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Grumbling obscenities under his breath, Sha-Vare scooped Soma's unconscious body off the ground. "Damn him," he whispered coarsely. "I'm gonna kill him for this outrage."

He began to make his way through Death Tower, Soma still in his arms. After a few seconds of travel, Soma moaned, shuddering slightly. Her muscles began to tremble as a black aura surrounded her. Cautiously, Sha-Vare set her on the cold crystallne floor of the tower, watching the aura envelop Soma.

Seconds passed, Sha-Vare tensing himself in preparation for a skirmish. Finally, the black aura faded away, revealing Soma, dressed once again in her black leather outfit. Moaning and grunting, she sat upright, opening her eyes.

"Soma?" Sha-Vare asked, his voice mixed- relief that his Soma had reappeared, but cautious over what had happened before. "Are you all right?"

Silently, Soma stood up, fixing her gaze on Sha-Vare. She took two steps towards him, then collapsed to the ground. With a shrug, Sha-Vare picked her up and said, "Libra."

A green grid appeared around Soma, as scanlines passed through her body. After six seconds passed, the scanlines disappeared, and Sha-Vare grumbled. "......Damn him," he said as he continued downwards to the dungeon, Soma in tow.

All she could do was transmit a desperate message: Sane... it's me. I still look like I'm Sha-Vare's bride... but I'm not! I'm somewhere in what he calls Death Tower... please, Sane... tonight, the New Moon of Alis will rise over Ryukross... if you don't kill Sha-Vare before it rises... the dark magic he infused me with... they... they'll turn me into his queen... forever.

Please, Sane... I love you. Help me...


"Find any seams yet?"

Sara shook her head, the motion still vaguely visible in the dim room. "Nothing, Dorn," she called to him. "This wall's solid as a rock... Sorry."

"Nothing over here, either," Nara said as she searched a wall. "It all looks like one continual piece of stone."

"Hmm..." Dorn scratched his chin, then gazed up at the distant ceiling of the room. "Kyle?"

"Nope. Nothing. Why don't we check the floor?" Kyle replied. "I mean, all four walls aren't hiding anything."
Sani Mint and Misty

"So Mint, what can you tell me about yourself?" Sani asked. The staircase continued on higher and higher, never seeming to end. The two girls began having a slight conversation with each other. "Hmm? Oh theres nothing really to explain. I'm just your average teenager. I lived in a big city called Kanto, went to school everyday with my friends, I really enjoyed watching programs about space. It seemed like Elencia will never find a way to travel to other solar systems." She said.

"Elencia? Is that the name of your planet?" Sani replied. "Yea, nothing special really. This all seems like a dream to me." Mint said. Mint felt a slight thump on her head, Sani looking over to notice Misty sitting on top. "What about Dean Mint.. Aren't you two engaged?" She asked. Mint blushed for a minute, then grabbed ahold of the sylph. "How did you know that?! I haven't told anyone about him." She said angrily.

Giving a slight chuckle Misty flapped her tiny wings and flew out of Mint's grasp. "I know everything. I do live inside your conciousness afterall. Or did you forget?" She said. Sani continued looking at the two, her mind wandered as the two argued. "Must be nice, having someone you love. I wouldn't know, everyone who I've ever loved has been taken away from me." She thought.

The two continued walking up the staircase, the light dimmed as they came around a corner. Night had fell over the Silence Zone, their task would only get dangerous the higher they went up the tower.


".....Nope. Nothing, not even on the floor."

Kyle groaned and kicked the spot he had searched. "Damn it... nothing on the walls, nothing on the floor, and the ceiling's too high up to get back to the invisible maze..."

With a sigh, Nara sat against one of the walls. "Looks like we're a bit stuck then," she said. "Unless someone else arrives."

"No. We're not stuck yet," Sara replied. "We'll figure this out."

"Yeah," Kyle told Nara. "Just like we'll figure out how to get to that alcove up there."

"What?" Dorn raised an eyebrow. "What alcove?!"

"The one about twenty feet above Nara's head," Kyle said, pointing it out to the others. "I don't know where it goes, but it's worth getting to."

"But..." Sara sweatdropped as she looked at the high-up opening. "None of us are that tall..."

(four minutes later)

"Ugh... God, you're crushing my spine!"

Kyle was on the very bottom of a human tower, with Dorn right above him, on his shoulders. Nara stood, balancing carefully on Dorn's shoulders (taking care not to hurt him too much), while Sara, the lightest of the group, climbed up onto Nara's back.

Of course, Sara weighing the least didn't exactly matter to Kyle- he could still feel her, Nara, and Dorn's combined weight and mass compressing his back painfully, each of their movements threatening to send him to his knees and collapse the tower.

"Hey, guys?" Kyle called up the tower. "Look, I want to get out of this hole and catch up to the inherent hotness that is Sani Ruglia as much as the rest of you, but... this really hurts."

"Relax," Dorn grumbled. "Just give Sara another minute."

"Another minute, and my spine's gonna telescope. Oh, not that I'm complaining, but, uh, Sara?" Kyle sweatdropped. "For a simple farm girl, those are really naughty looking panties-"

Blushing, Sara adjusted her dress as she finally stood on Nara's shoulders. Below her, she heard a "Thwack!", followed by Kyle's obscenity-laced response to Dorn.

"Are you almost there?" Nara asked, trying to tune out the argument starting below her.

"Almost... I can get my hand on the bottom of the alcove........." With a grunt, Sara lunged upward, resting her hands on the bottom lip of the opening. "There! I'm good!"

"Great, Sara," Dorn said. "I'll throw some rope up there- try to find somewhere to tie it off."

Once she was up into the opening, Sara caught Dorn's rope. Winding it around her arm a few times, she started advancing into the opening, looking for a safe place to tie it. Only a few steps in, her foot caught something soft, yet firm. She screamed as she lost her balance, landing on the strange mass.

"Ouch!" "Ow!"

Immediately, Sara's eyes widened in shock- she was not alone up here.
Chris stared at the ceiling a bit. When he caught his breathe and was about to sit up, a body fell on top of him. The little progress he made in sitting up completely diminished. He looked down and saw a face staring at him. He froze up, not knowing what to do or say. He thought quickly and managed to stutter, "A-are you okay?" He looked of to the side slightly avoiding eye contact with this stranger.


"I... I.... I-i-i...."

Immediately, Sara's thoughts drifted to her late mother, hearing her scolding voice: That's five "I"s in one breath, Sara. Makes you sound very egotistical, young lady, hmm?

"Yes, thank you," Sara said, her voice a quiet whisper as she stood up. Offering her hand to the young man she tripped over, she asked, "Are you all right? Here, let me help you up." She gave him a sweet smile.


"She's sure taking her time," Kyle said, crossing his arms.

"I thought I heard a scream or two up there," Dorn added. "I hope she's all right."


It had taken her some time, but Ta-Nari had worked her way into Piata Academy, quickly converting the dean's office into a makeshift throne room- she had ordered several of her slaves to Krup to commission a real throne for herself ("And please, Forty-six? Nine? Act normal," she had ordered) in the meantime.

Sitting back in the dean's Laz-E-Dood chair, Ta-Nari propped her high-heeled feet up on the desk. It's good to be the queen, she thought. Slaves, power... every girl's dream come true. And best of all, Celeith... this all could have been yours! But, no, you had to be Lil' Miss Healie. Oh, well... She snickered. To the victorious go the spoils.

She sat upright, then rolled her shoulders and sighed. I should go get a new slave, she decided. Maybe one with a * scar.

In the meantime, she took a walk through the Academy, nearly abandoned in Motavia's crisis. Most of the male student body remained, doing maintenance work in an attempt to keep up to Ta-Nari's standards of decor.

"You! You there!" The voice was female, and very angry. "You picked the wrong girl, lady!"

Ta-Nari stopped in her tracks. A blue-haired girl stood at the end of a corridor, a sharp looking knife in her hand. She slowly approached the red-haired demoness and continued, "You stole my boyfriend from me!"

"Your boyfriend?" Ta-Nari asked. "Number Sixty-Seven, I believe?"

"His name is Nathan!" The girl took another step forward. "I want him back!"

"You don't say. Well, tell me..." Ta-Nari struck a pose, smirking at the girl. "How do you plan on getting him back, hmm? Kill me? He won't want a murderess in his life..."

"Doesn't matter! This is for all the girls whose boyfriends you stole! Kyaaaaah~!"

Charging Ta-Nari, the girl raised her knife. Feigning a yawn, Ta-Nari stepped to one side and grabbed the girl's wrist. She put her other hand on the knife's pommel and pushed her elbow in, burying the knife in the girl's stomach. She collapsed with an agonized cry.

"Hmm... I thought not," Ta-Nari said, ripping the knife out of the girl. Kneeling down, her blue lips curled into a cruel, taunting smirk as she continued, "And now... it looks like you'll never see this boy of yours again..."

"You... you'll pay... for... this..."

"Oh, by the way..." The demoness crossed her arms and laughed. "I taught your boyfriend some wonderful things. If he weren't mine, and you weren't dying, why... I think you'd enjoy them."

The girl's hand formed a universal obscene gesture. Nonchalantly, Ta-Nari stood over the girl and slammed her heel into the girl's head, delivering a powerful coup-de-grace. The girl twitched once with the impact, before finally falling still. Ta-Nari then snapped her fingers, calling "Number Fifty-One o/`"

"Yes, Mistress?"

She pointed at the body on the floor, blood pooling around her partially crushed head. "Take it away," she ordered.


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He looked at the hand that was offered to him. It was smaller than his yet it seemed bigger. He was overthinking again. He gave a slight nod and extended his arm. He looked at her other hand. There was a rope. "Hope you don't mind me asking. But what is the rope for?" He hoped it wasn't going to be for him.

He finally made it back. He was tired, hungry, and thirsty.Of the two years he was gone training, he had maybe a day's worth of sleep. The food he ate was never filling but was enough to keep him alive. And his water supply was very limited throughout each day.

He collapsed to his hands and knees vomiting. The elder clapped her hands and a numan came into the room with a trolly. There was food and water on it. Sane never felt happier for as long as he can remember. He ran to the food and began wolfing down the food. The elder numan spoke.

"Sane Terrace. You have become much younger, yet much stronger. You are almost ready to take on Sha-Vare and restore peace. However, there is one more test you must take before being able to leave." Sane stopped eating and looked at the elder, while taking a sip of water. "Enter the door." Sane took a bottle of water and walked to a door.

The door had many locks on it. Sane gave a slight sigh as two numans began unlocking the door. Drawing the Terrace Blade, Sane blinked. His familliar battle glare coming to him instantly. The numans opened the door and he stepped in.


Sara sweatdropped at the young man's comment. "Oh, this?" she asked, gesturing to the rope. One of Dorn's arrows was still tied around it as she continued, "It's for my friends, really- we fell down a hole, and I'm trying to help them get out."

With her other hand, she reached towards the man, closing her hand around his. His hand feels a bit rough, she thought as she adjusted her grip. After about a second, she gave his arm a tug, helping him stand up.

"There we go!" she said cheerfully, looking for a place to either lodge the arrow or tie the rope. Even after her slight exertion, Sara's voice still sounded like (to use Kyle's words) "a fresh breeze on a warm summer's day!"

"Are you all right?" she asked the man. "I hope I didn't hurt you when I fell on you... if you need healing, I... I can try my best..."
Sani Mint and Misty

"Somethings odd.. It seems like we're floating in nothing." Sani thought to herself. The two entered the large chamber, not noticing the towers hallway vanishing behind them. The two young women slowly approached a cloaked figure, his head facing the little light that shone through the roof of the tower.

"Master Odin!" Misty yelled out. The crystal flashed brightly as the sylph flew outwards towards the cloaked figure ahead. She landed on his shoulder, her tiny head was rubbed by one of his fingers. "I see, you did a excellent job of guiding them here Misty." The figure said.

The figure turned around, a elderly man with a gentle face stood before the two. "Its been so long.. Yet theres not enough time." The man said. Before Sani could act Mint brushed past her and marched towards him. "Who do you think you are! Were you the one who brought me here!?" She said. Grabbing ahold to his cape fiercly.

