke. Slicing at Sha-Vare. Looking at SAne, Sha-Vare saw something in his eyes that made him fear. To top it all off, Sane barely looked human in from his new skill.


Dorn raised an eyebrow as he saw the massive cloud of Eidolons starting to swarm about the larger one, rushing past the Espers without even attacking them.

"Huh. What could they possibly be- oh, crap. Oh, crap."

Drawing the bowstring back, he fired, hitting an Eidolon. It didn't even flinch or react to the attack, it just kept on going towards the large Eidolon.

Up in its cerebral cavity, Kyle kept swinging at the crystalline structure within, grumbling, "C'mon, die already, damn it!" He looked up when he saw a massive shadow fall across the crystal.

Eidolons. Hundreds of them, more gathering by the second, all looked down, back at Kyle. Gritting his teeth, Kyle readied his blades. "Well, hello beasties," he said as the first Eidolon swooped downwards.


Recovering her sword, Sara took a step forward, standing next to Chris. Readying her sword, she glanced over at Chris and said, "We'll fight them together, Chris. Just tell me when you get hurt... I'll take care of you, okay?"

Her question was delivered with a wink. "We'll be just fine, Chris. Don't worry."


She couldn't help but find it strange- all the Eidolons had ran past Nara, as if they were in a hurry to get somewhere. Where, Nara didn't know. All she knew was that she had to get the Esper she was carrying to help.

"We're almost there," she told him. "I think. Are you all right?"

There was no answer from the Esper. Confused, Nara asked again, "Hey, are you okay? ....Sir? Sir? .........Oh, no..."

She set him down, then checked for a pulse. She couldn't find one.

"...You were right," she whispered, sinking to her knees. "You were better off without my help."

Nara sighed. Everyone I get close to... they always meet their deaths. Dorn... I promise you, you won't die because of me.


"Wh... what the hell was that!?" Soma shrieked as she tried to stand back up. "Sha-Vare, that... .....whoa. What the hell IS that?!"

She pointed towards Sane, completely nervous and shocked by the attack. As she stared him down, Soma blinked- she had a memory of kissing Sane on Motavia.

What... why do I remember that? she thought.


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Everything except his targets were visible to him. He charged. There were no exceptions when it came to satisfying his need to kill. Sha-Vare saw this, he had barely any idea as to what to do. He snapped his fingers. Sha-Vares greatest guards assembled.

There were an enormous amount standing in front of Sane, willing to give up their lives in order to protct their master and his queen. Prophallus, Chaos Bringers, Gi-Le-Fargs, Outerbeasts, even Re-Faze were protecting Sha-Vare and Soma.

It made no difference. Just another target. Sane found himself being surrouned by literally thousands of enemies. He directly into a crowd and hacked at his enemies. It didn't take long for them to fall. Sane was here to end it all, and that was what he intended to do.

Chris just nodded and watched as they stopped attacking him and went towards a huge Eidolon. He felt another drop of sweat run down his forehead as he saw the huge beast. He began walking slowly towards the creature.

Typhus ran directly towards the mother Eidolon who had the swarm surrounding her, acting as a shield.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Jakob demanded as he wrestled his way free. "Saving your life idiot!" Skylar replied. Jakob raised his sword, "I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this Skylar. But you leave me no choice." Jakob ran towards Skylar with full intent to kill, Skylar just parried his attack.


"Oh, good, you're here!" Dorn said to the man who had appeared beside him. "Kyle climbed up that thing, then all the Eidolons just started swarming around it! We've gotta help... him..."

Some of the man's features looked familiar, and Dorn finally figured it out. "Typhus?!" he asked, surprised. "What... how did... you're a Palman now?!"

Up above them, Kyle started to fight off the first few Eidolons that swooped into the larger Eidolon's skull. I see, he thought. They're trying to stop me from attacking the large one's brain.


Curiously, Sara walked alongside Chris, approaching the mother Eidolon. The other Eidolons were trying to climb up it or fly to its head. "Huh, that's strange," she said to Chris. "You know, I think those other Eidolons are trying to protect the big one somehow."


