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Sane wiped the tears away. He gritted his teeth. "Raysomi, let's see that ship of yours." Sane himself sent a message to Soma, Soma, I gave up Algo because it wasn't me. Like that isn't you. I'm coming to Rykross to kill Sha-Vare. And if you get in my way. I will Sane paused. I will kill you Sane then sent a powerful wave after his message to disable her mind from sending any other messages. It even gave her a headache and a sense of how much more powerful Sane has gotten.

Sane then clenched his fist. In a demonic sounding voice Sane said, "Let's go."

"Why do I always get myself into these situations?" He said as he began to pull himself up. He made it to the top and looked around. The room had darkened itself. "Damn. Sani? Where are you?"


"Come on Typhus! I need help here." She yelled out as she kept her grip on the blade. The ghostly figure continued to punch Sani in the head. Her vision was beginning to fade.

(Dorn and Nara)

The two charged forward, soon entering the large chamber of Ikuto Tower. Immediately, Dorn raised an eyebrow when he saw a blue-haired man grappling with Sani. Gritting his teeth, he drew his bow and nocked an arrow.

"Nara," he said. "Go help Sani grab that sword. I'll swap some arrows upside that blue-haired man's head."

"But... Dorn, if I don't have any program access, then I won't be at full-"

"It's all right, Nara." He pulled his bowstring back, aiming dead-center for the man's head. "As soon as I launch this, go."

"I..." Nara thought for a second, then nodded. "All right."

Dorn tensed, then released the arrow, watching its course carefully. Immediately, Nara ran towards Sani, slashing the man as soon as she got close enough to him.


"There we go..."

Kyle jumped off his penguin, then helped Sara down off of hers. "Ikuto Tower. Let's go make sure Typhus is all right."

"I hope he is," Sara replied.

"Me too- he's pretty good to have around in a fight." As soon as they reached the tower doors, Kyle stopped. He drew his blades. "Hear that, Sara? Someone's fighting up ahead..."

"That could be Typhus! We have to help him!"

Drawing her sword, Sara took in a deep breath, then she and Kyle entered Ikuto Tower.


"How cute... Sane just threatened to kill me," Soma cooed to Sha-Vare. "Isn't that funny, Sha-Vare?"

"He will not," Sha-Vare replied, stroking Soma's cheek gently. "He thinks you can still be saved. Sane Terrace is a coward."

"That he is, my love... not like you. His parents would be ashamed of his cowardice and weakness. Someone should remind him of that."

Laughing cruelly, Sha-Vare smiled at Soma. "That I must, if he wants to pay us a visit. However, I think I can come up with something that will anger him even more." He leaned close to Soma's ear and whispered a few sentences. She reacted with a surprised gasp, her surprise clear on her face as Sha-Vare leaned back to gauge her reaction.

"An interesting plan, is it not, Soma?" Sha-Vare asked. "It will help guarantee our securing of the New Moon of Alis, as well."

Soma looked at Sha-Vare, then her expression softened considerably as her lips formed a crimson crescent of a smile. "Yes," she purred. "Oh, Sha-Vare, you always did have the best of plans."

Sha-Vare's response was to passionately kiss Soma. As he and Soma started to go through their motions, Sha-Vare transmitted to Sane, Sane Terrace, I make you a proposal: We switch places, just as you and Kyle Majsio have. Everything you have will be mine, and all that I have shall be yours: Motavia, Dezolis, Rykross, Edagura... and Soma.

He still couldn't see anything. He looked around frantially as he heard familliar voices in the room but they were clurred. What was going on? He felt something on his head. They were hands. Dropping his sword he felt the hands. They were soft and kind of cold. There was a familliar warmth to them. Sniffing through the air, he still smelled death but there was something else. Perfume.

He ducked in a fast jerking motion hich got rid of the hands and turned. He saw a figure smiling at him. "Remember me?" the voice said. Typhus shook his head", Ï'm afraid I do not." She looked at him, her smile faded. "You can't even remember your own girlfriend?" Ï wish I could but, there is much about my past I do remember."Typhus sighed, Ï wish you were one of the things I could remember."He heard a slicing noise in the dim lit room. "Damn! Sani!" He ran towards where Sani had called out before him and saw Nara slashing at the ghost. He joined in now relizing he dropped his sword. He used his nails to help fight.

Sane recieved Sha-Vares message. He replied, Sha-Vare. You can take that offer and shove it up your *. You were able to trick me last time that way by manipulating my heart. This time it will not work. We both know even if you and I were to switch places you'd still remain a being of hate. Besides. I've come to realize that the only way to truly save Soma is by... Sane stopped as he thought of his last resort. killing her. SAne disallowed anymore messages after that. He followed Raysomi.


Nara had just slashed the ghostly figure. Catching him off guard Sani, as well as the sword were thrown across the room. "Nei! Return to me." The figured yelled out. Continually dodging the attacks made by Nara and Typhus he continued calling out to the sword. "No Nei!" Sani yelled out. It seemed strange that the two were calling out to a sword as if it was alive. "You're rightful place is as a protection against the darkness. The one who wields you now is no more. His purpose for you has been served. You are needed once again to fight against the darkness. And I am the one who shall destroy that darkness with your strength." SHe yelled out. With the Nei-Slasher in one hand she extended it high in the air, concentrating on only the sword.

"BECOME ONE! NEI!!!!" She yelled out. Her voice echoed throughout the room as the sword vanished. Reappearing in her hand the dark aura that surrounded the blade had become a bright color. "This isn't over. Each and everyone one of you are going to die here!" The ghostly figured yelled out. THe ground quaked, the dark aura he was emitting from his body was extremely powerful. More powerful than the group might be able to face. Gripping both hands on the Nei-Sword Sani braved the darkness, ready for whatever outcome might come.


"'Save' me?" Soma asked Sha-Vare, before laughing derisively. "He thinks he's going to be my knight in shining armor... so childish. He's had his chance, Sha-Vare."

"He's a coward. Rest assured, Soma," Sha-Vare replied, smiling at Soma. "Algo is nearly ours. That, my love, is merely a matter of time..."

Sha-Vare kissed Soma once again, and as he stroked her cheek lovingly, he continued, "It is only a matter of time before my ruby-lipped queen gets to rule an entire solar system."

"All thanks to my knight in moonlight armor," was Soma's reply as she sat up to kiss Sha-Vare. "Now, where were we...?"

"Preparing for the New Moon of Alis, I believe. Our future."


With a shriek, Nara punched the shadowy figure in the stomach, feeling a small twinge of satisfaction as her claws disappeared into the figure's body. She raised a surprised eyebrow as she didn't see any effect. "I think this might be a little out of our league!" she shouted as she slashed with her free hand.

"And I don't think running's an option," Dorn replied as he raised his hand. An orb of water appeared in it, then flew towards the shadow as he shouted, "Na Wat!"

Again, there didn't seem to be any real effect on the shadow, who only glared at the group. Footsteps started to echo behind Dorn as he started to charge another Na Wat.

As Nara punched and slashed again, she smiled. Kyle and Sara entered the large chamber, blades drawn. Kyle raised an eyebrow and asked, "What the hell is that?!"

Dorn/Nara/Kyle/Sara, together at last!)

Nara continued to punch, kick, claw, and slash the dark figure, but still couldn't find any wounds or scars to show her efforts. If only I could get my scanners out, she thought as she lunged. I could find out why this monster isn't injured...

The demon's foot suddenly impacted Nara's stomach, and she wheezed involuntarily with the attack. What!? she thought. I wasn't programmed to do that! Her surprise continued as the monster withdrew its foot, its warped and gnarled claws leaving bloodied wounds.

...Blood?! I KNOW I wasn't constructed with any blood- or blood substitute!

Uneasily, Nara backed off, her gloved hands clutching her bleeding torso. Kyle rushed forward, interposing himself between Nara and the demon. "Come on, now!" He waved his blades threateningly. "Pick on someone else, damn it!"

With a roar, the monster punched Kyle in the face, sending him flying backwards. His monosword and monoblade flew off in two different directions as he smashed against the wall.

"Urgh... good shot," he groaned.

Sara watched Typhus continuing his attack, Kyle running to retrieve one of his blades, and Nara trying to unsuccessfully heal her wound. Stepping away from Dorn, she reached towards the red-haired woman. "Here... Medice!"

Nara's wounds healed, to both Sara and Dorn's surprise. Barely acknowledging Nara's thanks, Sara turned to look at the monster. As she did, an image of a small deck of cards being shuffled appeared in her mind. As she raised her sword, a card was drawn.

The image was a grassy field with an archway of white stone rising from it. She charged towards the monster, her blonde hair flying back behind her, as she shouted, "Special Sword Technique- THE WHITE GATE!"

Holy energy radiated through the laconia blade as Sara swung at the monster.

As he nocked an arrow, Dorn raised an eyebrow. The White Gate... what kind of sword skill is that? he wondered. He launched the arrow, then continued, And how could she heal Nara? She's a robot...

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His attacks had no effect. He watched as his allies were picked off one by one. "DAMMIT!" Typhus yelled in anger. He watched as Sara swung her sword at the monster. But he noticed something. A blind spot perhaps. But hitting it would be a challenge unless... The creature was about to hit SAra with a fatal blow but Typhus kicked Sara out of the way.

He yelled, "Stay back!" HE stopped and regained his posture. He put his hands together making a hand signal. He lay in complete concentration. THe monster seemed to slow down as he concentrated on the blind spot. He changed his style into something he rarely used. he curled his fingers, his hand not yet closed. he crouched and spread his feet apart. Opening his eyes halfway, Typhus said, "Edagurian Secret Style 32; Bonoshi."he monsster swung at him violently. Typhus dodged and ran around the creature swiftly attacking him with fist, palm, and elbows. His attacks seemed to have some effect but not a whole lot to actually hurt the monster. And he couldn't get close enough to hit the blind spot.


Where did that come from? Sara thought as she backed off, watching Typhus fight the monster. I never knew anyone to actually go hand-to-hand... even Nara's wearing claws...

Sara tensed, then relaxed when she saw Kyle limping towards her, his monoblade hanging weakly in his hand. "Hey, have you seen my monosword around?" he asked. "It's really long and really sharp."

"I think it went behind me... are you all right, Kyle?"

He cracked his back, then said, "Not really. Glad you reminded me." Kyle then raised his hand to start a Tech, but Sara gently pushed it aside.

"No, Kyle. Save your focus for attacking that monster," Sara urged. "I'll heal you. It's about all I can do right now, actually... Res!"

Once Kyle was healed, he sighed, looking at the group. "When this is over, remind me to teach you some of the better healing Techs," he told Sara. "Gi Sar!"

Every humanoid in the chamber felt healing energy radiate through their bodies. Now fully healed. Nara ran towards the monster, ready to help Typhus out.


Oh, Sane... we've got quite a nasty surprise in store for you, Soma thought, sighing with content. One I'm sure you'll be quite unpleasantly surprised for...

He reawoke coughing up some more blood. "Dammit," was all he could say. Now he had to make a choice. Go after his brother and seek revenge or wait for a cure which may not even exist. Time was running short and in the end he left.

