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I hate your game, how dare you call it phantasy star V. 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
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 Post subject: Phantasy Star V
PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 6:10 pm 


Hi there,
Hope I am posting in the right section, if not I apologize in advance.

All work in Early Stages, looking for help in any shape or form.
Intended for PC and Dreamcast.
Release date unknown.


Alisa III, the last ship from a fleet of 400 which fled Palm 1048 years ago, is sucked into a black hole. It emerges on the other side across the galaxy and 2313 years into the past. Barely functional, it crashes on a nearby moon, which happens to belong to Earth, and all aboard are believed killed.

The Earthmen investigate the crashed ship on the surface of the moon.
They use its technology to create a early form of mother brain.
Due to the technology being unstable and new by doing this it has hazzardous enviromental changes to their solar system.
Earths moon is detached from their orbit and drifts aimlessly out of their solar system.

Aw 3099. A destroyed moon containing the Alisa III re-enters Algo.
Joining the Solar system without explicit damage to the other planets atmospheres.

A research crew sent by the Goverment start researching the crashed vessel.
Space is quarentined off due to strick regulations from the goverments of Algo.

Suddenly Bio monsters start appearing all over the planets of Algo.
Destroying many towns and cultures.

This is where Phantasy star 5 starts.


Previous Designs of Characters below


Nei: Image
During a scouting mission occurs by the Goverments of Algo on the Alisa III.
Nei cells are found growing untouched by time.
The Goverment quickly get to work restoring them.
Nei awakes trapped in a world she doesnt belong.
Seeking answers to who she is and why was she created?

Her personality is an exact duplicate of other Nei's.
Although she isnt Nei from Previous Games.
Throughout her adventure a gang of numans, calling themselves The Sisters hunt her and Mieu down.

Raised since an early age in the Church of Nialdan.
He prepares to go on his spiritual mission as assigned by the head of the church.
Through this mission the course of this his adventure begins.

Jona is very concearned with his moral feelings with the Church.
Deep within his heart he is unsure that his actions can be justified.
His senior brother Rem is a constant mentor to him.
There love/hate relationship brings out the best in Jona.

Raised by the previous Lutz.
This version of Lutz is almost a myth even within Esper society.
A man forced to live the life of another and unable to live out his own individual destiny.
This bothers him but all it it seems pettywhen Lutz remebers all that have fought with him in previous lives and battles.
He is hid in solitude untill the time comes for him to fight again.

This Lutz will be quite similar to Rune as in his skill and knowlege.
Although it isnt Rune and therefore he appears more cold in personality.

A relect from a distant age.
A personality of his own and individual freedom.
What Buck most desires is to find others like himself or his creator.
He is an expert sharpeshooter.

Buck is a hunter for the guild.
Cast out by society for his lone wolf behaviour.
He now is forced to stroll from town to town.

Little is known about Demi.
She claims to hear voices of the dead.
This has made her been seen as Evil by many people and also some presume she is a biomonster of some kind.
The truth is a much darker secret than that.

Demi isnt Demi from PS4.
She is extremely powerful at using techniques and skills.
Players will have an choice as to if she joins their party.

Jess works for the same Church as Rem and Jona.
She is one of the head researchers there.
Jona and Rem escourt her on their mission to explore the Alisa III.
She developes a close bond between them both.

Jess isnt powerful with standard attacks.
She can create combo techniques by mixing chemicals with items.

Chen is the ultimate martial art expert of Algo.
A protector of his small town.
He starts to develope hand to hand combat skills in order to eliminate biomonsters with only his bare hands.
He longs for the day when he can fight the ultimate opponent.

The Jet Li of Algo.

Kidnapped by the Goverment as a child.
Lily is rescued by the Terrorist faction that Sara works for called The White Rose Society.
She is incredible fragile and unaware of how tremedously important she is.
Her powers are not yet aware to her.

Notes: Classified....

A resistance group fighter that is determined to show the corruptness of the Algo goverment.
Her group the white rose society is responsible for many terrorists acts.
She is wanted throughout the world.

She is extremely opinionated and looks down on Jona for his faith.

Once a ruler of his town and the King of his land.
He now has been forced to bow down before the Goverments and Church.
His people are suffering because of this.
Alec swears to stand his last ground for his people.
Before his people lose all hope.

