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PostPosted: Fri Jul 6, '12, 8:51 am 
Well I’m going to show off what I acquired in Melbourne over my holiday. I finished paying off my car at the start of the year, which I had been paying off for a quite while so knowing I had some more money to play with I went a little crazy with my newly acquired belongings. Melbourne caters for shops that literally specialise solely in one of my main interests (being anime I visited three anime shops in total) so with the exception of DVDs I found a lot of things down there I would never be able to buy in shops in my home town.

I’ll start with the DVDs.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 6, '12, 8:55 am 
Now the books, I rarely buy them but I found three this year that took my interest. Especially the Thanos comic (his inclusion in the Avengers film has made me very interested in this guy) and the gorgeous Atelier series Chronicle art book I found. I’ve been playing the Atelier Arland games on the PS3 for the past month which I’ve greatly enjoyed. So I grabbed that lovely art collection as soon as I seen it. Finally another Ghost in the Shell manga.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 6, '12, 8:57 am 
Finally I couldn’t pass this one up as soon as I seen it had Akuma on it, who you all know is my absolute favourite video game character of all time I had to get it. It’s a bag and although I may never use it I don’t care because it’s something else unique to add to my Akuma collection. :D

Too much yes I know :faint: . But I had a blast down there, over the weekend I might upload some photos of the actually city itself I took. We’ll see.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 6, '12, 11:06 pm 
Love the Akuma bag. Really do. That's awesome. And you have a lot of other great finds too!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 7, '12, 4:43 am 
That bag is great. I love finding odd little merchandise like that. Art books for games are always interesting, too.

I think I've seen a bit of Thanos Imperative in previews around the web. If it's the story I'm remembering, it should be pretty good.

Looks like you had a great haul overall. :D

PostPosted: Sun Jul 8, '12, 2:25 pm 
I've always be fan of the Video Games artbooks so that's great :) The bag is great too, and all this stuff is very ecclectic so nice catch Lucas.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 9, '12, 12:55 am 
Wow, looks like some great treasures you found there Lucas. If they make you happy, then they are worth it all! Besides that's the joy of a holiday...finding, seeing, and experiencing new things. Love the Akuma bag!! :)

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