Sane & Raysomi
The two were in space. Sane would have enjoyed his first time in space much more if it wasn't for his mind being tortured with. He had already used alot of energy just blocking out earlier mesages. Raysosmi just looked at Sane and looked back at the window.

SAne got up from his seat and started to float away, "If you need me I'll be sleeping." RAysomi didn't say anything as SAne went into his room. When he arrived he slid into his bed and said softly trying to cheer himself up, "Ray said this ship was small. I'd hate to be aboard a big ship. With that he fell asleep.

Even in his sleep Soma and Sha-Vare's messages came through, torturing him with every thought. He started to feel wierd. "He opened his eyes slighty just as everything zoomed away from him. He was somewhere but where?

"What the hell?" Sane said as he looked around at a landscape that seemed crystalized. Then he thought, Rykros? Maybe... but... I think this has happened before when I found Dorn. I was sleeping and then I teleported somehow but how? And why aren't I in front of Sha-VAre and Soma if that ain't the case.

As he thought hard and deep he heard a voice yell out. A female voice. He turned around and saw a numan running towards him. SHe demanded his name and he said Sane. SHe replied with Mitria.


The group managed to watch on as each one would land a blow on the demon, and never leave a serious scratch against him. Sani had already taken the Nei Sword from him and had no reason to stay here any longer then she needed. Looking at the door to the hallway she thought about running away towards the last Nei item location, but returned her gaze back to her brothers old comrades. "I'm just a little girl. I don't know what I should do." She thought to herself. Watching the demon raise his hand once again she stared on as he launched a explosive Megid attack around the room.

Everyone jumped away from the blasts, but Sani stood still as if she was frozen. The large explosion made its way towards her. "BROTHER!!!" She screamed out as she was engulfed in the flames of the Megid. When the flames and smoke cleared the group looked on only to notice a charred mark where Sani once stood. Nothing remained, not Sani, the Nei sword.. Nothing at all.


Anise made her way through the ship, passing by the few who had escaped from the massacre of Tyler. Their bodies burned to no ends, the only ones that remained were a few women. It seemed the men and children were not able to make it away from the massacre in time. Anise staggered her way to the outside, the cold breeze felt good on her face as she stared up at the sky. Gazing at the large purpleish black star that once was Motavia she began wondering if everything was going to be alright.


"I know I can't do much. But at least I can pray for you." Lilly said as she knelt down in front of the many graves she had dug for the people of Tyler. She let out a small prayer for the people and looked to the sky. "Criss, where could you be?" She thought as she saw a shooting star shoot across the sky. A small amount of snow began falling in the sky. It wasn't unusual to see snow on Dezolis, but Lilly smiled as this was her first time ever seeing snow fall from the sky. "Wherever you are Criss, I know you'll come to the rescue and help us. Like back in the cave when we were looking for Dorin. You had the chance to fight but instead you took me and ran to safety." She said. Looking up watching another star shoot across the sky she said. "You'll come.. I can feel it."


"Holy freakin' crap!" "Oh, no!" "Holy ####!" "Oh, God..."

They had all seen Sani vanish along with the demon, leaving nothing but a charred crated in the tower. Kyle was the first one to approach, kneeling by the massive scorch mark as he closed his eyes.

"Holy crap... that... that was...." Dorn took in a deep breath. "That was Megid. I..."

".......It's no use." Kyle stood up, and sighed. "I can't read her. Then again, this is Ikuto Tower. I can't even read you guys, and you're standing right next to me."

"I'm so sorry," Sara added, slowly walking up to the crater. With a deep sigh, she knelt down, hands clasped together. She bowed her head.

".....I knew the towers were dangerous," Kyle added. "But I didn't think Ikuto was going to be like this."

"......Great Light, please watch over Sani..."

"I don't think that was it," Dorn told Kyle. "Something's not quite right, ever since we got here. Sara used a sword technique I've never seen before, Nara can't access any of her software or internal hardware, a Medice spell actually healed Nara- and Sani's Megid Tech exploded on her."

"There's more to it than that. I've seen Megid used before- it's usually a bright red burst. But... Sani's was blue. Bright blue."

"...protect her, as you protect all your children on Motavia and Dezolis..."

Dorn sighed. "I don't know. We'll have to do some research back at the Mansion. There's a lot of questions that have to be answered about this place."


Sha-Vare's arm was around her, pulling Soma closer to him. A satisfied smile was on both of their faces as Soma glanced out the window of Death Tower. A sickly purple star twinkled among the Ryukrosian sky.

That is Motavia... she thought. Sha-Vare and I will make it the way we want it- a fitting display of our power.

Smiling, she shifted closer to Sha-Vare and closed her eyes, settling into a well-earned sleep.

Typhus looked in the smoldering point on which Sani dispersed. He immediately looked at his hands. They felt different. His claws were turning. He started to get a headache and clutched his ears. They were shrinking and he gave a slight moan in pain. HE had to get out of there. He grabbed his sword and began running. His girlfriend following him as the others stayed behind not noticing his disapearance.

He made it outside and fell to his knees. HE screamed in pain as his claws turned to nails. His senses dulled and his head throbbed in pain. He fell to the ground as his ears disapeared and palman ears grew into the side of his head.

Upon witnessing this, the girl who claimed to be Typhus' girlfriend yelled for help as she attempted to pick him up.

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Life and death. Pain and suffering. All we hope to save in the end fades away, and disappears.

Those words echoed around the room. Typhus had run out of the tower, and the rest of the group could not figure anyway to defeat this being. Ikuto Tower had strange powers surrounding it, if the group managed to make their way out would they be able to escape the guardian?

"So what! Are you going to run? Cowards, I'll just hunt you down and destroy every single person you hold near and dear." The guardian bellowed. The group looked on, not knowing whether they should continue to fight or to retreat. The guardian slowly approached them. Even though he had been unarmed by Sani earlier his powers were still to great for the group.

Still in a bit of a shock over Sani's current death the guardian grabbed Dorn by his cloak. "You look like you just lost someone important to you?" The guardian said. Slamming Dorn on the ground he looked down and spit in his face. "Pathetic." he said. The guardian vanished and then reappeared back in the middle of the room. The beautiful window shined light down on him. Extending his hand one more time he began to prepare another Megid launch.

"Hehehe.. Now Die!!! Huh?" He said.


Ruglia Sealing Technique! A figure said as it placed its hand on the guardians back. "What! NOOOO AGGGG!!!!" The guardian yelled out as its body vanished in a bright light. The group looked up, noticing a woman. Her long red hair, spikey yet well kept stood there. Placing her hand near her mouth she blew it. "It took nine years, and two tries, but I finally got him." The woman said.

Picking Dorn up the group looked up as the woman walked down the large staircase. Her body armor glistened in the light, the sword she had strapped to her waist was glowing with a magnificent light. "Heh, its been nine years but nothing has changed. Or wait.. Its only been moments here hasnt it?" The woman asked.


"Ugh... that hurt. That really hurt," Dorn groaned as he was helped back to his feet. "Thanks, uh... huh. You look familiar."

Kyle's eyes widened as he took in the sight of the older Sani. "Whoa, HOT!" he exclaimed, running over to her. He nearly knocked over Sara, who was still praying, when he finally approached the red-haired knight.

"Well, hello there," he said, taking Sani's hands. "Nice to see you. ^_^"

"Dorn?" Nara asked, tugging on Dorn's jacket. "Is Kyle all right?"

"Something tells me that he won't be in about four seconds," he explained to Nara.

Sara finished up her prayer, then stood. "I think we should get going," she said. When she saw Sani, her eyes widened in shock. "Oh, my! We... we thought you were dead!"

The group gathered around on the large platform. The light that once shined through had begun to darken as the night was approaching. The group, amazed yet stunned, could not make out what had happened to Sani.


"Where... or actually how shall I begin." Sani said. Sitting down on the ground she unstrapped her sword from her waist. "I remember it like it had happened yesterday.. Or actually for you just moments ago. The blast came at me to fast. All I could remember was yelling out, then was enveloped by a bright light. When I had opened my eyes this place had been almost completely destroyed." She said.

(Sani in the alternite timeline)

"What happened?" I remembered thinking to myself. Looking around I had noticed Nara in the corner, her body to damaged for repair. All the blood stains around the room, the houling of the wind outside. It frightened me. I left the tower, not knowing where I would be heading went through the snowstorm in the Silent Zone. Many hours had passed since I left the tower, and I had begun losing conciousness. Awhile had passed I guess, when I woke I was in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere.

There I stayed with young woman named Kyra. She had escaped from a place called Esper Mansion after the guardian of the tower destroyed it. Many towns, many people had been killed by the guardian after he was released from the tower. At the time I was to young to understand anything, so I stayed with Kyra for two years in hiding. One day news spread across Dezolis that a man had defeated the being known as Sha-Vare and Motavia had gone back to being a peaceful place once again.

But all was not as it seemed. The guardian of Ikuto Tower was still killing people. And one day he found us. Kyra fought long and hard to protect me, but nothing she did would hurt him. In the end her life was lost by his hands. He stared at me with that sinister look. I began running through the woods, trying my best to get away. At the time I was just a scared 13 year old girl. Everything had been taken away from me, but then something amazing happened. It seemed I had some power inside me that I never knew I had. He came close to me, placing my hand on his chest, the other on the Nei Sword, I somehow managed to seal the guardian away.

Many months later I travelled to Motavia to find Sane. Understanding from the various rumors around Sane had become depressed after he killed Sha-Vare. Meeting him at his cabin he became enraged. A dark aura seemed to surround him. In one of my past dreams I learned that a man with a scar on his face would cause the fall of the galaxy once again. And the image I had that day, was Sanes. We began fighting, but my skills weren't enough to defeat him. Before he struck the final blow his body began vanishing, as if he was being thrown into a void. Thinking he was gone now the galaxy would be safe... But I was wrong.. Seven years past, I had travelled all over Motavia, learning many things, many skills. And like my brother before me would take up treasure hunting.

Motavia had become unstable, the sun had changed to a dim blue during that year. It seemed the collapse of the universe was still happening, and I was still unable to find the last Nei Weapon. My time was short, and one day I came across a large Atelier. The large mechanism inside was innactive. I approached it, but when I did a bright light shined, and I found myself back here. I don't know what had happened. But I believe I went through what I did for a reason. I know exactly when the collapse is going to begin, and it gives us enough time to find the last Nei Weapon and stop the collapse. And thats everything that happened to me. I know if my brother was still around he'd comfort me for what I've been through. But I've gone through enough already. I'll look forward, and stop the collapse before it happens..


"The Collapse," Dorn repeated, half to himself. "And from what you just said, Sani, it sounds like it'll make the Great Collapse look like a crumbling sand castle. Come on, everyone- we should get back to Esper Mansion as soon as we can."

"Dorn, Sani's here right now," Nara told him. "We could just ask her about it right now-"

"Naah. It's cold in here, we're dead-center in the Ikuto Silence Zone, Esper Mansion's warmer, and has a library we can use." Dorn looked at the group. "Only problem is we'll have to share penguins..."

Dorn, Nara, and Sara turned around and started to leave Ikuto Tower. Sara removed the Frade Mantle she was given and said, "Excuse me? Dorn? A man at Esper Mansion told me to give this to you... he said you earned this."