Sha-Vare was horrified as he saw his summoned minions dying quickly at Sane's hands. Nervously, he turned towards the window overlooking Ryukross's surface. He could see a large moon rising over the planet's crystalline surface, turning pink in the starry sky.

"Hehe... you're too late, Sane," Sha-Vare said, his nervousness apparent. "Far too late."

Small flames formed from nowhere, and started spiraling around Soma's body. These flames were soon joined by orbs of water, small spheres of thunder, and miniature tornadoes. As she looked, each of these became orbs of energy, and absorbed themselves into Soma.

"Far too late, Sane... the New Moon of Alis has risen at last," Sha-Vare continued. "And now... and forever...Soma is my queen!"

With a brilliant black flash, Soma disappeared from the throne room, leaving Sane, Sha-Vare, and his rapidly dying minions to themselves. "Emergency Planar Shift," he told Sane. "You'll never find her, among all the Algo Star Systems out there..."

(Another Algo)

In a flash of black energy, Soma reappeared in an empty throne room. Looking around, she could see that she was on Ryukross, a pink moon hanging high in its sky.

Soma... a familiar voice said. At last, you are here.

"Yes," she whispered. "I am here, my love..."

Soma watched Sha-Vare enter the throne room, smiling at her. Returning Sha-Vare's smile, Soma ran up to Sha-Vare and embraced him, kissing him fully on the lips.

"At long last, I have my queen," he told her. "And I see she's brought me a gift."

Confused, Soma raised an eyebrow as she felt Sha-Vare's hand brush across her stomach. She realized what he was talking about when she looked down. Her stomach had become noticably rounder during the planar shift.

"A gift," she cooed, embracing Sha-Vare. "My dear, I give you the Prince and Princess of Algo... our babies."
<Trey> <Celeith> <Sani>

He had finally depleted all the magic from his body. The Eidolons had managed to wipe out the rest of the Espers surrounding the mansion. "Gotta get Kyra and the rest away from here." Trey thought as he slowly fought his way back to the mansion. His body exhausted, he fell face first into the snow below him.

"Res" Sani casted on the fallen Trey. He slowly stood to his feet, but his energy was still almost completely depleted. Celeith arrived next to them, her body covered in the blood of the Eidolons she had slain already. Trey placed his arms around the two women, they slashed their way back towards the mansion trying to return to Kyra and the rest.

"Kyra, can you hear me?" Celeith spoke into the mic of her communicator. The sounds of Kyra's voice was faintly heard through. "We have to retreat. Take the children through the cave. Trey and myself will be following you shortly." She said. The three made their way back into the mansion as the rest of the group watched them retreat.
Raysomi saw the moon. He quickly yelled out, "TREY!" Trey looked at him, "Your true identity is that of which is your opposite yet the same. You are Vahn." Raysomi felt his body lift in the air. "Take care of Shadow and Rain for me." Raysomi paused, "Brother." Raysomi vanished. His axe fell to the ground.

Raysomi arrived where he wished to. He looked around. "One last time," He said to Sha-Vare. "Your time has come." Sha-Vare glared at Raysomi. "I'm afraid Sane was too late. Algo is mine." Raysomi blink his eyes, giving a perfect vision as to exactly where Sha-Vare was. "I know your power may exceed mine Sha-Vare, but I have something you don't. A skill."

Sha-Vare raised an eyebrow as Raysomi came running, "Eternal Sacrifice!" Raysomi's body began to change, into white crystals. They touched Sha-Vare and touched Soma. Many of the crystals went towards the belly of Soma. Sha-Vare looked towards his queen. She briefly switched back the good Soma. But then changed back to the Queen of Algo.

Sha-Vare smiled, he took a step but fell over, smiling like a madman. Raysomi was gone forever. He failed with sacrifice. He was gone forever.

Sane struck down Sha-Vares guards with ease. He saw the moon and ran towards his target. He was too late. Before he left Sha-Vare covered the planet with his "guards". It seems Sane has his hands full. He was to be hear awhile.

Chris/ Jakob/ Skylar
Chris gave a glance to Sara, "Yeah, I think so too." She looked at him and he quickly looked back towards the mother Eidolon. "There is too many of them I believe anyway," He paused, "But life isn't fair. So we may as well get rid of some of these creatures."