"Alisa? No.. only the face appears the same. The mind and spirit are yours alone." He said. Releasing her grasp Sani slowly approached. "So your not going to fight us?" She asked. Shaking his head he unwrapped the cape from around his shoulders. "Not all of us are evil guardians. Here take it and leave." He said.

With the cape in hand Sani felt like she was coming closer to accomplishing her goal. "Theres only a few hours left. You both better leave quickly before you are trapped her forever." He said. With confused on their faces they noticed the light dim. "What do you mean?" Mint asked. Letting out a slight sigh the man whispered something to Misty. The tiny sylph flew back to Mint's side.

"The Silence Zone only appears every few decades. Tonight marks the final night of the zone as well as the towers and guardians within them. The tower itself has already begun to disappear. You two are destined for something in this world. So please, escape before you can fullfil that destiny."

"Master Odin?"

"GO! NOW!" He yelled. Taking a few steps back the girls looked at each other. Slightly nodding their heads they went back towards the staircase only to notice the hallway itself had disappeared. "How are we going to get back?" Sani asked. Misty's wings began fluttering quickly as she flew into the hallway. A bright green aura surrounded the area as the stairs appeared one by one. "Follow me! We have to get out of the zone quickly." She said flying down into the hallway. The two girls quickly behind.

"That young girl carrying the sword. Her eyes seemed as if she had lost everything in this world. But... something tells me.. No, theres no need to think about this now.. Its time for me to finally rest." The guardian thought to himself as his body slowly vanished, the final light atop the tower disappeared. The two girls rushed down the hallway, desperately making their way towards the exit.


I'm coming.. Theres nothing that can stop me now.. As long as I have you by my side, we'll finally defeat him.. I'm coming for you..

Chris looked at the female in front of him. He then looked at his surroundings. Everything was so strange and new to him. The physics of this world were different then the ones he knew. The gravity was much lighter. He then heard himself being questioned. So he responded, "No thanks. If anything it was." Chris gave a slight pause, "Never mind." He looked down the hole then said, "Did you need help with that? I mean, I'm not that strong or anything but I'm sure I could help." Chris stepped away from the edge.

How long had he been travelling? Jakob lost track of time as he travelled. If only he could quit having to stop every thirty yards to cough. He looked around, it was awefully quiet. He was lost, his direction seemed to be lost. He continued, seeing a tower upon which he had hoped he could stop to rest in for a bit.

His arm was in a sling and yet he insisted that he go. Though Kyra would always stop him, "Not with that arm you aren't." She would say. What did it matter anyway? He had too much on his mind. One of the things being why he kept being brought back to life. "Can't I just rest in piece?" He would mutter to himself. Skylar sighed. His arm would take at least a day to heal. "Least I heal faster each time I die." He gave a slight chuckle at his remark, though it was more out of self-pity than anything.


A loud thump was heard through the hallways as Skylar fell to the ground. "You need to rest." Anise said, she was holding a giant wooden spoon in one of her hands.

"Well, uh..." Sara sweatdropped again, clutching the arrow Dorn had tied the rope to. "I'm not really that strong, either, but I'd really appreciate the help! ^_^"

She held the arrow in both her hands, taking care not to let her fingers get too close to its fletching- Sara had heard stories about how people lost fingers catching arrows. "All right..." she said after a moment's pause. "Grab me by the waist... yes, just like that... and pull me backwards. I'll wind the rope up. We should be able to get my friends up!"


Down below, Nara finished tying the rope around her waist, forming a crude hoist with the loose end of the rope. "I... I think that'll hold my weight," she said, giving the knots a tug.

"Well, you're the lightest out of us," Dorn added. "But it looks pretty stable to me. Just be careful, okay?"

"All right." Nara sat in the rope hoist, then gave the rope a tug. Slowly, jerkily, Nara felt herself being lifted off the ground towards the alcove up above.

"See? What did I tell you?" Kyle asked as they watched Nara ascend to safety. "I told you this was a good idea."

"It is," Dorn said. "You know, Sara's not alone up there. I can sense someone else."

"Yeah, I didn't think she could lift Nara all by her-" His sentence trailed off. "Wait, say that again."

"Somebody else is helping Sara, that's all." Up above the two men, Nara climbed into the hole, then helped Chris and Sara lower the rope back to them.

"But you said you sensed him. We're in the Guaron Silence Zone, remember?" Kyle asked. "Our psionic sight doesn't work out here."

"And yet, I felt him... huh. There's Sani, way up above us."

"Yes! I sense her, too!" Kyle replied, perhaps a bit too happily. "Oh, she's so hot and... all right, I felt her presence. She's strong."

"And when we were right next to each other in that invisible maze," Dorn interrupted, climbing into the now-lowered hoist. "I couldn't even get any emotional readings from her. Something's up. I don't like it."

Dorn started to get raised up, with Nara helping Chris and Sara. Deciding to test something, Kyle closed his eyes and thought of Sani. Hey, uh, Sani? he transmitted. It's Kyle. Dorn said he can sense you in the tower, so I guess you're all right. Did you get the Nei Cape yet?

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Chris felt his face turn warm and red as he grabbed onto Sara's hip. He leaned back as Sara pulled up the rope. A million thoughts ran through his head. A million questions. A new head appeared from the hole. It was a woman. Chris blinked a few times. She said hello and grabbed onto the rope. Yet another head appeared. This time it was a male, soon after another male appeared.

They all wore exotic clothing. He looked at each one and seemed to study their rather unusual clothing. A man came up to him with a huge grin on his face. "Name's Kyle Majsio. I'm the leader here. May I-" Kyle was cut short as Dorn cut him off, "If you were leader then I'd rather stay down in the hole." Kyle blinked and took a step back. "Name's Dorn. Uh, Dorn Kedzie. This is Nara and you have already met Sara." Dorn looked at Chris and seemed to study him a bit. Making Chris feel uncomfortable.

"Sorry for my rudeness. My name is Chris. Chris Federle. I have no idea what I am doing here or how I got here." Chris flicked off his MP3. and put it away. He looked at the four in front of him. He felt safe yet misplaced among these travellers.


"Ahh, my head." Anise mumbled. Her vision began to get fuzzy, her surroundings began disappearing around her as she fell to the floor. She laid on the floor motionless for a few moments, when a young man walked by barely noticing her.

"Hey are you ok? Hey wake up. Miss Anise?" The young man said. He tried desperately to wake her but with no success. Calling for help through the halls no one would hear his cry. He picked her up, not being the strongest person in the building had a hard time carrying her through the hallways towards her bedroom.

He continued calling through the halls hoping someone would hear his cry for help. Anise's mind began wandering, as if she was seeing something happening far away.

<Sani> <Mint> <Misty>

"How much time do we have?" Sani yelled, her voice echoeing in the corridor. The two continued to follow the sylph down the long path, desperately trying to escape the Silence Zone before it vanished. "I'm not sure, the moon just reached the highest point in the sky, maybe two hours or so. Thats just a estimate." Misty said, the green aura continued surrounding her as she flew quickly down the path creating stairs for the two.

"Wait!" Mint yelled. Coming to a sliding stop Sani turned to Mint, Misty as well. "What about the others? They fell into that hole." She said. At that moment it seemed as if Sani's hair stood on end. "Whats that?" She thought. The loud crashing continued coming from above them.


"Mint! Get down!" Sani yelled. Running towards Mint she lunged at her pushing her to the ground. A giant orb like creature jumped over them. Standing to their feet Sani quickly unsheathed her sword. The beast turned, but not its body. The giant eye circled around, looking at the two.

"Wa wa wa wa wa wa what is that thing!?" Mint said. The color in her face changed, she was as white as the snow that fell from the Dezorian skies. The beasts eye began glowing a bright yellow. Sani looked on, not being able to react due to the limited space in the hallway. The color of the eye focused into a aura outside of the beast, then fired at the two.

"Look out!" Misty yelled. Jumping in front of the two it appeared as if a cloth covered them from the blast. "What was that?" Mint thought. Sani still covering her eyes from the bright flashed slowly moved her arm, revealing that Misty had somehow taken the Nei-Cape and shielded them from the blast.

"Nows my chance!" She said. She charged the beast, her weapon began glowing a bright color. "Not enough room in here to fight with a sword. Brother, I'll use your knives instead." She thought. The light that surrounded the sword shattered, revealing in Sani's hands the Psyco-Knives she had recieved from her brother.

Throwing one of the knives forward it struck a successful blow to the beasts eye. The beast screached in pain, Sani turning around towards Mint and yelled. "You can use techs right! If you have any kind of Zan use it when I say when!" Misty flew into Mint's crystal, her words echoing in Mint's mind. "Don't worry, I'll help you. Just concentrate on the wind and when the time is right we'll attack."

Time was running out for the group inside the tower. Only a few hours remained until the Silence Zone would disappear for another decade.
How long have I been travelling? Where am I? How much longer do I have to go? All these questions ran through Jakob's mind. He sighed as he dragged along. He stopped and observed his surroundings. It was nothing but white all around. "W-What's that?" Jakob thought he saw something move. He prepared his sword and walked cautiously towards the object. He paused as he got closer.

As he got closer, he realized the shape. Under his breathe he whispered, "A UBB 342 series. Damn, I thought they got rid of them all." He looked towards the direction the UBB was heading. "A tower? I don't think I'm going the right way." He jumped from behind the snow drift he used as cover and ran towards the white machine.

He heard a cry of help. He ran towards the cry. There he saw a young man, dragging along Anise. HE ran towards the scene and saying, "Tommy! What happened?" The young man explained the situation. Skylar looked at Anise and sighed, "Go get Kyra Tierney. Tell her Skylar Spires requires her assistance and to go to Anise's room. Tell her it is urgent." Tommy nodded and ran down the hall.

Skylar sighed. Carrying Anise to her room would be kinda of hard with his broken arm. He picked her up though regardless of the pain shooting through his arm. He carried her to her room, setting her upon the bed. Sitting back in a chair he replaced his arm in the sling, pains reminding him that his arm was broken. Skylar sighed. Waiting.

"Oh, where are my manners?" Sara asked herself, curtsying slightly to Chris. "I'm Sara MacLeod. Nice to meet you, Chris. ^_^"

"You know," Nara interrupted, walking up to Chris. She took his mp3 player, stared at it for a second, then continued, "I think I've seen something like this before. This is almost like a music box, I think? I don't know..."

Sara watched as Chris sweatdropped, taking his mp3 player back from Nara. She walked up to him and said, "Don't worry- Nara's got a thing for machines, that's all."

"That's not all she's got a thing for," Kyle added, crossing his arms. "Looked like she's got Dorn wrapped around her little finger- lucky *astard."

"Look... I... Nara.... we... you...." Dorn sighed visibly, realizing that he just wasn't going to win this argument. "Never mind. We should find a way out of here."

"Yeah. Then I guess you and Nara can continue doing... whatever it was you two were doing down there." Grinning, Kyle pushed Dorn closer to Nara, then whispered to Dorn, "Must be nice, kissing her."

"It was- err, I said never mind."
The Echoing Wind Guild. Members of the guild are trained from birth in the art of gunsmanship. Not many know the guild exists, some claim to have seen the guild but have never set foot on the island in the fog. A large tower rests deep within the fog covered island, hidden from all except those who know of its location. A tiny one man ship slowly approaches the island deep in the fog.

"Open the gates!" A man yelled. The sounds of a mechanism could be heard turning, the gates slowly opening as the ship passed through. "Hmm? Whats this feeling?" The man thought to himself, the barrel of his rifle placed across his shoulder. The gate could be heard closing behind him, the sounds of the water crashing against the boat. "What are you trying to tell me Valkyrie?" He asked himself.

The boat connected with the land in front of it, slowly knocking the youth off balance for a moment. "So it seems you made it home." A womans voice said through the fog. He looked on through the fog, the pathway to the tower opened as a raven haired woman stood before him. "So you waited for me Natallia? I must be the luckiest person in the world." He said sarcastically. The ocean breeze picked up in the tiny section of the island, the youth's jacket blowing fiercly in the wind.