"Oh... hmm. A Frade Mantle," Dorn said, inspecting the silvery fabric. "Thank you kindly, Miss! But... I think you might need this more- at least to keep warm out there."

"No, thank you, Dorn. He gave me a nice blanket to use. Please, keep your mantle. I insist."

"Hrrm. I wonder where Typhus went," Nara said. "He just ran out after that Megid blast..."

Back in the central core of Ikuto Tower, Kyle was still holding Sani's hands. He was trying to think of something to tell Sani about how he could help stop the Collapse she had mentioned. Unfortunately, what he said was "Wow. You're... dear God, Sani, you're hot. We're talking Alisa Landale hot. Rainwater evaporates on your skin hot."

Thirty feet ahead, Dorn rolled his eyes. "He's going to get slapped," he whispered to his female companions.

Sani and Dorn (sorry merc i need to do this)

<WHACK> Was the sound the group heard. Apparently Sani had knocked Kyle senceless for trying to grab her butt. "Leave me alone Kyle, I'm not into you understand!" She said. "Hey Sani, you called that technique the Ruglia sealing art. I'm curious, wasn't your last name Cross?" Dorn asked. Sani gazed over to Dorn for a brief moment. "Oh yea, it was. You see my brother was calling himself Rui Cross, it wasn't until I met Kyra that I learned that his real name was Trey Tierney, or his adoptive name Ruglia. So I decided to change my last name to fit his." She said.

The group travelled quietly through the fields after that, eventually arriving at the Esper Mansion. "You have to tell me where the last Nei-Weapon is!" Sani yelled out. She had grabbed one of the scholars in charge of the library and slammed them against the wall. They continued to refuse to tell Sani where the last weapon was, then a blue-haired woman walked into the library. "Kyra!" Sani yelled out. Happy to see her old friend she suddenly remembered that this Kyra was not the Kyra that had protected her all those years.

"Whats with all the commotion. Dorn, whats the deal with your friend?" Kyra asked.

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"Oh... about Sani," Dorn realized. "Well, I'll be honest, Kyra. She said she got pulled into an alternate timeline for nine years. I'm sure she could tell you a little more."

"I see," Kyra replied. "I certainly look forward to hearing it!"

"As for the rest of us... Sani, please, put down the librarian..." Dorn waited patiently while Sani set the withered old man down, before he continued, "We need to use the facilities, old man. "

"Second floor, third door on the right," the old man replied, the patience and sagacity of aeons reflected in his voice.

"No, not the toilet," Kyle interrupted. "The library. We need to look up this 'Collapse' Sani mentioned, and the Nei Weapons."

"Right. Kyle, you and Sani go with the librarian and look up the Nei Weapons," Dorn replied. "I'll meet you there in a little bit- I need to take Nara to the infirmary."

"Infirmary?" Nara asked. "Dorn, I'm sure a repair garage would be more appropriate-"

"I don't know. You said you can't access any of your extra hardware or your software, you felt fear and pain, and you bled. Sara healed that up with Medice... I just want to check a hypothesis, that's all." Dorn headed down a hallway. "The infirmary's down this way."

Nara nodded and followed Dorn, leaving Sara with Kyle and Sani. "Umm, Kyle?" she asked. "Is it all right if I went with you?"

The warrior contemplated this for a second. "Yeah," he told Sara. "Old Man Graham's got a bunch of books about sword skills- I'm pretty curious as to what that 'White Gate' skill was. Maybe you might find some Techs you'd like."

"That sounds fine," Sara replied. Once the three headed on their way, Sara continued, "Are you sure you're going to be fine?"

"Yeah, I've had black eyes before," Kyle told Sara. "Never both at the same time, though. You didn't have to do that, Sani."

"And you didn't have to grope me, either, you pervert!"

Kyle and Sani started to argue, while Sara thought, I hope you're all right, Jake. When we get back... please, be all right.


"Nei, Nei, come on. Damnit these books don't tell me anything about the Nei-Shot!" Sani said. The books had been thrown all around the room, piles everywhere.

"Whats so important about the Nei-Shot? It's just another gun right?"

"You don't understand. Without all three Nei-Weapons, as well as the amplifier they cannot be combined into the key to stop the collapse."

Tossing another book to the side the two continued looking on for information about the final Nei-Weapon. All the while the mysteries of the Silence Zone were beginning to make sence. Sani reached for a old looking book on the final bookshelf in the library. A small lock sealed the book from being opened.

"You find something?"

"Yea, but it seems to be locked. Lets take this to Dorn, maybe he knows how to open it."

Keeping his distance Kyle waited for Sani to pass him. Walking behind he watched her cloak swing back and forward, noticing near the Nei-Sword strapped to her waist was a small object, something similar to a flute that Kyle had seen once before. The two made their way to the infirmary where Nara was being checked on.

He was helped up by mysterious girl. She flunghis arm around her neck. "Come on Typhus. Help me out here. There's an ice digger near by." He tried to help her out the best he could. Soon enough they came to a pile of snow and she chanted a small spell to dispatch the snow from the vehicle. She took him inside.

She laid him on a bed. She began to nurse him and the ice digger began moving.

(Dorn/Nara/Kyle. Next post: Updated character sheets!)

"Okay... this is interesting."

The doctor pulled his tounge depressor out of Nara's mouth and disposed of it, then turned to his patient. "Madam, you're perfectly healthy. A couple of cuts, but those should heal up with Techs and some rest."

"What about my peripherals and my software?" Nara asked. "I can't access or even find my OS at all."

"Well, when I used Libra, I didn't find anything under your skin at all. No probes, no datajacks, nothing," the doctor said. "There's no metal at all in your body, ma'am. No plastics, nothing. Just flesh, bone, and blood."

"Wait a minute," Dorn realized. "You mean to tell me that Nara's a Palman?!"

"And a healthy one at that," the doctor added.

Nara closed her eyes. Palman... I'm a person. A real person. I don't know how it happened, but it happened.

"So... Dorn, that'll be twenty Meseta."

Nodding, Dorn reached into his pocket and paid the doctor twenty Meseta. He helped Nara off the exam table, then asked, "So, how do you feel?"

"I... I'm surprised," Nara replied. "Things are going to be different for me now, Dorn, but... I think I'll get used to it soon."

A low rumbling came from Nara's stomach, causing her to sweatdrop. Dorn laughed and said, "That means you're hungry. Let's go get something to eat." He offered his hand, and Nara gently took it. She could feel blisters on his hands, even through her gloves.

This sensation, she thought. I felt it before... when I met Skylar, and when I met Crash... what is this?

About ten feet later, they ran into Sani and Kyle.


The White Gate... one of several special sword techniques, Sara read. This ability is part of a group of ten collectively called the 'Deck of Many Blades.' Initiators of these skills usually see a deck of cards being shuffled and dealt...

For a solid hour, Sara read about the skills. Afterwards, she opened one of the books Sani was reading, and looked at that. The Nei Weapons... huh. Sani said there were three of them... but this book says.... oh, my! This Nei has enough gear for a small army!

She was right- the book mentioned the Nei Sword, Nei Shot, and Nei Slasher; the same three weapons Sani was searching for. But the book also mentioned a Nei Bow and Claw, as well as Nei Shield and a Nei Emel, a Nei Helmet and Crown, and a Nei Cape and Armor.

I should tell Dorn this, Sara resolved. She stood up and stacked the books in order by topic, then left the library.

"Young Warrior. Wake up!" A voice said in the darkness. A man with brown messy hair awoke. "Good. Now that you're awake I need you to go to the land of the living and retrieve something for me. If you succeed you shall get a second chance to live. Do you understand." The man nodded slightly. You have changed much in my training. Everything I taught you though will be forgotten as well as every technique and skill you knew before." The man nodded. He said slightly, "What item must I retrieve?" THe voice replied. "You shall know when that time comes, Skylar Martris Spires."

The man vanished and reappeared on a cold planet. He saw a mansion. He walked towards it.


"So hows Nara doin?"

"She'll live. She just needs some food."

Sani and Kyle wondered why Dorn would say such a thing, Nara was a android after all. The wind howled outside as the hours were getting late. "You all must be tired. Here let me take you to your rooms. A young woman said. Dorn and Kyle had been away for a few years but their rooms were still ready for them anytime.

"Sani you can share a room with me"

"I don't think so." Sani said. The woman lead Nara and Sara to their rooms as Kyle and Dorn left their seperate ways towards their old rooms. "I guess this ones mine." She thought. Walking in Sani looked around noticing the room. "It looks like noones used this room in years." She wondered. At that moment a knock came at the door. "Kyle, if you don't leave me alone I am going to hit you with a NaFoi so hard it'll.... Oh its you." she said as she noticed Kyra had walked into the bedroom.

"So Kyles up to his old tricks again. Not hard to imagin. Anyways, something you guys mentioned has gotten me worried." Kyra asked. The esper sat on the bed, bouncing only slightly. "Hehe, its been so many years since I've been in Trey's room." She said. Sitting down next to Kyra the two began chatting among each other. The two talked long that night, about the collapse, about the Nei-Weapons, and about their brother.

"Kyra, can you come with me. Theres someone we need to go get." Sani asked. Standing from the bed the girls stretched their bodies. It was late in the night, the sun would be rising in only a few hours. "I don't like using Ryuka but theres someone I left a long time ago that I need to go get." She said. Nodding their heads the two began casting two seperate Ryuka techniques, slowly vanishing from the room.

Anise and Lilly

"They've been gone to long. Maybe we should go look for them" Anise asked. Lilly brought in a damp rag to place on Anise's head. "You're in no condition to go anywhere. I'm amazed your even alive after all thats... I mean.."

At that moment a waving light came into the room, Sani and Kyra appeared only feet away from the two. "Who're you?" Anise asked, barely sitting up from the small seat.

"No time to explain. Sha-Vare's influence is about to take place with everyone that was buried in Tyler. We're here to get you two outta here."

"But what about Jakob? He's still out there? Lilly asked. Knowing Jakob would most likely be alright if anything happened Kyra and Sani helped Anise up. "You.. you look familiar." Anise asked.

"I'll explain everything once we're back at the mansion. Alright Lilly lets go."

"Wait, how do you know my......" Lilly said as all four of them were instantly transported back into the bedroom Kyra and Sani previously warped from "name... Whoa where are we?" She said. The two placed Anise in the bed, and the story of what happened to Sani was told once more.

"So I guess I can't call you little sister anymore huh?" Anise asked. She looked to the side, barely able to move. Losing the life of her brother, as well as her childhood friends Anise was in no condition to fight anymore. "I leave everything up to you Sani.. I just can't do it anymore. I'll stay here for the time being. I know he would be so proud of what a beautiful and strong woman you've become." Closing her eyes Anise fell asleep, probably dreaming about her times growing up with her brother and friends.

Kyra and Lilly left the room and Sani covered herself in her cloak in the corner of the room, finally falling asleep.

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(Dorn and Kyle)

"Well, this was one interesting day," Dorn said as he shrugged off his pack and set his bow down. "Nara became a Palman and Sani grew up."

"Yeah, she did. ^_^" Kyle replied, grinning despite his two black eyes. "Problem is, we still need to find the rest of those Nei Weapons she was talking about..."