Chris looked towards Jakob and Skylar who were fighting fiercly. At least Jakob was.

"It was the tower's magic. But that isn't important right now. We have to get Kyle out of there. I have a plan." Typhus closed his eyes, "Teleportation." Typhus vanished and appeared just behind Kyle. He grabbed him from behind just dodging a strike from Kyle's sword. "Watch it *. That is unless you want to die." Kyle replied, "Typhus?" "Teleportation!"

The two landed right beside Dorn. Typhus began, "The mother Eidolon's weakness is her brain which is located around the area of where Kyle was." Typhus swung his blade at an Eidolon who dared get near. "Since they are already angry at Kyle, he will be the distraction. I want you to go to the front and, uhh, pretend she is uhh," Dorn interupted, "Pretend she is Sani.

"I will go after the brain and I need you Dorn to cover me. It isn't well planned out or anything, but if we don't get rid of her within," Typhus looked around, "five minutes or so. Lets just say Dezolis shall look alot like Parma."

"Understand your roles?"


Trey's throat tightened as he turned around. The words Raysomi struck deep inside him as his face turned pale as the snow below him. Trey could feel a pulsating feeling pass through his body, his allies before him stood motionless as the magical aura began surrounding him.

"No matter how many times I'm reborn... I'll still make the same choice!"
"Shut up. This is the choice I made up by myself."
"I told you not to get closer"
"Even so.. Even if we were friends Rela.. I'm still the child of the Profound Darkness.. Even if I'm destroyed here, I will just be reborn again."
"Even if I die here.. I'll just be reborn, and cause pain again.. And I never wanted any of that."

These words echoed inside Trey's mind. He could feel the memories of his past life striking blows into his mind. The moon above was seen covered in a crimson glow. Trey's breathing increased as he gazed up into the moon above, the pulsation through his body was increasing. "What is this I'm feeling?" He asked himself. His eyes began changing colors from green to what seemed like a dim yellow.

He stood there in what seemed like the night sky itself. All that was surrounding him was darkness. "So Trey, what is your choice?" A strange voice asked him. He turned around, a teenage boy standing before him, battered and bruised. The boy that stood before him was... himself. But at the same time it was not himself. "Vahn right?" Trey asked. The young boy only nodded his head. The boys body began vanishing before him. "So do you accept your heritage? Or will you succumb to the Great Lights trickery?" He asked as his body vanished. Only stardust was seen as it floated towards Trey, surrounding him.

"I chose.."

"TO LIVE!" He yelled out. The darkness around him exploded revealing the battleground before him. His body was surrounded with a dark aura.. He succumbed to the Profound Darkness, to his original heritage.. But he didn't forget who he was. Even though his power had changed his soul was still the same. The aura created an explosion that blinded the group before him, when the light vanished Trey was nowhere to be seen.

The battle on Rykros was getting more and more intense. Just as Raysomi spent his final breath and vanished Trey appeared in the room, a mixture of dark and light aura surrounding him.

"So Vahn, you've arrived?" Sha-Vare asked.

Trey looked at him, not speaking a word. He began unsheathing his knife but as he did it appeared longer then usual.

"That sword?" Sha-Vare said

He finished pulling the weapon from the sheath, holding the grip firmly as the blade hung towards the ground.

"The Celestial Blade!!"

"Yes, the Celestial Blade. The only weapon of light passed down through the bloodline of the Profound Darkness. As the reincarnation of the original child, Vahn. I have this as a birthright. Only with my past memories was I able to awaken this blade from our torn blood. And now Sha-Vare!" He yelled, pointing the sword towards him.

"With the help of my allies! My friends! We shall defeat you!

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Dorn sweatdropped. He had no idea what exactly Typhus meant, but he was going to play along. "Err... right," he said, raising his bow. "Kyle, I take it you know what to do?"

"Yep! Livebait Squad, consisting of me!" Looking around, Kyle tried to find something he could use to distract all the Eidolons. Hrrm... what would be the best way to get their attent... why, hel-LO, distraction.