"It seems there are no survivors left out there. The guildmaster is concerned with the situation." Natallia asked. She placed her right hand through her hair, removing the long strand that covered her eyes. "You should report to the guildmaster soon. You know what will happen if you don't." She spoke then let out a quiet chuckle. With a deep sigh the youthful man passed by Natallia, their eyes only meeting once.

"Are you still upset. About her death?" She asked. Coming to a halt the man closed his eyes, not turning towards the raven haired beauty. "Its none of your business Natallia." He replied angrily, with those words he kept his gun placed across his shoulders as he entered the large tower ahead of him. "None of my business huh? I see, you're the only person who wasn't born in the tower, and yet, Valkyrie chose you." Natallia said as she slowly disappeared into the fog.

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With a sigh, Dorn shook his head and said, "That's not important now. We have to find Sani."

"Last I saw her, she was waaaaaaaaay up there." Kyle pointed towards the unseen ceiling of the room everyone had fallen into. "I don't think we have enough rope to get back up there."

"Well, I'm sure there's another way out," Nara explained. "After all, Chris got here just fine-" She saw Chris's raised eyebrow, followed by Sara waving kindly to him.

"-So we can just follow his trail, then get back to that maze, right?"

Dorn nodded, then walked around the group. Sara knelt by Chris and said, "Don't worry- they're all a great group. Really."

"Huh. Another maze," Dorn said as he looked at the room beyond Chris. Like the maze everyone had fallen through, the floor was a pink and purple checkerboard. Unlike the other maze, though, this one's walls were visible- softly glowing crystal lattices that revealed a passage on the far side of the room.

"Looks easy enough," Kyle said as he strode confidently into the room. "I'm gonna impress Sani with my mad 'maze skillz.'"

"....." "....." "...*sweatdrop*"

"I'm sure he meant by that 'wander blindly through the maze and hope I get to the other side,'" Dorn mumbled.

A quiet groaning filled the small chamber as Kyle stepped into the maze. Walls pivoted, rose and descended into the floor, and in seconds, the maze had rearranged itself. Kyle shouted in frustration, "Another puzzle maze?! Dorn, why did the ancient Espers have to make every room in this tower a deathtrap!?"
<Sani> <Mint> <Misty>

"NOW!" Sani yelled, giving the command for Mint to cast the Zan technique. Mint stood confused, she had no clue what was going on or even how to cast a technique. At that moment the crystal flashed brightly, the wind surrounded Mint's body. "Do you understand now Mint?" The sound of Misty's voice echoed through Mints mind.

The wind focused around her hand, Mint continued to concentrate on the wind with all her might. The beast let out a screech as it shot another blast from its eye. "Not good!" Sani said. There wasn't enough room for her to dodge the blast. "ZAN!" Mint yelled out, grasping the wind in her hand she lunged it forward.

Reaching her hand backwards Sani shot a Foi technique directly into the Zan, combining the two into a FireStorm. With the beasts attack coming from the front and a FireStorm from behind Sani was out of room to move. Thinking quickly on her feet she jumped high into the air, stretching out her arms and legs to stay above the attack. She looked downward, the FireStorm collided with the ray, destroying it as it hurled towards the beast.

The knife in the beasts eye disappeared, blood spilling quick from its large eye. The beast let out a loud demonic screech that could be heard throughout the tower as the FireStorm connected with it, devouring it in the piercing winds, its body slowly burning in the inferno that surrounded it. The two watched on as the beasts body slowly turned to ash, Sani let her grip go on the wall and slowly fell towards the ground.

"Did we do it?" Mint asked, she ran down the hallway only to stumble a few inches before Sani. "You did a good job, I knew you had it in you." Sani replied, a small smile was seen on her face. Mints crystal glowed, the small sylph flew out and landed on top of Sani's head. "Looks like we took care of the beast defending the maze. Lets hurry and get out of here." She told the two. She stood, her wings began flapping quickly as she took to the air and began flying down the hallway once again creating stairs.

Picking up her knives Sani focused them back into the shape of the Nei Sword. Placing it in its sheath the two girls began running down the hallway, the tower slowly disappearing behind them. Would they be able to find their comrades and escape the tower in time?
Chris gave a slight sweat. "If uh, you don't mind me saying though you probably will be. I kinda didn't pay attention to where it was I was going." Their were faces of disbelieve among each face. "I had only headed towards the sound which you guys I think made. Then I heard screaming behind that door. Then Soon after, I met you guys." Chris looked over at Sara and Nara, "And you girls." Sara gave a slight smile.

Chris thought a moment and then pointed to his temple. "Follow me." n his mind he thought of the voice that said, "follow your senses." He burst through the door and ran down the corridor making a left.

He paused. Then replied, "For a UBB 342 model, you seem advanced. How is it that you can speak? Answer my question and I shall answer yours." Jakob prepared himself for ANYTHING


Follow him, Sara thought, watching as Dorn and Nara entered the maze. They turned the same way Chris had, and Sara kept behind them. After a few seconds, the walls creaked and rumbled, realigning themselves to form another maze. On the other side of a wall, Kyle shouted, "Damn it! I just memorized that part!"

"That's the thing about shifting mazes," Dorn called over to him. "They tend to move around on you."

"It's really annoying!"

"Just keep at it," Sara said. "We'll get through."

The group turned down another passage through the maze, dealing their best with the ever-changing walls. As Chris headed down yet another passage, one of the walls moved, pushing Dorn and Nara with it into another hallway. Sara was left alone with Chris in their hallway.

On the other side of the wall, Dorn stood up, then helped Nara up. "Well, that sucked," he said. "I didn't want us to get this separated..."

"Well, at least we're still together," Nara replied, smiling. "So let's try to find the exit!"

With a laugh, Dorn picked Nara up into his arms. Once she slung her arms around his shoulders and made herself comfortable, they started to find their way through the maze.

You know, Nara's a really great girl, Dorn thought. Even when she was a robot, she was always fun to be around.
"The controls are ready. We've only got one shot at this." A man spoke through a communicator. A blue-haired youth, as well as his red-haired companion stood in front of a large mechanism. "Are you sure? They'll be crossing through the void again." A woman's voice spoke through the communicator. The ground quaked with fear, the surrounding area was giving way as the blue-haired youth placed his hand near his ear.

"We don't have time. Aijo set it up." He spoke. The sounds of controls being pressed quickly were heard through the earpiece of the communicator. "Are you sure? We'll be goin home, back to that desolate place." The red-haired woman spoke. Her demonish ears twitched as a sound was heard from behind.

The sound of the cave collapsing was coming closer, the water was rising deep within the cave. "Alright! Active! NOW!" The two yelled as they slammed down the final key on the controls. The mechanism began to destroy itself as the void opened up, the darkness, the loneliness inside such a dark place. They would have to cross through the void once again to return to the Algo which they grew up.

"Are you sure you two don't want to come?" The blue-haired youth asked. A moment of silence passed as the void began devouring the cave. "This is our home, it was a good run travelling with you two. But we're needed here. As soon as you cross into the void we'll seal it off and take care of "Him" on our end." The woman replied. With those final words the young man known as Aijo pressed a button attached to his communicator, disabling communication between the two that were in the cave.

"Guess its time huh?" The blue-haired youth asked. Staring at his comrade she slowly nodded her head. The two turned looking into the void, gazing into the darkness. The two ran into the darkness, towards the small glimmer of light at the far end of the void, the path sealing behind them. "Why'd you lie to them Rose?" Aijo asked. A slight sigh was heard then Rose replied. "Those two would have stayed if I didn't. I know we're finished here."

With those words the sound of water was heard crashing towards them, the rooms began filling as the doorways had already been blocked off by the collapsed cave.

"So this is the end?"

"Yea, but it was fun while it lasted. Maybe we'll be reborn in there Algo, and maybe we'll meet again one day."

"We'll meet them again, I'm sure of it."

"We'll meet again"

"Trey and Celeith"


Grumbling several curses beneath his breath, Kyle trudged through the ever-shifting passages of the maze, wondering just when he and the rest of the group would be reunited with Sani.

Ah, Sani, you're like a dream come true, he thought. So hot, and so *. It'd be great if you noticed me... it'd be greater if you'd stop trying to kill me...

There was a dull click beneath his boot. With a yelp, he jumped backwards, remembering the dart launchers from earlier. Fortunately, there was no such trap- instead, the walls of the maze slowly descended back into the floor, revealing once again the checkerboard floor of the room.

"Score one for the jerkass guy," he said as the group reassembled.

"Well, I'll admit it, Kyle," Dorn added as they resumed their climb through Guaron Tower. "You're full of surprises."

"That you are," Sara said.

"Yep. I can even sense Sani, up above us. She's..." Kyle closed his eyes to read her surface thoughts, then opened them seconds later in abject shock. "Hey, guys. We have to get out of here. Now."

"What about the Nei Cape?" Nara asked, still being carried by Dorn.

"She's got it, now let's beat feet before the tower disappears!"

"Wait, what?!" Dorn asked, ignoring the fact that Kyle was starting to push everyone down a flight of stairs.

"The tower's gonna disappear in a few hours! Trust me on this one when I say we don't want to be in it when it does!"


She spun lazily in the principal's chair, laughing as she remembered the brief fight that had broken out before. "Hehe... she thought she would get her 'pweshus Nathan' back. There's no Nathan anymore. He's mine, just like every one of these-"

Ta-Nari raised an eyebrow. She heard her voice. Not the woman whose head she had stomped- this voice was more familiar.

Hmm... not Sha-Vare's little skank... not any of the teachers here, either, she thought. That voice sounds just... like... me.

Celeith Silverlake. You shouldn't have come back here.


Lying unconscious in a cell deep beneath Death Tower, Soma could do nothing but think.

The moon's starting to rise... and when it does... oh, God, Sane...

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"It looks like its not here." The blue-haired youth said. The castle that once housed Sha-Vare in the midst of Aiedo had become barren. The bodies of demon's scattered across the hallways and chambers remained lifeless. "So how are we going to get Motavia back to normal if we can't destroy the Crysm Stone?" The scarlet haired woman asked. The two continued looking around the castle, searching the monsters for clues on who could of been there.

Flipping over one of the smaller demons the blue-haired man checked the wounds on the body. "Hey, check this out." He yelled. The woman walked over to her friend, she slowly examined the body but couldn't find anything unusual about it. "Look at these wounds. It seems they were shot with some kind of gun. But theres only one place.. No, they couldn't have." He told her.

"Who couldn't have?" She asked. Standing to his feet he placed his hand through his hair, scratching his head and letting out a sigh. "There's this guild known as the Echoing Wing. They're known to come out in times like these to help any survivors against things that seem supernatural. If there are none, much like now, they take whatever they can and give it to the guildmaster. I've only been there once, when I washed ashore their island. I barely made it out of there alive." He explained to his friend.

The darkness continued increasing over Motavia day by day. The sounds of monsters howling in the distance could be heard deep inside the dark fields of Motavia. The two made their way back down the abandoned castle, their destination was the Tower of the Echoing Wind Guild. There first destination along the way. Piata.

<Meanwhile on Dezolis>

The youthful Kyra was walking down the hallways of the Esper Mansion carrying a tray of medicine for the weakened Anise. She crossed through the hallway, passing the large statue of the first, Lutz Noah. A few attendants passed by her in the large room, at that moment she felt a sudden shock in her mind and soul. Slightly releasing her grasp on the tray it collided with the floor, making a loud echoing noise that scared the attendants that had just passed.

"Lady Kyra, are you alright." The young girl asked. Quickly dropping to the floor she tried picking up the tray that Kyra had just dropped. Placing each vial of medicine back on the tray she stood up but was shocked to see tears slowly falling from her eyes. "Lady Kyra, whats wrong? Why are you saddened?" She asked. Kyra turned her gaze upward towards the roof of the mansion. Her attention turned to the star engravings on the ceiling as she whispered five words.

"I knew you'd come home."

"Run! Run!" Kyle shouted, pushing his companions forward. "The tower's gonna disappear in a few hours!"

"What about Sani!?" Dorn's voice was frantic and confused as he, Nara, Sara, and Chris were all being pushed down a narrow flight of stairs in Guaron's depths.