Dorn shrugged. "Yeah, I know, but it's only what? A boomerang and a really big gun, right?"

"Yeah, but the last time they were found, you know where they were, right?"

Kyle groaned. He knew exactly what Dorn was talking about. "Menobe, Naval, Guaron, and Ikuto Towers. In the Silence Zones. * it."

"Well, don't worry," Dorn told him. "We've can just take a couple penguins tomorrow-"

"I don't know. Shalelu and Friefs weren't too happy that some of the penguins got killed." Kyle sat down in a spare chair, which he pulled up to Dorn's desk. "We might have to rent an icedigger or walk."

"If we must, we must. Besides-"

"Err, excuse me, Dorn?" Sara's voice was quiet, near whisper-like. "About the Nei Weapons... I was looking all over the Mansion for you..."

"Sorry. Did you find something, Sara?"

"Yes, I did! There's more than just the sword, rifle, and slasher! There's..."

As Sara explained the expanded list of Nei's namesake equipment, Dorn raised an eyebrow, surprised to learn there was more. Kyle groaned and slammed his head on the desk, reluctant to head back to Ikuto Tower.

"Is Kyle going to be okay, Dorn?"

"Yeah, he's... he's tired, that's all. I think we'd better get ready for tomorrow, Sara."

Sara nodded and asked, "Yes, you're right. I just hope Jake's going to be all right..."

"He'll be fine, don't worry, Sara."

Sara nodded, and left Dorn's room. Once she was gone, Kyle sharply told Dorn, "I am not tired. I just don't want to go back to that hellhole."

"If there's more of Nei's stuff there, then we're going back," Dorn said. "Come on. Go get some sleep."

"All right. See ya tomorrow."

Kyle left Dorn's room, passing by the girls' as he headed through the mansion. He could see Sani curled up in the corner, shivering and sleeping. With a sigh, he entered the room, and draped his vest over Sani.

They keep these rooms so cold, he thought as he left. That should keep Sani a bit warmer.


Two empty bowls- one containing what was left of a salad, the other trace residues of soup broth- sat in front of Nara, along with a large plate. What was left of rice, noodles, vegetables, chicken, and steak sat on the plate as Nara placed her fork down.

This is what it's like to be alive, she thought. This is so new to me. I wish Dorn were here to keep me company...

She blinked. Why do I keep thinking about Dorn like that?




(Sani and Anise)

"AHHH!" She yelled out as she awoke from her sleep. Looking around the room she noticed Anise was not in her bed. Looking down she noticed she was wrapped in a strange vest. Every night Sani would continue to have nightmares, of her brother, and other people she had never seen before. Picking herself up she stretched for a brief moment. "I'm hungry." She thought. Her stomache growling fiercly.

She left her room and made her way towards the small dining room nearby. "You guys are up early." She said, still wiping the sleep from her eyes. Sitting down in a seat next to Dorn the group began eating a nice warm meal, and conversing about what to do with Sha-Vare, the Nei-Weapons, and the collapse.

"Collecting all three of the Nei-Weapons won't stop the collapse."

"What do you mean?" She asked. She had been given information about the claw and the bow. "Well we already have the sword and slasher." she said.

"Slasher? I didn't know you had the slasher?"

"Yea, here look." She said. Standing up the group watched as she unsheathed her sword. Holding it sideways in both hands she began concentrating. The sword began emitting a bright glow, slowly changing shape of that into a slasher. "See, I already found the slasher when I was a kid. By concentrating I can make the weapon change form. So far I'm only able to transform it into the Psyco-Knives my brother gave me, the slasher, and the sword."

"Interesting, such a magic is unknown around here. You are unique indeed Sani."

"Hey Dorn. The description and design of these claws. They look familiar." Anise asked. The two thought about it for a moment, trying to think where they had seen these claws before.

"MATHIAS!" The two yelled out. "But how would he of gotten the Nei-Claw? I knew him and Crash travelled alot but I didn't think they would have made it to Dezolis." She said. Changing the weapon back into a sword Sani sheathed it and sat down once again. Taking a sip of her drink. "Where is Mathias anyways?" she politely asked.

The group shared the story of what tragedy happened back on Motavia. "I see, I'm sorry to have brought up such a painful memory. So the claw is buried in Paseo? Going to be tough now that Motavia has been devoured by darkness." she said.

"About your trip to the Silence Zone." A familiar voice said. Walking in the room was Kyra, who decided to join the group for a small meal before their journey. "You guys have to work together in the Silence Zone. Don't split up, don't fight alone. Teamwork is the key to survival in that area. Here I brought you a map of the paths to all the towers."

The group continued eating their meal, filling their stomaches till they could eat no more. "You'll come back safe right Sani?" Anise asked. "Of course, and when this is all over we'll find a way to bring brother back." She replied. With those words said and map in hand the group made their way towards the stables to rent themselves some penguins.


"...Well, let's see. Shalelu tells me a friend of yours killed one of our penguins," a rather large man said as he looked at the group of five. "They're rather hard to domesticate..."

"Look, Friefs," Kyle said. "We don't have time for this! We need to get to the Silence Zones- quickly! Now give us some penguins!"

"I'm not going to give you penguins," Friefs said. "I'll loan 'em out, but there's a deposit. 750 Meseta."

"What?!" Dorn shouted. "You're charging us based on Shalelu's word?! When Nara and I found her, she was gluing a penguin back together!"

"Look, I still have to charge you a good-faith deposit. Five penguins, 150 Meseta each. I get the penguins back, you get your money back."

Grumbling under his breath, Dorn tossed a sack of money at Friefs. "There. We'll be back in about a day or two."

Friefs nodded, leading out five penguins a minute later. Dorn helped Nara onto a penguin before climbing his, while Kyle helped Sara up onto one.

"All right... Sani, you've got the maps. Where should we go first? Back to Tyler and the ship? One of the Silence Zones?" Dorn asked. There was no response. "Sani?"

"Err, Dorn?" Nara asked, pointing behind Dorn.

He turned around to see Sani raising her fist at Kyle, who backed away from her and her penguin uneasily.

"All right... Sani, you've got the maps. Where should we go first? Back to Tyler and the ship? One of the Silence Zones?"

"It's to dangerous to go back to the ship. But with the claw back on Motavia we have no choice but to return there eventually. And with this new information we know theres not only Nei-Weapons, but several other items as well. With only three towers its going to be hard to locate them all." She said. The group were slowly approaching the Silence Zone and the snow was picking up once again.

Sani's penguin caught up with Dorns as they crossed into the Silence Zone. "From what this book says. The sword is located in Ikuto, which we already have. The crown can be found in the darkest section of the Silence Zone where Naval Tower lies. The shield is located in Menobe Tower, and the Cape is located in Guaron. Which is just a few yards ahead." She told him.

The group marched on towards Guaron, all the time continuing to learn more from the book. "When sword crown shield and cape come together the way to the heart of Dezolis will open. There the rest of the Nei items lay dormant waiting the amplifier." She said

"Amplifier? What could that be?"

"I've never heard of such a thing. Could it possibly be a seal?"

"Whatever it is, we won't get anywhere by sitting around. Come on! Our first stop is Guaron!" She said as the group sped up the penguins and marched towards Guaron with haste.

SKylar walked up to the mansion and two guards were standing by the door. He walked up and the two blocked the door. "Halt! Who goes their?" The short guard said. Skylar looked up and said, "Just an old friend in need of a jacket." The two guards relaxed. The taller guard laughed and said, "Damn Skylar. Looks like you've been through hell." "Guess you could say that."

Skylar entered the mansion and almost immediately seeked out Kyra. When he finally found her she looked at him strangly. "Hey Sky." Kyra said thoughtfully. "Kyra," was all Skylar seemed to get out. She smiled and questioned softly, "Where's Jake?" Skylar looked up at her and shook his head, "I don't know. I remember feeling temptation then a switch. Not much after that except for... Trey uses Elsydeon on me. He knew the punishment of using Elsydeon if he was not worthy and he knew he wasn't. But he did anyway. Then I remember darkness. A never-ending drifting in eternal darkness. It was cold." Kyra looked at him.

"What are you trying to say Skylar?" "I'm saying I died, a second time at that." Kyra looked at him and then asked for him to follow her. They went back to her room and she told him of everything she knew about Trey, Jakob, the Nei Weapons, etc.

"That settles it then. I need to catch up with Jakob. If I know him as well as I think I do. He won't stay in Tyler. He'll go to Reshel" "But wasn't he-" Skylar interrupted Kyra, "Yeah, we both were banished from Reshel. Tenichi knows Jakob will try to travel to Reshel. So he'll stay there. Thing is, the *astard probably thinks I'm dead and won't expect me." Skylar stood up from the bed he was sitting on.

"Before you go," Kyra stood up and ran with a smooth glide to her closet. She opened it and began rummaging through her wardrobe. Finally she came out with a jacket, goggles, and a pair of earmuffs. She gave them to Skylar, "Here, take these." Skylar gave a grin and said, "You want me to wear woman clothes?" Kyra gave Skylar a lighthearted punch to his arm and said, "Better then freezing your * off right?" SKylar gave a nod and put on his new uniform. Before he left Kyra's room he turned back to look at her and said, "If you see the rest again, tell them Skylar Spires is back and is on the home team." With that SKylar left Kyra's room and the mansion preparing for his long trip.

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"Another four more kilometers this way," Dorn heard Sani shout, trying to be heard above the wind. Following her voice, he could see the red-haired woman pointing, then maneuvering her penguin.

"All right. Barring any monsters, we should be in the Silence Zone within an hour," he called to the group. "Just remember what Kyra said- stick together!"

The group trudged forward, rushing towards Guaron Tower. As they rode, Sara looked around, trying to take in the sights of the snowfield around her.

There's a tree over there, she thought. A group of four rocks in that direction...

"Dorn!" Nara shouted. "There's someone else out here!"

"Hmm? Is it Kyra or Anise?" Dorn asked, turning his penguin around. "Sani, hold up a minute!"

"I..." Nara squinted, leaning forward as she tried to make out details of the figure following them. "No, I can't tell. It looks like a man..."

"A man?" Kyle added. "The only people we told about today were Friefs and Kyra!"

"Damn..." Dorn sighed, adjusting his mantle to shield himself from the cold. "I think we should see what he wants- we could use all the help we can get!"

"I think we should plan a longer route, also," Sara chimed in. "I don't know too much about this planet, but if he's our enemy, then I think we might be able to lose him."

"Dezolis hasn't changed a bit. Still cold as ever." Skylar said as he ran as fast and swiftly as he could. For what happened to him, Skylar turned out to be almost three times as fast as before he died. "Hell, I can't complain though right? I mean I did die as of recent." Skylar kept running. He wasn't paying attention and he past a group of travelers on dezopenguins. Aside from the goggles, Skylar's face was completely exposed to them. Skylar was completely oblivious as he sped past them.

He slid to a stop and looked around. "Damn. I have to travel through the silent zone for the least lost time. He was about to take a step into the silent zone when he stopped. Almost automatically he aimed his hand to the ground and yelled "FOI!" A blast of fire melted the snow showing some grass.

He looked at his hand amazed that he remembered how to use the Foi technique.

