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PostPosted: Thu Feb 6, '14, 12:35 pm 
Source: ... lix-games/

This could be the first step for Amazon getting into the game development market. I would rather see Amazon develop games for their download only store and support the PC market. The rumors of them building a console don't excite me. The console market is beyond oversaturated.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 6, '14, 1:07 pm 
Amazon in the gaming developpement system ?? Very strange indeed.. I didn't know that they have already created this founded Amazon Game Studios so...

PostPosted: Thu Feb 6, '14, 5:08 pm 
Microsoft will be announcing the new development partner sometime in the future. ... se-future/

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, '14, 8:47 am 
Ugh, I hope Amazon doesn't try to move into the console hardware market. It's starting to overflow nearly as bad as it did back in the 16 Bit era. There were lots of great consoles back then, but most of them were soundly trumped by a lack of quality games or inflated price points. The last console generation we had was fairly trim with the PS 3, Xbox, and Wii being the only real contenders and even then the Wii suffered a lot in the quality area. We don't need ten consoles floating around this generation with the good games being spread everywhere.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, '14, 10:30 pm 
Yeah tell me about it. Factor in portable and PC gaming, and my head pretty much explodes on a daily basis.

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