Alec is a heavy slow fighter with serious impact to his attacks.
You can choose to take him along or not.

A Cyborg that survived on board the Alisa III and was able to avoid being discovered untill returning to Algo.
Mieu wakes up in a Goverment holding cell.
Hackers are trying to inflitrate her data systems in the hopes of extracting some unknown information.
She is able to escape the labs with the help of Jona and Lutz.

This is the same Mieu from PS3.
Her memory of previous events access is denied to her.

Wren is a cyborg that helped save Algo from Dark Force.
He resides in a hidden space port where he monitors the planet Algo.
He is contacted by Mieu and this is where he joins the party.

Wren is installed into the space station.
In order to play as Wren your party must collect all his body parts and download him into the Wren Type Cyborg.

A great Lt. of his Church.
He has been on many missions and always kept his faith and completed his goal.
He believes in his religeon and is an extremely passionate fighter that will never be scared to push things to the next level.

Taking Jona under his wing, Rem teaches him how to become a true fighter.
The two become best friends.

A decendant of Zio, her bloodline have been on Algo for centuries.
She is currently one of the heads of the Church of Nialdan.
Working with the Goverment she leads the research of Aliza III.

Notes: She is not a playable character.

Nei Series/Numan Series:Image
A new improved series that was created using data left over from the Alisa III.
This series sole intention has been altered to change them into Zielda's personal body guards.
They constantly are after Nei, Lily and Mieu.

These are a group and not one main character as such.








Image Image Image

Image Image Image




Shopkeeper are being worked on at the moment.
Expect similar things as in PS2, even a few familar faces.


1. Save, 2. Hospital, 3.Teleport, 4.Weapon Shop
(5.Item Shop, 6.Priest....... to come)

I have been working on the Dungeon and decided to re-do alot of elements mainly the walls to suit more with the look of the game.
The result below is still a WIP as no details or the main bulk of shading have been added yet.

PS. tell me if you think its overkill



Rem Walking Animation:

Image Image Image

Jona Walking Animation:

Image Image Image

If you are interested in joining the product, discussing the product for websites or personal reasons feel free to pm me.


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 7:18 pm 

Also could the moderator move this to the fan games section.
Many thanks

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 8:04 pm 
What can I say other than.... YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT!!!! You can count on my help. I can animate the sprites. =] A chance to work with an original storyline, the old school sprites, and a new age look on the game... It would be an honor to work with you!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 10:02 pm 
Updated above
Jona and Rem (1st costume) walking sprites.

Heikabuchi I've added you to MSN so we can talk about the project.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 5, '07, 3:54 am 
LOL. It looks like Phantasy Star MUGEN.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Nov 5, '07, 4:40 am 
It looks quite a bit like PS2, and I'm a bit confused over some of the previous game characters being here, though their explanations are suffice, usually it progresses like 1000 years in each game. But I'm all for it.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 5, '07, 5:30 am 
I talked with HTD... he has a really great storyline going. You should all put some serious thought into helping him.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Nov 5, '07, 7:16 am 
There's some potential here, but I would suggest not giving new characters the same names as established ones.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Nov 5, '07, 8:23 am 
Cyborgs can live for an undisclosed number of years.
Nei isnt Nei from PS2 and is actually part of the NEI Series thats where her name comes from.
Lutz I dont really need to explain :)

Demi is the only name I might change due to similarities.

Thanks for the interest.

Phantasy Star Mugen???

Mugen doesnt have a style preference?
Im not sure if thats a good thing your saying or not lol

Oh well time will tell.

The look is definately a cross between PS2/PS4 thats what I was aiming for.

Thanks for your comments

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 5, '07, 9:15 am 
So this takes place after PSIV. Considering the state that PSIV was in, 1,000 years after the fall of Motherbrain, being a world lacking in the brilliant green it once held and its technology lost... How would they rebuild all that, grass included? Seriously, Rome wasn't built in the day.

I'm sorry, but I can't say I care for your story or your cast of characters -- it doesn't appeal to me as a PSV. But don't get me wrong; as I may not care for it, that doesn't mean that others won't like it.

One thing I will say is this: I admire your effort.

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