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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, '07, 2:50 pm
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Chapter Eight

She looked scared, not like many of the cyborgs one would see in the big cities. Most of all, she looked completely human, no robotic parts showing anywhere. "H..Hello?" I asked, startling the cyborg. She looked at me, the look of fear still in her eyes. Rune walked to the door, it had appeared the monsters retreated, but for how long? "Hey, cyborg.. I mean Nara." Rune said. She glanced at him. "How, how do you know my name?" she asked.

I began trying to explain the situation to her, the biomonsters, why we were here, and how we knew her name. "So, my dad kept that old container huh?" she said. It seemed everything was ok, the monsters were no where in sight. Nara walked towards her capsule, digging through it she pulled out a long rope like item. She grabbed one end of it with one hand and the other end with her other hand. The item made a cracking sound. "I remember this, one of dads friends showed me how to work a whip." she said.

"Lets get moving." Ray said, still glancing out the door with his sword drawn. Nara strapped her weapon to a strap on her waist, then we left the room. A faint sound of buzzing and screaching could be heard in the distance, as luck would have it they had only retreated for the time being. We did not have alot of time before they returned so we picked up the pace and ran towards the large hallway, hoping to get a fighting edge. "I knew they'd be waiting for us." Rune said as we ran through the door.

Up ahead, a larger, more ferocious beast waited for us. "Seems we ran into the leader of the pack, or maybe their queen." Rune said. We drew our weapons, preparing for battle. "So Rune, if the leader falls then they will leave us alone?" Ray asked. Rune glanced over to us, nodding his head slightly. "Yes, biomonsters usually aren't aggressive unless one comes to close to their queen. If we can take her out, then they'll be leaderless, confused, and most of all will desert the surrounding area in search of a new one." He explained.

The beast let out a loud screech, the building began to quake as we tried to keep our balance. With one of my slashers I hurled it at the beast, slashing it greatly, the slasher returned to my hand. "I think I made it worse." I said. The beast charged us, we each quickly jumped to the side, the beast crashing through the doorway, only to be stuck. "Whats that?" Ray asked, pointing to a different colored area on the beasts back. Nara cracked her whip, pulling her arm to the side the whip extended out, a somewhat electrical current flowed along the whip.

"It seems like a weak spot, lets try to damage it there." Nara said, cracking her whip once again she slammed it into the beasts spot. Rune shot that fire technique from his hand once again, burning the spot on the beast. Finally Ray ran towards it, taking his sword he slashed it with great strength. It let out a loud screech of pain as it crashed completely through the wall, trying to get away from us. It turned, spitting some kind of green liquid from its mouth it came at us quickly. "Alys! Move!" Rune yelled. I couldn't act quick enough, it was coming to fast for me to dodge. Nara jumped in front of me, she sideswiped her whip hitting the liquid, turning it into a sort of steam. "Be careful, the one thing I learned from my dad is that life is precious, so you musn't let it go to waste. Be alert of your surroundings and always cautious." she said.

At that point it sounded like something my mom use to tell me all the time. The ground began to shake once again, but this time was worse. "What the..." I said. The ground quaked ferociously, the roof began to collapse in. It seemed all our fighting had caused the beast to damage the foundation of the plant, and it was coming down. "Lets move, QUICKLY!" Rune yelled. He grabbed ahold of my hand, and began running, Ray and Nara closely behind. The beast could be heard rampaging behind us. Then a large screech was heard.

Still running I looked back, a large container had fell on the beasts weak spot, splitting it in half. Looking closer it seemed like I could see a ghostlike figure standing in the hallway, waving with a smile on its face. The roof in the hallway collapsed as we made it outside. We made it a good ways from the building, watching it fall in on itself. "Dad." Nara mumbled to herself as she watched her home be destroyed. Rune let go of my hand, looking around we noticed that none of the monsters were in sight.

"Guess we did it." Rune said, he kinda sighed for a moment. The sky was colored orange, the sun had begun setting and we still had not made it out of the forest. "Just how long were we in there anyways?" Ray asked, scratching his head. The two boys continued to talk among themselves. I walked to Nara, who was now sitting down on the ground. "He's gone, isn't he?" Nara asked me. I didn't know what to say, I did not know if her dad was really gone or not. But it seemed as if she already knew. "Its ok, I know how you feel. I lost my mom recently to. But you have friends now, so you can count on us." I said with a smile on my face.

It seemed to comfort Nara in some way. Nolt was still a long ways away. We still had to make it out of this forest, as well as climb over the largest mountain in the area. But for now, we decided to make camp, and return our travels in the morning. Hopfully, the next day would be alot better than this one.

Chapter Eight End
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