"She's fine! She and Mint are on their way out, too!" Kyle replied. "Which is what we should be doing!"

Together, the five ran through another twisting series of corridors and stairs before reaching another checkerboarded room. Kyle screamed an obscenity as he saw it.

"It's another one of those maze rooms, isn't it?" Nara asked, sweatdropping.

"We don't have time for this crap!" Kyle said, pushing past the group. Stepping onto one of the squares, a maze of thick hedges and rosebushes rose from the floor.

"Yep. It's another maze," Sara said.

"Time to make a freakin' shortcut! En guarde~!"

Drawing his monosword and monoblade, Kyle launched himself towards the nearest hedge, screaming and flailing wildly as he hacked the foliage apart, sending vines, branches, and flowers away from himself in a pulpy cloud.

This stuff keeps growing back, he noticed as he swung his twin swords. Unless I cut all the way through it...

Picking up a stray rose that had scattered from Kyle's swings, Dorn put it gently in Nara's hair. She blushed, smiling shyly at the Esper, noticing another rose fall by Chris's feet.


She was helpless. Absolutely helpless. Soma could sense that Sane was somewhere on Ryukross, but the crystalline growths covering the planet made it hard to get an accurate track on him.

She could also sense Sha-Vare's influence spreading through her. Soma realized that once it completely overtook her, nothing would be able to save her from it.

He's coming for you, part of her urged. Sane's coming to fight Sha-Vare and rescue you.

"Rescue" you? she could hear Sha-Vare say. Everything that happened, Soma, I engineered- all so you would be my bride. Together, we will rule Algo.

She smiled, remembering the rush of power she experienced as Sha-Vare's queen. Then she remembered how hard Sane had fought to rescue her the first time she had fallen to darkness- how much Sane cared for her.

Oh, God... what should I do? she wondered. Who should I choose!?
He was observing the walls ever since he arrived in the new maze. Kyle kept slashing through the hedge just for it to grow back. chris sighed and diverted his attention to the wall behind him. He noticed writing he could read. "Only those who wish peace may pass. Those who long for war shall perish. A Thousand Rose Pettles shall fall." He read it out loud. Dorn came towards and looks at te markings Chris had been reading. "You can read this?" Chris nodded. "Basic english." Dorn picked up a rose and went towards Nara. Chris took a step almost crushing a rose. He looked down at it then to Sara. He picked it up and gently set it in his pocket. Then he yelled to Kyle" Stop attacking the hedge. You won't accomplish anything." Kyle stopped and Chris went to the side of the hedge. He stuck his arms out andd vines grabbed hold of him, dragging him in. He seemed to vanish.

The hedge was thicker than he thought. But soon enough he was on the other side of the hedge. He heard a few people yelling his name. "Yeah. I'm alright. Wasn't sure if that was going to work or not. You guys coming?" Chris observed his surroundings. A long stretch of the hedge went down either way, with a turn at either end. Something in the shadows moved then disappeared. A voice said to him, Seeing is not always believing. It was the same voic from earlier. His curiosity got the better of him as he wandered off. He turned the corner just as Kyle came through.


Heavily scratched up by the thorns (which, Kyle thought, didn't seem so sharp when he started hacking the hedges apart), Kyle forced himself through the hedges, watching as Chris dashed around a corner. "Urgh... wait up, man!" he called, moving to follow him, swords readied.

Dorn pushed through the hedges a few seconds later, one or two minor scratches on his hands. He sweatdropped as he noticed the rose-laced hedge behind him part, allowing Nara and Sara to pass through effortlessly.

"I guess it's because women like flowers. ^_^" Nara said, smiling as the three followed Kyle. Dorn simply shrugged and headed onward through the hedges.

Up ahead, Kyle gritted his teeth. We've really got to get out of this maze, he thought. As he ran, he bounced face-first off a hedge that wasn't there seconds before. Stepping back, he raised his twin blades, prepared to cut through the hedge.

Then he stopped, his eyes bugging out in surprise and shock at the sight before him- the hedges had taken the form of a voluptuous woman blocking his path.


"Are you the one who cut through my hedge maze?!" the plant construct demanded.


"...and so, I'm ordering you all- as your Mistress..."

Ta-Nari winked at her slaves, most of whom were carrying some means of defense- knives, some swords, an axe or three, and a few claws. Gathered into the courtyard in front of Piata Academy, they all stood at attention as Ta-Nari continued her speech.

" kill Celeith Silverlake, and all her female companions! Any male companions of hers... hehe... bring them to me. I'll take goooood care of them... Now, take defensive positions around this town and my palace, and remember: Whomever brings me the head of Celeith Silverlake gets the extra-special reward tonight... ^_~"

The students headed out, dividing into groups and spreading through Piata. Chuckling to herself, Ta-Nari crossed her arms, then raised an eyebrow as two men entered the town, carrying an elaborately decorated throne.

"Your throne, Mistress," one of the men droned.

"Oh, put it in the office and get to work defending."
"What happened here?" The scarlet haired woman asked her companion as the two entered the streets of the Piata Academy. The roads were filled with men who seemed to have been out in the sun for to long. "You know what I never noticed?" The cascade haired youth asked, turning his gaze slightly to his companion. "That Piata looks better this way?" She replied. The man slightly nodded his head. "Well that to, but it seems as if theres a large room floating above the academy." He answered.

Extending his arm towards the sky he pointed at the large magical area above the academy. A black aura could been seen surrounding it. At that moment the woman felt a tug on her outfit. "Must bring the head to the mistress" The young man said, his zombified stare did not intimidate the two. He drew a Ceramic-Sword from its sheath, but before he could swing he was launched across the town landing in a group of other men.

"It seems you're very popular today Celeith?" The young man said, letting out a slight chuckle as he drew two daggers from their sheaths. "Heh, well Trey. Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. I can't help it that that law doesn't apply here." She replied, unstrapping the whip she had placed on her side. Shrugging his shoulders Trey showed a slight smile. "Same old Celeith, so you take the left. I'll take the right?" He asked. With a slight nod of the head she looked at him and said "Wouldn't have it any other way." The two charged at the minions of Ta-Nari, not causing fatal blows but rendering them useless to any more of her control.

(Meanwhile on Dezolis)

<Sani> <Mint> <Misty>

"You know I don't remember this path being this long." Mint asked. Her long robe dragging across the ground as the trio continued running down the hallway. The group could see Dorn and the rest below trying to pass through a maze. "Wait.. I think I get it." Mint said, Sani and Misty came to a slow halt. The tower was slowly fading behind them but they contined to stand still. "So you noticed it to huh?" Sani said. Misty flew high above, then coming to a rest on Mint's head.

"Everytime we seem to move more traps appear for them. We should wait here for the moment until they pass through the maze." Mint explained, she raised her finger as if she was a teacher in a classroom. "Wouldn't a Hinas be easier to escape?" Misty asked, sitting indian style on top of Mints head. Shaking her head to the sylphs question Sani replied. "It seems like a good idea, but who knows what negative effects it would have on them. If we warped outside the tower it could open a trap and launch them into another area of the universe."

The three continued to converse between themselves trying to decide what they should do. "Let's wait here for now. The tower seems to be slowly disappearing but its not catching up with us that fast." Sani said as she crossed her arms. "We'll wait for them to pass through the trap then we'll move on. But if they're not quick enough then..." She said before she slowly turned to look down into the trap below. "Then we'll have to leave you here to be trapped." She thought to herself.


Before Kyle could begin to respond, the woman grabbed him by his face and slammed him to the ground. "You hurt my favorite roses, you big jerk!" the construct shrieked, throwing Kyle down a hedge passageway. "Don't you know how long it took me to plant all those?!"

"Why the hell were they in my way!?" Kyle shouted, reaching for his swords.

"I like hedge mazes!" Kyle felt a rush of sharp roses brushing past him, some sticking into his armor, most rushing past, as the construct reached towards him. He scooped the roses into a bundle as he felt the construct grabbing him.

"And you don't, so you can just get lost!"

The entire floor of the hedge maze turned to glass beneath the group's feet; Kyle was made aware of this as he was roughly picked up and slammed through it, shattering the floor. At that moment, the construct released him.

Screaming, Kyle tumbled, landing safely before a group of two women and a small fairy. With a cry of triumph, he ran towards the red-haired woman in the group.

"Sani!" he shouted, hugging Sani close to him. "I could kiss you for finding you! Dorn and the others are getting through that maze now, and-" He offered the roses to Sani. "I got these for you. ^_^"

Up above, Dorn looked through the glass beneath his feet. "That's... that's Sani and Mint down there!" he realized. "Nara, Sara, help me smash through this!"

They both nodded, and Nara started stomping on the glass while Sara smashed it with her sheathed sword. Finally, they made a big enough hole to go through. Sara called for Chris to follow them as they jumped down, reuniting with Kyle.

"...He's such a pervert," Dorn mumbled as he saw Kyle flirting with Sani.


"Attack!" Ta-Nari cried out. "Bring the man up here, and kill Celeith!"

No. You can do better than this...

A thought crossed Ta-Nari's mind, and her lips curved into a blue crescent of a smile. "Bring them both up here, actually," she ordered. "I'll seduce her little boyfriend right in front of her, then order him to kill her..."


Sha-Vare was continuing to influence Soma, and she knew she didn't have much longer.

Maybe I should just give up, she thought. Maybe I should just let him make me his queen. Sane doesn't want me to, but... he's had his chance with me twice before.

Well, why not pull a nice little Xanatos Gambit? Another part of her asked. Become Sha-Vare's queen. Kill Sha-Vare, make Sane your king. You get what you want- queen of Algo, and Sane.

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<Trey> <Celeith>

One by one the slaves of Ta-Nari fell. The two continued on through the streets of Piata, making their way towards the evil that resided within. The youthful Trey continued striking the students with the flat end of his knives. "And another one goes down." Trey said as he wiped sweat of of his forhead.

(Ahh, Trey its been awhile hasn't it.) A seductive voice spoke to him. Turning quickly he noticed Celeith in front of him, but his eye gazed over to see her still fighting the students in the distance. "What the!? Whats goin on?" He yelled. Celeith's attention turned to Trey as she noticed him begin to disappear. "Trey!" She yelled out, knocking one of the students in front of her to the ground.

Trey disappeared into the darkness of Motavia as Celeith stood in the square of Piata. (You and me are the same Celeith. You're the trash I discarded, now rot like the trash you are!) The voice spoke out. The students rose to their feet once again, the dark aura surrounding the building hovering above the academy increased in power that could be felt worldwide. The students surrounded Celeith, weapons drawn as they slowly came in for the kill. Cracking her whip she pushed her way inside the academy.

"So Trey, what do you think of the new and improved Celeith?" Ta-Nari asked as Trey sat on the floor. His arms shackled in chains. "Ehh, I perfer the original, I only let you catch me so she can deal with you herself." He replied with a cocky smirk on his face. Ta-Nari placed her hand on Trey's chin, softly brushing it across his cheek. "You cocky *astard!" She said as she slapped him across the face.

Celeith arrived in front of a door deep inside the academy. The bodies of students lain behind her unconcious as they bled from the whipmarks across their faces. "Seems like this is the way into the chamber." Celeith thought to herself, the dark aura slowly pushing her away from the door. Placing her hand on the pendant shard that hung from her neck it began glowing in a bright light, dispelling the darkness in front of her.

"What in the!! No one can enter my chamber!" Ta-Nari bellowed as the bright light flashed through the door, Celeith standing on the other end. "All my doubts, fears, anger, thats all you are. You have no place here! Its time for you to return to the Void!" Celeith said, cracking her whip.

"See told you.. Its over, just give up now." Trey remarked, letting out a slight chuckle. Once again Ta-Nari slapped him then turned her full attention towards Celeith.

"And you brought friends, too," Ta-Nari cooed, raising an eyebrow as she saw Stallion and May enter her chamber. "Well, well, well. Looks like you're quite the popular girl, ever since your little..." She chuckled. "Makeover."

