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 Post subject: Animals You See !
PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, '15, 6:42 pm 
What type of animals do you see each day?

Do you really notice those little birds, butterflies, and other creatures that may pass your field of vision each day?

Or, have you visited a zoo, or aquarium, or animal petting farm, or other place where there are animals to be seen and learned about?

This topic is meant to be a celebration and sharing of all those animals that each of us may see in our own world each day wherever we may be. Tell us about the various animals you see each day. Share a photo of the animals, if you have a photo of your own to share. Let's see, and discuss, how many different animals we all may see every day in our lives.

To start us off, I will say that today I have seen several of my cats (indoor cats and outdoor cats). I have also seen a fox in our back yard this morning. I have seen a beautiful butterfly (black in color with blue trim also) but I don't know the exact name of it. Yesterday our friendly neighborhood deer can by and ate grass in our back field. We think she has babies around somewhere and hope we get to see them one day. I don't have any pictures of any of these animals yet, but maybe one day soon.

 Post subject: Re: Animals You See !
PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, '15, 9:57 pm 
Today, besides my cats, I saw a mockingbird while on the bus, our neighborhood red-tailed hawk, and a green heron as I left the office. I'm sure there's more.

 Post subject: Re: Animals You See !
PostPosted: Mon Jul 4, '16, 12:24 am 
Well, we are still seeing some deer visit our back yard almost every day. Yesterday we saw one deer chase another deer out of the area and then we found out why, the first deer has babies somewhere close. Can't wait until they get old enough to get out and about and hope we see them also.

Today we saw a groundhog running around over the back field, eating everything in sight.

Our friendly neighborhood Fox is back also looking for food or water or something!

Always surprising when we see a new animal around.

 Post subject: Re: Animals You See !
PostPosted: Mon Jul 4, '16, 1:02 am 
Out along the shore I saw crabs, hermit crabs, a mockingbird, a few species of gull, some terns, and a pair of cormorants. And a ton of grackles and red winged blackbirds.

 Post subject: Re: Animals You See !
PostPosted: Thu Jul 7, '16, 4:00 am 
So today while walking my dog (at night), I saw:
    3 little frogs (couldn't tell what they were)
    1 large green frog
    And a Blanding's Turtle (I think). Haven't ever seen one of those in my life, then one just happens to cross my path.

It's too bad I didn't have my phone with me. Though I doubt if my dog would stand still and wait for me to take pictures of these animals, lol.

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