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About a year ago there was a topic on GameFaqs called Another Phantasy Star RP which involved a series of events and characters non plot related to the games. The story finally hit 500 posts on GameFaqs but was not saved due to the website not locking topics like they do at that time. So with losing Part I there are major pieces in story that have been lost in time. But I take it upon myself to perserve the timely classic that is Another Phantasy Star RP, staring Trenzer as Sane Terrace, Typhus Cole, Lilly Rei, Raysomi, Skylar Spires, Jakob Daze, Chris Federle, Snorb as Soma Spires, Nara, Dorn Kedzie, Kyle Majsio, Sara Macleod, Ta-Nari, and me as Trey Tierney, Celeith Silverlake, Eldrich Crash, Anise Ruglia, Sani Cross, Mint Feltch, and the sylph Misty. So without further delay I give you part II of Another Phantasy Star RP.

Sane was surrounded. He had only one chance of escaping, but that would mean Soma would either be hurt or killed. He couldn't allow that... He stood strong as Soma charged her attack. She was going for a kill. He could use his knife as a distraction but that would be too risky. He held the Elysdeon into place. He said in a low voice, "Sorry Soma, I couldn't save you from this evil. I failed. Only one last thing to do." Sane looked at the shadow then yelled: "SAUNA!"


"I don't think we should be here." Celeith said as she grabbed Kyles arm. She could feel this terrible power coming from a higher point in the castle, it worried her so she did the one and only thing she could do. "We gotta get back to Tonoe Kyle." She said as she pulled out a escapipe. She played a small tune and the two vanished from the castle to the outskirts of Aiedo.

"Dang, I don't have a telepipe." She said after going through her pouch. Her hand still grasped around Kyles arm he began chanting the words for Ryuka. The two vanished and reappeared in Tonoe.


"Celeith! What are you doing back here?" Anise asked as the two appeared in front of her.


"That power... ugh, I know it all too well," Kyle grumbled as he and Celeith reappeared in Tonoe, startling a Motavian girl. "That's Sha-Vare's influence. From the way it felt, I think it was wrapped around two people, then suddenly released its hold on one of them."

"Huh? What would that mean?" Celeith asked.

"That either one of them died, or was refused by Sha-Vare."


"Awwww, you failed to protect me?" Soma asked, deliberately taunting Sane. Speaking as if he were a child, Soma continued, "Soma don't love you no more, Sane. You've had two chances, and you threw them both away. Even your precious friend Lutz has abandoned you."

She threw her slicers, then taunted, "Now your little imaginary friend Sauna seems to be your girlfriend. How quaint!"


"Think we should go after him?" Dorn asked, adjusting his ponytail in the foul, powerful winds that choked Uzo Island. "He's been gone an hour."

"Probably," Nara replied, shouting to make herself heard over the wind noise. "I think whatever Typhus is looking for is on top of the mountain."

Sane gave a maniacal laugh as the slicers came at him. He held the sword in one hand and deflected one of the slicers with his hand as the other struck him in the face, causing a cut from his eyebrow to just below his chin. The power of Sauna was starting to take control of him. "Is that what you think Soma? Heh, don't make me laugh." Sane dropped the Elysdeon allowing Sha-Vare to charge directly at him. SAne had a strange smile. And that glare was back. This time is was blood thirsty. "Is that truly what you think? Hell, I may have failed to protect you. But sometimes, others just get in the way of true paths. My path to destroy Sha-Vare. The legendary sword won't be able to kill him, that I can see. But-" Sane seemed to be engulfed by the cloud of Sha-Vare, "All I need is my hands!" Sane hands started to emit wierd energy as he started spinning. "Ti-dy-fallora-san-jhen-chi-kree," Sha-vares cloud form bursted sending it all over the room, it all formed into one and sane continued, "Fe-Der-gy-sen-cal, PURIFICATION!" Sane's hands emmitted of pure light and he ran towards Soma. His shoced his hand into Soma's chest sending her flying back as he ran digging his hand in her more. HE didn't stop even after he heard her moans of pain. When she hit the wall Sane managed to shove his hand right through her. A dark energy was released and SOma fell to the ground. She had no marks on her but Sane stopped. his hand smoking from the attack. He started to turn back to normal as the Sauna attack wore off. He looked at Soma for a brief moment and fell to one knee. HE used up most of his energy. He looked at Soma and crawled over to her, he checked her pulse. She was still alive.
"Sha-VAre, I will return to you in one hour. It shall end then." Sane looked at Sha-Vare who returned to a solid. Sha-Vare laughed and said, "Through the time since I met you. I have come to respect you Sane Terrace. That is not an easy thing to do, therefore I grant you your one hour. A minute later then I will destroy your pathetic planet." Sane looked at Sha-vare then grabbed a hold of Soma. "Hinas." They appeared outside of what used to be Aiedo. He then said, "Ryuka." He arrived outside of Tonoe. His blood started to run down his face, some of it made its way into his eye.


She could feel her weight slung over Sane's shoulder, her eyes half-fogged and blurred from the pain of combat. Soma knew she was travelling- but where?

Do not despair, she could hear Sha-Vare's voice saying in her mind. Weakly, she glanced over her shoulder, wondering if Sane heard it. He thought he could purify you, Soma. But... I took the Locusta's share of it.

Her eyes widened in surprise. What? Soma wondered. You mean-

I am very much alive, came Sha-Vare's response. I shall regroup. I shall prepare. I shall grow stronger. She heard Sha-Vare chuckle, then he continued, And I shall return, Soma... my bride.


"You all right?" Kyle asked, helping Celeith stand up. Seeing her nod, Kyle then said, "We'd better hurry. I think the others should be back by now."

"Wh... what about-"

"Celeith." He laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure Trey's fine."


"...So, I'm in Tonoe now?" Sara asked weakly, choking down a gulp of water. "And a man named Sane brought me back?"

"Yes, he did!" Sani replied. "He went with my brother Rui... they haven't come back yet."

"I see..." She sat up, then coughed, some of the water spilling out of her throat and mouth. "How long was I out?" she gasped.

"About a day. You looked like you needed a lot of water!"

Jakob clenched his stomach with his arm. He stumbled around the dark hall using the wall to balance with his other arm. He heard creatures as they stared at him. One attempted to attack Jakob but Jakob looked up with a certain anger in his eye which scared the demon off. He coninued down the hall towards the part where he saw light. He found the entrance to the castle. He walked out, making his way out of Aiedo, so he could use what little energy he had left to use Ryuka to make his way to Tonoe.

Typhus was in the barrier. He raised his weapon and moved through the cave with caution. Only an Edagurian could enter this cave and retrieve the ingredients. Typhus knew that so he pressed on.

Sane had returned to Tonoe. He took Soma to a place where she could rest, and he found Anise and Sani there too. Sane put Soma in a bed and kissed her forehead. He walked over to where Sara lay resting, "How are you feeling now? You collapsed just outside of Tonoe yesterday. I found you laying in the sand. Name's Sane, Sane Terrace." Sane gave a slight smile as he saw she was okay.


"I... I..." Sara was a little nervous, to say the least. "My name's Sara MacLeod. I... I think I was supposed to meet all of you." She sat up again, and was once again rewarded with a series of hacking coughs. "I... I'm sorry, Mr. Terrace."

She turned away from Sane, settling back in her bed. "I think I spent too long out there. Too long without water." With a wheezing cough, she continued, "This girl, Sani, gave me some water, but I keep coughing it back up."


As she rested in the bed in Tonoe, Soma could see Sha-Vare appearing before her. "Sha-Vare?" she asked. "Is Sane-"

He suspects nothing, Sha-Vare commented. I'm surprised he hasn't noticed your appearance hasn't changed back to the one he knows. But, that's not important.


"There he is!" Nara said, pointing at a cave. "I just saw Typhus go by! Magnification and infrared scope off!"

A pair of binoculars retracted, then disappeared into her hairline, and the green haze that surrounded what passed for her eyes vanished. Once this was over, she told Dorn, "He's just fine, Dorn."

"I knew it!" Dorn replied. "I wonder what he could be looking for up there that could cure... Esper tales only talk about Maruera leaves up there."

Sane gave a slight nod. "Callme Sane," He started to feel a bit wheezy from his wound. The blood continued down his face. His one eye was completely uselessfor the time being. SAne walked over to Soma trying to cover up his sudden weakness. He knelt beside her bed and used his hand to push her hair out of her face. He looked at her and then the clock. he had about fifty minutes before he had to goand meet with his enemy. He looked through his sack of stuff which he hadn't opened in a long time. He found that of which he needed. He looked blankly at the potion, his father had given it to him as a boy. The potion could cure anything but death. Any scars would vanish, any wounds sealed up. He had two doses left in the vile. He grabbed some of it and put it intoSoma's mouth, who swallowed slowly. Sane walked over to Sara. "Here, take the remaining of this, it will help you recover within the hour." Sane handed the potion to Sara and she started to say something but Sane raised his hand to silence her. "Consider it a get well soon present." SAne tumbled over holding his cut, he was losing more blood then he intended to do.

Jakob was in Tonoe. He stumbled through the town to the inn. He was glad he hadn't need to go far. He slowly made his way to the counter when he saw Sane fall over. He dragged himself towards the group and pulled out the Terrace Blade. Sane looked at it still holding his scar. "Thank you. Jakob." Jakob nodded then crouched over, coughing up blood.


Staring at the strange blue potion, Sara read the label on its side. "'Star Mist. All-purpose Potable Analgesic and Effervescent Formulae, for the Treatment and Recovery of Scarres, Internal Injuries, and Generale Aches and Paines. WARNING: Not intended for use by the Pregnante, Childrene, or the Elderlie. May cause Indigestione, Nauseae, Heartburnne, the Twenty-Seven Year Creepin' Prophallus, and/or Incrediblie Slowwe, Painfull Deathe. Safe for Home or Office Use.' .....Well, if Mr. Terrace says it's safe, then I don't see any harm in it."

She removed the stopper from the bottle, smiling as she smelled the faint aroma of delicate Dezolian flowers tickling and reaching her nose. Hesitantly, she took a small sip-

-gagged, retched, and nearly spat out the small mouthful of horrendous, bitter fluid. Instinct forced her to swallow the Star Mist, and Sara did. Almost immediately, she could feel her pain dulling.

"Well, that feels better," she told herself, looking at the last bit of liquid in the bottle. "I should probably hold on to this... huh. I wonder where my sword went?"


"It's all right. We're almost there."

Helping Celeith walk, Kyle soon reached the inn in Tonoe. Passing through the door, he saw Jakob offering a sword to Sane, then collapsing and coughing.

"What?! Not this again!" Kyle shouted, nearly dropping Celeith. "Sane, we fought him in Skylar's castle!"

Sane was confused. Jakob had been a valued ally and yet, Sane's childhood friend argued otherwise. If only Sane could think better. His cut on his face was deep. It flowed like water through his hands and down his arm, dripping off at the elbow. Sane looked at Kyle, his words now blurred, and there seemed to be three of him switching places simultaniously. He looked at the clock, 44 minutes to go. Sane collapsed.

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Sane was confused. Jakob had been a valued ally and yet, Sane's childhood friend argued otherwise. If only Sane could think better. His cut on his face was deep. It flowed like water through his hands and down his arm, dripping off at the elbow. Sane looked at Kyle, his words now blurred, and there seemed to be three of him switching places simultaniously. He looked at the clock, 44 minutes to go. Sane collapsed.


"Whoa! Sane!" Kyle shouted, practically dragging Celeith with him as he dashed over to his side. ".....Damn. They're both out. Look at all this blood..."

"That's weird," Celeith murmurred as she let go of Kyle. "Jakob... doesn't look anything like when we fought him."

"Yeah, he looks..." Glancing down at the blood spilling on the floor, Kyle then said, "...he looks Palman. And that sense of darkness I had when we fought... I'm not feeling it now."

"What does that mean?"

"It means, for now," Kyle grunted as he struggled to lift Jakob. "Our friend Jakob is still our friend Jakob. And that means we give him our best."


Sara's sword was propped in a corner of the room near where Sane had set the green-haired woman. As she strapped it to her back, she wondered- Who were you, madam, to bestow such a fine gift upon me? For what purpose do you intend me? Oh, Light-

The door to the room opened suddenly. A dark-haired man clad in gray, white and black, stepped through the door, carrying a brown-haired man across his back. He dumped him on Sara's bed, then turned to Sara.

"There's another one downstairs," he told her. "I'll be right back up... arrgh. Lutz Mir, you really should have had us War Espers work out more. My shoulders... x_X"

After the War Esper had left, Sara looked at the other man. Resting on the bed, he coughed up blood every few seconds. Despite her misgivings, Sara lifted him to an upright position, then opened the bottle of Star Mist.

"Here," she said, unsure if the man could hear her. "I know it tastes bad, but you need what's left more than I do."

After administering the Star Mist, the Esper returned, setting Sane on a third bed. "And there you go. Na Sar!"

Teal target circles appeared beneath Kyle, Sane, and the third man, before surging with healing energy.


Soon, Soma, Sha-Vare's voice whispered to her. Soon my full strength shall return to me. Once I regain my strength, we shall rule Algo.

