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 Post subject: Animals in weird places
PostPosted: Sat Feb 6, '10, 8:49 pm 
Have you ever seen any animals in weird places? If so, tell us about them.

I thought of this topic as the other day I was in Walmart shopping for groceries and someone pointed out to me that there was a little bird sitting on the rafters way up in the ceiling. Poor little thing was just singing his heart out. :sing:

I don't think our Walmart has parakeets for sale, but He didn't look like a parakeet, just a little gray/black bird that may have flown in from outside at sometime or other and gotten trapped inside, or something like that. He may have had a nest inside that place somewhere for all I know.

I remember being careful when I got to the aisle where he had been sitting as I didn't want to get into anything he may have dropped along the way. :wink:

PostPosted: Mon Feb 8, '10, 2:48 am 
It’s actually quite common now. But at the time me and my family went to a Bunnings Nursery and they had some aquatic plants in brick pots. Anyway I was checking ‘em out because they were just plants floating in water when all of sudden a small red and white fish darted out of the roots of the plant then when I looked closer I seen some very small grey coloured fish also living in the pot. It was kinda weird seeing a plant shop housing small fresh water fish with their plants but they seem to do it nearly everywhere with water plants now. :wink:

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