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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, '07, 12:00 am 
Neithird wrote:
Trenzer wrote:At first Alys and Chaz weren't looking for Zio. They were just kind of undoing some of his doings. And how is it possible that he would know if the only possible news on Alys and Chaz is that they went to Piata on business. They just didn't say to each other, "Let's take down Zio." That goal was created later in possibly Molcum or Tonoe when they went to go retrieve Alshline.

That's true, they weren't going after Zio intentionally at first. On the other hand, I think Rune would have known that they were well on their way to doing that. I'm sure he would have known about Zio being behind Zema and Piata's problems. If he did know Alys pretty well, he could probably guess that she would try to go after Zio. He did warn them not to do that very thing later on.

Perhaps that is the reason why Rune went to go retrieve the psyco wand. It was almost as if he knew what would happen

PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, '07, 3:45 am 
Yeah, I think it must have been. I guess Rune might have wanted that to break the barrier in Zio's castle, but I think he was expecting a lot of things to happen as they did.

Do you remember Rune's line about Elsydeon promising to give Chaz power? That had to happen before he met Chaz. There was no time for it to happen afterward, so he had to have known about Chaz beforehand.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, '07, 2:08 am 
I don't think he knew that person was Chaz.. perhaps just that.. Elsydeon had said someone, maybe even said someone on Motavia,.. would .. but we'll never know.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 4:06 pm 
Anyway Alys knew Rune was special. She asked Chaz before dying to meet Rune, like he was the only hope to help them or like he was powerful enough to save her (ok… maybe she just wanted to see him for the last time).

It is obvious she have a crush on him: see Molcum scene (I won't get in anyone’s way" (rune) "you already have"(alys)) and father Dorin scene (she would smack the old guy so hardly). I think both knew about each other mysterious past (for me, their “??”age reveals mystery).
By the way, why do they call Alys “the Eight Stroke Sword”? Did she used sword as a weapon before teaching Chaz?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 9, '08, 6:34 am 
Maybe it was just a weapon reference, like in kill bill the 5 point palm XD.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 9, '08, 8:21 pm 
I think Alys must have used a sword at some point. She couldn't teach Chaz if she didn't know swordplay very well herself.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, '08, 12:59 am 
Good point! Well thought

And maybe she started using slashes when/after she met Rune... after all esper mansion citizens (ok... at least one character) use slashes. (I know, I know... if they sell slashes in motavia that means many other hunters uses boomerangs as well), but the only weapons I saw espers/priests/stuff-a-like using so far were canes and slashes. So... maybe Rune somehow "influenced" her (I don't like to use this word in Alys).

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, '08, 12:35 am 
newsblade wrote:By the way, why do they call Alys “the Eight Stroke Sword”? Did she used sword as a weapon before teaching Chaz?
I read something in the Phantasy Star Compendium the other day that elaborates on that.

Quote:Lyla Brangwen [Alys Brangwin]
Rudy's teacher, a master Hunter called "Tear 'Em to Pieces Lyla" [note: "Tear 'Em to Pieces Lyla" is written in Japanese as "Yatsuzaki no Raira", with the "yatsu" written as the counter of the number eight. This is probably from where the U.S. nickname "of the Eight Strokes"/"the Eight-Stroke Sword" came; the translator apparently either forgot or didn't know that the number eight is sometimes used in Japanese as a synonym for "many", especially in certain figures of speech, like "yatsuzaki"]. Three years ago she met Rudy, took him in, and brought out his true character. During the battle with Zio, she is hit with the Black Wave while protecting Rudy and loses her life.

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