".....What the hell was that?" Kyle asked, pulling the reins on his penguin back. "I've never seen anything like that on Dezolis."

"I think it was that person who was following us," Nara replied. "Whoever he was, he was going pretty fast!"

"Think we should catch up?" Kyle asked Dorn. "Might be worth it."

"Yeah, let's," Dorn told the group. "Besides, I think he stopped up ahead a ways. Nara, get behind Sani and Kyle. Sara and I have the back."


"Stop!" She yelled out. Coming to a stop the four others came to a stop behind her as well. "Somethings not right? she thought. Hoping off her penguin she took a few steps forward, looking around in the darkness of the Silence Zone. Dropping down to the ground she began digging through the snow, finally hitting dirt after a brief moment.

"Theres something down there?" she thought as the felt vibrations coming from underneath the ground. Standing to her feet she looked around once again, looking around she could feel her hair stand on end.



Sani heard as she turned around quickly. Her comrades looking scared as she noticed her penguin was gone. "What the? Everyone...." before she could finish saying anything the other four penguins were sucked underground, her comrades launched across the fields.

"What in the hell is going on?"

"Somethings not right, we shouldn't be in any danger?"

"There goes our money.. Damn we're in so much trouble."

Everyone gathered around in a circular formation, each drawing their weapons. "This isn't good. We're stranded out here now." Sani said. The area quaked, the howling of the wind came to a halt as a large hole formed from the shaking.


Was yelled out. Quickly noticing a beast had emerged from the hole the five quickly dodged. Throwing snow and dirt everywhere the group noticed the beast.

"Part snake?"

"Part Lion?"

"Part Dragon?"

"Part Skeleton?"

"And four heads that resemble a banshee? What the hell is that thing?" Sani said. The group was faced with a strange beast that had never been seen before. The Silence Zone was filled with mysteries, many mysteries indeed. And now the group would face one of those mysteries head on.

(Dorn, Nara, Kyle, and Sara)

No. This can't be real. This thing doesn't exist, Dorn thought as he and the group stared down the hideously disgusting monster that had emerged from the snow. Still trying to gain composure, he shouted, "It's a chimera!"

"A what?!" Kyle shouted back, flailing at the monster with both of his blades. "Dorn, what the hell is a chimera?!"

"Just like we all said- part lion, part dragon, part skeleton, and part snake!" Dorn leapt as the chimera spat a particularly disgusting blob of venom. "Great strength, great armor, and resistant to most Techs... the only good thing we've got going for us is it doesn't have any Techs of its own!"

"Yes, but that poison," Sara replied, diving to avoid one of the chimera's claws. "I wouldn't want any of that in my body..."

"Neither do I!" Nara called. "Dorn! Sani! How are we bringing this down?"

"Hrrm..." Dorn racked his memory, trying to recall the chimera's weaknesses. What was it? What did she draw...?

(AW 2283- The Kedzies' house, in Aiedo)

"See, Big Brother? See what I drew?! ^_^"

A little green-haired girl showed a crayoned drawing to her older brother, who was tying his hair back. Happily, he took the drawing and looked at it- it was a simplistic sketch of a monster that was part lion, dragon, snake, and skeleton, signed "SOMA <3" in the corner.

"Oh, that's nice, Soma," he said, returning the drawing. "But what is it?"

"It's a chimera, silly Dorn! I made it up! It's the most toughest, fiercest monster in Algo! Rarrrrr!" Soma imitated a monster's roar and claws. "But... you wanna know the secret?!"

"Err, sure." Lutz Rune's waiting, Soma... oh, he can wait a minute more.

"Ya gotta attack the tail- cut it right off!"

(back to reality...)

Ya gotta attack the tail... cut it right off! Rarrrrr!

"The tail... the tail!" Dorn shouted. "Sani! Kyle! Cut off the tail!"

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Dodging one of its claws Sani began running up the large beasts skeletal arms. "The tail? This things to big to get behind with a direct assault." She thought. One of the heads turned towards Sani, letting out a deafening howl. "AHHHH!" Sani yelled out as the shockwaves knocked her off the beast.

"Damnit, can't charge up the beast either. Think Sani think, it has four heads so it can see us in all directions. It has a strong defensive body, techs can't hurt it, it spits poison, and it can burrow underneath the ground quickly grabbing anything." She thought. The group continued to surround it trying to make its way to the tail.

Just then the beast lunged one of its claws directly at Sani, slashing her across the face. "GAH!" She yelled out. Dropping her sword she grabbed her face and fell to the ground.


The pain was unimaginable, blood continued to drop down from her face to the snow below. The beast slashed at Sani once again. "NOT AGAIN!" She yelled out, extending her hand she launced a NaFoi tech at the beast, blasting off its arm. "Heh, impervious to techs huh. How do you like that... What the?" She said. The beasts claw began to reform as the smoke cleared.

Picking her weapon up she placed the flat end of the blade across her shoulder in a cool stance. "So you can't be hurt by techs after all, but with.... I got it!" She said. Watching the rest of the group dodge the beast she thought up a plan. "Guys! Launch every powerful tech you have at it."

"They don't work!"

"Trust me! Dorn, over here I need you for this." She said. The beast continued to thrash and slash at each of the party, launching poison, howling deafening screaches, throwing everything it had at them. "While its dodging the techs I'm gonna get it with my Windblade Slash, but thats not gonna finish it. My attacks comin from the front, thats where you come in Dorn."

Skylar heard a screeching noise as a he observed his hand. He turned and saw a hideous monster. Then he saw many figures battling the monster. He bolted towards the scene. That was when Skylar first realized is new speed. He drew his daggers and fearlessly attacked the creature.

Skylar jumped in the air and sliced off two of the heads. He immediately turned around and began slashing at the mid sections of the beast. A claw came swinging down towards him and he blocked the strike of the beast with his knife, shifty some from the mere strength of the swing.

Skylar payed no attention to the group he fought with. Another swing came down and he jumped and countered. He now realized his skills and power were greater as well. Skylar flipped over the arm of the beast using both hands to jump over, he yelled, "FOI!" It seemed powerful, the mere blast of his Foi attack seemed to have the effect of a NA level foi. The arm blew off of the creature. It soon grew back and Skylar looked at the creature in determination to kill it. Peering through his goggles, Skylar raised one of his daggers and pointed it at the creature. He taunted it.

"Hey hey you there? Can you move?"

Her eyes began to open, staring up at the tiny winged creature above her. "Thank goodness you're alright. Are you able to move?" The creature asked the woman. She tried standing to her feet, only to come crashing down. "Don't try to hard, work at your own pace." It said. Slowly, the woman was able to stand to her feet. She stretched her arms, taking a few steps she skipped forward.

"Where am I?" The woman asked. Looking around she could see the beautiful decor of a large stone room. "Not one for small talk are you? Anyways, we're at the top of Guaron Tower, a sacred place on the planet called Dezolis."


"Its a snow covered planet located on the far edge of the universe in the Algo region. Apparently I was woken when you appeared on the floor."

"On the floor? Appeared? How did I get here? The last thing I remember was going to school with my friends, and what happened to my clothes? These aren't the same ones I was wearing."

"I'm not sure how you got here, but I changed your attire when you arrived. I felt it would be more suitable as your guardian spirit to do this."

"Guardian spirit?" The woman asked, turning as the winged creature continued to fly around her. "Anyways, since I'm here there must be something I'm needed for right?"

"Most likely. But what it is... I can't say." The creature said, its wings flapping as it laid on its back floating in the air.

"Why can't you say? Is it a secret?"

Flipping itself over it looked at the woman and paused for a brief moment. "....... I don't know what it is." It said sarcastically. Glancing at the woman as she stared on blankly. "Anyways, as your guardian spirit I'm able to help you cast techniques and magic while I'm inside that crystal you have around your neck. So shall we go?"

"Go? Go where? Just who are you anyways?"

"Me? I don't have a name. I'm just your typical Sylph. What about you, whats your name?"

"Me I'm Mint, so you don't have a name?" She said, as the tiny sylph landed in her hand. Crossing her arms and legs the sylph thought for a moment.

"Just call me whatever you want ok. It might be nice to have a name."

"...................... Alright, I'll call you Misty."

"Misty? Ehh its alright I guess. Names never made any sence to me. Anyways lets go, I sence some people outside that you're destined to meet. Take that staff over there and lets go." Misty said as she flew out of Mint's hand into the crystal she had around her neck.

Taking a few steps she picked up the staff propped against the wall. And began descending the long staircase to the bottom floor of the tower.

Dorn, Nara, Kyle, Sara)

From off to his left, Nara heard a voice shout, "Bring it on, mother####er!" Trying to keep her attention on both the chimera and the voice, she turned, and raised an eyebrow.

"Skylar!" she said, recognizing him. "I... I haven't seen you in a week! So much changed- I'm a Palman now-"

"Nara! Duck!" Dorn shouted, firing an arrow at the chimera's exposed spinal column. The warning was too late for Nara, and the beast's tail slammed into her, sending her flying away from the battle.

On its other side, Kyle had stabbed the beast in its side ineffectually. Sara leapt towards Kyle's monosword and used it as a spring, burying her own sword into the beast's tail. She then felt herself falling, tightening her grip on her sword.

Sara sweatdropped. Her weight was being supported entirely by her sword, which was stuck between two of the chimera's scales.

"Damnit, I wasn't expecting someone to jump in and help. Now I gotta make another plan." Sani thought as she ran around the side of the beast. Dorn continued firing arrows from the front as the rest of the group continued fighting from all directions. The beast continued attacking, launching the newcomer and Sara across the field.

"No time, only got one shot." Sani said as she made her way to the back of the beast. She held Nei Sword with both hands, focusing Zan, GiZan and NaZan all together in a aura around her sword. Launching the first wave of wind from her sword she made a sideswipe launching the second wave. Jumping high in the air one more wave of wind began to form, the first two almost reaching the beast as Sani yelled out.


Slashing the third aura of wind it launched at the beast connecting with the other two, entrapping the beast in a wave of armor piercing blades of wind.

He felt anger as he was caught off guard. He got back up and saw his chance as an attack was launched at the beast, trapping it in an armor of wind. He put his right hand back as if it were second nature to him, Skylar said, "Flaming goddess I ask thee to lend me your power. For the good to protect and the lives at sake. Fist of FOI!" He clapped his hands together and they both had a red aura around them. He began his charge at the beast and began punching at the creature causing a great deal of damage as his hands went right through.

He gave out a small chuckle as he said, "Like a hot knife through butter." He saw the chimera about to deliver a fatal blow to Sani while she was off guard. He used his speed to meet with the blow and parry it. He slid back into Sani. He took a deep breathe and said to the young woman, "Keep your guard up, get out of here. Take the rest. And-" Skylar was cut off as he blocked the attack. He yelled out to Sani as he slid back some more, "GET OUT OF HERE NOW!"

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(Sara, Nara, Dorn, Kyle)

This was not good. Not good at all. Sara judged herself to be a good fifteen feet above the ground as the monster raised its tail, and the only thing seperating her from a rough collision with the ground was her sword, which she was currently dangling from.

Do I fall? she thought as she considered her situation. Do I try to saw through the tail? My sword's stuck between those two scales...