He could see Sani starting to pull back into Esper Mansion, along with Trey and the demon girl. Why does she look a lot like Celeith? he wondered as he started to follow them. Meh, no matter. Distraction awaits~!

After a few seconds, he caught up to Sani, tapping her on the shoulder."Heya, Sani!" he said. "I've got something for you!"

"Kyle, not no- mprrrrmph!? Mrrrpher fmmmmrrrph~!"

It was the oldest trick in the book- Kyle had grabbed Sani and kissed her on the lips, deliberately getting her attention. He smiled slightly as Sani squirmed angrily, trying to break away from Kyle. He only further irritated her by putting his tounge in her mouth.

"Mrryle, muummmmmph MRRPH!" "Mmm.. muh! Ow!"

Sani bit Kyle's tounge, and a look of extreme anger crossed her face as Kyle stepped back, grinning like a rogue. "So, uh, Sani," he started. "I know tha-"

"Kyle, you BAKA!!"

Immediately, Kyle ran, drawing his swords and pointed them behind him. He could hear Sani following him, drawing her own sword. Good! She's with me. I hope this is enough distraction...

He veered right, deliberately running towards a smaller Eidolon. It had just enough time to roar before Kyle cut it down with his twin swords. Its body didn't even hit the ground before Sani chopped it in half, still following Kyle.


Sara sighed. "I... I'm a bit nervous, really," she told Chris. "A battle like this... I just feel really nervous." Unwittingly, she took a step closer to Chris, accidentally brushing her side against him. "It feels like not all of us are going to survive."

"I think we'll be fine," Chris replied. "Just-"


They both sweatdropped. "That sounded like Sani!" Sara cried. "Do you think she's all right?!"


"Hmph," Soma said as she watched Raysomi's final spell fail. "That was a waste of your time and effort, you fool. All you've done... is die."

She laughed cruelly, mocking Raysomi's death, then turned to Sha-Vare. "Now, Sha-Vare," she continued, rubbing her belly playfully, "I think we've got some children to name."

Sha-Vare's response was drowned out by Trey's sudden appearance. With a sigh, Soma raised her hands, readying a Technique. "And now, you too wish to die," she groaned. "Very well... we shall acquiese your efforts!"

It seemed as it would never end. But it did. Sane had defeated them all. He panted heavily. Bodies littered the ground on Rykros, killed by the very hands of Sane. Yet, Sane craved more.

He got the images inside his head sent from Raysomi. "What good is a map without transportation?" Sane said aloud.

Chris/ Typhus
Chris looked at Sani and Kyle. The rage on Sani's face was something to be feared. A few of the group stared in a fearlike trance as Sani hunted down Kyle. Chris however, didn't find no fear to be found.

Typhus looked at Dorn and gave a sweatdrop. "That... wasn't exactly what I had in mind." Dorn nodded in agreement, "Least the Eidolon is distracted" Typhus replied, "Ready?" Dorn nodded. "Remember Dorn, protect me." Typhus jumped and began running up the mother Eidolons leg.


"Right!" Dorn said, readying his bow. "I've got your back, Typhus! Now go take care of that Eidolon!"


Sadly, Nara walked back through the halls of Esper Mansion, thinking about the Esper who died. Why didn't I heal him? she wondered. Don't I have any abilities, now that I don't have any software? No Techniques... not even any magic like Dorn...

She sniffled, then slumped against a wall. Even back with Orakio, I was worthless. I couldn't use claws properly... I couldn't do anything with robots... the only reason I can fight is because combat training was added to my brain scan... Why did Orakio want me? Why does Dorn want me?

Tears started to run down her cheeks. As she sighed heavily, Nara could hear footsteps. Someone- she wasn't sure who- was coming. Nervously, she stood back up, and peeked around the corner. A man and a woman were approaching from the other corridor.

"T... Trey!" she called, seeing the man. "And... and... Celeith? You look so beautiful... when did you get a makeover?"


Sara could do nothing, but just stood by Chris, watching pieces of Eidolons flying in sprays of blood and violence. "I... I suppose we're not really needed around here," she said, half to herself.

