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PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, '10, 11:19 pm 
I love being smart to smart customers, I'll try my best to explain how this went, I apologize if it's difficult to understand.

I'm on drive thru, a car comes up to the order box. Three people talk at once, I can't understand them.

PSJ: One at a time please, I cant take your order if youre all talking at once.
Car: Yeah, ok, jeez, chill. (others guys in car get rowdy and say a few other things)
(I realize theyre being smart, so I decide to do it back)
Car: Yeah, I'd like to make 2 orders.
PSJ: Sure, no problem, what would you like for your first order?
Car: One sweet chilli crispy wrap..........
PSJ: Sorry to interrupt but we cant do wraps after 12am.
Car: Why not?
PSJ: Because we cant.
Car: But why is that?
PSJ: Because we cant.
Car: Why wont you tell me?
PSJ: Because I wont.
Car: You know youre being as !@#$%^& right?
PSJ: Hang on, let me ask my manager.
(I keep my headset turned on so they can hear me)
PSJ: Hey, 'managers name' do you think im being an !@#$%^&?
Manager: Why?
PSJ: The customer is asking me if I know if im being an !@#$%^&.
Manager: Why, what are you doing?
PSJ: Being an !@#$%^&
Manager: Lol, yes then you are being an !@#$%^&
Car: Hahahahahaha!
PSJ: Hahahahaha!
PSJ: My manager says yes.
Car: Yeah but you still didnt answer the question.
PSJ: Hmmm...... am I being an !@#$%^&? Possibly, why do you ask?
Car: OMG! !@##$$%%^%^&&&^%&^
PSJ: Hahaha, so back to your original question, why cant we make wraps after 12am.
PSJ: Because we have taken down and cleaned the wrap station.
Car: ARRGH, why did you have to make that so difficult?!?!
PSJ: Thats because you and your friends were being smart.
PSJ: Place the rest of your order when your ready.
(They place there order and drive up and pay for it)
(I tried to keep a straight face but I couldnt help myself and the drivers friends were laughing but he wasnt impressed)
PSJ: If your gonna be smart then you need to be prepared to take it.
PSJ: Just relax, I was only having some fun.
(The driver relaxed and one of his mates thought I was awesome, it turned out I knew 2 people in the car, so the driver calmed down).

Well thats pretty much what happened. I might of missed a little but not much.

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