Ta-Nari noticed Celeith's fists clench unconsciously. Undeterred, she continued, "Do you know why I exist, Celeith? Because of you. I'm all the lust, all the greed, all the powerful, sinful indulgence that you've been holding back on all these years. You know why?"

"Because I'm better than that, and you know it!" Celeith screamed.

"Wrong. Hehe... dead wrong." Ta-Nari took a step towards Trey, still keeping her eyes on Celeith and the newcomers. "Deep down, Celeith Silverlake, you look at me, and I know exactly what you're thinking. You wish you were me." There was another chuckle, this one more of a hearty laugh than a slight chuckle. "You are me. Deny it all you want, but... I am you, and... you're not exactly a saint, judging by how I am."

Another step towards the shackled Trey. "And deep down, I think Trey enjoys the new and improved Celeith. In fact, what I was thinking was more like..."

She transmitted a burst of mental images to the four- debauchery involving lust, passion, and base instincts and urges. The demoness concluded with, "And with strawberries on top, too. Go ahead, Celeith. Kill me. Just remember this... you kill me, you become me. Not right away, not at first. But... you'll start thinking like me, dressing like me... acting like me. And you'll do things like this..."

Ta-Nari picked Trey up, threw her arms around him, and kissed him on the lips. As she kissed him, she sent to Celeith the feeling of being kissed by Trey.

Pulling away, there was a perfect imprint of blue lipstick on Trey's lips. Ta-Nari stroked Trey's cheek and asked with a wink, "So, Trey... there's a lot more where that came from... shall I go on?"
<Trey> <Celeith>

"Ehh, not really." He replied, wiping his lips with his hand. Ta-Nari stared at him for a brief moment then she caught on. "How did you! I mean, theres no way." She tried saying. Slowly standing to his feet he let out a slight chuckle. "Heh, if you really were Celeith then you would have remembered I'm able to get out of any lock." He replied to her, spitting to the ground.

"Its easy to defeat you, but this isn't my fight. If you need me Celeith I'll be over there. Don't take to long ok." He said. Waving his hand as he walked to the corner of the room. Ta-Nari was fierocious, her eyes gleemed with anger towards the cockyness Trey had towards her. "How!? No man can resist me, but how come you..." She said just as she was launched across the room.

Celeith popped her knuckles as the dust cleared in the room. "I admit you're everything I never wanted to be. Deep down I always knew you were there, but even so I have morales, something you'll never understand." She preached. Her scarlet hair hanging down her face, her red eyes could barely be seen through the hair. "I'll never become you, no matter what!" She said.

(Meanwhile on Dezolis)


"Whats this I feel.. Its like.. he never left..." Anise mumbled to herself as she laid in her bed, sweat dripping from her face as she coughed. A few attendants continued coming and going trying to keep Anises fever down.

"Hey, Kyle?" Dorn asked, tugging on Kyle's armor. His Cyber Suit stretched slightly, then snugged back into place on Kyle with a barely audible hiss of hydraulics.

"Kyle?" he repeated. "We should get going."

"In a minute," Kyle replied, not turning away from Sani. "I'm trying to flirt with Sani."

"Can we do this later? You said it yourself, Kyle- we don't want to be here when the tower disappears." Dorn put his hand on Kyle's shoulder and started dragging him away from Sani, who mouthed "Thank you!" as Kyle protested.

"Dorn?" Nara asked. "There's a staircase going down this way. I think we can get out of the tower if we take it."


Raising an eyebrow, Ta-Nari slinked over towards Trey, rubbing her body against him deliberately. "You'd think so," she told Celeith, one hand stroking his cheek gently. Her other hand clutched a vicious-looking whip. "You already look just like me... hate the clothes, though. I'd prefer something a lot more revealing. And you'll soon be just like me, Celeith. As for your friends..."

She pulled her hand from Trey, opening it and aiming it towards Celeith, May, and Ulysses. "Na Foi!" she shouted, sending waves of flame towards them.
<Trey> <Celeith>

Deep down Celeith knew Ta-Nari was right. She knew she would become her if she defeated her here. There was only one course of action. "Prepare yourself!" Celeith yelled as she charged her opposite. Ta-Nari let out a slight cackle then charged Celeith. The newcomer tried to fight as well but Trey stepped in front of him.

"This is not your fight, just stay out of it." He said with a serious tone in his voice. The two women charged each other, one light aura the other dark. The two would eventually collide, creating a small catastrophy, or would they. The light was blinding, Ta-Nari slowly opened her eyes, gazing downward at the nothingness before her.

"What! Where! What trickery is this?!" She yelled out into the darkness. Celeith standing on the opposite of her, a small glimmer of light surrounding her as her former image showed before Ta-Nari. "We're in the void, a gateway that connects our world to a mirror copy. Ta-Nari! You are my alter image, my reflection in the mirror. Everything I never wanted to be. This is going to be where we finish this. I shall not become you, as long as I fight in here even if I win your power over me will be thrown across the void!" Celeiths voice echoed into the abyss.

Ta-Nari swung her fist at the image of Celeith before her, only to pass through. The image began disappearing. The sound of a whip could be heard cracking as she saw her reflection charging her. Before Ta-Nari could even take a step the leather of the whip wrapped around her arm, Celeith standing in a firm pose. "This is the end Ta-Nari!" Celeith yelled out, her hand slowly glowing a faint red color. "I may not be able to understand the full powers of this body. But this is where it ends!" She said, the aura continuing to increase in her hand. It ignited into a flame, much like a Foi tech but stronger then a Flaeli magic.

<Meanwhile on Dezolis>


"I feel light, its like my.. My body is disappearing." Sani said as the group made their way to the bottom of the tower. Sani's body began disappearing right before Mint's eyes. Sani's body grew cold, her breathing slowed down a moment as she slowly vanished from the tower. Leaving the group to defend for themselves.

A small glimmer of light could be seen falling towards the limited horizon on Rykross. "So, it seems if one of the decendants of the great light has finally arrived." Sha-Vare spoke as he gazed out the window of his large tower. "Only 4 remain, will they make it in time.. I could use a good laugh right about now." He replied to himself, slowly turning as he walked into the darkness of his chamber.
Chris kept running. He kept running down. He turned left then right. He hadn't known how long he had ran but soon found himself standing at a door. Before he moved he saw a message on the wall. "Only he with the daggers may call upon the silence zone when he pleases." Chris pondered this a moment then shook his head. He heard Sara call out his name. He ran towards the voice. He heard a shatter. Deciding that mustn't have been good, he picked up the pace.

He heard a cracking beneath him, he gave a slight sweatdrop as he looked down. The floor turned to glass. He fell through. He kept falling, he saw Sara and the rest of the group on his way and called out Sara's name, though it came out more of a scream then he had intended.

He hit a slope. He kept sliding, faster. Something swung at his head but missed. He kept going. Faster. He saw a light at the end. It was bright. He got shot out and was hit with a blast of cold. He was shot out of the side of the tower. He was falling from about fifty feet in the air, and landed in the snow legs first. He sighed and pushed his glasses up his face.

He sighed. It wasn't the answer he was looking for but he'd have to settle. "I am a man of my word so I guess I shall. My name is Jakob Daze. And I may be able to find out your problem, if you'll let me look at your wiring that is. If not I understand. I just hope we can be allies for the time be-" Jakob doubled over coughing blood again. He was running short on time. The black wave blast had done it's damage. He got up on his feet again and wiped off the blood from his face.

He saw awake and whispering to herself. He walked over and felt a pang inside him. He understood, "Anise, I can feel your brother. I thought he was... I thought I..." He couldn't continue as he slumped back in the chair. He just gave a blank stare to the ceiling, shocked with relief.

Sane walked into the room and saw a man. It was Sha-Vare. Could this be a trick? He ran towards the man sword in hand. And swung. IT hit the man with great strength and he fell to his knees. Sane raised his sword again and swung. But stopped an inch away from Sha-Vare's face. It was Sha-Vare's but his instead.


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A man walked in the room with a grin on his face. "Tai how's it been?" The man said with a grin. Typhus looked up at the man. He didn't dare say a thing. He was too busy thinking of his problem. "Typhus?" The man said in a low voice. Typhus just looked at the man and looked away. He looked at the ceiling and said, "I need to find my friends." Was all Typhus said before the man left the room..

He had been fighting the mage for quite awhile. The mage seemed almost uneffected by his blows. He was becoming exhausted, he was being hurt badly, and he was becoming extremey ticked. A Few more hours and the new moon of Alis would be out, he would revert back to his true form. But so would Sha-Vare.

He slammed his axe hard into the skull of the mage. He smiled. The Mage stumbled back. He heard a female voice call out to him. "Raysomi my son," Raysomi froze in place. "Why are you hurting your own mother? Don't you love me?" The mage pulled back it's hood. It was a woman.

Her eyes appeared black but softened into a bright green. Her hair was long and soft, the darkness of it seemed to be black from a distance yet it was a really dark purple. Her face was strong and expression stronger, yet the eyes said otherwise. She did not strike at Raysomi the entire time. If anything, it was debris that had been landing on him. Yet now he realized she had been taking off the debris. He figured she just wanted the job done fast.

He stared down his mother. He spoke in a stern voice, "So you are her, my mother. The Profound Darkness." He gripped his axe tighter. This is the one thing in life he has sought out to kill. And yet, he hadn't the heart to kill her. Why was this? Perhaps it was because she showed him love
? A mother's love.

Sara heard Chris call her name, then scream. She turned around just in time to see him fall past the group towards an unknown fate. Instinct kicked in, and she leapt after him.

"Sara! Wait!" Dorn shouted, reaching for her. Unfortunately for him, the hole sealed up just after Sara had passed through it. "... This isn't good," he said. "First Sani vanishes, then Chris and Sara."

"She had all the powerful healing Techniques, too," Nara added, her voice slightly sad. "But we'll press on!"

"Mint!" Kyle called, watching as Dorn and Nara continued their descent. "We gotta get a move on!"

As for Sara, she tumbled down a slope, picking up speed quickly. After a few seconds of rolling, she could feel cold wind whipping across her. Then, seconds later, bright white light. She rolled faster and faster, towards the white rectangle of light...

...Findind herself fifty feet above Dezolis's surface, and falling. She shouted, "Look out!" towards the figure below her, but landed before he could make a move.

Sara felt warm breath on her face. She blushed as she realized she had landed right on top of Chris, their faces inches apart. Her nervousness was evident as she pushed the bridge of Chris's glasses up, so he could see better.


"Yes... that body," Ta-Nari taunted, swinging her whip around Celeith's arm, matching her stance. In her free hand, she started charging a sphere of blue energy, feeling cool water dance across her palm as the powerful Brose energy picked up.

"Strange thing, that," she continued, locking eyes with her modestly dressed rival. "The more you use those powers, Celeith, the more you become like me. And speaking of powers..." She smirked. "Any man you ever kiss... he'll be like putty in your hands, forever. Trey will do anything you ask, Celeith... he'll even throw himself onto a sword, just for you. All in his Mistress's name. So, keep threatening me, Celeith Silverlake. Keep whipping me, keep throwing Gi Flaeli, Gi Brose, Gi Tandle, and Gi Hewn at me. All you're doing is embracing what could have been. Take a good look- one fine day, you'll be staring at me in your mirror."
<Celeith> <Ta-Nari> <Trey>

The darkness inside the void was powerful, the two stood in firm stance facing each other, gazing into the others eyes waiting for any sign of movement. "You're quite strong for one so feeble. Perhaps becoming one again would do me wonders. Then perhaps I could be Sha-Vares new queen." Ta-Nari spoke, her pose not faulting. Celeith could slowly feel her energy draining, the darkness in the void was increasing Ta-Nari's power every second.

"Whats wrong precious.. This is where you wanted us to duel.. But it looks like its taking its toll on you." She said to Celeith, letting out a small chuckle. "Shut up!" Celeith replied, quickly reacting she launched the skill she had been charging towards Ta-Nari. With a quick response Ta-Nari launched her attack as well. The two collided, creating a large explosion between the two.