She closed her eyes, thinking, Just like back home, though, there's work to be done here. We should go take care of the wounded Espers. When she opened her eyes, she noticed Chris's arm was around her shoulder. She blushed nervously.


Good Lord, she's catching up pretty fast! Kyle thought as he led Sani on a chase through the mob of Eidolons, swinging his swords at any that came near him. Twelve feet behind him, Sani swung the Nei Sword at the Eidolons Kyle wounded, her eyes blazing with fury.

"C'mon, Sani!" he teased, slipping around an Ottoto-type Eidolon. "Didn't anybody ever tell you your lips taste like fresh strawberries?!"

Sani's reply was an angry roar as they easily slaughtered the Ottoto. Kyle continued, "And your chest, Sani... it's so soft and bouncy... <3" Hearts started to fly off his head as he ran.

Sani was now nine feet below him. "Graaah! As soon as I catch you, Kyle, I'll... I'll... rrrrrggh~!"
Chris put his arm around Sara. "I have the same feeling I think you have. But we can't give up. If we give up they win." Chris' eyes darted around looking at everything. He finally stopped on one spot. He slowly raised his free arm and said, "The only part the Eidolon's are guarding more than the back of the head is there." His knife pointed directly to the stomach. "She's pregnant."

Chris felt a stab of pain. He ddn't want to kill something that was pregnant. Itwasn't his style. He lowered his arm, followed by his head. Soon after he lowered his arm and turned around. He threw his knife directly at a Eidolon who seemed to come forward, towards him an Sara. It went straight through.

Chris looked up and his eyes went wide. "We have company." was all he could say. Red Eidolons were acting as a plague. Destroying almost everything in their path. Many Eidolons fell to them, same with the remaining Espers. Chris grabbed Sara's hand and began running. Yelling at the others trying to get their attention.

Looking towards Kyle, he picked up a rock throwing it, coming inchesaway from Kyle's head. Kyle turned towards Chris, ducking Sani's attack. Chris pointed towards the red plague. Kyle seemed to understand.

<Trey> <Celeith>

With both hands grasped firm on the sword Trey slashed his blade towards Sha-Vare. The image of Sha-Vare disappeared in front of him as the battlefield back on Dezolis reappeared before him. He heard a woman call him and Celeith as he walked half blind towards the mansion. "Celeith, who's talking.. Everythings so foggy." He asked. Celeith could still notice his dim yellow eyes. They looked as if they had seen the beginning and the end of the world.

A few moments passed, Trey and Celeith were deep inside the mansion with Nara. His focus had returned and most of his energy had been restored. "Thats better. So hows everything going outside?" He asked. She shook her head and let out a quiet sigh. "Dorn and the rest are fighting off the queen. Sani is doing her best but it worries me that she's out there without us." She replied.

"So how many Espers are left?" He looked around as he asked Celeith that question. Countless bodies lain before them, lifeless. "Only Dorn and the rest are left. Every Esper has been slain by the Eidolons." She said. With fear in his voice he replied with, "Is Kyra and Anise.."

"They're alright, we're going to move them through the caves and meet with the Musk Cats as planned. Come on. Lets move before the walls fall on us." Celeith said. Nara still confused over what had happened to her she decided to follow Trey and Celeith through the halls as they ran towards the garden.



She yelled as she slashed through every Eidolon making her way towards Kyle. "That idiot, what is he thinking doing something... like... damnit why didn't they just tell me!!" She thought to herself as she noticed the large Eidolon in the distance. The small ones were chasing her as she chased Kyle.

<Mint & Misty>

"FIRESTORM!!" She yelled. The winds surrounding her ignited into flames as the androids behind shot flare shots into the frey. The Eidolons scorched, causing a eruption of flames to shoot miles into the sky. "So how do you like that!" Mint said. Her breath could be seen coming from her mouth. "That was good but don't overdo it Mint, we're both running out of TP." Misty's voice echoed in Mint's mind. Grabbing her staff she slammed each Eidolon that passed by and made her way towards the larger one to help Jakob and Skylar.

"Oh, ####."

Kyle looked behind him, noticing the Plague Eidolons starting to swarm around Sani. With a shout, he leapt into the cloud, slicing at Eidolons with his swords. "Sani," he said to her, "If you've got something that collabos with Air Slash, that would be really good right now..."

