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Chapter 2: Standing Strong!

Alpha remained rather quiet as he gazed at the small statured numan before him; she stood about five and a half feet in height (5’5”ft). Alpha towered over her as well. She looked up at him, her long eyelashes gracefully parting as she blinked her crimson red eyes. She had a smile spread across her face; however a certain part of Alpha knew her smile wasn’t out of sheer happiness to see him, she was a well-known sadist. The situation before her was more than enough to tickle her fancy.

“You did a nice job on these guys” she replied checking out her knew purple coloured cloak she was wearing.

Alpha turned away from her ignoring her and walked out the door.

She hurried after him, grabbing one of his enormous arms with both of hers, bringing him to a halt.

“What’s wrong...?” she asked curiously.

Alpha looked over his shoulder at her. She did appear rather worried about him. “Neifirst tell me what those three creatures were.” He demanded.

Neifirst let go of his arm and looked down at her robe noticing the fiend symbol present on the front of it. “They are Xe-A-Thoul they are terrible creatures that are possibly centuries old and work for a much greater evil a few know as the Dark Force.” She replied.

Alpha noticed her eyes sparkle in excitement as she said “Dark Force”.

Neifirst then walked back into the room grabbing the remaining robe before tearing it apart, she tore the material to point that it looked like a purple curtain. She then walked over to Alpha and tied the now long purple sash around his waist and it hung downward toward the ground.

Alpha looked down at the sheet of material which belonged to a creature of death, a minion of Dark Force. Yet even though it disgusted him he felt no need to remove it from his body.

“What do you think brother, a fine reward for your kill” Neifirst added smiling, showing her mouth full of teeth.

“Let this reward be a warning to those of evil nature who further pursue us.” He added.

“Ya know Alpha, I’m quite surprised you managed to easily take down two Xe-A-Thoul, yet you find it so difficult to kill mere humans, the ones responsible for our misfortune.”

Alpha turned and faced Neifirst he had his vision fixed on her. “What are you implying?” he asked with hostility in his voice.

“Well after I came to your rescue and killed all the scientists in this room because they planned on putting you to sleep forever, I leave you with one measly little scientist and you somehow let her get away.”

Alpha felt the anger inside him swell as Neifirst continued talking.

“I was heading back after killing off the guards and some security robots when I seen her come running out of the room. So I cornered her. Then she was all like, please let me go, I have a husband and I’m two months pregnant and I never wanted to be involved, I was just doing my job, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!”

“What did you do to her?!” Alpha asked angrily, images of the young girl with short brown hair and glasses flashed through his mind.

“Well she started crying and screaming and the noise was extremely irritating, so I sliced her stupid head off! Hahahaha!” Neifirst began laughing.

“You!” Alpha then grabbed Neifirst by the throat with one of his hands and smashed her up against the wall. Her entire body hung downward towards the ground as he strangled her, not loosening up on her once.

He could see the fear in her eyes as she stared back at him. Alpha was a force to be reckoned with.

Suddenly a large blue hand appeared out of no-where and grabbed the top half of Alpha’s body then another one appeared and grabbed his lower body. They began to squeeze him to the point he could feel his joints start moving inwards as though he was going to snap to pieces. Yet he never once let go of Neifirst.

“Dark...magic!” Alpha chocked out, finally dropping Neifirst to the ground.

She hit the ground hard landing on her head, before rolling back over. She fixed up her robe before standing properly and releasing the grip on the two enormous blue hands that had Alpha unable to move.

Alpha slowly dropped back to the ground. He hadn’t been lifted all that high, but he was strangled quite a bit, he could feel his muscles aching inside.

Neifirst looked up at him, she was not impressed, and she had blood dripping down from her forehead from when she fell. She simply glared at the large grey being before her.

“Is that too magic of Dark Force?” Alpha asked her looking at the two huge floating hands. They actually resembled her real hands.

“That’s none of your business you stupid idiot!” she shouted at him. “You’re so damn blind, it’s beyond pathetic...all though it’s not too surprising.”

“Watch your tongue!” Alpha threatened.

“Or what, you’ll chock me until my head busts brains all over you!?” she replied. “You’re an idiot, how dare you harm me over the stupid humans, your own little sister. I’ve been looking out for you ever since I knew you were my older brother.”

Alpha never replied but he loosened up a bit, and it seemed he was eager to hear what she had to say. However by looking at his face you wouldn’t be able to tell. “Go on...” He replied, implying she continue talking.

The two large hands Neifirst summoned then vanished and she too relaxed a little more. She closed her eyes and felt her cold red blood from her head wound run down over her eye lid and make its way to her mouth. She then licked the red liquid from her lip before talking again.

“Do you know what we are?” she asked him.

“Unclassified life forms!” he replied.

“Yes.” she simply agreed. “Now regardless of unclassification both you and I are the mixture of both biomonster cells and human cells. You also on the other hand have added dragon cells in your body. Whatever purpose we were created for is unknown to me. As far as I see it these humans are using us as their play things. They had you chocked up on so much anaesthetic all the time you had no idea what was ever really going on.”

The anger spread across Alpha’s face as she continued talking.

“If you ask me we deserve answers. I don’t know much about computers and neither do you I’m sure, so that’s out of the question. I say we go hunt down the very people at the top of this to get what we want.” she then added

“Hunt down fair enough, but continuously killing people will not solve anything it will only cost us more trouble.” Alpha added knowing she had a tendency to kill anything she didn’t agree with.