But first, Soma replied. I have my score to settle with Sane and Trey.

Lutz Trey Tierney is no more. The rest of your former comrades in arms are all that stand between us and Algo, my dear Soma.

Jakob swallowed the foul tasting liquid. His energy returning to him faster than it would normally. He forced his eyes open and saw a young woman tending to Sane. Jakob smiled at the site and saw her turn around and look at him. He quickly changed his expression and looked away.

(Anise and Sani)

"Forgive me Anise" a small voice was heard, but noone was in sight. Anise looked around hoping to find the voice. "Trey?" Anise murmered. She could tell, that Trey had gone far away. She knew that her brother had sacrificed himself for the good of his friends. She knew this because of the bond they both shared. "Hey big sister" Sani said as she approached Anise, noticing tears in her eyes.

"Anise? Whats wrong?" she asked. Anise turned to her, kneeling down she wrapped her arms around Sani, continuing to weep. "Don't worry, everythings going to be alright Sani." Anise said, not wanting to let her know yet that Trey had left this world. A slight pulsating feeling could be felt coming from the Psyco knives strapped to Sani's waist.


"I knew these maps would come in handy." Crash said as he led a few civillions through the basement. "Apparently seven years ago the governor of Neo Paseo signed a contract with the elder of Molcum to build a passageway that would lead straight from the hangers of Paseo to Tonoe." he said. The elder of Molcum known as Gryz continued slowly behind the group keeping a eye out for monsters. "If we can make it back to the hanger we can finish the air tanks on the spaceship and bring it to Tonoe to evacuate." Crash said, continuing to follow the paths on the map.


Sara gave the brown-haired man a smile, but his smile quickly faded away, and he turned away from her. I wonder what that was all about? she thought as she stepped away from Sane for a moment. Maybe he thought it was rude to stare?

She approached the other man's bed, and then took another look at him. I don't know why he turned around. He's got a cute smile, Sara thought. Taking his arm, she held it up in the air, then let go, watching it fall back to the man's side. Pretty strong, too. Nice and lithe.

Sara blushed involuntarily. Look at you, Sara! Thinking about a man that you barely know like that! Taking his wrist again, she started concentrating, then whispered, "Res. Hope you feel better... whoever you are."


Sutures, bandages, and probes extended from hidden slots in Nara's body as they scanned Dorn, then soothed some of his injuries. "I'm really sorry, Dorn," Nara said as the probes continued their swift operation. "I thought you saw the barrier."

"Well... I kinda did now," Dorn replied. "Never felt energy like that before. Come to think of it, I never really hurt like this before, even when I was being held by those bandits a couple weeks ago."

"It should be easy enough to dispel, right?" Nara asked. The probes retracted back into her skin, and she said, "MEDIC_PWR.EXEC completed. You are now partially healed."

"Thanks. I think. ...Wonder how Typhus got past this?"

His eyes were closed again and felt as his hand was raised up and released. He was curious as to why she did that and wanted to ask her. But instead he layed in his position. He then felt the warmth of a Res technique. He allowed the warmth to consume him. He then heard her say, "...Hope you feel better... whoever you are." That voice made him smile. He absorbed the words of the young female. He wanted to jump up and say "Thank You" but instead he twitched and grunted. Even with the help of the Star Mist. He was in too much pain, but yet he was happy. He could not explain but he felt happy.

SAne forced his eyes open and saw Sara tending to Jakob. He looked around for a clock but saw none. How long had he been out. Didn't matter to him. He just had to get out of bed. He struggled to get up not making a noise and grabbed his sword. He used it as a support. He now stood up and tried walking, "AAAughh." Sane yelled in pain. THe now alerted Sara ran towards him to try and stop him but he gave her a look that would scare even the Profound Darkness itself. Sane continued to try to walk.

Typhus continued on. He saw a shadow speed fast him. He stopped. He knew whereabout he was in the cave. Halfway between his destination and the exit. He now stood silently. Something was wrong and he knew it. It was quiet, too quiet. He raised his weapon and thought he heard something behinf him so he turned and swung. He was rammed hard in the back by something. He flew at an incredible speed through the cave, he exited the barrier still in the air and flew over top of his two comrades. HE was at least a hundred feet in the air as he went flying farther from the mountain. He started to descend.

(What Sara did was basically a test to see if Jakob had any brain damage or inability to use his arm- if he had such, his arm would have dropped without resistance on his part.)


Sane's glare pretty much conveyed to Sara the sentiment "I'm all right. * it! Go take care of the other guy!", and Sara backed off, visibly shaken by his cutting stare. As she turned back towards Jakob, she heard Sane stagger down the stairs, supporting himself with his sword.

He's determined, I'll give him that, she thought as she returned her attention to Jakob. But, with his injuries... he's a fool to go out into the desert! ...Never mind that now, Sara.

Jakob was still resting, and Sara could see a deep-looking cut running down his other arm. She reached into her itempack, rustling around until she found a Monomate. Once she got it, she sat down and ripped off a scrap from her skirt. "I really wish I could do more for you," she told him. "But I think I exhausted my tech reserve... I can't manifest Res again. This should take care of that cut on your arm."

Pouring the Monomate onto the skirt scrap, Sara pressed it gently to Jakob's wound, then tied the scrap in place as a bandage. After this, she sat back down, closing her eyes.

"O Great Light, please watch over this man and guide him towards a swift recovery..."


"Sane?" Kyle said, setting down a teacup as he saw Sane working his way down the stairs. "That healer up there must have used Rever on you- I really think you should rest a bit, though. Fighting Skylar and Soma must have taken a lot out of you-"

Without even a word, Sane pushed past Kyle, ignoring him.


"Alright, all systems are ready!" Crash said as he sat down in the main seat of the spaceship. "Everything seems to check out, air tanks full, energy at max, alright everyone lets move this thing to Tonoe." He said as he along with a few civillions from the neighboring towns began preparing for the first voyage into space in over ten years. "We should be coming out of the cave soon everyone, we will stop at Tonoe, grab everyone and evacuate to Dezolis." His words were heard over a speaker.


"I can't believe you're actually gone." Celeith said as she continued to stare up into the sky, the clouds were still growing darker and darker. Only a little bit of sunlight could be seen now. A few moments passed, and then the ground began to shake uncontrollably. Earthquakes were common this time of year, but this was no ordinary earthquake. The ground split open, showing a larg metallic object coming from below.

(Anise Sani Crash and Celeith)

"Is that the spaceship?" Anise said as she and Sani came running up. Many of their allies, along with the few survivors of Motavia with them. "I've never seen anything that big." Sani said amazed. Within a few seconds the large door opened, Crash's voice could be heard over the speaker. "Everyone get in, theres no hope left, we have to leave." He said. All the survivors began boarding the spaceship, but the team was still worried.

"What about big brother Anise?" Sani asked, tugging on Anise's clothes. She just looked down as Sani, grabbed her by the hand, and walked with her to the spaceship. "Trey." Celeith said as she stared up at the spaceship, sadness still in her heart. She noticed Kyle carrying a hurt Jakob towards the ship, a unknown girl following close behind. "Wheres Sane?" She asked


She was still asleep, but Soma could sense that she was being moved. We're going somewhere, she thought. And I see that they finally have a spaceship.

A spaceship? was Sha-Vare's reply. Interesting. Very interesting.

How are you, Sha-Vare? Soma asked. Have you mustered your strength?

Nearly. Soon, my dear Soma. Soon.


"Dorn?" Nara asked, pointing towards the horizon. "Do you see that?"

Dorn followed Nara's finger, looking at a small rising cloud. "I do. That's not natural."


"Sane?" Sara repeated, helping Kyle load Jakob into one of the spaceship's beds. "He ran out of the room so quickly-"

"Brushed right past me, Celeith," Kyle added. "I don't know where he went, but he looked pretty determined to get there."

"I'm worried about him- with his injuries, he won't last an hour in the desert!"


How amusing, Sha-Vare said to Soma. Sane's on his way back to Aiedo.

Raising an eyebrow, Soma replied, I know. Sha-Vare, when he comes... She smiled. Crush him. Be as brutal as you desire.

Sha-Vare gave a hideous laugh, then told Soma, That I shall... however, there is one small problem. My queen is not at my side.

Soma felt her spirit shudder as her body disappeared from the spaceship, reappearing in front of Sha-Vare. Looking around, she saw Sha-Vare had taken the form of a Palman in heavy gray armor.

"There. That takes care of that," he said, looking at Soma. "Together, we'll deal with Sane."

"Then we shall deal with Motavia," Soma replied. Offering no resistance as Sha-Vare pulled her close to him, Soma wrapped her arms around his neck, closed her eyes, and kissed him.


This was an altogether new sensation for Sara- as such, she wanted to familiarize herself with the spaceship, taking in as much information as she could about it.

"That's where most of us are sleeping," she told herself. "And that's the medical area... I think. Most of the things in there look like doctors' tools."

Walking down a corridor, she then said, "There's the entry ramp. And that's a 'garage-' wonder what that is." She took a few more steps, then paused. Jakob was looking around the ship, evidently feeling a lot better than he was a few hours ago. Giving him a smile, Sara asked, "Oh, there you are! Are you feeling better?"

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Sane walked for what seemed hours to him. He turned to his right. He saw Nalya. He went inside the small town and retreated to his home. He took a whiff of the familliar scent of his house. Then he heard a young voice yell, "Dad's home!" A child of what seemed to be five came running to him and hugged him. At first he was kind of shocked but then he hugged the child back. He said to the child without control of what came out, "Hey champ. Where's your mother?" "She's cooking food." Sane smiled and said, "Hop on."

The child crawled on his back and put his arms around Sane's neck. Sane stood up and ran around the room for a bit before stopping to put the child down. Sane went to the kitchen and saw someone at the counter. "Hey." Sane said softly. The woman turned her head and body slightly and winked, it was Soma. "Hey." She replied as she walked over to him. Sane smiled. He said to her, "I love you Soma." She repled, "I love you too dear." SAne moved his lips towards her as she did to him. Theirs lips were about to connect when he felt a splash of water on his face.

Sane tried to force his eyes open and saw a shadowy figure. He had not known who it was but whoever it was he was greatful for as they picked him up.

As Jakob heard Sara he looked to her and changed his expression slightly, He then said, "I am. Could have been better but I'll live right." Jakob gave a nervous chuckle and then said, "But then again it could have been a lot worse if it hadn't been for you. Thank you." He put his arms to his side and bowed.

How long have i been running in this labyrinth? Feels like its been weeks or months now. Raysomi pondered. He sighed as he eliminated another enemy. His two rappies followed close by. "Damnit. I'm starting to get fed up by this. " He raised his hand to the roof in front of him, "Flaeli!" The roof fell in as the bolt of fire hit it. He started to walk up the debris as he said, "Just taking a shortcut." He continued.

(Crash Anise and Kyle)

"Three.... Two.... One.... LETS GO!!!" Crash yelled out as the ships engines ignited. The ship shot into the sky with great speed, passing through the barrier and through the dark cloud that hovered above the planet. "Everyone brace yourselves!" He said over the speaker, the enemies that were flying around were trying to break the ship.

"Don't we have any weapons?" Anise said, looking through a book. Crash glanced to the side. "You're not going to find anything in that old manual, we didn't have time to put weapons on this thing since it was only going to be for passenger transporting." He said to her. One of the large dragon type monsters flew towards the ship, trying to ram it. "What the? It bounced off?" Anise said.

The dragon had been struck with some kind of electrical current and began to fall. She looked back. "Just keep going I got us covered." Kyle said, chanting some words constantly it seemed a small barrier had formed over the spaceship.


"I'm sorry everyone, but I can't leave. There has to be a way to bring him back." Celeith said to herself as she watched the spaceship fly into orbit. The barrier began to vanish, soon the last bit of hope in the world would be covered in darkness. She unsheathed one of her twin swords, and untied her hair from its ponytail.

She grabbed ahold of her long blonde hair, and with one swift slice she cut it. "There, I know this doesn't mean anything.. But now I can search for him, without any regrets." She said, her hair still in her hand. Releasing her grasp on it the hair blew away in the wind, her body instantly vanished as she cast a Ryuka technique back to Aiedo.



She was a bit surprised to see Jakob bowing, but his kind words were a relief to Sara. Smiling warmly, she said, "You're quite welcome, sir. I'm glad you're feeling better. My name's Sar-"

The rest of her words were drowned out as the ship lurched suddenly, then lifted from the Motavian sands. The sudden motion shook Sara off balance, and she was started to fall towards Jakob.


".....What the hell was that?" Dorn asked. "An explosion?"

"No... compressed hydrogen and nitrogen fuel cells venting," Nara told him, taking a scholarly tone. "Those are usually used in... oh. Oh, no."

"What? What's wrong?"

The android sweatdropped. "Those are usually used in older model spaceships as a means to escape planetary gravitational wells. In English, Dorn: Our companions are now off-world."



His kiss, his hands, him- Soma greatly enjoyed the sensation that was Sha-Vare, and made no effort to hide her mutual attraction. Murmurring softly as she felt Sha-Vare's lips brushing hers, she transmitted to him, Give me more, Sha-Vare. Give me more love.