A green aura suddenly surrounded the chimera. Sara felt a cold wind whipping across her. That... that feels like somebody's using Na Zan, she realized. This is getting too dangerous!

With a sigh, she closed her eyes. The familiar deck of cards appeared to her, the White Gate card dealt. A new card flipped over, and Sara saw its face for a brief second- a group of people in a caravan. The caravaners looked similar to herself and her companions.

"Special Sword Technique... EXODUS!"

She ripped the sword out of the chimera's tail, and at the end of her motion, found herself back on the snowy fields of Dezolis, with the rest of her companions. To her side, Nara was picking herself out of the snow.

"...How did I land head-first and survive?" Nara asked as she shook herself clean. Sara shrugged in response.

"-he rest... and get out of here! Now!"

Coming up behind her, Kyle sheathed his swords. "You heard the psychotic daring young man!" he shouted. "I think Sky's got the chimera taken care of- we've got to get to Guaron Tower!"

"Wait! Where's Sani and Dorn?!" Nara shouted.

"I'm right here," Dorn's voice said, approaching as he backed away from the monster. "I'm... I'm gonna wisely and correctly assume Sani's here, because Kyle never seems to be more than four feet away from her."

"Hehe. >=D"


"Damnit, you're right. Lets fall back for now." Sani said as she placed the sword in its sheath. The beast continued to rampage as it threw the newcomer around like it was a recently opened childs toy.

The group began running towards the toward, Sani slowly behind turning every now and then to see the beast moving farther south away from the group. "Ok, I've travelled all over and I've never seen anything like that." She thought as she began running past Kyle to the front of the group.

The howling of the beast began to fade away as the group slowly saw the tower rising in the distance. The group fastly approached the tower, coming up on the door. "Huh? The doors opening automatically?" Sani thought. Not thinking anything of it the group ran up the large stairway to the entrance of the tower.


"Huh?" <CRASH>


"Owww, Hey whats the big idea crashing into me like that." she yelled out to the person who just crashed into her. Picking herself up the crystal around her neck began to glow a bright green.

"What in the world?"

"Mint, try not to be rude." Misty said as she landed on Mints shoulder. The group looked at the green-haired woman and the little beast she had sitting on her shoulder. "Listen, I'll explain everything... but for now get inside so I can seal the door. The guardian beast cannot be allowed to escape." Misty said.

The group slowly walked in, the door slamming shut behind them. "Misty, are these the people you said I should meet?"

"Meet? Just who are you?"

"Me? I'm just your typical teenage girl. My names Mint ^_^, pleased to meet you." She said, clasping her hands together she slowly bowed.

"Ehh, theres no need to do that Mint. My names Sani, sorry I crashed into you, we're just in a hurry."

"Relax.. Sani you said? You're seeking the Nei item right? Well you won't be able to collect it today." the sylph said.

"Why not?"

"Each tower is unique in its own way. Each has its own guardian beast. I although am different. I'm just a underling... A vassal you could say to the guardian of this tower. The guardian holding the item you seek will only appear when the full moon shines through the window in the highest point of the tower. And since night has yet to come you might as well rest here for now."

"Misty, you never told me that? Well I only recently met you so its understandable."

The group, as well as the two newcomers continued to converse amidst each other, trying to make heads and tails of what was going on, and trying to learn a few secrets behind what Misty really was.

SKylar got pushed around. He stood up bleeding from the mouth. He began feeling angry at the creature and he pulled out his daggers once again. He noticed that everyone had been trying to cut the tail off. HE darted around and began slicing at the tail. The beast screamed in pain. He saw everyone retreat and he gave a slight smile.

He kept doging the many heads that flew towards him along with claws and other attacks that the creature unleashed. The tail hit SKylar hard and he flew a few feet back. He rose back up to his feet and quickly parried a blow by the great beast.

He quickly maneuvered his way back to the tail. He observed a change in the shape of the tails as he noticed the pierced armor. He was nearing his completed task.

A young man awoke from his slumber, looking around the dark room. He grabbed his head. "Damn headache." The man said. His eyes readjusted to the darkness of the room. He gave a slight sigh as he said, "Looks like I'm not walking home anymore."

He heard a voice, it spoke in a language much different from the one he knew. And yet he replied as if he knew what the mysterious voice had said. "You there. Young man. What is your name and which side do you side on?" The man replied, "Why should I tell you if I don't know you? How do I know that you are trustworthy to know something as good as my name?" the voice replied, "I am a guardian. My name is La-Shuc. Happy?" "Not really, I mean what kind of name is La-Shuc?"

The guardian gave a roar which shut the man up. La-shuc said, "Young one, what is your name?" The young man replied, "IF you really must know. It's Chris Federle." "Which side do you side on?" Chris replied quickly, "MY own I guess." The guardian let out another roar. "Good or Evil?" Chris replied, "Uh... Good I guess. Mind telling me where the hell I am?"

The voice made a noise which sounded like a sigh. "You are in Algo Chris Federle. A star system far different from yours. You are currently on the third planet Dezolis. It is the coldest of the planets. YOu are currently in my tower which is in the silence zone beneath the ice."

"Good answer I guess. But how did I get here and why am I here?" Chris replied frantically. "A journey is ahead and that is all I am allowed to tell you. YOu must meet up with some people. And there is a jacket and boots over there for you to where. Good-bye for now Chris Federle."

The spirit left leaving Chris dumbfounded. He went over to the jacket and slipped it on over his shirt. He left the boots behind because he figured his skater shoes would be enough. He saw a box beside the JAcket and boots. He opened it up and found a note. It read this:

Young One,

Enclosed in this box is an item that will halp you in this world. Use it wisely.

Chris shook his head slightly and muttered, "That was pretty straight forward now wasn't it?"
He looked inside the box again and found two daggers.


"I believe I can answer that one." Misty said, sitting slightly on Mint's shoulder. The group walked up the winding staircase as they listened to the Sylph. "Each guardian of each tower has a tie to this world, they are.. what you would call a past spirit called from the afterlife. Although the guardian of the tower looks like a past "Protector" their soul is not the same."

The Sylph laid on her back while gazing at the roof of the tower. "Though the body looks the same, the spirit that dwells inside has been called from the darkest plain of the abyss. As I recall, the guardian of this tower was a large, muscular, blond-haired man. He wields a giant axe, as well as wears the item you're searching for as his own personal cloak."

She sat up, stretching her arms a bit. "Even though theres a evil spirit within him, he's not a violent guardian. He has such a kind, gentle face. I think if you ask him kindly he'll give up the item. If not then be careful, the evil spirit may take complete control over him as most guardian spirits do and he won't quit until each and every one of us is killed."

"You know exactly how to say things don't you Misty?" Mint said as she had a concerned look on her face. The little Sylph giggled as the group continued walking up the winding staircase.


"Thats good Anise. Just take it slowly." A esper told the young girl. Anise would slowly walk around the mansion with a few of the children. "Lady Kyra, you've been so kind to me. My brother was lucky to have you as a sister." She told the blue-haired esper. "It's no trouble at all, you just take all the time you need. Well if you'll excuse me, I have to return to the garden." She told Anise. Leaving the girl at her room the blue-haired woman walked through the hallway.

"What are these?" Anise thought to herself, looking at five dolls placed on her bed.

(^_^ I made these while all of you were all out training.)
(Wow, they look exactly like us.. Well except for a few features.)
(Do I really look like that? *Shudders*)
(Wow Celeith, you did a good job)
(Quit flirting brother.)
(I'm not flirting)

"I remember now, Celeith made these when we were all kids. But how did they... Kyra... thank you." She said, sitting down she grabbed ahold of all the dolls and held them closely.

(Dorn, Kyle, Nara, and Sara)

"Well... that explains why we saw Rolf Eushys in Ikuto Tower," Kyle said, resting his hands on his blades. "But, um, come to think of it, someone's missing."

"I know," Nara replied. "I haven't seen Typhus ever since we got out of Ikuto."

Oh, no! If Typhus is missing... then Jake... he might not... Sara thought, trying her best not to show her worry to the group. No. He's strong. We'll find Typhus, Jake. He can help us with that medicine you need, and then... I'll make you some rappy soup, just like Momma used to make for me-

"-ara? Sara! Watch out right there..."

Dorn's voice was a bit stern, and his tone helped bring Sara out of her thoughts.


"I said there were some pressure plates in this chamber," Dorn said. "See them? The ones with the button and the two darts?"

Sara peered around Dorn. Sure enough, the next room was filled with hundreds of the pressure plates, each one aimed at an odd angle.

"Don't even think about it," Kyle told the group as he removed one of his boots. "You're definintely gonna step on a few of those things. Just like I did." He cursed as he looked at the puncture wounds in his foot.

"Huh... that's odd. Dorn, see the way they're aimed?" Nara pointed at one of the plates, then traced its direction with her finger. "They're aimed at other pressure plates. Some darts would hit us-"

"-and some would hit the plates, firing more darts..." Dorn realized. "Just what we needed. A deathtrap."


Soma awoke as the star of Algo rose, filling the top chamber of Death Tower with a few rays of light. Rykross's sky was still its usual pitch black, and as she climbed from her bed, she looked out the window of the tower. Motavia was still a purple star twinkling in the distance, and Soma smiled as she conjured a mirror.

"Motavia, Dezolis, Rykross, Edagura... simply jewels in our crowns, my beloved Soma," Sha-Vare said, watching as his bride applied her makeup. Once she was finished, she dismissed the mirror, then approached Sha-Vare.

"Yes," Soma replied, embracing Sha-Vare and kissing his lips. "Once the New Moon of Alis rises tonight... Algo shall finally be ours."

"And you, Soma..." Sha-Vare smiled. "You shall finally become my queen."

Soma giggled, then smiled at Sha-Vare. "I already am your queen," she whispered, giving him another kiss. "Now..." Another kiss. "...and..." Another. "...forever."

This last kiss lasted longer than the rest- Soma had transmitted a simple thought to Sha-Vare, who responded, out loud, "Excellent. I see our surprise shall soon be ready..."

As he kissed Soma yet again, Soma transmitted to Sane, You're too late, Sane Terrace. I hope you enjoyed the show Sha-Vare and I put on for your benefit last night... you'll be pleased to hear that I've got a great future ahead of me. I'll soon be the Black Queen of Algo, Sane... and how to put this...

Sha-Vare's baby is inside me.

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The sounds of gunshots were heard through the air as the demons screamed in agony. A youthful man, his long jacket blowing in the desert wind as the smoke from his rifle cleared. The disasters on Motavia had become quite frequent, more and more demons were appearing in the darkness each day.

"Neo Paseo has been cleared, I should report to the guildmaster as soon as I return." The youth said. The once bustling streets of Neo Paseo were now covered in the blood of countless demons slain. The youth walked down the streets passing by a large building, the sign read "Celeiths". "I better go ahead and rendezvous with the others." He thought.

The youth travelled down the long road, his jacket swayed as he walked towards the square. Sitting on the remains of the once beautiful fountain was another man, as well as a woman. "You're late." The raven haired woman said to the youth. Placing the barrel of his gun across his shoulder the youth slowly approached the two.