Celeith was thrown across the void towards the light, the darkness continued to increase behind Ta-Nari. "Silly silly Celeith" Ta-Nari said, the bones in her hands could be heard popping as she slowly walked towards Celeith. She laid on the ground motionless, the void seemed to have taken its toll on her. "It seems this was easier then I...." She said, just as her sentence was cut off she felt a tug on her leg. "Whats this? Whats going on?" She yelled out.

Multiple hands could be seen grabbing ahold of Ta-Nari, her body began sinking below the wavelike ground below here. "Let go of me!" She yelled out, slashing at one of the hands, a cry of pain could be heard. "Well that worked better then we planned, don't you agree." She heard Celeith speak out, but wondered who she was talking to. She watched Celeith sit up, her legs crossed indian style as she gazed on at Ta-Nari.

"What kind of trickery is this!" She yelled out, noticing a small white feather falling towards her. "So, you've finished fighting off your demons?" A mans voice spoke out, but was nowhere in sight. "Show yourself.. AGG LET ME GO!!" She yelled, slashing another hand as she noticed a sparkle of light in front of her. "Your all that Celeith was, and your correct with that. But you also have good in you. Every soul has a glimmer of light inside them." The voice spoke to Ta-Nari, the image of Trey appeared in front of her.

Two angelic wings appeared on his back, he slowly knelt down gazing at Ta-Nari. "How is it you reject me!" She yelled out, her body slowly sinking below the void. She extended her arm, Trey grabbed ahold of it. "You were created from the doubt in Celeith's heart. That darkness continued to grow, and your power increased inside the void. But total darkness corrupts, but theres a glimmer of light in your soul." He replied to her.

She firmed her grasp onto his arm. "I have no light! What gives you the right to tell me that." She yelled. He let out a friendly smile, Ta-Nari stared confused. Celeith slowly walked over to them, kneeling downward. "Because even though you were born from my doubt, you're still me. And I'm you. Within me there is darkness, but within you theres light. We're two halves. Maybe one day you'll understand that." She said.

Ta-Nari continued to slowly fall into the darkness. "Hah! Yea right.. You will become me one day. I will rule Algo.. I will be its queen..." She yelled out as the rest of her fell into the darkness, only her hand remained. Trey released his grasp on Ta-Nari and she finally vanished below the void. "Shall we go home?" Trey asked. Celeith nodded her head and the two vanished into the light.

The dark clouds around Motavia finally began to diminish, many of the survivors that had been turned into demons began returning to normal. The student's Ta-Nari had taken control began returning to their sences. Trey and Celeith stood at the window of the academy, gazing at the sun that had not shone on Motavia in so long. "Looks like we did it.. Now all thats left is to take out Sha-Vare." Trey said, gazing at the horizon.
Chris looked up. Sara fell on top of him. The unexpected jolt knocked the wind from Chris. Sara pushed his glasses further on his face. He realized they were half off. Feeling the warmth of her breathe across his face, he said with a slight smile, "Nice of you to drop in."

He heard a grunt off to the side.

He was holding on to Mini's railguns as he caught his breathe. He grunted. Soon let go and stretched. There was cracking. "Damn," he mumbled to himself, "I haven't much time left, and I am way off course." He looked towards the tower. He saw two people laying on the ground. A male and Female. He realized it was Sara. But who was that she was with? He wondered.

"Sara!" He gave a half hearted yell. Her head turned and her eyes seemed to light up with a flare. Jakob glanced around and noticed nobody else. "Where is everyone?"

(Ta-Nari... has caught the Midnight Train to Georgia.)


Sweatdropping, Sara returned Chris's smile, then realized just how she had landed on him. "Oh, I'm sorry!" she realized, rolling off of him and sitting up. "I... I didn't mean to land on you like that..."

There was a brief silence as they stared at each other, Sara trying to avert her eyes. The crimson blush on her cheeks was still fairly obvious.

From behind them, she heard a familiar voice calling, "Sara! Where is everyone?!"

That... that's Jake... Oh, no! I still haven't talked to Typhus yet...

"Over here!" she called out, standing and waving.


Her resistance to the dark magic was starting to fail. She knew it, and, worse, Sha-Vare knew it.

Yes, Soma, Sha-Vare transmitted to her. You are finally starting to accept that you are my queen.


Sha-Vare laughed. And soon, my dear, we shall rule Algo.

There was a moment of silence. Then, finally, Soma spoke.

"Yes." For I... am Soma Vare. Queen of Algo. Now...

She suddenly appeared in front of Sha-Vare, kissing him. After she pulled away, she touched the tip of his nose and whispered, "...and forever."

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Sane froze as he saw himself. The mere image of it made him stop. The mirrored man said, "Lesson one Sane Terrace. Things aren't always what they seem." The copy kicked Sane in the stomach hard enough to send him back a few feet. Sane obsorbed the words as he swung the Terrace Blade slashing through the image. It Vanished.

He heard grunting. He turned and saw a bloodied Trey walking over to Sane, "Did we-we do it?" SAne shook his head and walked over to his comrade. He sighed and said, "Not yet Trey." Trey walked beside Sane and said, "Lesson two. People are stupid, they will believe what they want to believe. Even if they know the truth." Trey kneed Sane in the stomach. It walked a few feet and collapsed on the ground in a bloody mess.

Sani ran up and tugged on Sane's shirt, "Why is brother lying down?" The little girl asked. "Because, He didn't make it Sani." Sani whacked Sane in the face hard enough to draw blood. "Lesson three," Sani said, "No matter how innocent one may look. They still can't be trusted." Sani vanished. Sane lay there clenching his hands upon his sword. He stood up.

He decided right there that the next image he would kill. Soma came out. "SAne? Is that you?" Sane looked at Soma, his battle glare returning upon his face. "Where are we? Last thing I remember is being dragged off by a monster and then being tied- Sane?" Sane ran and drove his sword through the belly of Soma. She didn't vanish but blood came gushing out. It was warm.

A figure stepped out of the shadows and said, "Lesson one, Sane." Sane looked back at Soma who gave him frightened eyes, she said to him in a coarse whisper, "why?" Sane's eyes began watering. Could this be Soma? "Lesson two Sane" Soma's body appeared lifeless in his arms. He looked at her, tears running down his face. Gently setting her on the ground he turned to the figure. "YOU DID THIS!"

"That I did." Sane started walking towards the figure. "One more thing Sane. You forgot lesson three." Sane felt a sharp pang. He turned around and found a knife in his back. He swung his sword around and beheaded Soma. Another tear came down his cheek. Turning back to the figure, Sane saw the figure shimmer into the shadows, "You Pass."

Sane was transfered back into the main hall.

Jakob looked to the two. "So Sara, you going to introduce me to your boyfriend here?" Chris face turned red as he yelled back hastily, "I'm not her boyfriend for your information. I just happen to be not from around here." Jakob looked at Chris, "Didn't ask anything from the peanut gallery." Chris' face turned red this time from anger instead of blushing. "And I didn't ask for a remark from an alcoholic."

This time it was Jakob's turn to be mad. "I am not an alcoholic!" Jakob stated. Chris quickly replied, "First stage. Denial. This proves you are." Jakob's face turned red. "What makes you think I won't strike you down right now?" Chris replied in a witty kind of voice, "Because you are a-" "STOP!" Sara yelled.

Chris saw the robot fling snow at Sara. He was furious with that. Before he could think he acted. He drew his daggers in his hands and spun around. His knives connecting upon Mini's railguns. he kept spinning and found his leg launching in a kick. It connected in the front of mini sending her back a few feet.

He seemed to lose control of his body. His mind couldn't keep up with his body. There was no emotion but rage within Chris' eyes. His assault continued. Before mini had a chance to defend herself Chris had stopped her. Jakob was shocked at the power Chris was demonstrating. After all, UBB 342 was nothing a single person could usually handle. Yet here was a kid taking one on alone.

Soon the robot shut down and Chris kept attacking. JAkob yelled out to Chris. "ENOUGH!" Chris felt his senses returning. He looked around and saw mini laying in front of him. Pieces were scattered all over. Dropping his daggers in the snow Chris said to Jakob, "Sorry bout the robot. I am willing to repair it if I had the right tools. If I had my backpack I would be able to." Jakob gave him a hard look then shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever. Leave it, we have bigger things to worry about."

Chris looked hard at Jakob himself then picked up his daggers again sheathing them. He started walking around, picking up all the pieces who could find. Along the way, as if a coincidence, he found a bag. It was his backpack. He opened it up and found everything was still intact.

He grabbed out a screwdriver and finished picking up as many pieces as he could find. All while Jakob sat back talking to Sara, coughing every now and then. Chris started fitting the pieces together. He kept working. Often rummaging through his pack to find a bottle of water to drink.

When he was done he realized he changed the design slightly. He gave a slight sigh. He found something that he though wasn't there previously but attached anyway. It was a strange cannon of some sort. Mini didn't reboot. He wondered why. Having an idea, though not knowing if it would work at all, Chris rummaged through his backpack and brought out a laptop. Glancing over towards Jakob and Sara to see if they were watching or not. He went to work.

He screwed open the laptop and took a chip from inside and set in his pocket. He grabbed the hard drive and stuck it in his backpack. He put all the parts in his backpack and grabbed the outside. He put a silver trim on mini, improving the exterior look muchly. He smiled and grabbed the chip from his pocket and attached it to the hard drive. He heard a beep. He quickly reattached then panel. Mini rebooted. Chris gave a slight swallow.

His attacks had no effect. He through his daggers into the snow. HE didn't care what this was but he was going to destroy it. But why? That didn't matter anymore.

Things aren't always what they seem chris pondered. He glanced around the area. Only thing around was a tree, a boulder, and his backpack. He grabbed his backback and began rummaging through it. He pulled out a laptop and a USB cord. "HAte to do this but." He began rummaging through his folder and found a file called "VoDV3"

Now all he had to do was get close enough and upload the file. But it might work better if the robot stopped moving. He rummaged through his bag again. He was relieved to find his old broken MP3 player. He broke it open and grabbed the chip. "The distraction," Chris murmured.

He glanced over at mini who was still laughing. Chris found a wire and attached it to his laptop. His moved the VoDV3 file to an export folder and sent into the chip. Now all he had to do was get mini to touch the chip and presto, he won. He ran over to the tree, chip in his hand and jumped. He grabbed onto a branch and began pulling back on it. It snapped. He soon pulled away any extra twigs from the branch until he had a long stick. He swung it once for good measurement then ran towards the robot.

Mini raised her railguns towards him and jumped. Coming down he swung the stick hard. It seemed more effective then the daggers and his kick. It was shocking how much more damage it did. It looked like mini actually took decent damage from it. He spun around with a diversion kick. As he did so he swung his stick hard again. He left a dent this time. He felt a shock. IT wasn't enough for real damage. But it knocked him off-balance.

He gave a grin as that happened. "And here I thought you were nothing but laughs." He used the stick on the ground to regain balance. He readied his stick again he just needed an opening then his chip would be effective.

He charged. He was knocked to his feet by mini. He grinned once more and said to mini. "You haven't won just yet. I'll give you something to laugh about." He changed his stance to himself holding the stick more like a bowstaff then a sword. He charged again. Swung hard and had inserted another strike. He was knocked down again, this time on his stomach. He rolled on his back and pushed his glasses up his face more.

He tried to sit up but soon found himself with a snowy white foot in his chest, there wasn't enough pressure to show harm or do harm, but enough to keep him down. He tried to escape but couldn't. Thinking of the chip he thought of putting grabbing it out of his pocket but didn't. Instead he looked up at mini and said, "Fine. You win." Mini began releasing pressure off his chest. Seeing an oppurtunity he swung his leg and tripped mini. He got up and laughed himself. Offering a hand down to the robot. "Lesson one. Never let you guard down. Or as I like to say, always expect the unexpected even when expected." He had a huge grin on his face.


The past few minutes were a bit of a blur to Sara- first, her reunion with Jakob, then the argument he and Chris had gotten into (Jake kinda does smell like a distillery, she thought), and then the strange machine. The rapid-fire bursts of rail driver fire scared her, and sent her scrambling for cover behind Chris.