He pulled away from Soma, just long enough to say, "I shall, Soma. Who am I-" He gently caressed Soma's cheek, running a finger down the side of her neck. "-To deny my queen her every desire?"

"You flatter me, Sha-Vare."

"I speak the truth, Soma. And right now, I believe someone has a pair of ruby red lips that want to be kissed."

Soma giggled flirtatiously, then nodded. Sha-Vare kissed Soma again, this time running his hands down her bare back. He pulled her closer, moving his hands below her waist, when he suddenly felt a twinge of anger.

"Soma. We've got another potential irritant in our midst."

"I know- that Silverlake girl," Soma replied. "Let us crush her spirits."

"Then we crush her bones."


Celeith ran into the castle once again, a large hole in the roof. A magnificant sword stood in the light that barely shined through. She walked towards it, and placed her hand on it gently. "Please... Protect... Celeith.. and... my... family..." An image showed of Trey fading away as he handed Sane the sword. Her eyes teared up as she grabbed ahold of the sword, lifting it out of the ground. "Why.. Why did he.." She said to herself as she hung her head, tears dripped down her cheek.

"He fought to save you.. To save us.. I hate you.. I HATE YOU!!" She yelled out. Strapping the sword on her back she ran down the hallway that Trey had once taking previously. Using her twin swords she slayed many goblins and demons that were in the hallway. Following the same path he took she braved the unknown, only wanting revenge for her friend.

"SOMA!" She said as she ran into the master room, dropping her swords she unstrapped the Elsydeon and grasped it with both hands, pointing it towards Soma. "I hate you.. I hate you.. Give him back.. Give me my Trey back!" She said sad yet angrily. Soma just laughed maniacly, it seemed Soma was not afraid of Celeith, even though she held the mightest weapon known to history in her hands.

"What are you laughing at?" She said, Soma slowly approached her. Not budging she prepared for what was to come. If it was going to cost her her life to finally end the reign of the dark queen Soma, she was ready, the thoughts of her past clouded her mind with anger for the loss of her closest friend. Soma extended her hand as Celeith charged her, a demonic aura shot out towards her with great speed.

"NO!!!" A voice yelled out. Celeith placed the sword in front of her, hoping to block the blast. "Trey?" She said as a ghostly image of him jumped out in front of her, being blasted by the demonic aura. The blast collided with him, the only thing that was left after the light faded was a small crystal on the ground. "No.. Trey no.." Celeith said as she picked up the crystal.

"He protected me.. But.. is this his soul crystalized?" She thought to herself as she placed the crystal into the memento pendant Trey had always carried around with him. A image popped in her head. "Here Celeith, this was my mothers. I want you to hold onto it." Trey said as he placed his mothers pendant around Celeiths neck. "No more.. Prepare yourself Soma.." Celeith yelled out.


"What am I laughing at?" Soma replied, drawing her slicers. "Very good question, little girl. All I see is a little girl with a bad haircut, waving a sword like it's a toy."

With a smirk, she took a step towards Celeith. "You know, Sha-Vare," she said, "I think this little girl would make a perfect little slave, wouldn't you say so?"

"Hmm. Has a bit of an attitude problem," Sha-Vare replied. "I think we'd better take care of that."

With a shriek, Celeith charged, shouting "Prepare yourself, Soma!". Feigning a yawn, Soma prepared a technique.

Celeith drew closer, Elsydeon singing as she started to swing.

At the last second, Soma brought her hand up, opening it. "Na Foi!" she shouted, unleashing a jet of flame zero-range at Celeith's head, throwing the blonde clean across the throne room.

As Celeith staggered to rise, Soma formed another technique, then said, "Na Gra." Waves of gravity pressed down on Celeith, sending her back to the floor in agony. Soma laughed cruelly at Celeith's cries of agony as Sha-Vare walked over to her, scooping her up off the floor.


"...So, what you're saying is, they took off without us," Dorn said, watching the spaceship's contrail rising into the sky. "Think they forgot about us?"

"I don't think so," Nara replied. "Those flying lizards-"


"Those 'dragons' are attempting to attack the ship, but some kind of metapsionic energy's repelling them. Extrapolating........" A small bell tone came from Nara's back as she then said, "There's an 85% chance they took off because of some external danger- such as the dragons."

"And the other 15%?" Dorn asked, surprised and concerned.

"They ditched us." Crossing her arms, Nara thought, But Crash wouldn't do that. I'm sure he waited as long as he could for the three of us.



The pitch of the spaceship caught her off-guard, and Sara quickly found herself in Jakob's arms. She blushed slightly, hoping he wouldn't notice

Thinking fast, Typhus closed his eyes and concentrated as hard as he could, "Teleportation!" He disapeared and landed on top of the ridge where he had started. He rolled to his back and caught his breathe. Looking up he saw Dorn and Nara.

Sane awoke. How long have I been laying here. Sane pondered to himself. He looked at his surroundings. It was a small hut, crowded, but cosy. Sane stared at the ceiling. He sighed then remembered what it was he was doing. He jerked up as fast as he could but fell back down yelling in pain. His ribs were sore. But why? He looked around the room again. He saw two people. One was a girl younger than he, probably about 14 or 15. And an old man who looked blind.

Jakob realised what just happened and helped Sara regain her balance. His face turned red and he kind of looked away. Saying nervously, "Are you okay?"


"I... I..." Sara stammered, her blush deepening ever so slightly as she realized Jakob was holding her up, keeping her steady. "I'm... fine. Thank you..."

Again, her blush deepened, and she tried to avert her eyes from Jakob. "I wish I knew your name... so I could thank you properly. I... I... I'm Sara..."

Her nervousness was obvious, both from her tone of voice and the blush across her nose and cheeks.


He continued his chant, trying to maintain his mental focus so the energy barrier surrounding the ship would remain intact.

But even still- I think that was forty dragons, Kyle thought, still chanting. "Look, guys," he said. "If anybody has a rifle or a shotgun or even a slingshot- something, anything to try and frighten off these dragons, it'd be really appreciated right now."


Balancing Celeith's battered body in his arms, Sha-Vare smiled at Soma. "Nicely done," he said. "Looks like she didn't know what she was doing after all."

"Nope- and look what it brought her," Soma replied. Walking up to Celeith's face, she smirked hatefully and said, "Your little Trey's gonna live on in your heart. Except that you and I both know that isn't true, and that he's right and truly forever dead. So sorry!"

As Sha-Vare stood, waiting patiently as Soma mocked and derided Celeith, an idea came to him- when he was possessing Kyle, Sha-Vare remembered a tall, pressurized chamber that he put Soma into- the machine that eventually transformed her into his queen.

"Soma," he said, slinging Celeith over his shoulder. "I'll be right back with our friend, Miss Silverlake."

"Very well. What shall we do with her?"

"I have just the idea. Follow me."

Nodding, Soma followed her husband through the castle, eventually reaching the machine Sha-Vare had thought of. Opening the chamber doors, he hurled Celeith into the cylinder, grinning as he heard her thud off the opposite wall. Sealing the chamber, he adjusted some switches and settings on the machine. Finally, he threw a massive lever, and the machine shuddered to life.

"Interesting," Soma said, raising an eyebrow. "I was thinking as much for her. How long will we leave her in there?"

"Long enough." Sha-Vare scooped Soma off the ground, taking advantage of the opportunity to kiss her. Turning on his heel, he headed out of the castle's lab, playing with a wisp of Soma's hair as he said, "We'll let her out of the chamber when we're done."

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"Whats this? Where am I?" She thought to herself. She was floating alone in darkness. Her body quivered, she could feel a evil presence succumb her soul. "No.. No! Go away!" She yelled out as some evil came towards her. She closed her eyes. "HELP ME!" She yelled out as her body began to disappear into the darkness.

The door of the chamber exploded, shooting across the room. "That was a lot quicker than expected." A voice said out. The smoke cleared and the two stared into the chamber, but Celeith was not moving. Her body had changed, her hair had become dark red, her ears had become pointed. But there was no life left in the body. She just laid there, huddled up. "Guess she was to good, and to pure. The darkness must have killed her. Come lets go Soma, our guest should be here soon." Sha-Vare said as they walked away.


"I don't feel so good." Sani said as she huddled herself up in her seat. "Brothers knives, they feel like they're... crying.." She thought to herself, the knives in her hand.


"Hmph." Soma crossed her arms, glaring down at Celeith's body. Celeith's clothes had become a rather revealing blue dress, and her now-pointed ears were visible through her very long red hair, and she stared, seemingly lifelessly, at Soma with mottled purple eyes. The corpse's blue-lipsticked lips were opened, frozen in a silent scream, unnerving to most Palmans.

Giving the body a gentle kick, Soma said, "Too pure, indeed. To blow the door clean off the chamber... must have been powerful. Too bad- we could have used her."

She paused, long enough to spit on Celeith's face, then turned to join Sha-Vare.

Sane forced himself to go up but then the female ran to his side. "Don't, you'll open up your wounds." Sane stopped and fell back to the bed panting heavily. "W-Why did you bring me h-here?" Sane said gasping for breathe. The old man said, "My daughter saw you collapse in the desert so she got me. She brought me to you and some biomonsters were attacking your body. So I killed them." Sane looked at the blind man. "H-How? I-I mean," Sane gasped for more air. "I know what you are thinking young man. How is it that a blind man could kill biomonsters?" The old man chuckled. "I don't have to use sight in order to see you know.I trust my other senses." Sane stared at the old man. Then reverted his eyes to the female beside him.

"Frank Rivers." The old man said. "Huh?" Replied Sane. "My name's Frank Rivers. And this is my daughter Sirona Rivers." Sane closed his eyes breathing heavily, "I'm Sane. Sane Terrace." With that, Sane passed out.

Jakob let off a sweat, could she know that he was nervous? He replied to her in a voice that was kind of shaky, "M-my name is..." Jakob stopped a moment, He forgot his name. He laguhed a nervous laugh then said, "I-I just forgot my name. S-sorry." He continued to laugh then said, "Jakob, the name is Jakob Daze. Many people call me Jake." He thought a moment then said, "I got something I have to do, see you around Sara. Hopefully." Jakob gave another bow to her then walked away in a speed walk.

Raysomi burst through the floor to the top floor. He scanned the room and then saw his target. There he saw Sha-Vare and Soma, kissing each other. He looked around at the debris, there were feathers scattered in one part of the room. Destruction in another. And so forth. He scanned the room again and noticed Skylars mangled body, Celieth's in a chamber and then reverted his eyes back to the two who were kissing. "Looks like I missed the party." He said, startling the two. Sha-Vare looked at Raysomi. I sense a darkness in you, and yet I sense a purity in you. I sense my pet, The Profound Darkness within your veins, and yet I sense the Great-Light within your veins. Guess this makes me your father." Raysomi laughed and said, "You know, Sha-Vare. In a way we are related, too bad I have to kill you now." He prepared his axe. Ready to fight the maniac before him.

(Crash and Anise)

"How long has it been since we took off and hit orbit Crash?" Anise asked. Crash was messing with the controls, trying to keep the life support of the ship going. "Its been a little bit over an hour now since we left." Crash said. The ship was going extemely fast, the rockets Nara had installed onto the ship had made spacetravel easy, the group and the few civillions had already begun to approach Dezolis.


"Big brother.." Sani mumbled as she slept. It was as if she could see Trey, he was in a magnificant mansion with a few strange people. One of the women seemed familiar to her, but in the same sence it was not. Sani continued to dream.


Soma smirked as she once again twirled her slicers, staring down Raysomi alongside her husband. "So, we have another wannabe hero," she taunted. "Looks like he and his little birdies need to be taught an important lesson!"

As she threw her slicers at Raysomi, Soma shouted, "Moonshadow!"


Sara stammered a faint "See you again... Jake," just as he walked- rather hastily, she thought- away from her, down the corridor. Once he was out of sight, Sara leaned against a wall and smiled, closing her eyes.

He's pretty nice! And he's kinda charming, too- a bit odd, but he seems like a really nice guy, she thought as she sighed contentedly. Maybe I can go help him with whatever it is he needed.

Stepping away from the wall, Sara started to follow Jakob down the corridor. As she walked, she passed by a porthole, She couldn't help but look out it, and her eyes widened in surprise.

That... that's Motavia! Right out the window... that's Motavia!

Raysomi let the attack hit him. The slasher shattered. He then looked at Soma and said, "Did you really expect that to effect a god?" Raysomi walked towards the two, giving a glare that seemed to stun them both.

He had a dream of better times. It was back when he was a child, growing up with his friends. It then change scenes. Sane was in school. It was after class and he walked up to a girl who was putting her books away. He gained up all his courage then walked over to her, "W-Will you go out with me?" The girl turned around and looked at him with disgust. "I would never ever, ever ever ever ever ever ever, ever go out with you. Not even if you and I were the last two on Motavia." Sane felt as if his heart shattered.

Sane woke up and looked around. HE saw a clock and then sat up fast, opening his wounds. He didn't feel it as he jumped up and grabbed his stuff. He ran right past Sirona and Frank who had been trying to stop him. He started to run through the desert when he lifted his hand and yelled, "Ryuka!" But, before he disapeared, Sirona grabbed hold of him, bringing her along with him.