"Sorry, had some business to take care of." The youth replied. The other man, most possibly the eldest of the group stood as well. Placing his hand through his long platinum hair he swept it back, showing his face. "Aiedo has been cleared, it seems there weren't any survivors as well." The eldest said. "The same with Zema as well. We should report back to the guildmaster as soon as we leave here." The raven hair woman said.

The youth attached his rifle to the strap on his back. "You guys return, I have some business I need to take care of before I leave." The youth said to his comrades. Slightly crossing his arms the two passed slowly by the youth. "Hurry up and finish your business. I'd hate for the guild to have to come looking for you." The raven haird woman whispered. Within a instant the two disappeared into the darkness.

"Heh, come looking for me huh? Only you would be able to catch me Natallia." The youth spoke quietly to himself. Walking slowly down the streets the youth made his way towards the graveyard of Neo Paseo. The youth sighed as he approached, slowly coming to a stop in front of a small grave. "Guess I didn't take care of all of them." The youth said. Glancing down at the grave that read "Mathias" he felt the ground began to weaken.

Jumping back he watched as the ground opened, a demonic figure wielding two claws appeared in front of the youth. The youth placed his hands behind him, reaching underneath his jacket. "Looks like I'm in for a challenge this time. No matter." The youth said, thrusting his arms forward revealing two pistols. "Theres no way you'll be able to defeat me. We of the Echoing Wind Guild aren't meer pushovers." The youth said.

The demon charged quickly, slashing ferouciously at the youth. Quite agile for one his age the youth quickly dodged each blow, firing quick shots from his two pistols. The demon screeched in pain as the bullets pierced its chest. "I bit tougher then the others, but Noa and Aria should be enough to take you down." The youth said quite confidently.

The demon grabbed ahold of its chest, piercing itself with one of its claws. It charged the youth once more but was evaded one more time. Before the youth could fire another shot the demon lunged its hand from inside its chest forward slinging blood in the youths face. The youth staggered back, blinded by the blood that covered his eyes.

The demon let out another screech as it charged once again. The youth tried wiping the blood from his face quickly. The demon slashed downwards, the edge of its claw slightly grazing the youths face. Quickly reacting the demon slashed upwards. The youth thrusted his head backwards to dodge the blow.

Reacting fast the youth jumped backwards into a flip, bottom of his heel hitting the demon below the chin. Landing from his flip just a few feet away the youth kept his body close to the ground as he waited for the demon to charge once again. The youth looked on at the demon, finding something odd about it.

"It looks like, its changing?" The youth thought to himself. Watching on the demon's body began changing from a demonic black color, into that of what normal Palmians looked like. The demon continued to scream, but its screams had become that of fear now instead of anger. The youth slowly approached, keeping a firm grip on both guns.

"Help me" The figure asked the youth. He gazed down, noticing the demon had become a man. The man rose his head to gaze at the youth. "Kill me, before the darkness consumes my soul again. Kill me, before I kill anyone else, before I kill my friends." The man spoke to the youth.

The youth returned both pistols to their carriers, quickly unstrapping the rifle from his back. "I see, so you're just a lost soul trapped in the darkness. Then please do not worry." The youth said as he pointed the gun towards the man. "Valkyrie, the only gun in the world that choses its own master. You chose me to become your partner, and now, please release this mans soul from the darkness and free him from his eternal prison." The youth yelled out.

The youth continued to stare at the man and without hesitation he pulled the trigger. The man was covered in a magical aura that fired from the gun, completely destroying the darkness that surrounded his soul. When the light cleared the youth stared on as the man's body had completely disappeared, only the two claws he used remained.

"Your soul can rest now. Never again shall the darkness envelope you." The youth said. Placing the barrel of the gun across his shoulder the youth turned and began walking. "Hmm?" The youth thought. Slightly turning his head he looked back at the claws. Turning he walked back, kneeling down to pick them up he noticed a kind aura around them.

"These things seem to have mystical properties. Most likely a weapon forged by the Great Light itself. I better take these back to the guildmaster when I report." The youth said. Standing up the youth turned and walked through the dark streets of Neo Paseo, finally disappearing in the darkness that surrounded the area.

Mitria and Sane talked awhile and Mitria finally said to Sane, "I must show you to the elders in the underground city. They will guide you to where you must go." Sane gave a nod.

They travelled across Rykros and finally came to a wall. She tapped on it three times loudly, two times soft, and once quietly. The wall opened up and a staircase was revealed. They both descended. When they reached the bottom they arrived at a balcony with a staircase on either side. Looking out Sane saw many building made of crystal. Wow, Sane thought, It's beautiful. Never seen anything like it. I only wish... Sane tilted his head slightly.

"Come on, the Elder's Chamber is this way." Sane followed the silver haired chamber. All around there were many Numans staring at him. He noticed that there were only a few men. As he past a group of numans his age, they turned to each other and giggled. He began feeling a little uncomfortable in this city. He gave a nervous kind of smile as he walked down the street.

They finally arrived at their destination. Sane took one last look behind him before entering the door to find that there was a crowd following them. He disappeared into the elder's chamber.

He walked down a torch lit hallway into a huge room. There were pillars going all the way down and at the end, a white-haired numan await. He hesitated before continuing. He arrived at the throne and gave a slight bow. The white haired numan said, "You need not bow to me nor anyone in our community." Sane gave a slight nod. "I know why you are here Sane Gillesky Terrace. And I must tell you that you rely on your weapon too much. Stick to your ways on the streets and you shall succeed."

Sane took the woman's words into mind. He then recieved a message.


Soma sighed, content after sending her message to Sane. There, she thought. That should really rile him up now.

A slight quiver ran through her, followed by another. Shrugging in Sha-Vare's arms, Soma ignored it and kissed him again.

A third quiver ran through Soma, much more powerful than the first two. She grunted in pain, pushing Sha-Vare away.

"Soma? Are you all right?" Sha-Vare asked.

She tried to respond, but only cried out in pain- it felt like she was being torn apart from the inside out. Desperately, she reached for Sha-Vare, a look of desperation on her face. Before Sha-Vare could do anything, Soma was immediately surrounded by a bright corona of light. She screamed in agony as the corona flared up.

When it faded seconds later, Soma was wearing her old outfit- white tank top and gray military jeans. Her eyes rolled back as she sank to the ground.

"What the hell?!" Sha-Vare shouted as he ran over to Soma. "Oh, yeah. Sane tried that purification technique on you. No matter, Soma dear- you'll be your beautiful old self soon enough. I'll just put you back in the chamber, and-"

A sudden realization crossed his mind: When he put Celeith in the chamber, her pure spirit had utterly blasted it into slag. It was beyond repair. Cursing loudly, he dropped Soma, then clenched his fists. His lip quavered, then he shouted skywards.

"TERRACE! I don't know why it took so long, but you finally tore my bride away from me! I don't know where you are, but if I see you, I'm going to feast on your entrails, do you hear me!?"

After his shout, Sha-Vare then turned back to Soma's unconscious body. "Ah, screw it. I'll just throw her in the dungeon," he said.


Dorn had his bow readied, and he aimed an arrow at one of the pressure plates. "All right," he told everyone. "Get behind some cover- I don't know where all these darts are going to go when they launch... I don't want anyone getting-"

Soma's scream suddenly arced through his and Kyle's minds, followed a second later by a demonic voice shouting "TERRACE!" The sudden rush of thoughts and emotions caused Dorn to accidentally release his arrow in surprise.

Sane felt his heart shatter at the message brought to him. His heart was suddenly filled with rage and hatred. He thought he heard Sha-Vare's Voice say "TERRACE" but if he did, it was more of a whisper. He looked at the elder and said, "I must go now." Sane gave a respectful bow but was stopped and the numan looked at him and said, "Sane, you must stay a little longer. For final preparations." Sane looked at the wise numan and began to open his mouth. But before he could speak the elder waved her hand and he disappeared.

When he reappeared he was in another dimension. He looked around and raised his weapon. A figure appeared and it said, "You need not fear me. This is simply a little training excercise to test you. This will determine if you are ready or not. Two years in here will seem like two minutes out there. When you return you shall be younger. You shall be the age of 17 again yet all experiance up till now will remain yet new knowledge will be gained. Also you will have power beyond your imagination for it will seem that during these two years, you will have trained for thirty. Any questions?"

Sane stood there pointing with a face of disbelief. His only question was "What are you?" The figure said, " I am an imp. You may call me Carroway." The imp look at Sane then said, "Let's begin." HE snapped his fingers and disappeared. Thousands of monsters appeared and went after Sane.


Dorn watched, confused, as the darts fired all over the trap, ricocheting wildly and impacting through the narrow corridor. After a few seconds, it was over- the darts had all been fired.

"Well, then," Kyle said, cracking his knuckles. "That takes care of one deathtrap. Sure there's more to go."

"I'm sure Miss Mint would know a little more," Sara replied, looking to Mint.

"She can explain on the way," Dorn said. He put his bow away, then nodded. "We're safe to go now."

Sani headed through the tight tunnel first, and Kyle immediately moved to follow her. Dorn leaned into the tunnel just in time to see Sani raising her fist at Kyle. "No. You walk in front of the women!" she shouted.

"Kyle, I'll walk behind Sani," Dorn said, sighing visibly. "You don't have any objections with him in front of you, right, Nara?"

"Not really, but... I'd like to walk behind you. If you don't mind."

"Not at all..." Dorn didn't hear Nara's stammer, or notice the blush on her face. "Sara?"

"I'll be fine with Kyle behind me," the blonde replied, adjusting her sword.

"Right. Let's go, then!"

Hey, Kyle. Did you see that shadow? Dorn transmitted once they all went through the trap.

Yeah. I think it said something, but I couldn't hear it. You don't think-

No. Not Sha-Vare, definitely wasn't Soma, or any of us. Dorn glanced around, then followed Sani down a large corridor.

Skylar finally defeated the chimera. He stood there bleeding from his mouth and had a slightly puffed eye. His left arm hang limp from the point where it broke. He gave out a laugh despite his pain then said, "I certainly seem much stronger. I better find a medic or something to heal my arm. He sighed and began walking back towards the mansion.

Twice he had collapsed to cough up blood. He had made very little distance during that time. He looked up and saw a shadowy figure, a hand was extended to him. He grabbed onto it and closed his eyes, merely thinking it a hallucination. He was yet again unconscious.

He finally saw his destination off in the distance. "Better go get Sane." He said. Raysomi travelled down the hallway into Sane's room. He was gone. But a dark mage stood there. Looking extremely ticked. Raysomi readied his axe.

Typhus reawoke. He was moving but didn't know where. He sat up allowing the blanket he was covered with to fall. He looked around then sniffed the air. He looked at his nails then a tear fell down his cheek. He was palman.

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(AW 2287)

"Big brother!!! Where are you!?!?!" Anise screamed through the streets of Aiedo. She crossed through the alleyways, looking for her brother and his friends that one summers day. The little girl continuously asked the townspeople she crossed if they had seen her brother and his friends. Finally one man pointed her in the direction of the small clearing just behind the graveyard.

Anise ran down the long road, continuing to hold onto a folder piece of paper in her hand. She slowly approached the graveyard, noticing a few figures in the distance. "Why'd they have to come out here today. They know I hate passing through the graveyard." She thought to herself. Closing her eyes the little girl slowly walked through the graveyard, slowly making her way to the clearing.