Then, things got weird: Chris leapt towards the machine, evidently trying to defend her. She smiled, thinking for a brief second that Chris was bedecked with a shield and a suit of Laconia armor, the bluish metal reflecting Algo's light as he raised a one-handed sword, also made of Laconia. While she was fantasizing, Sara imagined herself in a pearly pink dress, just like a princess waiting for her knight.

And there you go again, she realized. You're fantasizing about a man you barely even know! But still... he seems nicer than Jake does. He feels... right, somehow.

"...and here I thought you'd just be nothing but laughs!"

Chris's voice snapped her out of her daydream, and Sara looked at Chris in time to see him helping the small robot up. "Err, Chris?" she asked, nervously. "Are you okay?"
<Trey> <Celeith>

"Was saving Motavia worth it Trey?" Celeith asked as the two walked through the desert fields of Motavia. "What do you mean?" Trey replied as he slightly gazed over towards his friend. The Piata Academy could barely be seen on the horizon, the two had walked many miles since Ta-Nari's defeat.

"I mean was it all worth it? From every place we came through everyone was dead. Even with the students in Piata thats only about 100 or so people left. Will they be able to repopulate the planet." She said. A amount of silence came across the two for a few moments, a small beach could be seen ahead of them.

<Even if I'm destroyed here, I will just be reborn again>
<Even if I die here.. I'll just be reborn, and cause pain again.. And I never wanted any of that>
<I just wanted, to live a normal life.. With my friends.. With you.. my only family>
<What... what do you care.. You're just.. you're just a pawn to the Great Light!>

"Whats wrong Trey?" She asked her friend, noticing he had slowed down, placing his hand over his head. The blue-haired youth rubbed his eyes for a moment. "Its nothing, its probably just this heat." He replied. The energy from the sun had been stored beyond the dark clouds for so long, releasing Motavia from the darkness seemed to of been taking its toll on the temperature.

"Lets go to Dezolis, I need to ask Kyra something." He said. Wiping the sweat from his forhead the scarlet-haired Celeith moved closer, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"I call upon the power of the Great Light"
"Ancient Magicks of the past"
"The soul from which we all come from"
"I ask you in the name of Trey Tierney"
"Guide us to Esper Mansion on Dezolis"
"From my spirit I cast the ancient spell"

A giant aura surrounded the two, the light could be seen in the distance from the Piata Academy. The blinding aura surrounded the two, finally creating a small explosion leaving nothing but a charred mark where they once stood. At that time a ghostly figure of a young man walked from the ocean towards the charred mark.

<So you're filled with light. It seems I've come a long way from being a child of darkness>

The ghostly figure faded away as a cloud passed over the sun.

(Meanwhile on Dezolis)


"How are you feeling today?" The youthful Kyra asked Anise. "I feel a little better, I'm just glad I'm able to help out around here. Where's Skylar at?" She asked. Kyra slightly shrugged her shoulders to the question, the sound of footsteps could be heard running through the halls.

"Lady Kyra! You have to come quick its Lu..." The young attendant tried to say, as a blue-haired youth walked behind him. Kyra slightly gazing at the man, Anise as well. The two watched as the man walked into the room, a scarlet-haired woman followed behind.

"Hey, long time no see. Don't I get a hug?" The blue-haired youth asked. The two were speachless as they looked at him, and at that moment. "BROTHER!!" The two yelled out, running to him, they wrapped their arms around him.

Once again, Sara sweatdropped as she looked at the robot. "Err, Miss Robot?" she asked, confused. "I'm not exactly much of an artist, but... if you're surrounded by snow, wouldn't white and gray be better camoflague than orange and yellow?"

A sudden flicker of movement in the distance attracted her attention. Sara looked up, seeing a female figure slowly approaching their group. The only detail she could make out was a pair of glowing red eyes.


"Run! Run! Run!" Kyle shouted, urging the group down the rapidly disappearing Guaron Tower. "Forget all the treasure boxes, just RUN! They'll still be here ten years later!"
<Mint> <Misty>

"Its... *pant* It's getting hard to breathe.." Misty said as she continued creating the pathway to the exit. The group continued on as they made their way to the end. "Misty.. Don't you die on me.." Mint said to her tiny friend.

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Chris felt insulted being called a Palman. He had no idea what it was but in the attitude the robot said it in made him feel like he just got spat in the face. He wasn't really from around here. He knew that now. He always knew it, he just realized it right now. He sighed. He turned to the right and saw red eyes. Not knowing what to do he dashed for his daggers. Picking them up he held them in a ready position.

When the being began talking he sensed no threat. So he only sheathed his daggers. Jakob stood up, "What I got mini can only be cured by one man, his name is Typhus Cole. Edagurian. A being from the fifth Algonian Planet Edagura. Without his cure, which may I add is not guaranteed to work. IS supposed to cure anything though it is a very complicated recipe. Why am I telling you this anyway?" He gave a slight grunt and sheathed his sword. Stepping off to the side he looked at the tower. It was beginning to disintegrate. Hurry up guys.

Chris looked back at Sara then to Jakob, then mini, and lastly to May. He looked at Mays eye direction and was slightly disturbed when he realized she was looking at his neck. He put his hands near his sheathed daggers and went over to Sara. "What do you think?" He questioned, "about what's been happening."

The elder had someone see to is wound. He realized he was still madly in love with Soma. There was nothing he could do now though. As far as he knew Soma carried the seed of Sha-Vare. He had to kill both Sha-Vare, and his love, Soma. He soon left the city. HE began heading towards his next target, Sha-Vare.

Skylar had left to get some food for Anise. He walked to the kitchen and managed to get some gourmet items that usually the espers didn't give to outsiders. He was happy they were so generous considering all the trouble he and Jakob caused around the mansion as children.

He made his way to the room and knocked once then entered. "Hey Anise! I managed to score some wi-" He dropped the plate and his eyes went wide. A blue haired man stood before him."T-Trey...?!"

He bid his "friends" farewell and left. HE had gathered up his items and continued. He was too far off from the silence zone. He saw something slowly fade in the distance. Sound began returning. "Get out of there guys," he whispered under his breathe.

His ship was going down. He knew it too, not much he could do either. He sat on some debris and said, "Why?" The woman looked at him and said, "You are my child, and I have something to tell you." Raysomi looked at her. "Vahn is regaining his memories, you shall soon remember him too, your brother."

Raysomi looked at her with a face of no emotion. "Vahn is none of my concern mother. I have only one destiny," He pushed his busted glasses up his face, "Death." He charged at the Profound Darkness again, this time with pure hatred. She dodged and he hit a pipe. It exploded. Last thing He could remember was darkness. And then coldness.


Grabbing Nara, Dorn took a leap off the stairs, tucking himself and Nara into a tight ball as they rolled (somewhat painfully) down towards the base of Guaron Tower, faster than either them would have if they were still running. Undeterred, Kyle stopped on the steps, drawing his monosword and monoblade. He faced the tower, which he could see starting to disintegrate behind him.

The monosword fell with a loud clang, Algolian steel ringing against stone. His monoblade landed next to it a second later.

"This is gonna be the worst extreme sport ever," Kyle groaned as he stepped on his swords. He balanced himself, then pushed the railing, sending him down the steps. "Oh, ####!" he screamed as he soared down, propped on his makeshift skis. He passed Dorn and Nara, and quickly passed through the entrance of the tower.

"Yes! Kyle Surlent Majsio lives!" he shouted skyward, pumping his fist in victory. Turning to face forward, he let out a scream as he saw a massive snowbank.

"Kyle Surlent Majsio dies!"


"Well, umm..." Sara stammered, trying to avert her eyes from Chris's, "It's all a bit stranger than I'm used to, really. But... I don't mind. It's a nice change from the farm. ^_^"

Then she looked into Chris's eyes, blushing slightly. "Well, aside from the robot, and the tall woman over there... she's a bit scary. But you're here, and that-"

There was a sudden commotion from the tower. Sara barely had a chance to turn around when she heard voices- one male, one female.

"Ow! Ow! Owowowowowowow! Ow!"

Dorn and Nara, bruised up, rolled to a halt by Chris. They untangled themselves, then Nara slapped an X-shaped bandage onto her head.

"Well, at least we're out of the tower," Dorn said, wincing as Nara put a similar bandage on his head.

"Dorn! Nara! You're both safe!" Sara cried happily. "But, where's Kyle?"

"I don't know," Nara replied. "Hey, a robot... I thought I saw one of you on the Alisa III..."

"I heard him going down the stairs, but..." Dorn sighed. "I lost track of him."

Once again, there was a scream from the tower. Sara watched Mini tense herself, pointing her raildrivers in the direction of the scream.

Kyle soared through the air over the group, screaming and flailing wildly, as Mini let loose with a barrage of fire. Sara "Meep!"ed in shock and dove for cover behind Chris as Kyle eventually smashed face-first into a Laerma tree. He slid down it, landing painfully on his back.


His monosword soared behind him, its handle thumping him in the face with a loud impact. A second later, his monoblade also bounced off his face.

"Oww... little help, guys?"
<Mint> <Misty>

The last of the group had finally escaped the tower, leaving Mint and Misty inside. A cold breeze could be felt coming from ahead, a blinding light shot straight at Mint as she felt the cold air of the outside. "Finally.. I'm... out... side...?!" She said, noticing she was actually a few feet in the air.


"MINT!!!!" The sylph yelled as her young companion fell towards the snow below them. Grabbing ahold of Mint's hand Misty tried to pull Mint up but her size and strength was not enough. A loud noise was heard nearby the group as they noticed a large amount of snow fly into the air, a hole in the shape of a body in the snow. One leg could be seen, it slightly twitching as the group looked in to see Mint and Misty with a dizzy gaze in their eyes.

"Ahhhh, waaahhhh, hehehehe" The two said as they continued in their dizzy state inside the hole.

<Somewhere on Rykros>


"HYAHH!!!" Sani yelled out, the Nei-Sword piercing through the magical shield the Deathbearer tried blocking her blow with. The crystaline mountain behind was slightly stained with the blood of the beast before her. The beast stepped back, grabbing its gigantic axe with both hands it swung fiercly at Sani.

"Deban!" She cried out, a green barrier surrounded her. The blade connected with the Deban, on contact is broke into many shards, as well as the Deban itself. With one hand Sani spun the Nei-Sword in rotation, finally coming to a pose, her body leaned backwards, on leg straight in front of her, the other bent behind. She placed the Nei-Sword in its sheath as she placed her hand close to her face.

With a slight motion of the hand she snapped her fingers, quietly saying...


The Deathbearer charged her, but stopped its charge as it felt something pierce through its body. At that moment piercing blades surrounded the monster, they circled the monster creating a large twister. The wind blew fierociously, the blades attacking the monster inside the twister. The howl of the demon in pain echoed through the crystal fields of Rykros, and when the winds that surrounded the beast finally died, the only remains was its cloak, thrashed by the power of the NaZan.

"Heh, nothing like the monsters on Motavia or Dezolis. I gotta be careful." She thought to herself. Casting a small Wat technique she created a small amount of water to wash the blood off of her face. "Strange? Is that.. a woman?" She thought to herself, noticing a very pale, thin woman with large pointed ears. The woman spotted Sani and began running, Sani gave chase after, eventually leading her to a place that would be populated by many that looked just like the pointy eared woman.
(Dorn/Nara/Kyle/Sara... Reunited at last!)

After some tugging and pulling, Mint and Misty were freed from the snowbanks, X-shaped bandages applied to their hairlines. (Nara thought it would be helpful.)

"Well, now that we're all together again," Dorn said, looking at Kyle, who was still rather bloodied, "I... I guess we can just all head on back to Esper Mansion. I'm not too sure about Jakob being allowed in, nor Mint or Misty, or even you two..." He looked first at May, then at Mini, who was poking Kyle with medical instruments. "But, I'm sure that-"

"Urrgh... I'm pretty sure that's an exit you're poking," Kyle groaned, sitting up and shaking his head. "Two questions: One, where the hell did my swords go?"

Nara walked over to where the monoblade landed and picked it up, telling Kyle, "Here's your shorter one. I think that's your longer one over there."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, that's it. Gotta take good care of these." He sheathed the swords, then lurched painfully to the group. "Gift from the Third Lutz to my great grandpa. Now, Question Number B..." He turned towards May and Mini. "Never met you two before, so who are you guys?"