She looked first at Raysomi, then at the shattered remains of her slicers, then back at Raysomi again. "Very well, then," she said, calmly, trying not to let her surprise show. "There's still a trick or three up our sleeves- just you, Raysomi, me, my beloved Sha-Vare... and our GUARDS!"

Nothing happened. Raising a concerned eyebrow, Sha-Vare demanded, "What happened to the Fuoren586es I summoned? They should have killed you and the Silverlake girl thirty times over by now!"

The two then watched as Raysomi produced one of the Fuorens' severed heads. Calmly dropping it, Soma and Sha-Vare winced noticably, their calm demeanor shattered, as Raysomi muttered two words.

"Manufacturer's defect."


"It's been way too long," Nara said. "I haven't seen Typhus land."

"I'm sure he's okay," Dorn replied, glancing down the ridges of Uzo Island. "Trust me on this one, Nara."


"Esper intuition. Now, we haven't seen or heard him land, but I did pick up a faint glamer of psionic focus being used." Dorn adjusted his mantle, then added, "The way it felt, it was psychoportation energy... wasn't Ryuka or Hinas..."

"Dorn?" Nara questioned, seeing Typhus lying on the beach, smiling at the two of them.

"Hush. Thinkery, Nara. Now, this psychoportation-"

//ignore: Kedzie, Dorn M.;listen to a woman for once, Nara reminded herself, adding a reminder to the directive: Thirty minutes. Abort //ignore directive if necessary. Once she made her programming comment, she scaled the ridge, approaching Typhus. "There you are," she said, helping him up. "Are you all right? Do you need healing? Never mind- activating MEDIC_PWR.EXEC. Please remain perfectly still. Do not move or talk..."

Nara started to operate on the Edagurian with her medical programming, while Dorn obliviously stood on the ridge, going over his thoughts. Finally, he said, "Therefore, Nara, Typhus is standing..."

He sweatdropped. Typhus and Nara were standing below him. Meekly, he finished, "...exactly where I thought he teleported to."


"So, you're all alone now?" A mysterious voice said in Sani's dream. She was walking in darkness, walking on a never ending path. "Don't worry Sani, big brother Rui will protect you." A voice said as images of her and Trey appeared trapped in the dungeon. It faded away and she continued on walking. "He lied you know, even though he promised he still left you all alone." The mysterious voice spoke again.

Sani began running. "Leave me alone, big brother promised." She yelled out. In the distance she saw him, standing there all alone in that dark place. "Big brother!" She yelled out. No matter how fast she ran, it seemed she never moved an inch closer to him. He turned to her, with a smile on his face. His body began to fade away as she was finally able to approach.

She reached her hand for him, but he vanished in a instant. She fell to her knees. "Empty promises, nothing you do will make him come back. You're alone, and you always will be." The voice said again. "No!! You're wrong!" She yelled out. One more image played in her mind. "I don't like using swords but... I'm borrowing this." She heard her big brother say. An image of that final battle took place in her mind, even though she had not been there to witness it.

She watched as her brother extended his arm, beautiful angelic wings on his back as a sword appeared in his hand. She watched as he began combat with the man known as Skylar, eventually winning. "Please Sane.. Take care of.. my.. family.." She watched him say as she watched him fade away from existance in Sane's arms. The sword only remaining. "These are the last images I have witnessed. You have been chosen, now you must wake up." Another voice spoke to her.

"No, you are weak and pathetic. You are alone. Just sit here in darkness, and eventually fade away." The first voice spoke. She looked around confused, her mind could not take all of this. She huddled up, only thinking about her big brother. Finally the voices stopped. But she was still in the darkness. "Sani, you are never alone." A womans voice said. Sani turned around, noticing a woman slowly approaching her in the darkness.

Sani looked up at the woman, noticing something familiar about her. "Why such a look on your face? Haven't you ever seen yourself before?" The woman said. Sani sat there staring up at the woman who called herself Sani as well. "I'm you, but in a sence, I'm not you. Relax, I'll tell you the whole story." The older Sani said.

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It's all so clear up here... not like home, Sara thought as she looked at the starfield filling the porthole. I can see the Fool, and the Wheel of Fortune. You don't usually see both of those during the summer. And over there...

"Oh! The Tower!" Stars started to form in Sara's eyes as she looked at the constellations. "I haven't seen that in a very long time! And the Heirophant!"

Motavia started to shrink, becoming smaller and smaller, until it appeared to be so small Sara could mistake it for a marble. She sighed wistfully, smiling. How many other people have ever seen the stars like this? she thought, watching the constellations and stars drift by.


Sitting back in his chair, Kyle sighed and said, "Well, at least that's over with. Not even Alis Landale had to deal with that many dragons!"

As he settled backwards, a massive yellow-gray object rushed past the ship. The comm systems crackled to life, with a mechanical voice shouting, "MORONS!" Crash grabbed the microphone and called back, "If you don't know the width of your space station, you shouldn't be flying it!"


Gritting her teeth, Soma snapped her fingers, summoning two new slicers out of nothing as she and Sha-Vare continued to stare down Raysomi. "Very well," she said. "If you will not stand alongside us, then you shall cower before us!"

As Soma and Raysomi prepared another strike, Celeith's body staggered to her feet, then smoothed her dress's short skirt. "Well, well," she said, as she tried to balance in a pair of stiletto heels. "Looks like quite a situation here."

"What the hell!?" "Silverlake?! How the f-"

She took a careful step, still trying to keep her balance, then approached Raysomi. Giving him a blue-lipped smirk, she stood on her tiptoes, giving him a deep passionate kiss. Once she pulled away, from him, she said, "I was Celeith Silverlake... now, I am Ta-Nari. And I... am yours."

Raysomi looked at the mysterious woman who was Celieth but not. He shook his head a moment then gave a smile as he said, "Then I command you to perish." He thrust his palm into Ta-Nari's body sending her flying back and crashing through a wall. He finished off by saying, "Hundred years of pain, Palm Smash." He looked at it his enemies yet again shocked.

Raysomi smiled as he said, "I don't give in to temptation as it comes to evil. I simply crush the craving into oblivion." Raysomi stood tall as he readied his axe yet again.


"Okay. I know exactly what I'm doing."

After Nara had healed Typhus up somewhat, Dorn looked at his two companions. "They're going to Dezolis, based on that trajectory, so... we're going to beat them there."

"How?" Nara asked. "We don't have time to make another spaceship."

Grinning, Dorn said, "We don't need a spaceship. I'm an Esper, I've got magic. Stay close to me." He then raised his hand. "I call upon the power of Algo and the celerity of the solar winds... bring us back home! Grantz!"

Immediately, three circles appeared, one under everyone's feet. White light radiated from the circles, flickering in and out of coherence every few seconds. Finally, there was a great flash of light. When it cleared, Dorn was standing alone on Uzo Island.

".....Damn it! I've really got to work on that spell!"


She was screaming, she knew that much. She was also sure Typhus was with her- the bright light prevented her from seeing accurately.

Just then, it cleared. Nara and Typhus found themselves outside an elegant manor, covered in snow and sleet. Dorn reappeared between them a minute later, giving a loud sigh.

"There we go," he said. "Sorry about the screw-up."


Only five minutes into existance, and I'm blasted through a wall, the mysterious woman thought as she staggered to her feet. The manifestation of all of Celeith's negative emotions stood, watching Soma, Sha-Vare, and Raysomi preparing once again to battle.

Well, then, she thought in a huff. If that is the way he'll treat me, then I'll find someone who'll let me be theirs.

Concentrating, she removed herself from the castle in Aiedo, reappearing in Piata, the massive Academy of Science dominating the northern part of town. As she approached the large fountain in front of the building, Ta-Nari took a look at her reflection. After a quick appraisal, she smiled and said, "There. That good half of me isn't here anymore- so I think I'll use her body for a good, long while..."


"Insolent worm!" Sha-Vare shouted at Raysomi. "You break into my home, disrupt my time with my wife, attack my guests, and now you threaten our rule?!"

"Typical," Soma replied. "Now then... where were we? Oh, yes. A battle."

Typhus saw a flash then was attacked from what felt like a thousand needles. He looked around and saw whiteness. There was some white fluff on the ground. He touched it with his hand. It was cold. His ear twitched as he heard some men coming from the manor, weapons drawn.

Typhus' eye twitched as he realised he was on a new planet. He was now aware that Dorn was there too and grabbed him by his shirt and brought him face to face. "You IDIOT! Take me back, I must get those leaves and the other ingrediant for the cure! I'm the only one who can get those! Take me back now!" Typhus stopped to take a breathe. All Dorn did was shake his head no and reply, "I can only perform it once every second day."

Typhus punched Dorn to the ground and stormed off into a blizzard.

"Now, Now Sha-Vare. Where is the cool attitude you had a few weeks ago? I think she is holding you back Sha-Vare." Raysomi repositioned his hands on his axe, "Funny thing about plans, They don't always go the way they are supposed to."

Raysomi ran towards the two in a blur and lodged his axe into Sha-Vare's side. Sha-Vare seemed to shatter then a voice coming from behind Raysomi whispered in his ear, "Did you really think it would be that easy to defeat me? I was simply using a clone." Raysomi kicked Sha-VAre and readied himself as he said. "You know Sha-Vare, I would have been disapointed if that was it."


"Holding me back? Oh, no, Ray," Sha-Vare taunted, the throne room suddenly filling with clone after clone of both Sha-Vare and Soma. "My bride isn't holding me back in the least- quite the contrary, actually. I've had new power ever since I found her!"

"As have I," Soma replied, several of the clones nodding their assent. "And it is that power for which I'm eternally grateful for- the Hunters' Guild is swept away. Now a new reign shall fall across Algo- ours."

"Just give up, Ray," several of the Sha-Vare clones droned. "It is useless."


Sara stepped away from the porthole, satisified by the constellations she had seen. That was so wonderful, she thought. I'm never going to forget that.

She then continued her way through the ship, trying to keep the mental diagram of it fresh in her mind. "Starboard dormitory... engine room. I should probably stay out of there... and the lounge. Hrrm."

Several hastily arranged tables and chairs sat in the center of the room, overlooking what Sara had hoped to be a sturdy transparent window, offering a wider view of space. Mounted to one wall was a white device marked "Mr. Fuud Auto-Vendo." Intrigued, she walked up to it, and stared at the screen.

"This is unusual," she said out loud. "'Make Selection,' it says. How? There's no keypad..." She touched a mark on the screen, changing its contents. "Beverages. Oh! You touch the screen! Let's see... Hot Beverages, Hot Chocolate. ...So many choices..." Sara rested a hand on her hip. "...Plus whipped cream, plus marshmallows. Quantity..."

She stepped away from the machine, giving the lounge another look. Immediately, her effort was rewarded- Jakob was sitting at one of the tables. Turning back to the machine, Sara tapped the number "2" on the panel. Seconds later, two cups of hot chocolate were dispensed onto a tray. She picked it up, then approached Jakob.


"Hey! Wait up, damn it!" Dorn shouted to Typhus. "Nara, give me a minute. Just do what the guards tell you."

Typhus didn't get too far, thankfully- Dorn caught up to him, and said, "I can get you back to Uzo Island! Just whatever you do, don't move a millimeter!"

He reached out to the Edagurian, starting to cast Grantz again.

Typhus looked at Dorn but he noticed something different as he was casting Grantz. He had a bad feeling so he kicked Dorn in the chest and took off running. into the midst of the blizzard.

Jakob had been drawing something on a piece of paper. IT was a design for a vehicle. He stopped for a short break stretching and yawning. He looked at his work. Almost complete. Even all the tools that would be needed and parts were there on that sheet of paper. He just had to put a few finishing touches on the exterior design.

Skylar, it's finally finished. Our design. eight long years and it is finally finished. I will build it. In memory of you. He wrote Spires on the side of the vehicle. "The Sky Daze vehicle is done."he murmered to himself. He smiled as he thought of his lost friend.

He began to laugh. "You still don't get it do you Sha-Vare. I have grown more powerful too. And as we both know, tommorrow our powers will be at their strongest. For tommorrow brings the New Moon of Alis."

"I still haven't even tried a bit Sha-Vare. I've been playing with you so far." Raysomi laughed maniacally.

"What the hell did you do that for?!" Sane yelled at Sirona. She looked away and was almost about to cry as she said softly, "S-sorry." Sane felt guilty. He looked at her and then had to look away. He sighed then said, "I better take you home. So that you don't get hurt." Sirona just nooded as she walked towards Sane. She wrapped her arms around him as he cast the Ryuka technique. He didn't want her to let go, but he loved Soma.

She walked around the spaceship into the cafeteria. She looked around and didn't see Raysomi. "Criss, where are you?" Was all she could say.


"You must stop the events that are about to take place." The older version of Sani said seriously. "Ten years will pass. If you do not stop the events taking place now in ten years the galaxy as we know it will begin to crumble." She said. She extended her hand into the darkness, images began to show. "Two years from today the planets will begin to crumble, Sha-Vare has been defeated but his spirit lingers on in one soul." She said. An image of a man with a scar on his face showed then faded with the images.

"Eight years later, you, or in this sence I am living on Dezolis. All our former comrades have seemed to disappear and the espers are blind to what is going on. The darkness comes closer to Dezolis day by day. The only thing that can save everyone are three mystical items from the past." She said. The younger Sani stared on.