"Big brother!!!" She yelled out. Slowly opening her eyes she watched as her brother jumped in the air, landing a quick blow with his leg to Mathias' head, sending him flying across the field. "You finally did it Trey!" Celeith screamed in joy, jumping towards him she wrapped her arms around his neck. Anise watched as the larger friend Mathias picked himself up, slowly walked back towards her brother.

The four friends laughed together at that moment. Anise continuing to watch, finally slowly approaching the four. "Anise? What are you doing here?" Trey said as he gazed at his sister. Wiping the sweat from his face, he knelt down so he could see his sisters face. "I wanted to bring this to you big brother.. You know before you four left on your trip." She said, extending her hands she showed her brother the paper.

"What is it Trey?" Crash asked. Kneeling down as well the four looked as Trey opened the paper. On the paper was a crayon drawing of the four friends, as well as Anise who was being held by her brother. "This is very nice Anise, I'll keep it with me always." He said. Placing his hand on her head he messed up her hair a bit. Standing, they noticed the sun began to set in the distance. They began walking back towards the town, when Trey turned his head to notice Anise not following.

"Whats wrong?" He asked. Walking back to his sister he looked in her eyes. "Can you carry me brother? I don't want to walk through that scary graveyard again." She said. Giving a slight chuckle he knelt down. She jumped on his back, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You ready? Don't fall now ^_^" He said. He began running through the graveyard, his friends slowly behind him.

Later that night everyone gathered at Trey's house. Where they all sat around the table sharing a meal together as one family. "Hey! Gimme back my fish!" Trey said, trying to fight his way towards Mathias who stole a fish off his plate. Trey and Anises mother giggled as she brought the friends more fish to eat. They continued eating that night until they could eat no more.

"Brother?" Anise mumbled as she stumbled out of her bed into the hallway. Her eyes still groggy she made her way up the stairs towards her brothers room. "This journey will be dangerous Celeith. Are you sure you want to come?" Anise heard her brother say. Quietly opening her brothers door she watched as her brother and Celeith stood at the window, staring out into the night sky.

"Whats that?" Trey said, quickly turning his head. Anise had tripped while leaning on the door, coming to a crash onto the floor. "Oh you poor thing." Celeith said as she ran to Anises side. "Looks like she was sleepwalking or something, here I'll take her back to her room and then I'll head home." She said. Carrying Anise in her arms Celeith gave Trey a peck on the cheek as she walked down the stairway. "Goodnight Trey, I'll see you guys at the gate in the morning." She said.

The next morning Anise and her mother waved goodbye as the four set out on their journey. The little girls eyes teared up as she watched her brother disappear into the distance. "I'm going to study hard brother. I'll join you guys on your journey one day when I'm older!" She screamed out into the desert. With a smile on her face and tears in her eyes the little girl set out with her mother that day as well, and enrolled in the Piata Academy where she would study hard each day.

The four were roaming the desert that day, when Trey pulled a piece of paper out of his jacket. "So you were serious huh?" Celeith asked. Looking at the drawing Trey had in his hand. "Of course. She's my little sister. I'll always keep this with me. So I'll have something to remember her by when things get tough." He said. He folded the paper once again, placing it in his jacket. The group walked off into the desert continuing their journey.


The group of six continued their journey through Guaron Tower, winding their way through corridor after corridor without seeing any enemies.

Dorn asked, confused, "Huh. Back in the day, this place was crawling with monsters and robots. I wonder what happened to all of them?"

"I don't know," Kyle replied, giving one of his swords a wave. "I don't think they all died out, though. They might be higher up."

As they continued their ascent, they soon came across a very large room, its only feature its pink and purple checkerboard floor. Nara raised an eyebrow and said, "Hey, Dorn, this is weird! That room up ahead's larger than the entire diameter of Guaron Tower. This doesn't make sense..."

"When the mysteries of the past are involved, things rarely make sense," Dorn replied. Readying his bow, he added, "It might be trapped up ahead, guys."

Behind him, Kyle heard a sinister chuckle. Sani cracked her knuckles and gave Kyle an evil glare, giving him a shove into the empty room. Looking around, Kyle said, "No, the door's not trapped..."

Three steps later, he stopped with a loud thud. Groaning, he pulled back and grumbled, "Invisible wall..."


Pulling her lips away from a green-haired student, Ta-Nari smiled seductively as she tickled his nose. "Thanks for the Gi Gra," she whispered, slipping her dress back on. "Number... eighty-seven, was it?"

"Yes, Mistress," the student droned, his free will destroyed.

"Eighty-seven, go to the academy and find me someone who can manifest Na Gra," she ordered, pointing towards the door of her room in Piata's inn. "No fatties."

"As you wish..."

The student lumbered out, and Ta-Nari took a minute to adjust her dress and freshen her makeup. Once she was finished, she heard Sha-Vare's voice shouting "TERRACE!" From what the demoness gathered, he did not sound happy.

Well, well, well, Sha-Vare, Ta-Nari thought, her blue lips curling into her ever-present smirk. Sounds like you've let one of these Palmans under your skin. It takes a true master- someone like me, the most beautiful woman in Algo- to get these Palmans to obey you, heh heh...

She stretched, working a kink out of her neck and shoulders, then continued, Otherwise, they'll just be... a... bother.

"I said, get off me!" A male voice protested from the inn's corridor. "I don't know what keeps going on in there, but-"

A dark-haired man, dressed in the typical lab coat of Piata Academy, was forced into Ta-Nari's room. "Damn it..." The student cursed. "I'm getting out of here, and I'm gonna kick that guy's *!"

"Leaving so soon?" Ta-Nari cooed, attracting the student's attention. His eyes widened, as he looked Ta-Nari up and down. She winked and blew him a kiss, then approached him. "Hehe... I thought not."

"Look, I, uh-"

She silenced the student with a kiss, murmurring in delight as she got a quick taste of his spirit. Mmm... the taste of a good Na Gra... like a fine chocolate, she thought.

Chris stood there admiring the pof the daggers. He put them away and looked around the room. He saw a doorway and headed for it. HE travelled the tower for was seemed to be an eternity to him. He listened to his MP3 for most of the way before finally shutting it off. Looking down the corrider he saw a door. It had a light at the end. He walked towards it to find a staircase made of Ice, heading up towards the surface. Climbing these stairs carefully. He found his way into some bitter cold. Glancing around he saw some people enter a tower not too far away. Not knowing what it was, but something told him to follow them. He stepped onto the surface and the entrance of the ice stairs vanished. "Creepy," Chris told himself * he rushed to the tower.

Sani and Mint

<Thump> <Thump>

Sani continued hitting the invisible wall with her fist. Turning around she looked at the group trying to think of a plan. "Gahh, I don't get it." She said. A sound could be heard coming from the hallway they were in. Glancing past Dorn Sani noticed the stairs beginning to drop one by one. "NOT GOOD!" She yelled out. The group turned quickly, noticing the stairs falling.

Each desperately tried to find a way through the invisible wall. But to no prevail.


She heard Nara yell as she fell down into the darkness.

"Whoa WHOA!"

Dorn yelled out as he disappeared as well. Mint glanced back and began running at the wall. Approaching the wall her crystal began to glow. "There, run through that spot" Misty spoke to Mint. Grabbing ahold of Sani's arm Mint ran through the spot in the wall. The two passed through the wall leaving Kyle to fall into the darkness as well. The final stair dropped from the the other side of the wall, the two looked on as the way down was no more.

"What do we do now?" Mint asked. Sani looked down into the darkness. "Dorn! Nara! Kyle! Can you hear me!" She yelled. But there was no answer. The party had been split up and the only thing they could do was advance to the highest point of the tower to where the guardian waited for them. Not knowing what was ahead Sani unsheathed her sword and the two walked slowly up the winding staircase towards the Guardian's Chamber.

Nara landed on her bottom, after falling for several seconds. Gritting her teeth through the rapidly dulling pain, she looked upwards. There was no sign at all of the checkerboard floor, nor the invisible maze from where she had fallen.

Well, this... this really confuses things, she thought. At least some of us got through the maze... I hop-

"Look out below!"

The voice was Dorn's. Looking back up, she barely had any chance to move before Dorn landed on her, his rather surprised face directly in front of hers.

"...Are you all right?" Dorn asked in between breaths, not noticing that his lips were about a centimeter from Nara's.

"I'm fine... I'm fine. I landed on my butt." Nara sweatdropped. All she could see were Dorn's eyes, green and full of concern. His breath was warm on her face.

"That sounds pretty bad." For some reason, he couldn't bring himself to move away from Nara. All Dorn wanted to do was look at Nara's lips, two gleaming red crescents tjat were starting to form a reply, when-

"I regret nothiiiiiiiiiing~!"

Kyle's scream echoed down the massive chamber as he landed right on Dorn's back, pushing Dorn down just enough for him to kiss Nara.

Needless to say, they were both surprised. As Kyle rose to his feet and looked around the chamber they had landed in, Nara closed her eyes, delighted.

My first kiss as a person... it's better than when I kissed Crash that one time. ^_^

There was a soft pop from behind Kyle, and he whirled on his heel, coming face-to-face with Sara. "Sorry about that," she said, sweatdropping. "I... well, I didn't know a Telepipe wouldn't work right in here."

"Yeah, these towers play hell with Telepipes and Ryuka," Kyle said. "Hey, you haven't seen Sani or Mint, have you?"

"They got through that maze, but... I'm a bit worried for them. They don't have us to help them out."

"And I'm not with Sani, so I can't try to feel her- err, take care of her," Kyle stammered, correcting himself at the last minute. "Where's Dorn and Nara?"

"I thought they fell before we did?"

Glancing around the chamber, Kyle sweatdropped, then groaned when he saw them kissing on the floor. Tapping Dorn's shoulder, he said, "Hey, guys? I hate to ruin your makeout moment... naah, no I don't. C'mon!"

He pried Dorn off of Nara, then told him, "Look, if you two wanted some privacy, I could have arranged it."

"...We'll talk about that later," Dorn said, clearly embarassed. "Let's just work on getting out of here."
He entered the tower. Roaming around randomly. Almost. He kept hearing voices talk as they progressed. He followed those voices. He eventually came to a door. He saw people inside then suddenly the door slammed in front of him just before he could step in.

"What the-?" Chris said. He heard yells then screams. He banged on the door than yelled himself, "I'm coming!" He began shoulder checking the door. He heard a few more screams then it went silent. He stopped. The door opened and he cautiously stepped in. It was a set of stairs. He unsheathed his knives and slowly walked in. The door slammed upon himself. The stairs began moving. He ran to the other side trying to find an exit. Nothing.

Chris began breathing a bit heavier. He knew screaming was pointless and yelling was too. He had to conserve his energy. The floor neared closer. He began bannging against the wall and even started to yell for help. He heard a voice. A small voice. "Trust your insticts" it said. He closed his eyes and searched the wall concentrating. That same voice said "Trust your instincts" again. Chris found the spot, but the darkness from below met up with him. Chris quickly stuck his arms through the spot and tried to lift himself up. Success.

He lay there on the floor breathing heavilly catching his breathe.


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