"I'm surprised," Nara said, crossing her arms. "He's not hitting on Miss May at all."

"Well, she's about a Nara and a quarter, but she's kinda scary looking..."

Sara sweatdropped. "A Nara and a quarter?" she repeated.

"You heard me. Sani's about a Nara and a half, and... well, I hate to say it, Sara, but you're about three-fifths a Nara. Sorry."

"...I still don't get it. u_u;"

While Chris whispered something that made Sara blush, Nara realized exactly what Kyle was talking about. "You're such a pervert!" she screamed.

Sweatdropping along with Sara, Dorn groaned and said, "Look, we can discuss Kyle's perverseness later. We should get back to Esper Mansion, and make some introductions."

"And that leads me to Question Number Four: How are we getting back there?" Kyle asked. "It's not like one of us packed away any Telepipes or... can... manifest... Ryuka... errr....." He sweatdropped. "Like me. Forgot, sorry (^_^;"

If Sani were here, Dorn thought, She'd have bashed him by now...


She hoped to hell she knew what she was doing.

Sane... please, hurry... I don't know how much longer I have.
He was asked a question by may. He shook his head and said, "Sorry, but only I am allowed to touch this. I'd be willing to do it if you wish. And don't worry, I just got rid of my virus on my computer and uploaded it onto this chip." Chris retrieved the chip from his pocket and waved it momentarily before putting it into his backpack.

He looked around and then asked, "What's Esper Mansion?"


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".....All right. First things first," Dorn said, "Is Kyle a pervert? Undeniably, yes. Is he a chivalrous pervert, who can actually use his swords? Entirely. Therefore, we don't attack him out of common courtesy."

"Aaaaaggh... wouldn't attack you.... ouch."

"Second of all... Esper Mansion." He turned to Chris. "Forgive the quick explanation, Chris, but... it's exactly what the can says it is. It's a mansion, and there's espers in it."

"They're people who can use magic," Sara added. "Not like the basic Res and Foi I learned on the farm. Magic."

Politely, Sara then turned to May. "I... I'm sorry, Ma'am. I... don't feel quite comfortable riding anything that large," she told her. She left out the part about being completely terrified by the mere thought of riding a fire-snorting horse.

"Besides, who needs animals when we have Ryuka?" Kyle asked. "We can just jaunt to civilization in an instant! Let's see..." Mumbling under his breath, he started counting the gathered group. "......Jakob, May, and the lil' gunnery platform. That's eight of us. Okay, one trip to Esper Mansion, coming right up! Ryuka!"

For a brief moment, everyone's bodies felt lighter, then their weight returned. Nothing had changed- they were still in the middle of the snowfield that was formerly Guaron Tower.

"What the?! We can usually go to the mansion whenever we want!" Kyle cried out in protest. "What gives!?"

"Hmm. Try bringing up the mansion, Kyle," Dorn said. He watched as his friend closed his eyes, concentrating on his fellow Espers. After an uncomfortable minute, Kyle's eyes snapped open.

"Dorn. Good news, and bad news. First, the good news: Lutz Trey's back."

"He is?!" Dorn asked, as Nara added, "He's alive?!"

"Yeah. He and Celeith are... somewhere, but I can sense them in Algo. Now, the bad news... Esper Mansion's being attacked."

"Everybody at the mansion seemed pretty capable of defending it," Sara said. "I'm sure they're all right, Kyle."

"No. They're not. Dorn..." Kyle took in a deep breath. "'s the Eidolons."

"WHAT?! WHAT?!" It wasn't exactly clear what the prevailing emotion Dorn was experiencing right now, but Nara was pretty sure it was either unpleasant surprise, outright terror, or complete anger as he continued, "This can't be happening!"

"That's what Kyra said, at any rate."

"We need to get back to the Mansion! Now! NOW!"


She felt Sha-Vare wrap his arms around her waist, bringing her lips to his. Soma closed her eyes and murmurred to herself, realizing that she was starting to enjoy being kissed by Sha-Vare.

Sane, she transmitted. Maybe... maybe I should just give up. I can feel my resistance slipping more and more... I don't know how much longer I can hold up. The moon's rising, Sane... I'm becoming his queen...

"Soma, darling?" Sha-Vare asked. "Are you all right?"

"I... I'm fine, my love," she said, smiling. "Absolutely fine..."
Everything was happening too fast. Nothing seemed to make sense, magic? Res? Foi? He soon felt his body get lighter and transported to where the tower was. He began breathing a bit heavier. What was going on here? He wondered. Before he knew it he had a huge headache. It felt as if it would kill him, he collapsed to his knees and began yelling, in hopes to almost scream the pain away. His hands grabbed the sides of his head as he put his head to the ground. What the hell is happening to me He thought. Before he knew it, his body was becoming lighter, He felt his body going at a high speed. Last thing he could remember was smacking into a wall, as seven other figures surrounded him, to check if he was alright. Hearing Sara yell out his name before slipping into darkness.

"I've never seen anything like that before," He turned to Dorn who gave a slight nod, "i don't know how he managed to get us here that fast but we're here, at Esper mansion. Sara and Mini, stay here and watch over Chris. May and Nara, get any survivors out. Kyle, Dorn, help fend off the castle, as for me, I'll do the rest." Nobody really seemed to happy about there job. May seemed even irritated by his leadership skills. Kyle and Dorn just gave nods, they knew what they were up against.

"Where did they come from?!" Skylar yelled out to his comrades. He sliced through the air. That was all he could get, air. Nothing but air. It didn't help with him having only one arm capable of fighting.

<Trey> <Celeith>

"Brother... I mean Lutz Trey.. What should we do?" Kyra asked, her brother slightly scratching his head. "Just brother is fine.. *sigh* Who ever knew I'd end up having such a task on my hands." He replied.

"What should we do?"

"Gather all the women and children to the garden Kyra.. Celeith, you and me are on defense duty. Tell everyone to meet in the main chamber, we have to make a plan." He said, his voice with such leadership in it.

Helping Anise, Kyra marched through the halls, taking every woman and child they passed to the garden. Moments later many esper warriors had gathered in the main chamber, the statue of the heroine Alis sparkled in the light that shone through the window above.

"We'll gather into 3 seperate groups so follow these orders. Everyone who is capable of casting defensive magiks stay near the mansion grounds. You will be our support. On the secondary lines will be the slasher units as well as the offensive magik units. You will give support to the front lines, which Celeith and myself will command." Trey preached to his fellow espers.

"But what about Kyra and the rest? What if we're not able to keep them safe?" A young cascade-haired man spoke out.

"Don't worry.. Kyra has begun placing a small barrier around the garden.. And if all else fails they will fall back into the cave deep within the shrine. There they will make their way to the hidden valley. The musk cats will help them." Trey replied to the man. The crashing of the enemy could be heard outside, they were fastly approaching.

"Alright everyone! Surround the mansion!" Celeith yelled. With weapons in hand the espers in the chamber charged outside the walls, forming positions like Trey told them to. "Ready to go Celeith?" He asked. "Yea!" She replied, slightly nodding her head. The two charged outside into the snow covered field, towards the front lines. Drawing his knives from their sheathes Trey prepared for the upcoming battle.

<Mint> <Misty>

"Look at that!" Mint yelled, extending her finger ahead towards the mansion in the distance. The group looked, only noticing the beasts marching towards the mansion. Misty flew high in the air, to get a better look at what was going on. "Theres people surrounding the mansion, they're protecting it.. It looks like one man is leading everyone from the front." Misty yelled to the group below.
(Dorn and Kyle)

"One man, protecting everyone else?" Kyle asked. "That's him! That's Lutz! Dorn, c'mon! We've gotta get moving!"

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Dorn replied, readying his bow as the two ran towards the front gates of the mansion. As they charged, a lesser Eidolon appeared, poised to strike. Kyle sighed and threw his monosword at it, sending the beast down in a spray of blood.

"And stay down!" he shouted as he ripped the blade from the Eidolon's head. Dorn sighed and sweatdropped.


"Good job, Kyle," Dorn told him. "You ticked it off."

"Looks dead to me."

"Of course. That's what these particular Eidolons-" He paused a second, trying to remember something. "The Fuu Eidolon. That's what this one is. Fuus don't exactly like dying. Death just makes them madder."

Now it was Kyle's turn to sweatdrop. "Wh... so, uh, how do you kill them?" he asked.

"Simple." The Eidolon, a massive gouge in its face, stood back up and roared. Dorn grabbed Kyle's arm and started dragging him towards Trey's group. "This Eidolon, you attack it until it dies, just like any other thing you've ever fought! Then you pour some Lunar Dew on one of its wounds!"


Nara groaned- she had gotten separated from May early in their task of finding survivors. Even still, she managed to tell a few stragglers to head to safety as she fought off the Eidolons.

These aren't like anything on the Alisa III, or even on Motavia or Dezolis. What are these Eidolons? she wondered. They can take so much punishment, but they don't die...

Her claws extended, she came to a stop when she heard a man groaning, off to her side. Nara turned to him and gasped, horrified by the sight of the man's intestines torn from his body.

"Wh... what happened to you!?" she asked.

"Ei...dolon... got me. Made me... Res won't work. Please..." He sighed. "Please.... take this."

The man offered a small pistol to Nara, who took it. "I... I can try to bind this for you," she said, kneeling down next to the man.

"No... I tried. Please, Miss.... please... show mercy. Please."

The entire time he talked to Nara, his eyes were focused on the gun.

"I can't. No, I won't." She set the gun aside, picking up the wounded man. "I'll get you to safety myself! One of the Espers can heal you, I'm sure!"


"Mini, wait!" Sara said, swinging her sword at an Eidolon. "Don't overcharge your guns- just do what you did when you met Kyle!"

She took a careful step backwards, trying not to trip over Chris or Mini as she started manifesting a Gi Res.
He felt like he had been traveling for hours though it had been minutes, He kept trying to transmit messages back to Soma but something was blocking him from doing so. "Just a little further." He said, coming into plain site of the tower. He drew his sword and rest on it on his shoulder.He opened the door. "Soma," he said in a low voice trying to transmit it again, "I'm here."

"Damn, what kind of Eidolon is this?" He said. The two espers he fought with were struck down. Skylar swung through the air again, trying to hit the figure. "It's playing with me, "he murmured. He was now isolated with the Eidolon, and his fallen comrades. He was becoming frustrated.

"Why toy with me? Why not strike me dead Eidolon?" He yelled into the room. He heard a giggle and then a reply, "I've always had a weakness for brown haired, blue eyed men. It makes me happy," It said in a seductive female voice. Skylar tensed swinging through the air again. "Why not join me love. Become my mate." Skylar swung through the air again, he replied, "Why not take that offer and shove it up your *."

Skylar grabbed at his arm as blood began running down it. "Why are you here?" The voice circled the room, "To find a mate. Me and my children are just here to find me a proper mate, that is all." Skylar through one of his messenger daggers towards a corner, just missing the Eidolon. "So how about it love?" "First off, I'm not your love, secondly I refuse your offer." He heard the voice again, "Then I will just have to take you by force." A blow to his stomach made Skylar slide back clutching his stomach. He stood up just to be thrown back again. "I won't go with you."

"I've finally found you Mally," a voice said.

Jakob/ Skylar
"I knew it was you who gave this attack." Jakob said. The Eidolon replied, "Jakob Daze, my former mate. Tell me, how did you ever escape?" "You may be fast and powerful but you are stupid. I merely walked out in plain site." Jakob lifted his Rose Gold Blade."Time to finish what I should have years ago." He closed the door and dashed around the room.

Skylar couldn't tell what was happening. All he could do was hear what was happening. He lifted his messenger dagger, stabbing it into his broken arm. He ylled out, "HEAL ME!" The pain was gone. All that was left was a single scar.

He had his "friends" drive him to the only place he could think to look for his comrades, "esper mansion" He would arrive in approx fifteen minutes. He sat in his room the entire time, checking over his weapons and items. "I just need the leaves and the cure is complete. Hopefully, anyways." He murmured to himself, sitting in a chair.


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