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Chapter Eleven

"I think I'm gonna be sick!" I said, covering my mouth due to what was before us. The walls of the lab were covered in what seemed like bones of old decomposed monsters. "This, how has no one noticed this?" Ray asked. It did seem strange, the majority of townspeople at the festival would have come by here, how did they not notice that this place had become what appeared like a demons nest.


Quickly grabbing my slasher I turned and slashed towards the noise behind me. A greenish ooze splattered across my face and my weapon, a body fell to the ground before me. "What the.. What was that?" I said. Quickly turning towards me Rune slammed his staff into the body on the ground. "Cheomians? But how?" Thinking aloud Rune said. Scratching his head Ray grabbed ahold of Runes shoulder and turned him around. "What in the hell is a Cheomian!?" Ray shouted.

The body began evaporating into the air, slowly disappearing from sight. "A Cheomian is a product of Palmans, Motavians, Bio-monsters, plant-life, and magick. But how did... or rather why would he create a Cheomian here of all places? What does he plan to do?" Rune said. Before we could reply with anything Rune picked his staff out of the ground and began running through the hallway of the lab. "Hey! Wait up!" Nara yelled.

We gave chase after Rune, trying to keep up with him. "Take this!" Launching a Foi tech towards the beast in front of me it began burning as Ray slashed the beast in two with his sword. "What do you think? Things just keep getting stranger and stranger the longer we hang out with Rune?" Ray said as he slashed another one of the beasts. The cracking of a whip could be heard behind as Nara had struck down a Cheomian that was behind me.

"Maybe you should head back Alys, after all you are just a little girl?" Nara spoke to me.It was true, I was terrified of what was happening before me, but even though I was a scared little girl I had to press on. "Hmph, lets go. Runes waiting for us." I replied. We quickly ran through the hallways towards the main lab. "AIIIEEE!" I screamed as a beast shot up from the floor flying towards me. "HYAH!" The beast fell as Ray thrust his sword into the heart of the beast.

The ground quaked, it seemed strange that a earthquake would happen on a man made ship. Was the weather tower in the dome malfunctioning? Or was it some kind of occurance that was due to the man we were after. "Look out!" Nara yelled, pushing me forward. I fell to the ground, rolling a few feet. "Nara!" Ray screamed as the roof fell. "Aggg!" Nara screamed in pain. The roof had fallen, crushing Nara's leg. "She really can feel pain.. We got to help her!" I said. Before I could run to her aid she slashed her whip towards the wall causing it to crumble ahead of her.

"Just go! Don't worry about me. I'll only be a burden if you try and help. I'll catch up later, now go help Rune before he gets into any more trouble." She yelled from behind the fallen debris. Wanting to I pushed ahead trying to move the debris from in front of me but Ray grabbed ahold of my shoulder and only shook his head. Without saying a word and with a tear in my eye we ran down the hallway leaving Nara behind us. The hallways began getting more disgusting the farther we ran in. I could feel my stomache beginning to become upset, but I pushed on anyways.

"Agg!" Was all that we heard as we ran into the final doorway. Rune was launched across the room by a huge black tentacle like object. I watched it as it retracted towards the source. "Is that... Rune?" I mumbled as I noticed the thing retract into what appeared to be a black robed man sharing Runes face. "So.. we finally found you." Drawing his sword Ray shouted aloud. The man glanced over towards us, and then took one step. "Leave them alone Dyne!" Rune shouted as a Flaeli launched past the man. He gave out a small chuckle and glanced towards Rune once again. "Your magick is weak Rune, you should have just stayed on Dezolis where you would have met a frozen death." He replied.

He launched his arm towards Rune one more time, quickly dodging Rune swiped it with his staff. It shined brightly as it struck the arm but it wasn't enough. The arm wrapped around Runes staff, devouring it into itself. It wrapped itself around Runes neck, squeezing tighter and tighter with each and every second. "Agg! How dare you!" He screamed out as his arm fell to the ground. My slasher returned to my hand, Rays sword finishing the cut.

He screamed in agony, but then his screams turned to laughter. "You seriously thought your pitiful weapons could harm me. Pathetic!" He shouted. A strong aura shot from his body, knocking me to the ground. It was a visable black aura, the machinery in the room began to explode due to the strength of the black wave. "Rune are you ok." I said, slowly picking him up from the ground. He gave a few coughs as I pulled the object from around his neck. "Yea, but I think we're no match for him.. He's absorbed to much of the black wave. And something more." He replied. "Something... More?" I mumbled.

"It seems he's begun to absorb a strong soul into his body, increasing his power." Rune said just before he charged towards Dyne. I only focused on Rune at that moment, wanting to give him support I launched a Foi tech towards Dyne, blasting him in the face. The smoke finally cleared after a moment, Rune was holding off Dyne strongly. But it wasn't enough, Rune was thrown across the room once again into one of the machines. "Ray help! Runes...."

"Oh no"

I muttered as Ray was being lifted, Dynes left arm pierced through his heart. I watched as my friend was being lifted high into the air, blood dripping from his mouth I noticed him look at me. He dropped his weapon and extended his arm to me. I look at him, tears in my eyes. Faintly I heard him whisper my name before he was thrown through the wall, piercing him against it high in the air. His eyes slowly closed and his arm fell, lifeless. "Ray... no Ray no..." I said sadly. Dyne began laughing as he approached a tube-like machine.

Gripping my fist tightly I pulled out my slasher and charged him. He began pressing keys on the control panel, and the tube created a large amount of smoke before him. "Now give me the last bit of your soul so I can please my master. Give me your soul energy so that I may awaken as the true Dark Force! Give me your energy! So that I may rule the entire universe!! With your soul absorbed into my being, I shall be the strongest being alive, and your bloodline will finally disappear so that the darkness can reign supreme. Give me the final bit of your energy!"

Marina Landale!!!

I slowed down after he said that name. Looking up into the tube I felt a warmth, a familiar presence inside. The smoke cleared completely from around the tube, revealing a woman floating inside. I could see small light particles flowing from her body towards Dyne. It couldn't be possible, there was no way that this could be happening. Continuing to look up I fell to my knees, I couldn't believe it, she was still alive, but for how long. I had to save her, that was the only thing on my mind. Glancing at the tube one more time I shouted out in shock.


Chapter Eleven End
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