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PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '07, 12:27 am
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Chapter Three

"Dear Ray, by the time you read this I will have already left. I will not explain my reasons nor will I say where I am going, but please always know that I am greatful you are my friend. Goodbye forever." The note read, Rays family could make no sence of what Alys was thinking when she ran off. They searched the town for clues on where she could be.

The road to Nolt was long and dangerous at night, especially for a little kid like me. I kept wondering who that person I met was, although I couldn't see his face he sounded like he was sad. "Such a tragedy" I remembered him saying, it was like something similar had happened to him recently.

My mind continued to wander for a few moments, then I heard a noise from behind me. Panicking I ran to a tree closeby and hid behind it, noticing a woman was being chased by a few men. She was trying desperately to keep ahead of them but she wasn't fast enough, one of the men caught up with her and pushed her to the ground.

"Theres no use running. Now pay the money you owe us or we'll take your life instead." One of the men said as he kicked the woman. I continued to watch in horror as they continued hurting the woman. My body quivered with fear, I wanted to help but I was to afraid to do anything. The woman continued screaming as two of the men held her up, the third man drawing a knife from its sheath.

"Leave her alone!" I yelled out without thinking. I ran from behind the tree picking up the closest object I could grab and lunged it at the man. The object struck a blow to his head, the other two confused with what had happened lightened their grip on the woman. She got free and ran away, the two men checking on their comrade.

"What the hell was that? The man I hit said as he looked in my direction. The other two looked in my direction and a smirk formed on their faces. "Oh no.. Why did I do that?" I thought to myself as they approached me. They continued to walk towards me, the other two drawing knives from their sheaths approached. "We can forget the woman for now, lets show this little girl we don't like being hit." The somewhat leader of the three said.

I took a few steps backwards, quickly turning I began running as fast as I could through the small woods that were nearby. The footsteps of the men could be heard close behind me as I made my way to a clearing. The moon shined brightly in the sky, leaving no ounce of darkness for me to hide. "Mommy.. please help me." I said as I fell to my knees.

The three entered the clearing, surrounding me from three sides they closed in. I could hear them laughing as they approached me. These were the kind of people you'd want to keep away from as much as possible. "Mommy.. HELP!!" I yelled out. The men came to a halt, I could hear them laughing from the distance they were at. "Hahaha, calling for your mommy won't save you little girl." One of the men said.

They continued approaching, would my life end here without me ever knowing what was waiting for me in Nolt. I held myself, weeping as I knew what was to come. "Stay Down!" I heard someone yell from behind me. Looking around I noticed the men had heard the same voice as I did.

"Flaeli!" The voice yelled as I heard a burning noise shoot past me, a bright red light flashed as I continued to stay down. I looked up in the direction the noise came from, but no one was behind me. I noticed the men had stopped moving, when I turned around a person wearing the same clothes as the man at my house was standing in front of me.

Looking up I noticed that this person seemed similar to the other person, but he was not wearing a hood like before. His long blue hair shined magnificently from the moons light. "Are you alright?" He asked me. I looked past him for a moment to notice the leader of the groups body laying on the ground, burned and lifeless.

"Boss!" One of the men said. The two looked at each other, then eventually ran off through the woods scared that they would suffer the same fate as their leader. The boy that stood in front of me let out a sigh of relief. "Thats good, I wouldn't want to end any more lives." He said. He looked at me, extending his hand I grabbed ahold of it and stood to my feet.

This boy didn't look much older than me, maybe by two to four years older. "I'm glad you're alright. Oh I need to ask, have you seen anyone that looks exactly like me?" He said. My mind thought back to earlier that morning when the strange person was at my house. I nodded my head.

"Thank you for saving me." I said with a smile on my face. I looked up at him, he was smiling at me as well, not like the sad expression the strange man had. "Its ok, no need to thank me. Oh I almost forgot, I should introduce myself first shouldn't I?" The boy said.

"My names Rune.. Rune Walsh, and you are?"

Chapter Three End
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