His swords flashed green for a second, as air started to swirl around them. "Follow me, Sani," he continued. "And run!"


"I... all right," Nara replied, following Trey and Celeith.


"Oh, no!" Sara cried, watching the massive swarm of Eidolons. "Chris... there has to be something we can do to get everyone out of there!"

Kyle continued to hold onto his Air Slash charge as he led Sani away from the Eidolons.


Nara continued to follow Trey and Celeith.


Dorn took an uneasy step back, trying to keep the Mother Eidolon and Typhus in his sight.


Sara could only watch with Chris as the red Eidolons started to chase Kyle and Sani.


Crossing his arms, Sha-Vare looked at where Trey stood. "Hmm... guess something else came up," he told Soma. Approaching her, he rubber her belly and said, "Don't you worry, my dear Soma. Nobody will ever hurt you again... or our babies."

Soma murmurred happily as she felt the two children starting to move around inside her belly. "Good," she whispered. "Now... what to name them..."

The mother of all the Eidolons was under attack by the other members of the group. Tiny sparks could be seen as techniques and magic were being cast, trying to halt its production of many more Eidolons. "WINDBLADE SLASH!" Sani yelled. Casting a Zan technique around her sword she lunged the hurricane towards the group of Eidolons destroying them all. "Damnit, that was the last ounce of my energy. I'm completely tapped out." She thought to herself. The exhausted Sani fell to her knees, tired from the fierce battle going on.

<Mint & Misty>

It felt like a small wave of energy shot through Mint's body. "Whats going on?" Mint thought to herself. Mint had been attacked from her blind spot, leaving a deep hole in her body. "YOU MONSTERS!!" Misty screamed out, shooting outside of Mint's body in a fierce rage. The tiny sylph floated there with anger in her eyes, the giant Eidolon standing before her. Mints body laid on the ground, her breathing was slow but still there. "We're getting out of here Mint." Misty said. Misty's body began glowing, she began disappearing inside Mint, healing her wound, a aura surrounding her. It was a Ryuka. In that instance Mint's body disappeared from the battlefield.

<Trey> <Celeith>

"What do you mean your destroying the mansion?" Celeith replied with shock in her voice. A slow nod of his head was all Trey did. "Its just like I said, if I destroy the mansion then the Eidolons cannot follow us through the hidden tunnel. That way we, as well as Anise and the rest will be safe for the time being." He said. Not even giving a reply Celeith took Nara through the cave leaving Trey behind. Within a few moments a huge explosion occured, a large flame shot into the sky from where Esper Mansion once stood, leaving nothing but rubble. "Alright, time to move out." Trey thought as he ran through the cave catching up with Celeith and Nara.

He saw Sani drop to her knees, and Kyle immediately spun around on his heel, racing back towards her. Gritting his teeth, he slashed his way back through the Eidolon swarm, sheathing his monoblade when he got to Sani.

"Here we go," he said, picking her up and slinging her across his shoulder. "It's gonna be a bit uncomfy, but you'll be safe with me, Sani." She groaned and looked over to Kyle, who finished his sentence with, "I swear it."

He fended off the last Eidolon, then started running back the way Sani had chased him. Dorn should be over there... Typhus had better be done with whatever it is he's doing by now.


"Chris, look," Sara said, pointing towards the now dying-down fight. "Someone's coming!"

A figure, its left shoulder strangely shapen, rushed towards Sara and Chris, a sword hanging from its right hand. As it got closer, Sara sighed when she saw it was Kyle, carrying Sani.

"Kyle! Is Sani all right?!" Sara asked, watching as he gently set Sani on the snowy ground.

"I think so," Kyle replied. "Probably just exhausted her psionic focus. I've seen it before."


C'mon, Typhus, hurry up, Dorn thought, watching Typhus fight the Mother Eidolon.


"Trey? Celeith? Nara asked. "There... there is another way to get where we're going, is there? I mean..." She blushed. "Dorn and the others will know how to get there, right?"

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Wow, that's awesome, Kaloes. :clap:

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