"From the books I found in the ruins of Esper mansion these items were blessed by by a holy light, and given the name Nei. They were scattered across Dezolis in AW 1285, one year after Mother Brain and Dark Force were defeated. My time is short, you must seek these items ten years earlier than I have, and stop the events from taking place." She said as her body began fading.

"In Tyler, there is a secret cave below the crypt. Once it housed a spaceship, and underneath the spot there was another cave. You must descend that cave and find the first weapon, the Nei Slasher. After that the map to the other items will be revealed." She said as she faded away. Sani looked around but she was not there anymore.

"You must wake up, only you can save..." Sani heard as she woke up as the spaceship landed in the dock right outside of Dezolis.

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"Arrgh... damn it!" Dorn called out to Typhus. His eye twitching, he finally said, "All right, then! You want to go back to Motavia? Then... then start flapping your arms, because you're not getting a Grantz out of me!"

The wind whipped snow between the two, and Dorn figured he received the Edagurian equivalent of the middle finger. Irritated, he trudged back in the snow to Nara. "Typhus is finding alternate transportation," he explained.

"Is he?" Nara asked. "That's good, because there's a few armed men headed this way."

"mev!" one of the men shouted, pointing a spear at the two. "yIngu'!"

"Unknown language," Nara said to Dorn. "Building translation matrix... please, keep them talking."

"It's okay, Nara. He just told us to stop and identify ourselves. nuqneH! jIH D'rn, je pa' nara!"

"Really?!" the other man replied, lowering his spear. "It's been a while, Dorn! Come on in- you and your guest!"

Nara sweatdropped. "They started speaking in English again. I couldn't write a translation matrix, Dorn."


Everywhere she went in Piata, she was the center of attention. Male students in the Academy kept looking over at Ta-Nari as she walked by, and she relished the attention. One particularly lucky student was the receipient of a kiss, followed by Ta-Nari's whisper, "Room four at the inn, at sunset. See ya there, cutie."

"But... my homework-"

"A pity." Tossing her hair, Ta-Nari turned away and said, "I guess I'll find someone else, then."

"Butbutbut-" the student stammered. "It's only homework!"

You kept me bottled away far too long, Celeith, Ta-Nari thought as she blew a kiss to the student, winked at him, then sauntered off.


Gently, Sara placed the tray of hot chocolate on the table, then took a cup for herself. "Oh, hello again, Jake!" she said, trying not to blush. "I was wandering, and I found my way here, and.... andIthoughtyouwantedsomehotchocolate?"

She failed miserably, and had to look away from Jakob as a bright rosy blush crept across her temples and cheeks.


"The New Moon of Alis, eh?" Sha-Vare asked. "Then, it shall be a black moon. You're an anomoly, Raysomi- one Soma and I intend to study carefully

(Sani Crash and Anise)

Sani, most of the group, and the few civillions that boarded the spaceship exited in a single line, heading straight towards Tyler. "Alright everyone, keep calm. The people of this town will take care of you." Crash said, trying to keep everyone calm. The star in the sky that was Motavia had become dark. "It seems the planet was fully covered." Anise thought to herself. Sani looked into the sky as the star faded into darkness.

Sani watched Crash lead everyone towards town, a strange woman Sani had never met was helping Jakob move towards town. He seemed to not care that she was helping him at all. "The crypt in Tyler huh?" Sani thought to herself. Entering town she looked around, noticing a giant tombstone on the large hill. "Could that be the crypt?" She thought to herself. Many palmans, as well as many Dezolians helped the refugees settle down in town.

"Hey Sani! Whats wrong." Anise yelled out. Sani glanced over at Anise, with a smile and a wave she walked towards the crypt. "Huh.. Guess she just wants to explore. No point in stopping her." Anise said to herself. Sani climbed the many stairs up the hill, finally reaching the tombstone. "Here lies Tyler." Was the only thing that could be made out on the tombstone, all the other words had seemed to of faded away.

Sani placed her back against the tombstone. "I wonder what I should do now?" She thought to herself. She felt something move from behind her. The tombstone split open, Sani fell backwards into a whole. "AHHHH!" She yelled out. Hitting the ground she looked up noticing the tombstone close. "What have I gotten myself into." She said, letting out a small sigh. She drew the two Psyco-Knives from their sheaths.

"Big brother." She said sadly as she gazed at the knives. She began walking into the cave, towards the large area here older self in her dream mentioned for the first of the legendary weapons of old. The legendary item known as the (Nei Slasher). Would Sani be able to find it? Only time would tell. She approached the large opening, passing by small riverlike areas in the cave. She gazed inwards, noticing a larger hole in the ground.

"I guess thats where I go. Better be ready, this area seems calm but I can feel monsters below." She thought to herself as she walked toward the large hole.


The ship landed on Dezolis, and Kyle finally relaxed. "Looks like Sha-Vare and Soma haven't touched this planet yet," he said as he rose from his seat. "About half a mile east of here is Esper Mansion. We'll have to be careful- non-Espers aren't exactly trusted here, guys."


Hmm... Ta-Nari smiled as she thought of the student she kissed. He tasted a little like cinnamon. He must be learning Foi. It would be nice to have a Tech to use...

Raising an eyebrow, she smiled, then headed towards Piata's inn. Of course. I just have to... "borrow" his soul. Hehe... I'll have his soul, I'll have his Foi, and he'll be my helpless slave.

Algo was starting to dip below the horizon as she finally arrived at the inn. Entering the inn, she headed to room four, thinking, First one slave, then two, then three... soon, I'll have an entire city's worth of slaves. And from there... I set my sights on Sha-Vare.

"Sirona, we are back now. You can let go." Sane said softly. She hesitated but back away and gave a slight nod. Sane looked down at Sirona and she looked up at him. They were staring into each others eyes and then Sane quickly glanced away. He sighed then said, "I need you to stay here. There is something I need to do." Sirona protested, "Not with those wounds! You will surely die!" Sane gave a slight smile and said, "Better that I die then everyone else. Besides, I'm already late. Good-Bye Sirona, thanks for everything." Sane said, he glanced at her one last time then said, "Ryu-" Sane was wacked across the back of the head with something. He collapsed to the ground, rendering himself unconsious.

"Anomoly eh? Well, I've got a few things you can study." RAysomi ran towards Sha-Vare. He vanished and appeared behind him. "You have the attitude of a Motavian. But then again, didn't I once hear you say you were raised by them? Pity really, If I would have raised you, you would have been far more powerful then you are now." Sha-Vare blinked and hundreds of biomonsters appeared.

"You don't get it do you?" Raysomi laughedas he jumped over the creatures cornering himself. "You just don't get it do you Sha-Vare. I am the ultimate warrior. I even know a forbidden move." Raysomi dropped his axe and raised both hands in front of him. "Black Wave!" Pure Hatred shot through his hands striking everything in it's path. All the creatures fell, most of them dying instintly, other screaming in pain. Raysomi looked around and saw Sha-Vare with a grin on his face. Soma was gone now, "Soma seemed to have gotten bored with you, she left." Raysomi looked around and saw a mirror. He looked in it and saw his hair had been turned midnight black. It didn't suit him very well. He picked up his axe again and readied himself once more.


"Here I am!" Soma shouted, leaping down from the top of the ruined machine. As she landed, she transmuted her slashers into a two-handed sword. "I still remember how to use these from my Hunter days," she added, leaning to brush her body against Sha-Vare.

"And power, Raysomi?" Sha-Vare taunted. "Soma and I already have power, and we can always get more if we want it."

"And the New Moon of Alis," Soma added, "That will be a perfect addition to our power."


As Ta-Nari entered the inn room, she smiled again and thought, Yes! An army of slaves, Sha-Vare himself wrapped around my little finger... and a perfect place to rule my kingdom from! Piata Academy!

She sat down in front of the room's mirror, conjuring a tube of blue lipstick. And to think, Celeith- it could have been you in this situation, she thought. You would have been reigning over an empire of "love and peace! ^_^x" and why have that when you can have an army of lovestruck slaves?

The tube vanished, and Ta-Nari inspected her reflection in the mirror. "Perfect," she said, just as someone knocked on the door. Smirking at the mirror, she called to the visitor, "Come in."

The door opened, and in walked the student from before. Immediately, Ta-Nari leapt towards him, kissing him passionately.


"You two must be freezing," one of the guards said as he offered quilted capes to Dorn and Nara. Nara politely refused, while Dorn wrapped his around his shoulders. "When did you two get here?"

"About five minutes ago, actually," Dorn replied. "There was another with us, but he went out on his own."

"In this snowstorm?!" the other guard called. "He'll freeze to death overnight if the Sky Tiaras don't get to him first!"

Crossing her arms as she ignored the cold, Nara told the guard, "Then you must have a way to get Typhus and bring him back, don't you?"

"Well, there is one thing... Inside, inside, you two..."

They passed through the gates of the large mansion. Off to the side, Dorn noticed a hastily-built pen on the mansion's side. "Hey, that wasn't there the last time I was here," he said.

"I know!" The first guard smiled. "We built it last year for the penguins!"

Sweatdropping, Dorn raised an eyebrow. Nara asked innocently, "Penguins?"

"Yep! The Dezo Penguin- we've been using them to travel all over Dezolis!"

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"D-D-Damn. W-why did I have t-to wear th-thin c-clothes in this w-weather?" Typhus said. His arms were crossed and his head was down. His ears were back and they twitched as a cold wind blew by. He pressed on into the white blur ahead of him.

The cold was just too much for him. He fell into the snow. He tried to crawl and press on but couldn't. So he looked up and saw a shadow coming towards. He closed his eyes. Awaiting his death. Was his death being delayed?


She felt the ship landing, not noticing that space had been replaced with a bright blue sky, similar to Motavia's. Surprised, Sara stood up and said, "Excuse me one second, Jake..."

Sara approached the nearest window, and once she saw out it, she stepped backwards, gasping in surprise.

As far as she could see, there was nothing but white. Placing a hand on the ship's window, she murmurred, "The sand... it's so white. ...It's beautiful."

Smiling sweetly, she turned to Jakob. "Jake, please, come over to the window- you have to see this!"


Wrapping his blanket tighter around himself, Dorn asked, "So... you really ride those penguins into the snowfield? Wow, I've been away from the mansion longer than I thought."

"No kidding," one of the Espers replied. "You don't know what you're missing, Dorn- penguin rides are fun."

"I'd imagine so," Nara added. "We'll have to try it sometime, once we find Typhus."

"You certainly must!" Waving the two inside, the Esper suddenly gasped. Closing his eyes, he nodded, then said, "Dorn. Brenda's found someone about a mile from here."

"Typhus?!" Dorn asked. "I don't know Brenda, so I can't transmit to her. Does the guy she found look like anything native to Algo?"

"Let me ask her." The Esper concentrated, then said, "No- not Palman, Motavian, Dezolian, or a Numan."

"That's Typhus, then," Nara said, nodding.


"Enough!" Sha-Vare shouted. "We shall settle this another time!" He raised his hands, taking a careful step towards Soma. "EFS!"

In a flash, Sha-Vare and Soma had vanished from the throne room of the castle in Aiedo, leaving Raysomi. They reappeared in another castle, overlooking a barren, green crystalline landscape surrounded by purple cliffs as far as the eye could see.

"Well, well," Soma said, looking at the view. "This is certainly a long ways from Aiedo."

"We're a long way from Aiedo," Sha-Vare replied. "This... is Rykross. I've prepared for the Profound Darkness's demise well in advance."

"A wise move."

"Indeed." He beckoned towards the landscape. "We are in what you'd call 'Death Tower.' And this, Soma, my love, is where we shall lie low while we plan our conquest of Algo." Crossing his arms, he asked, "What do you think?"

"What do I think? Hmm..." She crossed her arms, then smirked at Sha-Vare. "I think..." she continued, as she walked up to him. then kissed his lips. She pulled away for a second, to tell him, "It's perfect."

He folded up the piece of paper and put it in his pocket gently. He walked over to the window and looked over Sara's shoulder. He looked at this white sand. He took a few steps back and he shook his head. "That is not white sand Sara. That is snow." He made out but soon mumbled afterwards, 'Out of all the places I had to go, it wound up being this place." looking up he saw Sara still fascinated about the outside and she said, "Snow?!" She turned around to look at Jakob but he was gone.

Running down a hall, Jakob yelled in anger, "WHY! WHY HERE?!" He ran down the corridor.

He felt like he was floating. Drifting off in this cold new world. But it wasn't quite that. He tried to open his eyes but they seemed to be glued shut. He forced them open. He looked around and saw a female concentrating on him, raising her hand and chanting. He looked behind her. A creature of somesort? He looked closer. "A-a-a g-giant m-m-mole." Was all he could make out. She quickly lowered him and he tried to stand as she faught off the monster. When he finally stood. He grabbed out his sword and yelled out, "RELEASE!" His body warmed as he held the sword and he started to get warmer clothes on. A Jacket which seemed to cover half his face appeared on him. Black with blue Trimming. His leather pants seemed to thicken and become skipants. Even his shoes too changed into thick Boots.