“Well after I get what I want I certainly don’t think they deserve to live to have allowed those horrible experiments happen to us. We are state-of-the-art life forms; and as far as I’m concerned deserve better. For crying out loud they were going to have you killed off no less than an hour ago until I crashed into the room and slashed them all to pieces.”

Alpha was just about to say something to her when a loud bang noise interrupted the conversation.

They both turned and noticed several heavy duty security robots at the door.

“Company!” Neifirst replied with a nasty smile spreading across her face.

The long tendrils hanging from Alpha’s head stretched outwards and slashed the arm off one of the robots, but another one opened fired on the two. Neifirst dodged the bullets and watched as the bullets actually bounced off the skin of her older brother.

“Incredible, the skin of a dragon!” she replied in awe, watching the bullets simply falling off his chest.

Alpha was feeling very little pain he wasn’t even cut open in the slightest from the ammo.

He then charged at the robot and smashed his huge hand straight through the centre of it, watching wires and mechanical parts explode outwards from the destroyed machine.

The other robots all crammed into the room at once and began firing shots all over the place trying to exterminate the both of them. Neifirst was fast enough to dodge them all but didn’t have tough skin like Alpha so it was probably best for them if they left and they did.

Alpha smashed his shoulder into the wall knocking an enormous hole out of it and the two stepped outside and began running down the hallway which was painted blood red, thanks to Neifirst’s killing spree a little earlier.

Alpha ran past the body of the girl he previously let go and noticed her head a few meters away from it. He accidently stood on her glasses and cracked them under his feet as he ran. He was very angry to say the least, however he didn’t let it get the better of him. He looked ahead and noticed his younger sister weaving in and out of corpses and bullets. The emotions he was experiencing right now couldn’t be fully described, did he hate her? Did he simply not understand or her? Or was she deliberately trying to make him dislike her? It was very hard to read her she could be enjoying his misfortune, mocking him with the death of human beings. One thing was for certain Alpha did not love her.

An enormous missile like bullet came howling past the two and exploded off in the distance causing some of the laboratory to cave in, in front of the escapees.

“Looks like they’re finally changing their strategy, took them long enough. Stupid technology.” Neifirst laughed. “I guess we had better find a way out of here fast if we don’t’ want to be spaghetti and meatballs all over the walls.

A very disturbing image popped into Alpha’s head as she said that. Another missile came howling closer to them Alpha then jumped up into the air and it flew right underneath his dragon like legs. He then grabbed the ceiling and yanked down on it as hard as he could and it came crashing down, it cracked all the way along and ended up smashing down on the robots behind the two.

“Nice reflex thinking” Neifirst complimented.

The two then stopped realising they had fortunately run to an exit and somehow escaped the onslaught of remaining security machines.

Neither of them were panting or gasping for air they were both very athletic and durable beings that was for certain.

Alpha turned looked at the trail of destruction behind him; huge chunks of wall, roof, wires, bullet shells, pieces of machine and scattered human remains were everywhere it was appalling to say the least. Alpha wasn’t too impressed at all. He then glanced downwards at Neifirst who had a very sadistic smile across her face revealing her fangs.

“How can you smile at this?” he asked her.

“They all got what was coming for them” she replied.

“..and the innocent ones, just following orders trying to make living for themselves and their families?”

“Serves them right for getting caught up in this twisted network full of psychos!”

“Your thought is irrational” Alpha replied disappointed with her answers.

“Nonsense Alpha. Anyway freedom is just out that door please come with me; we can change this fate of ours and punish the humans for treating us like worthless garbage.” Neifirst held out a hand waiting for Alpha to take it with his.

Alpha looked down at her delicate blue hand she had small sharp nails on each finger. Alpha then took a few steps closer to the door leaving her hand hanging he never said anything to her.

“What are you doing...?” she asked hysterically, it was almost like someone stabbed her in the chest with the shocked reaction she let lose.

“If you chose to revolve you life around killing and injuring the human race then I want no part in it.” he replied

“Alpha you idiot, those creatures are filth they deserve what’s coming for them, please come with me...” she pleaded, she began to cry. Her blood red eyes began letting lose tears. Genuine tears, it was certain she was afraid of losing him. She scurried a few steps forward getting closer to his colossal body. “Please walk into the world with me” she requested.

He looked down at her and seen the sad expression across her face several tears were dripping down off her chin by now. His expression remind strong even though he could feel his sisters sadness.


“I want to thank you Neifirst...”

“Huh?” her eyes widened she seemed shocked, thank her for what she was no doubt thinking.

“I want to thank you for saving me earlier; I would be dead by now if you never stopped the scientists from choosing to put me down.”

“Oh Alpha, it’s totally fine that’s what a sister does for her brother now let us go together into the...” she began to once again, advance on his body with outstretched arms, but she was cut short as he moved away from her even further.

“I’m not going into the world with you. I stand against what you chose to live your life for!” he replied somewhat aggressively.

She began bawling, it was very strange to see a character such as herself getting uncontrollably upset over not being with her brother. She then crumbled to the ground, falling to her knees in tears. “Alpha...I swear to god...if you walk out that door without me....the very day we meet again I’LL KILL YOU!” she screamed.

He turned over his shoulder taking one last look at his sister, the sister he couldn’t love, and freely walked out into the beautiful green fields of Motavia. He softly replied to her “I’ll be waiting for that day!”


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