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PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, '08, 6:15 pm
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Chapter Twelve

"This can't be, the black wave is increasing in power. At this rate the Neo Parm will be destroyed along with everyone on it." Rune said, watching on as our enemies power continued to increase with every passing moment. My mom, the only person I had left in the world was being trapped and used by this man, my blood boiled as the anger began swelling up inside me. "Let her go!" I screamed, charging towards him he lunged his arm at me. A black fluid splattered across my face, someone had jumped in front of me saving my life.

"Hurry, you have to take him out Alys!" She said. Nara had shielded me from the blow, dealing a major wound to herself. I quickly ran pass her, hurling my slasher towards Dyne. He reflected it with his hand, was there nothing we could do to stop him? "FOI!" I screamed as the intense heat shot from my palm. It connected dealing what seemed like a serious blow but when the dust cleared the damage was just minimal. "Damnit, is there nothing we can do to stop him?" Rune said.

Was Rune right? Was there nothing we could do? Would Ray's death be in vain. Would I be able to save everyone, save mommy? "Give her back!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. My best friend was gone, but I wasn't about to allow him to have my mom, he wasn't going to take the only person I had left in my life away from me. Quickly approaching him I slashed at his face with my slasher, dealing a serious gash across his cheek. "You insolent!" Was all he said before he punched me, sending me to the ground.

"Rune, are you watching. Watch as I torture this little girl right in front of you." He said. Rune came to his feet, staggering he was trying to keep his balance. "Leave her alone Dyne." He yelled. Dynes arm formed into what appeared like a huge broad sword, extending from his arm. My eyes widened as he slashed towards me. Still gripping my stomache I rolled sideways, dodging his blow. Quickly throwing my second slasher Dyne dodged it with ease. "You think you can hit me?" He said.

I laughed for a second. "Wasn't trying to hit you." I replied with a cocky remark. The slasher went directly where I wanted it to. The sharp edge of the blade slashed across the chamber holding my mom. The water began leaking out of it as it began to crack. "You idiotic AGG!" He screamed. He turned to notice Rune and Nara standing side by side, a slight bit of smoke flowing from their palms. "We won't let you get away with harming anyone else!" Nara yelled.

The water began pouring out of the chamber, the glass shattered across the floor as my mom fell out of the chamber. "No! I won't let you get in my way." He yelled. His body moved fast, leaving a dark aura behind him. I ran to my mom, she was still breathing. "Mommy." Was all I said. Her eyes slowly opened, looking at me with a smile. On the other side of the room Rune and Nara were holding of Dyne with every bit of strength they had. "I have to get you out of here Alys." My mom said to me. She tried standing to her feet, slowly gasping for air.

"Take this! You won't beat me Rune!" Dyne screamed. It seemed he hated Rune with such passion. The ground quaked with great force. The power of the black wave was causing the Neo Parm to become unstable, causing rapid explosions around each dome. "DYNE!!!" Rune yelled as him and Dyne launched two strong Flaeli's toward each other. My mom finally stood to her feet, helping her I walked her over to a large machine on the far side of the lab. "Look out Rune!" Nara yelled as she jumped in front of him.

Nara's wound was open wider now, she was taking to much damage. Even though she was more palman like then android, she still could only take so much. I noticed as her eyes began closing as Dynes attack pierced through her body once again. "Nara.. no.." "Alys get in here." Mom said to me. I walked into the tiny chamber-like object mom told me to. "Here Alys, take this." She said to me. She placed her hand on her forhead, revealing what seemed like a jewelled circlet. "This is so that you don't forget mommy ok." She said as she handed it to me, closing my hand with it inside.

Nara fell to the ground, Rune quickly grabbed ahold of Dyne. There was a large explosion in front of them, the two of them could only be heard fighting, not seen. "Mommy, what are you doing. Come on!" I said, just as the door shut, blocking me and mom. I could only see her through the small glass on the door. Watching her press a series of buttons she gave me a smile as the mechanism began moving. "You have to live Alys, as a mother I couldn't live with myself if anything was to happen to you." She spoke out as the machine shot through a long pathway.

The last thing I saw was my mom's face before everything turned to darkness. Just then I noticed the Neo Parm before me, I was outside of the worldship. At that moment I realized she had placed me in a escape pod. "Mommy! Mommy!!!" I screamed as I hit the glass, trying to get out. The escape pod began shaking, I was being hurled towards a planet that was nearby. It happened all so fast, I had crashed into the planets crust, leaving a huge impact as well as destroying most of the escape pod. Climbing my way out of the hole, battered and bruised I looked up towards the sky, only to see stars. Standing alone in a desert field, I continued to look up at the sky, I stared for a long time then it finally happened.


Was what I screamed at the top of my lungs. A bright light flashed in the night sky, the Neo Parm had finally exploded, killing everyone on it. My eyes began to tear up, I fell to the ground, screaming out into the desert fields. All I could picture in my mind were all the good times I shared with my friends, all the travels Rune, Ray, Nara and myself shared. The image of my mom flashed through my mind, making me cry even more. Everyone I had ever cared for were all gone, and there was nothing I could do about it. Looking up again I noticed falling stars, which were actually bits and pieces of the worldship falling across the planet.

"What should I do?" I thought to myself as I stood there in the desert field. I was just a scared little girl, who had lost everything to her. The wind began blowing as my battered clothes blew with it. Looking in my palm I still had the object my mom had given to me. Placing it up around my forhead I clipped it together, and I began walking into the desert fields. What should I do in life now that everyone is gone? Should I continue to move on? Should I give up? Many thoughts crossed my mind that night as I cried. But the truth was, no matter how much I cried, or how much I wanted to move on. The truth was, I really was....

Alone in the World

The End!
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