He looked at the monster best he could then something started glow in front of him. He reached out and grabbed the item. They were goggles. He quickly put them on and ran into the danger. Slicing at the creature with his mysterious sword.


"Hehehehehehe Hahahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Burn! Burn all the way down to the ground!!" A man laughed, standing on top of the elders house as he watched Tyler begin to burn to the ground.

(Crash and Anise)

"What! How did this happen?" Crash said as he ran outside of the building, noticing the town in flames. Many of the parmians and dezorians were running around in a panicked state. "Who could have done this?" Anise said. Hearing the laughing she looked towards the direction of the elders house, noticing a cloaked figure standing atop the building. "Ahahahahaha! I've done exactly as you've commanded Sha-Vare. I followed these people, knowing they wouldn't discover my presence in the ship. Now your reign shall extend all over Algo." The man yelled out, disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

"Anise! Look out!" Crash yelled, running toward her. Glancing up she noticed a large side of one of the houses collapse, falling towards her. "AHHHHHHH!!!"........



"Is this it?" Sani thought to herself as she knelt down to open a chest. Upon opening the chest a bright light shined, blinding her for a moment. "The Psyco-Wand, and the Nei Slasher are connected.. Although its appearance has changed, combine the wand with the slasher." A voice spoke out to Sani. She looked everywhere, wondering where the voice was coming from.

Picking the weapon up from the box it began to shine even brighter. Looking down she noticed her brothers knives shining brightly as well. With one bright flash she closed her eyes, opening them later to notice the knives had disappeared, and only the slasher remained. "Picture the weapon in your mind. Only then will its shape change once again." The voice said. Thinking hard she began to think about the knives.. Within a instant the slasher changed shaped, forming the knives once again.

"So this is how it works?" She thought to herself. Thinking once again she thought only of the slasher, reshaping the weapon as such. With weapon in hand a image of a map showed in her mind, revealing the next location of the next Nei weapon. Making a mental picture of the map she made her way towards the exit of the cave.



Sha-Vare smiled at Soma as she asked, "What's excellent?"

"One of our agents is already in the Dezolian town of Tyler," Sha-Vare replied. "He said it's currently burning like a torch."

"I see." Soma crossed her arms and smiled at Sha-Vare. "So, what shall we do with this Tyler town when he's done with it?"

"A decade ago, there was a terrible outbreak of illness in the town of Reshel. Terrible illness, indeed..."

"I remember hearing about that," Soma replied. "Turned the people who suffered from it into zombies... aah, I see where you're going."

"Indeed. Those who die in Tyler will still be useful to us," Sha-Vare said.


"Snow..." Sara murmurred as she looked out the window. Nothing like this ever happens back on Motavia... It's so lovely! She sighed, placing her hand gently on the window, unsure if it would support her weight.

Behind her, she heard Jakob's grumbled, "Of all the places to be... why here... why!?" She sweatdropped, thinking, I guess Jake doesn't like this "snow."

As the snow fell, Sara felt a strange trembling- like something was out of place, but she didn't know what. She tried to figure it out, but was quickly interrupted by the sound of people running through the ship.

"I can't believe this... first Motavia, now Dezolis!" Kyle shouted, running through the ship. "If he comes near the Mansion... you! I remember you!" He walked up to Sara. "You're that girl from the inn in Tonoe!"

The face looked familiar. "I... err..." Sara stammered.

"Never mind, we'll get introduced later. You've got a sword- good." Tensing his body, Kyle drew his monosword and monoblade. "Tyler's burning. And I'm feeling some negative energy... if this is what I think it is, Jakob and Crash are gonna need some help, and fast."


The next several hours were rather enjoyable for Ta-Nari and the student, and she couldn't help but smile as she kissed him one last time, drawing out his soul and absorbing it into her body.

"Hmmm...." She produced a small spark of fire at her fingertips. "I was right... looks like I've got myself a Foi Tech..." Ta-Nari wriggled back into her dress, then caressed the student's cheek. "Wake up, sweetie," she purred. "Wake up."

Stirring, the student opened his eyes, looking at the red-haired demoness. "Mistress," he droned, his voice lacking emotion.

"That's right... I'm your mistress," Ta-Nari replied, smiling. "And you are...?"

"Slave number one..."

Ta-Nari laughed. Oh, Celeith... she thought. You really were a fool. Looks like I can get all the techniques I want, whenever I want now.


"Whats this?" Sani thought to herself, standing at the crypt staring down at Tyler. The town had been engulfed by flames, many of the civillions that lived there, as well as the ones they brought from Motavia were laying on the ground, lifeless. "Oh no.. Ani!!!" She yelled out as she began running through the flaming streets. "Ani!! Crash! Where are you?!" She yelled out, recieving no answer. Her attention was brought to the sight of a large building on the northern street.

She began running, thick clouds of smoke blocked her path as she ran. It was hard for her to breath, but she continued to run through the town towards the large building. "Oh no... Ani!!!!!!!!!" She yelled out, noticing Anise's body laying underneath part of the flaming building. She ran, wanting to help save her sister.. But all was lost. "Ani... Crash..." She said as a tear dripped down her cheek.

She tried her best to drag the two out from underneath the building. Using all her strength she managed to bring both of them to a good distance away. "Ani... no.." She said, not wanting to believe it. She could hear the footsteps of people coming from behind, her brothers friends had arrived only to late. *Cough Cough* She heard, glancing over at Crash. Placing Anise's head down on the ground she walked towards him.

"Crash! Please.. You can't die.." She sadly said. Crash, barely able to open his eyes turned his gaze towards Sani. "I'm sorry.. Trey... I couldn't *cough* couldn't save her.." He whispered. Sani grasped him tightly. "Don't talk, save your strength." She said. "*cough* Couldn't.. save her... I guess.. *cough* I guess.. I won't be able to see you *cough* in the afterlife... Forgive *cough* forgive me.. my friend.." He said.. With those final words Crash closed his eyes, taking a final breath his life had ended.

Sani could not take this.. She had already lost her birth family, and now the people who had become her second family were all gone. "NOOOOOOO!!!" She yelled out into the sky. She placed Crashes head on the snow, looking at him with such sadness in her eyes. Tears dripped down her cheek, she rose to her feet. Jakob ran to them through the smoke, glancing down at his two fallen comrades. Noticing Sani he tried walking towards her. But she ran off down the street towards the northern exit of town.

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He watched Sani run off. He tried to stop her but then stopped himself. He looked at his comrade's. Sara ran up to him, "This is horrible.' She said. Jakob didn't pay much attention. "He gripped his sword and stepped towards the flames. "Before he walked into the flames he said, "Get back to the ship." He ran through the flames.

He ran through the other side and saw a man being tortured by being lit on fire. The man screamed in agony and fell dead. "So, what should I do next?" A voice said. Jakob mumbled, "T-that voice." The man lit another building a fire. Jakob gribbed his sword and yelled, "Hey! That's enough!" The man turned around. 'My my, Jakob what a pleasant surprise. What brings you back to Dezolis?" "Shut up. I am going to kill you for killing my friends!" The man laughed. "Is that any way to talk to your brother, Jake?"

Jakob looked around. The city was being burnt to the ground. Acting quickly, Jakob raised both hand in two seperate directions. "RaWat!" He said releasing a powerful water element type of attack. The attack seemed to put most of the flames out. "Well now, we certainly have gotten stronger have we not?" Jakob stared at the man who claim to be his brother. "I haven't even shown a fraction of my power Tenichi." The man laughed again. "RaFoi!" He aimed his hands towards Jakob. The attack sped towards Jakob, engulfing everything in it's path into flames. Thinking fast Jakob used RaWat again. "You seemed to have gotten much stronger indeed. You can keep up with me. So far." Tenichi gave Jakob a manical smile. "Black Wave!"

The attack was too fast for Jakob as he was hit with the attack. He fell to the ground stunned. He started to sweat but stood up again. "What's a matter Tenichi? All yah got?" Tenichi smiled and started to walk away. "I see, it will be that way then. If we meet again, you will not be so lucky. Sha-Vare shall rule this planet as well, I'll let my squire take care of the rest." The man faded into the snow.

A man on top of the Elder's house laughed. "HAHAHA! As you wish, Master Tenichi." He jumped down and ran towards Jakob.

Sane reawoke in a bed. "He was tied down by something. He looked around, "Great, back in this place again. He looked around and Sirona walked up to him. "Sorry Sane, it isn't safe to go outside. The sky is purple with envy, and strange creatures roam the land." HE looked at her and sighed. "It was your grandfather wasn't it?" She nodded. He aimed his hand towards the rope that had him tied down. He whispered, 'Foi" a small flame burned the rope and he was free. She looked startled and he grabbed his sword. "Tell your old man I said thanks." He ran out the door.


"Hold on... whoa, wait a minute, Shalelu." The Esper sighed, then closed his eyes. "He hacked your penguin in half?! ......Well, what do you mean, 'He thought it was a giant mole'?!"

Dorn and Nara sweatdropped as they watched the Esper trying to control his anger. Finally, he sighed, rubbed his temples, and said, "I'll send Kedzie. ......Dorn Kedzie? Dorn Marto Kedzie, Initiate of '89? .....I'm straight, Shalelu, how the hell am I supposed to..."

"What? What is it?"

".....She wants to know if you're still cute."

Dorn shrugged, as Nara giggled slightly. "I'd imagine he is," she told the Esper. "He seemed to be quite the ladies' man growing up... at least, that's the impression I got when we fought Alarune back on Motavia."

"I'll tell her... his lady friend says he's cute... ..........I don't know! Look, Shalelu, I'll send them to go get you. Where are you? .........Wait. Near Ikuto Tower?"

"Ikuto Tower?!" Dorn asked, shocked. "One of the Silent Zones?! We've got to get her out of there as soon as we can!"

"Dorn, what's so bad about the Silent Zone?" Nara asked.

"We used to ban travel near four towers that were built on Dezolis back in the days before Mother Brain- Guaron, Menobe, Ikuto, and Naval." The Esper led Dorn and Nara to a pair of freshly saddled penguins as he continued, "A thousand or so years ago, back when Palma was a green pearl in the skies of Dezolis, it was rumored that eight special pieces of weaponry and armor were hidden away by Noah, the First Lutz."

"I don't see what's so bad about that..."

"That power attracted biomonsters and government robots, seeking to find it. They're probably still propagating out there, even today."

Nara sweatdropped again. Breaking it off the back of her head, she then said, "On second thought... I can see a problem with that."

They hopped onto their penguins. Dorn said, "Don't worry- we'll bring them back!"

As they rode, Nara gasped suddenly. An image of Crash flashed briefly before her eyes, and she stopped her penguin. No... I'm sure he's all right, she decided. Just a brief software glitch. Running debugger now...


Kyle knelt down, looking at Anise, then Crash's bodies. "Their injuries..." he mumbled. He set his monoblade down next to Anise, freeing up his hand, which began to radiate white light. Sara looked at him, confused.

"They... oh, no... are they-?"

"Sssh." He gave Crash a brief glance, then groaned. "Looks like his ticket's punched, but... I think Anise has some life left in her. Let me see..."

The radiant light grew brighter, and Sara had to avert her eyes. She could hear Kyle shouting, "I just hope I'm not too late... Rever!"

There was a loud zap, followed by silence, only broken by the sounds of the wind, flames crackling in the distance, and men shouting orders. Kyle groaned and cursed under his breath. "Come on, Ani..." he urged.

Sara opened her eyes again. A few yards away, Jakob was standing with his back turned to her, just as a shadowy figure leapt behind him. She gasped in shock- Jakob didn't seem to notice him.

She didn't know why, but she charged the figure, bringing her sword over her shoulder. As she neared the two, Sara cried out, swinging the sword, hoping to buy Jakob some time.


"*cough cough* It.. it hurts.." Anise mumbled. The rever had a positive effect on her. Kyles eyes widened to see his comrade not dead. He picked her up, and began running back towards the spaceship to get away from the battle as quickly as he could.


"Big brother, aunt Celeith, uncle Crash, sister Anise... Damn you Sha-Vare! When I find the final Nei-Weapon I am going to avenge my family!" She yelled as she ran through the snow covered field towards a large tower in the distance.

"Uhh... look, I'm real sorry about your penguin. It's just that back on my planet of Graycross, there are creatures that look alot like this, except they are moles. The moles will continue to attack people until they," Typhus sighed as he noticed she was ignoring him. "Look, I'm sorry. And I won't kill anymore of your penguins. Tell Dorn I have business to attend to." Ty phus ran into the blizzard. following the scent of fresh blood. He saw a tower.

He heard two swords collide. He turned around and saw Sara guarding him. He yelled at Sara as he ran towards the two, "You idiot! I told you to stay there!" He jumped and kicked Tenichi's squire. Jakob stood in front of Sara, "Get the hell out of here.Things are about to get-" Jakob stopped talking and coughed. The squire now stood up and cracked his neck. "It's gonna be that way huh? Fine then, I'll destroy you and this town! Flaeli!" "RaWat!" The two attacks collided with Wat being the victor. The squire was shocked as he was blasted into the air. His time in Algo was over as he drew his last breathe.

