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PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, '21, 2:35 pm 
Well, the game itself isnt new, it has been on digital platforms for a while, but it was only last month that I discovered it. This isnt the first time a new NES game has been made in the current console generation, as I have backed two of them on Kickstarter so far, but what drew my attention to this one in particular was the design of the cartridge itself which is frosted and transparent. The thing that intrigued me was what the circuit board on the inside looked like. I never saw an NES cart that looked like this before. Plus the cartridge will use battery backup saves. I have not played any of the existing digital editions yet, but from I have seen on YouTube, it looks like there is fun to be had. One thing that I am iffy about though is that the cartridge is being manufactured by Retro-Bit, and I heard that they use 3.3v chips on their cartridges which may or may not damage your consoles from what I heard instead of 5v chips. And this is something I did not find out til after the fact when I bought their Joe & Mac collection for the SNES a couple of years back. But because of the fact that it is a new NES game coming out in the modern console generation, I am looking forward to it. Over here in the USA, there are only two places the game can be ordered from. I made my preorder on Castlemania Games as the other one was LRG, whom I want to buy from as little as possible. If you want to preorder your own copy, here is all the places that have it for preorder:

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, '21, 12:41 pm 
Nice news for an expected great game ! :)

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