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 Post subject: And the Muskies go to...
PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 4:36 am 
Today marks the third anniversary of our community, so it is time to celebrate with the announcement of the winners of our first ever Muskies Awards! :happy_marle: We had a great turn out for both nominations and voting. The results have been tabulated, so without further ado, the winners are...

Your first place Muskies Winners are:
  1. Best Single Chapter Fan Fiction: Chemistry by Rune_Walsh
  2. Best Multiple Chapter Fan Fiction: The Lost Esper by Darkil
  3. Best Fan Artwork: Rune's Flaeli by Rune_Walsh
  4. Best Forum Game: ABC's of Video Games
  5. Best Introduction Topic: A tie between Heikabuchi and SparkyIII
  6. Best Avatar: Atlinsmere
  7. Best Signature: A tie between Gryz and Kaloes
  8. Best Fan Game: Beneath a New Light by Lyla2284
  9. Best Download: Alis Meets Myau Wallpaper
  10. Most Successful Discussion: Getting To Know You Series
  11. Most Enthusiastic Fringer: Caged Wolf
  12. Fringer of Excellence: hugues

The full list of winners, including second and third places, can be viewed on the new Muskies Awards page. All winners have a new notation for their awards in their member profiles.

I will be contacting the first and second place winners during the day to award them with special banners created in recognition of their achievement. Please wear them ploudly! :laugh_lucca:

Congratulations to all winners! :D

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 5:35 am 
Thank you everybody for giving me the gold in Best Avatar and Silver in Most Enthusiastic Fringer! It's all awesome and stuff! ^_^

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 5:51 am 
*Sniff* Thank you to those who voted and participated... I love this family, and I'm proud to be part of this great community. :heartbeat:

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 7:07 am 
Thanks to everyone who voted for me. You guys are the best. ^^ We'll be sure to prevail and work even harder at next year's Muskies! :D

:party: To all the winners, congratulations. :proposetoast:

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 9:22 am 
Yes Congratulations to everyone who got an award :clap: . Wow, Rune you got three. :D

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 11:14 am 
OMG I won a muskies award :wow_luigi: Congratulation to all who win an award too ^^

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 11:48 am 
This forum is really great! It even gives us awards...!
Congratulations to everyone who makes this a great forum!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 12:20 pm 
I'm honored to have even been nominated, so thank you thank you thank you for my silver Muskie! You love me; you really love me! :wink: Seriously, you all are the best! :grouphug:

Congratulations to ALL the winners; you deserve it! Have some cake! :cake:

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 2:12 pm 
Wow, thanks everyone for giving me multiple awards. I'm kind of surprised I got as many as I did! :wow_luigi: But thanks!!! <3 this community!

Gold for enthusiastic Fringer is no doubt for obsessing over Earthbound, isn't it? >_>

Congrats to all winners! :clap:

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 2:15 pm 
Thanks to all the voters for the Silver Muskie! ^_^ Now if only I knew how to add pictures to the signature... =(

Alisa: (holding the Muskie) Well, I'd just like to say thank you to Nekishe, and to my frien-
Ryan: (staggers onto stage, holding a giant bottle of Trimate) Yo yo yo yo, I... I'ma let you finish, Alisa, but I just wanna say that Shir had the best fanart of. All! Time!
Alisa: Uh-
Ryan: (* this. If I don't win a Muskie, these )*(&^@ things lose all their credibility. I mean... (glug glug) My game cost a million Meseta! D'ya hear me?! A million Meseta!
Rolf and Chaz: (armlock Ryan and drag him off stage, kicking and screaming)

This moment brought to you by Trimate- for when you absolutely, positively, need to recover 255 HP in one go!

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