"Sara, I need you to find Typhus Cole. He may... have... the cure..." Jakob collapsed to his hands and knees and started to cough. The snow below him started to turn red as he coughed up blood. His fever was getting worse as he fell unconscious.


The two Dezo Penguins waddled through the desolate snowfields of Dezolis, marring the pristine snow surface with their wide tracks. As they trod forth, their riders thought over what was happening to Dezolis, as well as all of Algo.

Soma... what's happened to you, since Sane brought you back? Dorn thought. And what does Sha-Vare intend for Algo?

Debugging program complete. No serious errors found. Nara blinked, clearing the alert from her vision. So, why did I see Crash just then? I can't imagine why...

"There!" Dorn pointed towards a shape in the distance, and nudged his penguin with his knees. "Nara, follow me!"

The riders soon arrived on a morbid sight- an attractive cyan-haired Esper sat in the snow, waterfall tears spraying from her eyes, as she held a bottle of glue in one hand and some of her penguin in her other hand.

"Waaaaah! My penguin!" she sobbed, flinging her ponytail over her shoulder. "That meanie killed my penguin!"

Dorn and Nara sweatdropped as they dismounted and approached the Esper. "Whoa, whoa, Shalelu," Dorn said. "Who killed your penguin? Typhus?"

"*sniff* Oh, Dorn! ^_^ Can you do me a favor?" She suddenly cheered up, and grinned at Dorn, exposing rows of pearly-white teeth. "There's this mean half-dog half-Palman guy who killed my penguin and apologized to me before he ran off towards Ikuto Tower!"

Shalelu pointed at an ominous-looking tower to their southeast, its dark flagstones contrasting wildly against the snow and sky. As she took in a breath, she continued, with stars in her eyes, "Dorn, if you're going that way to get your friend, could you pass along a message?"

"Err..." It was evident from the look on Dorn's face, as well as his posture and breathing, that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with Ikuto Tower. Still, he nodded weakly, not wanting to offend Shalelu. "Sure... I guess?"

"Okies! Tell him, 'Waaaaaaaaah! You suck, you meanie! >.<'"

Dorn sweatdropped, as did Nara. Nara stammered and said, "We'll be sure to pass it along. Miss Shalelu... please, feel free to use my penguin to-"

"I'd rather use Dorn's! ^_~" the Esper replied, hopping onto Dorn's penguin. Guiding it, she added, "I'll see you back at the Mansion, cutie!", then rode off.

Dorn sighed, then hopped onto Nara's penguin. "Come on, Nara. Let's go get Typhus and get the hell away from here."

"Typhus... Typhus Cole," Sara repeated, looking at Jakob as he slipped into unconsciousness. Sheathing her sword, she reached under Jakob's arms and sat up him, slowly dragging him over to the ship.

This isn't working... I'm not strong enough to move him, she thought. I need someone else....

"Hey! Over there, with Jakob!" Kyle called, dashing out of the ship. "I just put Anise in the infirmary... what happened to Jakob?!"

"I don't know! He just started coughing, and then he fell over..." Heaving a sigh of relief as Kyle took some of Jakob's weight, Sara continued, "Are... are you Typhus Cole?"

"Typhus?" Kyle shook his head. "No... I'm Kyle. Typhus is that guy who looks like a cross between a Palman and a dog."

"Oh... I'm Sara. Thanks for helping me with Jake!"

Kyle raised an eyebrow. "He's letting you call him Jake?" he asked. "I'm surprised. ...Here we go. Next to Anise."

They set Jakob down in a bed next to Anise's, then Kyle continued, "I don't know where he went, but I know a few people who could probably find him."

"Really?" Sara's eyes went starry as she continued, "Please, Kyle, I'd do anything to help Jake out!"

"All right... tell me when you're ready, Sara."

Sara nodded, then turned to Jakob. "Jake," she told him, "I'm going with Kyle for a bit, so we can find Typhus. Until then, please, rest." She took a spare blanket and covered him with it, then touched his forehead. Blue light trailed from her fingers into Jakob's body, as she said "Medice."

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"Nooo!" Sani yelled out, holding desperatly onto the ledge with one hand. She had already made it up four floors of the tower, coming to a long hallway the floor had collapsed. Pulling herself up she looked down the hole, glancing at the bottom floor. "Whew, that could of been me.. Wait is there a person running down there?" She thought to herself, noticing someone had run into the tower. Placing her body against the wall she edged her way across the tiny ledge to the other side of the large hole.

"Whew made it." She said, taking a deep sigh of relief. Just then she could feel her hair stand on end. "Theres something ahead." She thought. A strong magical force awaited her. Could this be a guardian of the second Nei-Weapon? Grabbing ahold of her knives she focused, picturing only the Nei-Slasher. The weapon shined brightly, changing form into a slasher. With slasher in hand she began running up the long spiralling stairway.

The light began to dim as she ran. Up ahead there were few windows bringing light into the tower. Finally she came to a large room. Glancing up she noticed a beautiful stainless glass window. The picture of it was a blue-haired youth, weilding a sword. Behind him were six others, all facing a demonic looking beast. Sani was in awe at the site. "Is it the sword you've come for?" A voice called out to her. Looking around she could not make out where the voice was coming from.

She walked up the small staircase, up to the large platform below the window. Standing atop of it was the same blue-haired youth, his back facing towards Sani. "This sword.. Its power once saved the universe. After many years its power began to fade, and my spirit was trapped with this sword after my death." He said, turning towards her. "If you want my sword.. The namesake of (Her), then you must face me Sani. Rolf Landale!" He said pointing the sword towards her. Focusing once more she split the second Psyco-Dagger into another slasher, readying herself for the battle ahead.


Sara pulled her hand away from Jakob's forehead after she used Medice, allowing him some time to rest. Kyle looked at her and asked, "Who taught you that? That's an Esper ability..."

"I... Nobody taught me that," Sara replied. "It just comes naturally to me, like Res and Foi."

"Hmm... bah, we'll worry about that later. We need to find Typhus." He motioned Sara closer to him. "Relax, I won't bite. I think I know where he might have gone... Ryuka!"

Kyle and Sara vanished from Jakob's bedside, immediately reappearing by a snow-swept mansion, overlooking a deep crevasse. "Esper Mansion," Kyle told her. "This is where we Espers live on Dezo-"

"mev! yIngu'!"

Kyle sweatdropped, as Sara asked, "What? What are they saying?"

"I forgot- Lutz stepped up security around here," Kyle replied. To the two guards, he said, "You know who I am, damn it! Plus one!"

"Kyle?! Kyle Majsio?!" One of the guards replied. "Prove it!"

"Marcello, I've hated you ever since you stole my girlfriend and set my hair on fire with Gi Flaeli," Kyle said to him.

"It is Kyle!" The other guard said. "And he's got a really cute woman with him-"

"Spare it. We're looking for a man named Typhus Cole. Is he here?"

"You guys, too? We sent Dorn out an hour or so ago to get him- he had this really hot red-haired woman with him!"

"What?!" Sara and Kyle shouted at the same time- Sara's was more out of surprise, while Dorn's was much more ominous.

"I can't believe they were headed towards Ikuto Tower," one of the guards added. "I mean, the Nei rumors... they can't be true-"

"Ikuto Tower!? My God, man, the three of them are facing certain death out there! We have to go after them!"

"But... but how, Kyle?" Sara asked him. "It's really cold..."

The other guard offered Sara a thick blanket, which she wrapped around herself. "Go get a penguin, Kyle," he told the two. "Oh... if you guys do see Dorn out there, give him this. I'd say he's more than earned it, after facing down whatever the hell's in the Ikuto Silence."

He offered them a parcel of iridescent pearl-colored fabric, which Kyle recognized instantly. "A Frade Mantle?" he asked.


The ghostly figure extended his hand, raising it above him. "What is he doing?" Sani thought to herself. At the same time the tower begun to shake, she continued to stare at the figure as large explosions began blasting across the room. "MEGID!" The figure shouted out. Sani's eyes widened as she began jumping from platform to platform around the room. The explosions died down, but the figure was not standing below the large window anymore. "Where did he go?" Sani whispered to herself.

At that moment she felt a gust of wind blow pass her. Turning her head quickly she was struck, sent flying back to where the battle began. Before she crashed into the floor she felt another gust of wind pass by, a blow struck her in the back, sending her flying high into the air. "AGGG!" She yelled out, the searing pain coursed through her body. Once again she felt the wind pass by, glancing up she could see the figure flying straight down to her, his sword thrusted back.

"Not good!" She thought. Quickly acting she turned her body slightly, dodging the blow, but was lunged across the room, flying down the long staircase. The dust began to clear, and Sani was staggering to her feet. "Is that all you got! I would have expected something more from you Sani." He yelled out. He was to fast for Sani. "You won't be able to defeat me, you fight alone, and fighting alone is the most foolish mistake anyone could ever make. Just give up!" His voice echoed through the room.

*Cough cough* "How can I beat him. He's just to fast for me." She mumbled, casting a slight Res on her wounds. The pain began to disappear, but her opponent was still to tough for her to fight. "How can I beat someone, someone who saved the universe." She thought. "How can I beat him.. Even if he is a ghost of the past, even if he is Rolf Landale. How can I beat him." The thought coursed through her mind. Just then she felt someone grab ahold of her shoulder, glancing back was a familiar face.

"Sani, stay back. Let me take care of this." Typhus said to her, releasing his grip on her shoulders. "B-but he-" "I know who he is. I've talked to him before." Typhus walked towards Rolf.

"Rolf, even though your past actions were quite heroic, you've failed to be a protector. You made two mistakes. One, you attacked an innocent girl from behind. Two, You attacked the sister of Trey Rugia!" Rolf gave off a small chuckle. "Was that supposed to touch me? Don't make me laugh." Typhus looked at the ghostly figure in front of him. "Sani, this isn't really Rolf Landale. It is something far more terrible. If things get too bad, I want you to leave and promise me to never return here. I know of the item in which you seek. It is beside the item of which I seek for a cure."


"Wait, Typhus, we can't beat him alone. We have to work as a team." She said, watching Typhus charge paying her no attention.


*Cough* *Cough* "It.. it hurts... Why can't I.. Why can't I move." Anise thought to herself, staring up at darkness. "Hehehehehe, Can I master? Her soul is ripe for the picking. Can I devour it now?" A strange voice said. Her body would not move, as hard as she tried she could still see nothing but darkness, hearing the person come close. "Keep.. *Cough* Keep away." She mumbled. The footsteps came closer, she could feel a cold breath on her. "Ehehehehehe" The voice yelled out, then was suddenly changed to a scream of pain. "Keep away from my sister!" Another voice yelled out.

The first voice screamed in agony, Anise could feel a warm embrace around her body. "Please Anise.. You have to wake up." The voice said. Her eyes began to open slowly.. But her vision was still blurred. "" She mumbled, as her vision cleared, the shape she thought was her brother was nowhere in sight, all she could see was the roof of the spaceship. She sat up looking around, still barely able to move.


As usual, the winds that passed through the Dezolian snowfield were bitterly cold, and the two penguin riders were forced to hunker low on their penguins in order to stay warm. Kyle cursed under his breath, "An Ice Digger would have paid for itself by now..." as they headed onward.


"Never mind."

Onwards they rode, towards Ikuto Tower.


She couldn't explain why, exactly, but Nara was enjoying holding on to Dorn as they shared their now lone Dezo Penguin.

Still, there's Crash... she thought. Immediately, she had a vision of Crash, completely unbidden. "Dorn," she said.

"Yes? What's wrong?" Dorn asked, looking over his shoulder.

"I'm not sure- either there's an undiagnosable error in my thought subroutines, or Crash is in serious danger."

"Well, you haven't seen him in a little while," Dorn told her. "That might be it."

"I... I suppose you're right," Nara replied. After a minute of uneasy silence, she then said, "Dorn, I'm reading a completely silent zone. There's no energy anywhere."

"We're in the Ikuto Silence Zone, then... there's Ikuto Tower up ahead." Guiding the penguin with his knees, Dorn told the android, "I don't want to sound like I'm half-assing finding Typhus, but I really don't want to be here. Even if I had a score of fellow Espers, this place is bad news, Nara."

"How bad?"

"Bad with a capital, flaming, bold, two-hundred point B."

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Jakob awoke in a bed. His fever was much worse. He forced himself to sit up. His skin pale and blood was on his clothes. His own blood. He stood up and walked to his equipment. "Th-that *astard... I'll... I'll kill him. Then I-I'll kill Sh-Sha-Vare." He began thinking, It's Sha-Vares fault Skylars dead. It's my brothers, no he ain't my brother. It's Tenichi's fault mom, dad, and Cameron are dead. If only I could have stopped him that day. Jakob had a flashback.

"Cameron, Tenichi, Jakob, Merylin. Dinner's ready." Mom had said. Me and Merylin had been playing tag while Tenichi and Cameron spoke to each other. When we heard our mother we ran to the house and inside. That night we had a wonderful feast. "Today at school, we learned that Lutz is a powerful wizard who watches over all of Algo. He is said to be over 2,000 years old." I said to my mother. But my Tenichi cut in, "That's impossible! Nobody can live to be older than 118. Most people live to be about 85 let alone 2000." "Anything is possible big brother," I had replied. Cam agreed with me, "That is true little brother. Anything is possible in Algo." We went on to talk about many more things.

Later that night, we were all sleeping and a storm was outside pounding on the door. My sister couldn't sleep so she came and woke me up. "I'm scared," she had said. "Can I sleep in here tonight?" She looked at me with such innocent eyes. I looked at her and said, "Ummm... Okay. I'll always be here to protect you Merylin." I moved over and she crawled into bed with me. We slept for quite awhile then I had to go to the bathroom so I woke up. When I came out I saw Tenichi coming out of our parents room with blood on his sword and enter Cameron's room. At the time I thought nothing of it and walked to Cam's room. I opened up the door a little and saw Tenichi hacking at Cam's bedsheets staining them with red. I realized my brother had just been murdered and so had my parents.

I ran to my room and grabbed Merylin. I grabbed something to protect us with and ran downstairs. Tenichi greeted us. I looked at him and remember asking him "Why did you kill them?" He simply replied, "Anything is possible in Algo." He stepped towards us and I raised my dagger. "I'm warning you! Come any closer and - and I'll-" "You'll do what? Kill me?" We both knew I wouldn't so I dropped my dagger and he smiled. Instead I raised my hand at him and yelled out, "TriBlaster!" He seemed shocked that I knew a skill he had not. The beam ripped across the room and missed him but the house began to collapse. Me and Merylin barely escaped.

At about that time, there were rumours about a station with a flying machine appear outside of town so we fled their. We didn't believe what we saw. A huge ship lay before us with LANDALE written on the side. We snuck on and were taken to Motavia to start our new life. From that day we looked out for each other. Always fearing our Tenichi would come and finish the job.

Jakob came out of the flashback. A tear ran down his cheek. He closed his eyes and started falling to the floor. He lay their unconscious

He charged at his enemy and go close. The ghostly figure of Rolf. Rolf raised his hand and said, "FOI!" A flame made contact with Typhus' chest and it sent him flying back. He hit the wall making a crater in it. His body paused in theat crater a moment before he fell to the ground. Sani ran over and tried to aid him but as she grabbed his arm to inspect his wounds he shook her off and stood up again.

He bled from the mouth and his jacket was a bit burnt but soon his jacket repaired itself. He spit out some blood and sniffed the air. "Guess that's out of the question then. The air from this tower smells thick from fresh blood. Even if I wanted to, I won't be able to pick up his scent." He paused a moment and looked at Sani. He peered into her eyes and seen something he had wished not to see. Pain.

He was struck again from another foi blast. The crater got bigger upon the impact and he fell to the ground. He was on his hands and knees coughing up blood. "That the best you got?" He laughed, "I won't die here. I have to find him, Richard Isahn. I must."

Sane made his way to Aiedo. It appeared normal now. "What's going on?" He raised his sword in preperation for anything. He walked over and saw something on the ground. He got a little closer and realized what it was. It was his necklace. He went over and picked it up. He put it to his heart and said softly, "Soma..." He put it on and went towards the hunter's guild.

Raysomi looked in a mirror again. He was in the dressing room this time and saw a pair of scissors. He used them and gave himself a haircut. He always preferred longer hair but now it was short. He gave himself an army cut and found some new clothes because his were stained red with blood. It wasn't his choice of clothing but it would have to do. He now wore an old tattered hunter's suit. From the looks of the costume this person had to have been high ranked or part of a special force. It was a Blackish-Gray long sleeve with a green vest for protection. The glove were black fingerglove and the pants were black dress pants with a pocket for supplies. There was a belt with multiple pockets too though it fit loosely. Perhaps on purpose the belt was made like that. The only thing Raysomi left off was a arm band which bore the symbol for the Hunter's Guild. When he was done getting dressed and Prepared to set off. Sane ran through the front door.


Ten long minutes passed before the Dezo Penguin carrying Dorn and Nara skidded to a stop outside Ikuto Tower. Gritting his teeth in worry, Dorn dismounted from the penguin, then helped Nara off.

"Here we are," he said gravely. "No monsters or robots around... so far."

"I'm not picking anything up on passive sensors," Nara added. "Not even you."

"And that's why it's called a Silence Zone- even with Esper senses, you can't 'see' life here." He grabbed his bow and arrows, slinging them across his back. "Nara, we have to find Typhus as quickly as we can, and get the hell out of here."

The android nodded in reply, activating her claws. Once they had prepared, the two approached the tower's main door. Dorn passed through it first, his bow knocked with an arrow. He waved Nara in with a shrug of his shoulders.

As soon as she entered the tower, Nara blinked, confused. Something was amiss- the usual gentle "whirrrrrrrr" her body produced had stopped entirely. Her claws flickered for an instant, but soon stabilized.

"Dorn," she whispered. "Do you hear-"

A massive lick of flame shot forth from an alcove, nearly incinerating the two. Dorn pushed Nara out of the way, diving with her. "What the hell was that!?" he groaned. "Felt like a badly aimed Na Foi..."

"It hit you pretty badly," Nara replied. "Activating MEDIC_PWR.EXEC..."

Nothing happened. The probes and sensors that would have popped out of her body failed to do so. "That's strange," Nara mumbled. "I can usually use MEDIC_PWR a lot more often..."


"A Frade Mantle... to think Dorn's that advanced already," Kyle mumbled, watching as Sara wrapped the iridescent fabric around her to keep warm. She hopped back on her penguin, following Kyle.

"Kyle, what if something bad happens to Jake while we're gone?" she asked him. "If something does, I-"

"He'll be fine," Kyle replied. "Sara, Jakob's a tough cookie. Don't worry."

"Thanks." She offered a smile, which was soon replaced with a puzzled expression. "Kyle. Someone's up ahead."

"That had better be Dorn or Typhus..."

The snow cleared, revealing a cyan-haired Esper on a penguin. Kyle sweatdropped.

"Shalelu!" he called. "Where's Dorn?!"

"Huh? Kyle, you came back! ^_^ And you brought a woman with you, too!"

Nara's with him, Kyle realized. "...Right. Where did they go?"

Shalelu pointed behind her, the way she had come. "They went towards Ikuto Tower to pass a message along to Typhus..."


Soma smiled at Sha-Vare as he continued to embrace her. "Sha-Vare," she said. "I love you."

"And I love you, Soma." He placed his hands around the back of her neck, pulling her in for yet another kiss.

As they kissed, Soma had an idea- Sane was still alive. Closing her eyes, she transmitted the image of herself and Sha-Vare kissing, along with the message, I don't love you any more, Sane Terrace. I am now Sha-Vare's bride. I don't know what I ever saw in you. You are beneath me.

Sane & Raysomi
Sane had the image transferred into his head. It seemed to shatter his heart. One last time he said, "Soma..." Raysomi looked at Sane. "Dammit. It seems your being toyed with Sane. If only I knew where they were I'd- I'd-" Sane cut him off. "A long time ago, shortly after I met Soma. A man told me that my necklace was an Aeroprism. It is this thatis supposed to find Rykross, the fourth planet. WE need to get there Raysomi." Raysomi thought a moment then said, "Okay let's get going. Shadow, Rain. Come on let's go." Sane looked at Raysomi, "How are we supposed to get there?" Raysomi laughed and said, "I have a ship now come on."


"Look out!" Echoed through the room. A large blast of flame crossed the room as Sani pushed Typhus out of the way. The two fell from the staircase, both hanging on for their lives. "Cmon, we got to pull ourselves up! We got to work together!" She yelled to Typhus. Pulling herself up slowly, she stared at her opponent. The sword in his face.. "Reveal the past!" He yelled out. A bright light flashed through the room, blinding Sani.

"Where... Where am I? She thought to herself. Opening her eyes slowly she saw people in the distance. "Big.. brother? No.. they look the same.. But they're not the same people." She thought to herself. The people she noticed in the distance were her brother who was being called Vahn, Sane who was being called Karo, Dorn who was being called Jade, and herself now known as Rela.

(Trey / Vahn) (Sane / Karo) (Dorn / Jade) (Sani / Rela)

"So we finally defeated you Profound Darkness!" Pointing his sword toward Vahns throat. "What... what do you care.. You're just.. you're just a pawn to the Great Light!" Vahn yelled out, slapping away Karo's sword. The other two male known as Jade drew his weapon from its sheath. "Just give up Vahn!" Jade yelled, slightly casting a Foi elemental on his blade. Vahn stood to his feet, taking a few steps backwards he drew his knife from its sheath.

"No matter how many times I'm reborn... I'll still make the same choice!" Vahn spoke proudly, there was no fear in his voice whatsoever. "You *astard, why are you so persistent. you're mistaken Vahn." Rela said as she walked to the front of the group. Pointing his knife forward Vahn yelled out. "Shut up. This is the choice I made up by myself." Forming a fist Rela ran to Vahn, grabbing ahold of his robe. "That's why you're making a mistake.Why don't you understand? why do you have to suffer all by yourself? We are friends, why didn't you tell me." She said sadly.

Her body began trembling as a tear dripped from her eye. "why didn't you tell me? Why did you try to do it by yourself? Aren't we friends? Why did you keep it secret?" She yelled out. The group looked on, not making a move as Vahn pushed her away from him. "I told you not to get closer" He spoke out, with a slight amount of fear in his voice as he backed away. The rest of the group surrounded him as Rela continued to walk to him.

"You think all by yourself, you suffer all by yourself. Why, why do you have to go through hardships alone.Why do you have to get hurt alone.
Friends are supposed to help each other in time like this. Why don't you understand that!" She spoke out, trying to convince him.. Vahn dropped his weapon as he spoke these words. "Even so.. Even if we were friends Rela.. I'm still the child of the Profound Darkness.. Even if I'm destroyed here, I will just be reborn again." He said as he hung his head. The two charged with swords in hand, thrusting their blades into Vahns body. "Even if I die here.. I'll just be reborn, and cause pain again.. And I never wanted any of that." He said

Tears began dripping from his eyes. "I just wanted, to live a normal life.. With my friends.. With you.. my only family.." He whispered as he slowly fell to the ground, falling into Rela's arms. "I'm sorry Vahn.. We'll make a seal to trap the Profound Darkness. And all we can do is pray.. Pray that this destruction never happens again." Jade said, slowly watching his friends body rise, the three began chanting as three planets were shown being created.. And a seal began forming in the middle of the galaxy.

"I get it now!" Sani said as her vision came back. Acting quickly she grabbed ahold of the apparations arm, placing her grip on the handle of the weapon. "Now Typhus! While I got ahold of the sword take him out!" She yelled out.


"I don't understand at all," Nara continued. "I usually have enough power allotted to use that seven times a day."

"Huh. Hang on a second..." Dorn flexed his hand, then touched some of his burns, infusing them with a green light. "Medice!" The burns disappeared, replaced with some bruises- nothing Dorn deemed as major.

"At least you still have your healing," Nara replied. "That's unusual."

"Maybe something happened to your programming?" Dorn asked. "Check it."

"Of course. Activating debug.... huh?!" Nara blinked, now confused. "I... I can't activate my debugger! It's not there... listing prog..." Her brow furrowed. "Dorn, I can't access any of my programming! It's not there!"

"What? Nara, if you didn't have your programming, you'd just be a lifeless machi-" He stopped suddenly, raising an eyebrow.


He had an idea, but Sani's shout of "Typhus! Take him out while I've got his sword!" attracted his attention. Standing up, he offered a hand to Nara. "Come on," he urged. "Let's go help them out."

As Nara stood, she sighed with relief as stress and tension was removed from her back. Tension? she wondered, confused. I wasn't programmed to feel tension. How would I know what it is...?


They had travelled for another hour, and all they had to show for it was a relatively fresh set of penguin tracks, as well as a titanium sword for Sara- she had traded her old steel sword to Shalelu because she "could probably make a staff out of it! ^_~"

"Kyle, the tracks are starting to get further away," Sara said, looking at the round impressions. "Like they were running. I don't see what they were running from, though..."

"Not 'from.' 'To.'" He pointed at a massive tower in the distance. "That's Ikuto Tower."

Sara gasped in surprise- the tower was easily larger than any structure she had ever seen. "That's where they are?" she squeaked.

"Hopefully... when we're within sight of the tower, we can't sense any life. Not even you or our penguins, Sara." Kyle urged his penguin forward. "Come, Sara- we have to hurry."


Still in her embrace with Sha-Vare, Soma continued to transmit to Sane as she and Sha-Vare kissed. You could have had me, Sane, she told him, murmurring as Sha-Vare's hands ran up and down her back. You had your chance when you ruled Aiedo. I could have been your bride, your queen... whatever you wanted me to be, Sane Terrace. But you were a fool.

She could feel Sha-Vare's embrace tighten slightly, followed by her legs and waist swinging to one side as he lifted her off her feet and into his arms. You gave up Aiedo. You gave up Algo. And you gave up me, she transmitted.

There was a snapping of fingers, and Soma's leather clothing shimmered and swirled around her, becoming a pair of green high heels and a green silk nightgown. As she once again kissed Sha-Vare, she transmitted to Sane, You had your chance, Sane. But, just like everyone else you tried to save, you are simply... too late.

Soma continued to send an image of Sha-Vare carrying her off, laughing cruelly in Sane's mind.

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